Black Friday 2018 Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it’s Tuesday and Black Friday has hit our games…someone really needs to buy EA a calendar for Christmas. Loads of questions/comments/complaints/general panic coming in over this.  So let’s break it all down…

Black Friday mainly consists of the Mystery Boxes (outlined here).  You do NOT need to buy donuts to participate. You can simply spend farmed donuts to open other Mystery Boxes.  Just because you have a questline doesn’t mean you have to follow it. 

Now let’s break down some other questions/concerns…

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, some boxes looked like they may have duplicate items but we couldn’t be sure until it hits today.  Well, boxes do in fact have duplicate items in them.  So BE CAREFUL. Don’t spend more donuts for an item you potentially could get for less in another box. To the same extent, don’t pay for all the items in a box when you could potentially get the character/item you want in another box for fewer tries.

Basically, pay attention and think before you start to go crazy on opening boxes.  Think about what you want and what the best strategy would be for you.  Look at each box in available in your store (it’s free to view them) and decide what the best plan would be for you. Then start to buy.  Remember, this plan may need to be adjusted as you open more boxes.  So keep checking the boxes to see what’s left and adjust accordingly.

Gold Mystery Box

Because there are items in the Gold Mystery Box that may appear in other boxes (which only cost donuts) OPEN THE GOLD BOX LAST.  That way you avoid spending a valuable token on something you could have spent donuts on.  Try to save the valuable tokens for the unique Gold Box items…this is the list of UNIQUE Gold Box items.  Don’t start opening until you’re down to these items…in my opinion…

Bandit Fort Mansion of Solid Gold
Cartoon Set and Scratchy Nerds: Benjamin, Doug and Gary
Donut Boat Polo Field House
Heavenly Swing Set and Jesus Springfield Aquarium and Sarah Wiggum
Himeji Castle The Rad-ish Station

Black Friday 2018 Questline

When you start up your game you’ll see the Black Friday 2018 questline popup.  This requires you to buy donuts in order to get tokens.

You’ll need 900 total donuts in order to unlock the full lot of tokens and the 3 prizes in this questline.

Prizes are:

Shopping Cart Pile Up (Buy 60 Donuts)

Monstromart ( Buy 300 Donuts)

Lard Lad Donut Factory (Buy 900 Donuts)

You DO NOT need to purchase individual packages to unlock everything.  If you have the money, your best bet is to spend the $49.99 (US) and get the 900 donuts, that will unlock the whole questline and give you all 3 prizes.


No, you cannot buy Golden Scratch-Rs to complete the token questline.  YOU MUST BUY DONUTS FROM THE STORE TO COMPLETE THIS.  So don’t waste your money on Scratch-Rs they won’t help. 

So what do the items do?

Shopping Cart Pile Up (Buy 60 Donuts)

The Pile up is 3×3 in size, improves vanity and earns nothing.  (whomp whomp)

Monstromart ( Buy 300 Donuts)

Monstromart is 7×12, improves consumerism and earns $200, 22xp/8hrs.  It also comes with a questline (involving Flanders) and when completed Ned will have a permanent 4hr task there (Shop for new bible).  It’s also, weakly, animated when in use.

Lard Lad Donut Factory (Buy 900 Donuts)

The Lard Lad Donut Factory is 7×16 in size, improves Gluttony and earns 6 /24hrs.  It also comes with a questline (involving Homer, so you’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving is over to complete it) and when complete Homer has a permanent 8hr task there (Search for Special Donut).  It’s also animated when in use.

My Opinion: Don’t waste your money. Sure a building that earns donuts seems cool, but it’s 6 donuts a day.  You can earn WAY more than that  (without spending real cash) from Farming and Daily Challenges.  SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON’T GET IT!

My Opinion On The Mystery Boxes: Personally, I don’t think they’re worth it.  I don’t think anything with this is worth it.  You’ve got to really think before you buy boxes, because of duplicates, and with all the Mystery Boxes coming back each event you’ll have another shot to pick stuff up.  So, my opinion, say no way EA! And pass on this stuff.

Then again I’m just ticked off at EA.  They’ve done more in the last 5 months to piss me off than they have in the last 5 years….

And that’s it my friends, the full rundown for today.

Thoughts?  Questions? Comments? Feelings? Sound off below.

229 responses to “Black Friday 2018 Rundown

  1. Spent my free token, got Sarah Wiggum.

    All done with this event.

  2. This is an amazing post! Thank you so much for the insight. When Black Friday started, I began to get little buying crazy with donuts. I purchased three items and then read this post. I stopped and waited for the information about each of the boxes. Did some calculations and looked which characters were in multiple boxes. Came up with a gameplan and happy about using on my donuts. Thank you.

  3. Would be happy to know how you farm WAY more donuts per day. Spending 50 bucks once and getting 2100 donuts per year – forever – seems quite a good deal to me. You get return on invest after 150 days.
    And you get the building actually for free just for buying donuts, plus the tokens. If you remember, for quite some time you didn’t get anything on top of your purchase.

    Just my2cents

    • Remember you never get a return because you spent $50. The game doesn’t spit out dollar bills 😉
      So once you spend it, it’s gone forever. Which is ok as long as you’re ok with it. Just don’t want you to think you’ll get your money back on it because that just wont happen. Moneys worth maybe, money back no.
      As far as farming….

    • Basically you farm donuts by leveling up. Each time you level up in the game you receive donuts right? So in a very simplified way, you level up over and over again. And you can level up indefinitely. I get around 160 donuts a day. You have to activate the XP collider and well, get XP 😅. Fastest way to do so, is to buy items (bloodmobiles or kwik-markets are the best), get xp, level up, sell items, buy again, level up, sell again etc etc. You just need to save some cash and some donuts to activate the collider. Safi has a great post somewhere here that goes into details if you are interested! 🙂

  4. Patric, sorry I m posting so late again but I’m really really. pissed off. To any tapperr out there whose ever dealt with EA techs you’ll understand why. Remember I replied to a comment from from one of the addicts, I think it was Dzrk13. Well I in turn put down that I LMAO at the crack he made about EA. I also said that if my post was put up I’d probably get bugs or glitches from them. Well guess what? After 5 years of playing my Springfield which was on level 243 disappeared!! I called and spoke to 3 different tech support eXperts. Who kept telling me I was on level 8. Level 8 after 5 years of playing and spending money on this dam game?? Referrer I am so angry I don’t know what to do.😬😬😬😈😈😈 they all kept saying the same thing. Oh don’t worry miss Angelina we will get this fixed within an hour. Yeah right. It’s been almost 9 hours and I really need to tap. Lol I’ve got the ebee gebees. I don’t know if that’s how you spell it. Any way I know I m rambling sorry about that. I just had to get it out of my system. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE.

  5. When i got two premium items w/ characters valued at 380 donuts for $3, then it’s a no brainer for me. How nice of EA to give away their most expensive premium items for so little, perhaps i just got lucky…

  6. Surprising that Patric is so against all of this, being a lobbyist for EA and widely expensive subscription plans just a few months ago and all.

  7. Disappointed that again there is no turkey NPC’s the only NPC I don’t own.

  8. Just to confirm, if Sarah Wiggum and the Springfield Aquarium is the only item in the Gold Mystery Box for me, there’s no sense in me acquiring more than one Gold Token, correct? I.e., if I had Gold Tokens with nothing in the Gold Mystery Box, those tokens would be useless because they can only be spent on the Gold Box, right?

    Thank you in advance! And Happy Thanksgiving to the amazing TSTO staff (sure do appreciate you guys!) and Tappers everywhere!

  9. They are making extra money from people who don’t live in USA. 900 donuts costs you USD50 which converts to around AUD69 but they are charging us AUD80. Why it it always assumed that we are richer and can afford more?

  10. Hi all! The Black Friday and Lard Lad Factory bundle have me concerned for 2 reasons and I’m wondering if you all are seeing and thinking this too:
    1. Nice they gave us a golden token for Black Friday, but we’ll have to start outright buying new stuff instead of being able to earn it.
    2. If players are getting 6 donuts a day just from the factory that is a lot of donuts! That character you’ve been eyeing? Sure, you can have him in 10 days! Players will be able to get everything.. at first. This means new items will start costing more donuts. It’s economics – the more cash (meaning donuts) out there, the higher the price of stuff. I admit getting the factory is TEMPTING!, but since there are those of us that can’t afford it I feel that the game play is going to suffer and the costs are going to leave a lot of us in the dust.

  11. ☯️Quite a funky Black Friday Bonanza…
    Can empathize w/ the neiboreenos feelings on Svengali sale shenanigans, but also agree with the actual sound logic of ‘suck it up, since that it was INDEED origonally a BONUS DONUT PURCHASE ITEM’☯️👌🏽
    …Now, on to more pertinent gameplay concerns: where the heck are some friggin Black Friday Land Tokens?💩

  12. I did buy the 900 donuts…I’m kinda happy. It’s 2190 donuts a year.
    Been playing since almost the beginning. (thats some years now)
    Spending hardly any money and stockpiling donuts for I dunno how long sometimes just to get that one character or building. Harvesting donuts these days is going fast enough but I like the 6 donuts a day extra just to get that item a bit faster :-).

  13. Thanks for the info! Wasn’t sure if you can sees through the quest by purchasing 900 donuts right off the bat. Also, how can I earn donuts from farming? Thx.

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