Thankgiving 2018 has hit the store! Here are the basics.

Phew! We got a nice long break between the end of Halloween and the start of this new Mini-Event of a whole…let’s see…4 or 5 hours? Nice. Thanks EA.

But, at least we are staying ahead of the seasons, and not mixing them all up like they do at Costco and Target.

Thanksgiving is upon us! (except don’t start thawing the turkey yet…you’ll get botulism).  It looks like this event is going to be “Moe-Centric” which makes me thankful that it isn’t another Homer-Centric event! Not that I have an ax to grind with Homer, but let’s face it…he always steals the drumsticks before anyone else can get one.

Here are the basics that we know about so far. Alissa will do a much more complete version when she returns from Disneyworld tonight!

Once you download the event from the Store (and there is no reason not to, since EA killed the earning/buying on Halloween a while ago), the event will automatically start with…

OH…and if you want some of the minions wandering around your town…you can get them for 50 donuts. I don’t….so I didn’t.

However, after you complete the 4 hour task (which I rushed), the Moe-Centric part starts.

Prize #1- Uncle Moe’s

Prize 2- Outdoor Patio and Grille


Prize #3 – Minnie

Prize #4 – Moe and Minnie Animation

Prize #5 – A Taste of Springfield

So…yes…kinda random. But, the storyline is fun, and the dialogue is funny.

Here are the Peeps you Need to keep free to help you earn the prizes…

So yes…right away…you are faced with the decision to buy a Premium Character to help you earn faster. I did.

And the WareHouse is HUGE!

There are loads and loads of Premium Offerings…it’s almost as if they jumped the gun for Black Friday! (Like Costco and Target).

Besides the Mattress King and some of the other T-Giving-Centric stuff,
there is also an even larger ton (as in a Ton-O-Stuff) from T-Givings Past.
It will depend on what you have already bought/own… but there are a handful of options, some of which give you pretty large XP bonuses.

BONUS Picks-
The Casino Sign offers a 2% Bonus on game currency and XP
The Caged Tom Turkey offers a 3% Bonus on game currency and XP
The Heimlich Machine offers a 2.5% Bonus on game currency and XP

So…pretty good for old decorations.

In short…this event is short…ending on November 28th. Just in time for the Christmas/Holiday/Winter Spectacular!

Alissa will be back in time to do some more detailed analysis…as well as a few SIBs. So, be patient.  She is fresh from the Disney Experience…with a new baby and a toddler!  Talk about BRAVE!!

Have fun. Be Thankful. Keep on Grinding! And remember…there are more accidents with Deep Fried Turkeys than any other cooked food. So BE CAREFUL!!

56 responses to “Thankgiving 2018 has hit the store! Here are the basics.

  1. I think that I experienced a weird glitch with this update. There was a golden Vishnu god statue for 40 donuts with 10 donut rebate with 2% bonus, quite a good deal at 2% bonus for essentially 30 donuts. I bought it and now it seems to have disappeared from the store! Lucky Strike.

  2. Oh what fun!

  3. No turkey NPC again! 😫
    The ONLY one I’m missing…😡

  4. Two quick things.
    1. I’m sick and tired of the programmers at EA creating buildings that are just one square TOO LARGE. The mattress was large enough, but you could have made it one square smaller to fit on a normal block of land!
    2. I hope Black Friday returns! Not sure what I would pick up, but who knows!

  5. I woke up to see my notification bar on my phone saying morty has finished his task and as I only bought the two premium characters just before going to bed I never fully acknowledged their names so It through me off briefly thinking “what the hell does that mean as I’m pretty sure tapped out isn’t doing a rick and morty crossover event”

  6. Speaking of Thanksgiving:

    via Imgur for iOS

  7. nothing seems to be working for me. no update appears in the store and the game continues in halloween mode.

  8. What’s going on with the dig site? I’ve not been paying close attention, but it appears to be generating pickaxes.

    • You can still win prizes. I’ve won: dead trees, skeleton piles, iron walls, ruined walls and flaming torches. Has anyone else won something else?

    • You can still earn prizes at the dig sites. Walls, street lights, iron gates, dead trees. plus cash and xp.

      • The flaming torches when placed earn xp & more importantly give you a .20% bonus for each one placed! In both my games I’ve got 5 or 6 torches now – the bonus is appreciated & I’ve placed them in my wizarding area along with the Egypt area.

  9. First off am I the only one not liking these road additions. Like the Egypt mart as well as Transylvania market. Also I let 5000 of the currency go to waste last night 🙁 I got everything I wanted but it would have been nice for a few more money earning businesses

  10. My wife does not do TSTO (opposites attract, right?). So I read your opening to this post and she was definitely ROFLOL, You have one more fan!

  11. I have Caesars Pow Wow and Mrs Bovier for purchase as well. And task lists are screwy, as well as anyone working Recycle

  12. Looks like I need to start a Baloon Area!

  13. Thanks for the update, Patric ….. this looks like a TSTO homage to The Simpsons: Season 29, Episode 16 “King Leer” (a great episode involving Moe’s Family) 😀📺

    Basically a Mini Event so easy you could just log in once or twice a day and finish it (hey looks like we get another Building where you can put a road through it) 👍

  14. Is there something to be done to get this to start??? I have no new update to download, Thoh is gone, and my mummy wiggum and womenhet have jobs on my to do list that aren’t offered when I click on them. 😢😢😢

    • Just change the wig gum back to normal skin and pick his yellow task. For me, it unstuck the non-existing task in mummy skin. It essentially did it, don’t ask how, I have no idea

  15. Haha! I love how the Mattress King Warehouse costs 1 donut less than the Mattress King. Gotta love those warehouse prices!

  16. The mattress store and warehouse are pretty big…they take a lot of room, but I loved that episode with Moe, so I had to get them. Moe’s family makes mine seem downright normal.😄🤪
    The other buildings are “meh” at best and an easy pass.

  17. This event is lookin pretty good…have no complaints

  18. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Where is the Presidents Event
    Where is Fourth of July

    Let’s get our Events moving Early!

    Now, I’m off to see if IOS has the mini Event
    Then I’m off to pound the dais at the Board Meeting that controls my pension
    To Infinity and Beyond!

  19. Thanksgiving balloon bundle is a good deal of fun!

  20. Why won’t they re release the turkey

  21. Yet another Thanksgiving that EA doesn’t offer the npc turkey. 😭

  22. CONRAD (and Quinn) also returns among the Thanksgiving offerings in the store.

  23. Anyone else having trouble with iTunes not updated yet? No take down of Halloween event, App Store splash screen is normal, but it also runs the Springfield blowing up video preview – that should not be there. My game has been loaded onto this device since I bought it in May 2018. Any suggestions? Many Thanks.

  24. Besides the Taste of Springfield…..all this stuff is storage-bound (queue the Wah-wah trumpet)…..Who ARE these people? Remember the fun we had with the Halloween event? Ah, memories…… lol

  25. Off topic but related to the update but we finally have the option to store the Super Powers items since they were always unstorable before this update. Has anyone else noticed the new changes to the character task lists? Also does any know if there is a permanent task at the Holy Forge?

  26. Before moving on to a new game, I have to ask: did anyone else lose their “Screaming Stitch & Hem” building after last event? Mine is gone!

  27. Sigh…. Every year I hope they will bring back the turkey NPC. It’s the last character I am missing.

  28. thanks patric, I keep hoping the free range turkey will show up. it must have been offered very early in the game – I’ve been playing almost 5 years & I’ve never seen it offered. we can finally store the star drive-in & everything else from that mini-event!

  29. Thanks a lot Patric! Mystery boxes here we come 😀

  30. This one‘s a meh

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