Why Does TSTO Re-download Every Time I Open My Game?

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Happy final hours of Halloween! (finally!) While we all await the final countdown, and for something new to hit our games, I thought I’d take a minute this morning to tackle a very common question we see in the comments (and through email).  Here’s an example of the question:

“Can you please tell me why every morning for the past 2 weeks my game downloads everything again?
I’ve been playing this game for at least 5 years and it’s never done this. “

The answer, my friends, is pretty simple.  You need to free up some space on your device.

TSTO is a GIANT suck on the storage of your device and requires you to have roughly 5GB of FREE space to playUpdate 2021: This post was originally written back in 2018…We now recommend at least 15GB free.    When it redownloads the game every time you start to play it you simply need to free up some space so you have at least 5 GB free (preferably more) and it will stop.  Well, it’ll download one more time, but then it won’t do it again.  Well, it’ll do it again every time there’s an actual update but it won’t do it daily.

Nice and easy fix for something that, I’m sure, is driving a bunch of you crazy!

Onto the next update!

34 responses to “Why Does TSTO Re-download Every Time I Open My Game?

  1. 15Gb free space on a 64gb device is a bit crazy

  2. Why am I have to do a big update on simpsons everytime I wanna log in

  3. 90 GB free.. still downloads 2GB + every day…

  4. I have 25.4 Gb used on my 32 Gb iPad, and I STILL have the re-download issue almost every 2 days. WTF?

  5. So i can’t connect to TSTO , it says we had an error try again when i try to login to origin it keeps telling me no login available

    Any advice?

  6. I have a question. Is it common for EA to not pay attention to the original support ticket you sent them? I submitted a support ticket last night because my game crashes as soon as it loads. I sent them all of the details about my devices and about the troubleshooting steps I have taken. I also sent them my origin ID number. I got an email this morning asking for all of that information again.
    On a side note, I have not been able to log on with my iPad or iPhone since Wednesday without crashing. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled, updated my iOS, and I have plenty of free space on both of my devices. Does anyone else have any ideas of what else I can try?

    • With EA support…it is a total crap shoot. The key is to get someone who cam “escalate” the ticket. Ask.

      • Thank you. I will request to have it expedited. It is funny though. I have significant computer knowledge, and I don’t usually contact any type of Tech support unless the issues are beyond my control. But yet, when I do contact tech support for anything and inform them that I have already completed troubleshooting steps, they still make me go through all of them again.

  7. Deleting the app from your device, along with its digital trail, then redone loading the game helps also to free up the amount of space ot takes up.

  8. I ♥️ TSTO but over the years this Game App has taken up three times the gig of space it used to (and requires more gig of RAM to function without lag / glitches).

    I still think merging Krustyland did not improve things (I’m sure it’s saved EA $ by having less servers (lol), but nothing we can do about that …. just encouraging everyone to have devices with at least 3 gigs of RAM and 7 gigs of free space.

    Nevertheless, I ♥️ this Game App (taking weekends off from Tapping helps), because any other Game App close to this kind available at Google Play is horrendous! (please take a moment to read the reviews on the Family Guy, Futurama, SpongeBob SquarePants, Looney Tunes, etc similar to TSTO – you think EA is evil? the other Game Developers are worse!)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all ♥️🍂🍁🍽️🦃

  9. Hey, anyone else do some digging after the relic count disappeared? I had a few pickaxes left over and each time I found the treasure I got money, xp and a prize. I got a gargoyle gate, skeleton pile, 2 hanging street lamps and 2 flaming torches. There was also a timer on the top with 2 minutes to go?

  10. It never been a free space issue for me neither, as it started when I got brand new phone.. Apparently it was happening just when I was playing game on two devices (my Android tablet and Android phone). After I ditched Tapped out my tablet and started to play just on phone it occurs very rarely (but at least once a month)… it’s switching between cca 850MB and 1.4 GB, depends on a update….and it changes just the zoom in the game… Don’t know what can be the reason…

    • I suggest you check if your phone has those automatic maintenance/cleanup apps running which is supposed to help keep the storage clear.

      A lot of those apps are programmed poorly and tend to screw with TSTO. I use ES File Explorer but I also disabled all of their automatic junk.

  11. I had this problem as well and I contacted EA help and the issue was resolved when I upgraded my iOS that I had been lagging on doing.

  12. This and the terrible events caused me to remove the game. Not worth the memory. and tapping became a chore instead of fun.

    just so happened to check in today to see if a cool xmas event was gonna drop and make me come back.

    • As much as i complained at the end here, i would like to thank the writers for the work they put in to keep players informed. The game brought me many hours of entertainment for years.

    • Lol! There is something weirdly telling about a game’s addictive quality, when someone writes, “I hate this game!! But I came back to see if it would take me back.” Talk about an abusive relationship!

      TSTO is never going to be a good girlfriend. She’s just gonna keep breaking your heart…while looking cute.

  13. Thanks, that has been really bugging me.

  14. Ho ho horrible situation
    Happened to me and I am so thankful it got fixed somehow

  15. i’ve had this problem since the christmas event 2017. it pops up for a week before each new event and doesn’t stop until midway through the first week of each event. for me, it’s never been a space issue as i always have 35-40gb free. i’ve had so much contact with ea about the problem, ive easily been given 200+ free donuts this year due to it but i started declining them as i want the glitch fixed moreover than donuts for me, it will return a week before the upcoming christmas event. good times ahead 😐 hahaha

    • I have been having this problem too in the last couple of weeks even though I have over 14GB free. It is so frustrating – I haven’t contacted EA yet but if the only fix is a few free donuts then I might not bother. Not worth the agro. Just really hope they fix it soon, along with the screen capture, which also doesn’t work for me even though I have more than double the free storage that the error message tells me I need!

    • I have the same problem even though I have 14GB free. I also can’t take a screen capture, even though I have more than double the available storage that the error message tells me I need. Running an iPhone X on the latest software. So frustrating! If the only fix from EA is a few compensatory donuts then it’s not worth the agro! Thanks for the heads up!

    • This has been happening to me even though I have 14GB free. The screen capture doesn’t work for me either, even though I have double the storage it says I need when the error message pops up. So frustrating. Thanks for the heads up that the only fix from EA is compensatory donuts. I won’t bother in that case as it’s not worth the agro. Running an iPhone X with the latest software. Hope they fix it soon.

      • Whoops. I cut out of signal just as my first comment sent and I couldn’t see whether it had gone through, so I sent another one a little while later. I’ve repeated myself above. Apologies!

  16. I’ve had this happen before and EA never mentioned this! Would have been nice to know before. Thanks!

  17. Hey why does my game have to re-download every time i open it? JK JK. Sorry

  18. That said, it might be worth pointing out the fact that the usual download counter might indicate “x/y MB” but that doesn’t mean that all these MB have actually been downloaded. As the game only downloads updated files and skips lost of unchanged content, it still includes the skipped amount in the total sum.

  19. Thanks Alissa 😊

  20. Also make phone is updated to the most recent version will help(from Ea)

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