Friday Filler – Of Real Estate, Castles and Clutter

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

Yes. This is one of those weeks when a nice large vessel of grog is going to be needed to launch the  weekend.  The world is coming unglued…and my mind and town are cluttered with what the media and EA are shoving at us.  I can turn one off…but, I am still left with the unbelievable task of figuring out where to put all of this Halloween stuff!

Yes… EA gave us another huge (and randomly placed) chunk of land.  But, when you do the measurements…if you buy even one of the large Premium items, you have scant room to decorate, much less save room for the upcoming Mummy Invasion.

I get it. You want your Multipliers. You want to reach 30% or even 40%, and  so you are tapping and crafting your little fingers to the bone.

But, here’s tip number one...and it’s a big one…you don’t really need a huge multiplier to “Get it All.”  In fact…if you are like me, and logged in every 4 hours at least 4 times a day, you likely already have She-Wolf, or will get her over the weekend.

So…what is the real challenge of this update??
Where in the hell (I use that word with broadest reference to Halloween), do you put all of this stuff, and still keep your design looking good??

Well…you kinda can’t. Unless you just don’t play by the rules…or go for a pretty generic layout.

I’ve visited tons of neighbors, and almost all of them are some variation on the same stuff, shuffled around to meet some design ethic.

Our “Gold Standard Designers” Ebron and SuperBeast (yes Tippie, you can take a drink now),  have both opted to just “go off the grid” and place the Halloween stuff wherever they want…undoubtedly with a ton of Sprinkles dropped, to keep up with the game.

Ebron’s is predictably cool…using all sorts of past items to decorate. But…She NUKED…isn’t playing “on the grid” so is now an “outlier.” Sorry…

SuperBeast’s is gorgeous…but again, his penchant for putting events on an island in the middle of water is cool…but, is “off the grid.”  Making him another Event Outlier!

ZenGlen is “Playing by the Rules” but is clearly showing what happens when you try to fit everything into the allotted space. Good luck with the Mummies Glen!

So…if you ask how I have dealt with this stuff…and still maintained continuity? The answer really comes from the land they plopped…adjacent to the Amusement Park and Zoo.  Yes…this zone is rapidly becoming almost as big as the rest of “Springfield Proper.”  But, I do think that making “Halloween Land” just another segment of this sprawling entertainment complex is really the only way to do it.

I have mine butted up with the zoo and Itchy & Scratchy Land…with it’s own entrance.  But, I have no room for Mummies…those will have to go off near my Museum Pyramid Land…at a later time.

There is also the question of “How Many Castles Can you Have??” knowing full well that the correct answer, if you want to stick to a “Canon Version of Springfield” is NONE.

Yes…you can argue that castles did show up in a handful of TreeHouse of Horrors episodes.  But when you watch the opening show sequence, to get a picture of what Springfield is supposed to look like, there is nary a castle to be found. I currently have 6…with a ton of other “Castle-Like Structures” hanging around from Stone Cutters and Clash of Clones. I din’t buy Frankenstein’s Castle. Just too many to remotely deal with. Sorry.

I have loads of castles…and castle related stuff…from Halloweens past, and other events that featured stones, ruins, and singing runes.  But you can see how out of place a swirling building looks, next to an ancient cathedral. So…yes…I have some revamping to do…

As does GT Brooke. Castle. Cathedral. And the silly Teen Lit’s Clutterific at best.  I know he’s just plopping…waiting for design time. But, man…this pic really shows the disparate design we are dealing with on this event…and we haven’t seen pyramids yet! 

So…I solved a few of the issues…by placing them where they seem to belong…and NOT BUYING THE TEEN LIT BUILDING…which seems completely out of place for this event.

More Swamps and Scary Woods?  Those belong right next to “AmericaTown.”  Nothing says scary and swampy like today’s political landscape.

And, I admit that I love the Crossroads and other “Road Fixtures.”  I am building an addition to my English section…because the Butchery and the Stitch and Hem seem to belong there…I’ll adorn the streets, now that I have time…with 5 more days until Act III hits and I have to deal with Mummies.

To be clear…I have liked this event. I really have.  I know….nothing scarier than me in a good mood!  But, yes…the event is prone to clutter and a lack of space unless you go “off the grid.”

Bottom line… Just Have FUN! There really are no rules. And if you log in every 4 hours 4 times a day…you are golden in the “gotta have it all” club.

Have a great weekend! Go Ducks!




25 responses to “Friday Filler – Of Real Estate, Castles and Clutter

  1. Prior to the event, my Halloween stuff was integrated into Springfield. Most of my castles were in storage. Then we got a massive land expansion when Krustyland went kaput. Initially I threw a highway across the land, separating the north from the south, and attempted to build a Capital City up top, but it didn’t work.

    However, with this year’s Halloween event, I cleared that area out and built a pretty kick-ass Transylvania across from Springfield. Of course, I’ve pulled most of my existing Halloween buildings from Springfield, leaving large holes in my town, but New Transylvania is my new favorite part of town. My new concern, however, is that I’m just barely skirting the new max items limit. And I really want to build a Little Egypt with the upcoming buildings…

  2. I’ve pulled together a nice business area of my springfield, with tween lit, a business centre and the scandal gate positioned so that they look like one coherent structure. Works pretty well. But I have to agree, some event content is just way out of kilter.

  3. I am always happy to get anything forest or tree related. Those elements help tie things together. I brought over some past years spooky groves to go with the bad dream house and rickety bridge. So far I’ve passed on the castle but I’m not sure if that was the right decision. This event has been fun and I like excavating treasure!

  4. Just saw something in a neighbor’s town that I don’t recognize…anybody remember this trailer?

  5. Hi, new(ish) to this site. Used it a few times in the past but I always get tap heavy Halloween and Christmas. It starts the countdown for me 😂 Thank you for showing these awesome designs for ideas. I confess, I have a lot of land left and I have a dedicated North Pole and Halloween area but I am just in the process of revamping and these ideas are useful 👌

  6. I bought new land there my helloween was and will design after the mummies come and connect it.

  7. I am having fun in this Event because I’ve already saved space prior for expanding the area I am already using (almost) everything from our prior THOH Events …. with the exception of last year’s (I suppose you could say there’s a Medieval section next to my Krustyland / Itchy & Scratchy Land \ Springfield Zoo for that).

    As for Act 3? I believe everything will – post THOH Event – end up in my Museum Pyramid / Egypt Land (it’s where they belong, not in Transylvania). I suppose you could say this does make me a plopper until I can suss things out later, but that’s fine with me …. I’m getting used to it while waiting for Land Tokens.

    Time to take 2 days off before Act 3 starts (TGI-Weekend (lol) 🍻

  8. Hi, just wondering, is there a button in the game to see how many times I have actually “tapped”? It would be fun to see how many million times I have tapped… haha…

  9. Anyone else read that they r “dropping Apu” from the Simpson’s????😮

    • Yep. Silly and stupid. Sorry. We’ll talk about it on Addicts Live tomorrow.

    • sandytoes74

      Yes, I read about this in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, and it was quite the debate along with (about to be terminated from NBC for her blackface opinion) Megyn Kelly …. and I’m going to miss Apu, not Megyn Kelly. 😔

  10. Yea i gotta say im worried for act 3. I might just drop whatever doesn’t fit in my remaining gift of EA land into my Egypt area…..stuff from whatever that other event was. Lol. I have land there i can still buy for game cash. I also dont want that oddball lit building! So freaking random! I easily got she-wolf 2 days ago with normal 4 hr tapping sprees….but i did buy the awesome Nosfuratu. Not sure about Frankie and the Mrs…..we’ll see. Lol. I am loving this event though! It is all about the holiday🎃👻🎃👻🎃👍👍👍 Bring on the freaking candy!!!!

  11. I’ve dedicated a good chunk of my Springfield to Halloween. Instead of using the land they gave (I did use it to place the teen lit building so I can 8hr cycle & control how far the kids go before I can start the cycle again) I just placed this year’s stuff in the open space reserved for Halloween. When we start act 3, I’ll just place enough things to extend the dig bonus but the rest of the mummy stuff will go around the time travel pyramid & desert I have. Of course, for next Halloween, i’ll have to move my Vegas stuff to allow me to expand my Halloweenland, but we have a year to wory about that.

  12. Thanks Patric for the nice words (I’m ok with being an outlier)😁.
    I realized with the Krustyland event that you didn’t need to have a high bonus area % to stay ahead of the calendar and earn all the prizes. When you add up all the sources of daily event income (especially if you got the tween lit building), the difference between a 20% or 30% bonus at the forge is negligible. That said, it makes no sense to try and crowd everything into the bonus area for an additional 10%…you can make up the income difference with a daily visit to 10 of your neighbors.
    Also, wishing EA would include more land for these events to make it easier for everyone to enjoy designing again, instead of having to deal with the “try putting 5lbs in a 3lb bag” school of design.🎃

  13. My solution has over the last two years has been consolidation.
    Two years ago I noticed that I had several Halloween areas and Christmas areas scattered around Springfield. My solution has been to pick two locations and those are labeled (in my mind) as Halloween and Christmas. After an event, I move all my items into that section trying to keep some kind of vibe for the area. Some items that have no bonus to the event move earlier. Other items that just do not seem to fit find somewhere else to live. One example of this is that my Harry Potter section merges between my England and Halloween sections. Tween Lit got stuck in downtown since it has no Halloween vibe to me and the strange plants got stuck next to the Rigellian Queen. Most likely at the end of the event, my mummy and the items associated with it will be moving to be in my micro desert with my other Egyptian artifacts.
    So I personally think people should be ignoring the new areas given and use what we already have. My new area will become part of my Springfield Heights since they got kicked out of their area for Krusty, Itchy, and Scratchy.

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