Christmas 2018 Teaser

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like the Christmas 2018 just flew into our games!  But, like I said yesterday before you get too excited and try to read too much into it…remember the last several teasers that hit our games have had NOTHING to do with the next event. So don’t read too much into it…yet!  Or read everything into it!  It’s Christmas! Who isn’t excited?!

Anyway, when you start up your game you’ll see the dialogue from Cletus….

Cletus: Ms. Claws just flew into town on her Cat Sleigh! The Hissmass season is here! Anxious Hissmass to all!
Homer: Nobody look the yokel in the eye. If we don’t engage, he’ll wander off.
Moe: What are you blabbering about, hillbilly? It’s called Christmas, and it’s Mister Claus what drives the sleigh!
Homer: Moe! Ignore him!
Cletus: I means what I says. Every Hissmass, Ms. Claws arrives on her magical sleigh pulled by eight ornery cats.  She gives catnip to the good girls and boys, and claws the bad ones in the face.
Homer: That’s the dumbest story I ever heard. Besides, those adorable kitties don’t look so bad to me…
Cletus: I wouldn’t do that if’n I was you…

At this point, you’ll be tasked with placing the Crazy Cat Sleigh and having Homer perform a 4hr task there.

Followed by…

Homer: *ow* That cat clawed my face. And on Hissmass, too!
Moe: It happened just like the illiterate drunkard predicted! Homer IS a bad human being, and the mean cat DID claw his face! Hissmass is real! Them’s magical flying cats!
Cletus: They’s famous too! Like in that poem: “The Fearful Moments Before Hissmass” – “On Scratcher, on Ugly, on One-eye, and Grumpy! On Awful, and Sulky, and Bloodshed, and Dumpy! Now scratch away, claw away, bite away all!” Anxious Hissmass, Everyone!

And that’s it for the free part of the teaser.  Just the Crazy Cat Sleigh.  However, if you wanted to drop some donuts (assuming you still have some after the Black Friday Mystery Box Bonanza) you could pick up…

Ms. Claws a costume for Crazy Cat Lady (who’s a premium character…so, of course, this would require you to spend more donuts to get CCL to use).  You can purchase this costume for 100 donuts.

And that’s it my friends, all that’s included in this little teaser.  What could it all mean!? We’ll have to wait until Dec. 5th to find out….


95 responses to “Christmas 2018 Teaser

  1. 100 big ones for a skin when I already dropped dough for the character? Are they having a laugh?

  2. Can we all (or enough of us) agree that –

    If Crazy Cat Lady were offered with her House as a Character Building Combo the average price should be 150 🍩 ‘s and no more?

    If the price was Discounted lower then that (say 120 to 100 🍩 ‘s) it would that be a good bargain?

    That 100 🍩 ‘s is kind of steep for a Character Skin?

    (yeah it’s the new EA norm – inflate prices , but if it doesn’t sell? then Mystery Box, or the Vault at Discount, is where you will find it next)

    If you got plenty of extra Sprinkles from Kem Farming, then the amount of 🍩 ‘s you choose to spend is a personal choice?

    (I don’t like the higher prices in 🍩 ‘s required, I risk buying now or crying later if what I wanted ends up in a Mystery Box with a dozen other items to gamble for – hey where’s my Casino card earning points, EA? (lol)

    If we can still Kem Farm, and we have 5 to 6 Days to decide, then our choices will impact the future of this Game App?

    (we can let EA know how we feel as a Tappers with our decisions, we have days to decide – earn 🍩 ‘s to buy – or wait until the Christmas Event starts – and in the end? I may spend sprinkles reluctantly at the last minute)

    Shouldn’t there be a better way of obtaining Land Tokens, with more control given to Tappers where they are used?

    (we can’t Craft them, we can’t Task for them, we can’t Buy them – I feel this needs to change and I think everything I mentioned here could end up being discussed on TSTO Live this Saturday – yep free plug for the video cast (yay!)

    • I wish to subscribe to your newsletter….

    • Hello to my neighbour Charles from Dexterous 1 & 2! I’m short on land in my A game. Back when the Terwilliiger event was active I could buy nothing; As I had no place to put the items!

      I’ve bought up all the land with in game cash in both my towns & need another way to get land tokens. I’m with you that this anomaly should be changed! Live cast is not a good time for Australians like me; So go to bat for me please!

      Also; I’m thinking the original dig site (from whatever event that was) – is so stingy compared to the one from this Halloween event. I say this because my A game just got its 1000th rock formation this morning. Have to store it; Can’t sell it; Don’t want to use it! Can we have a mix up of items please EA? Or at least some way to sell like the rotten washers & dryers?

  3. When I was setting last nights tasks I noticed ginger and Amber (and possibly a couple others can’t remember names) had completely lost their 8 hour tasks any idea why

  4. After Homer finished his 4 hour task, he put on his Santa suit, hitched up the reindeer and began his journey across the skies of Springfield! He was always busy with Event quests and the Monorail, but this year he’ll be bringing cheer to all the girls and boys.

    Maan, my skies are crowded…

  5. talon8770 // rick

    had to have it. I always get all the Christmas characters , buildings within reason. I started off with reserved land 4 years ago for a Christmas village now its half way filled with every thing that was available at the time. Hopefully it will continue to be contained un like Halloween that needed to be split. thanks to krusty land.

  6. Thank you for posting the dialogue…I was with family & couldn’t really read it right. With being distracted at the time…so I was pleasantly surprised to see it all posted!! I love this blog,,truly I do!

  7. I have never spent anything on the game a skin is something i can come by in the future in a mystery box or whatever, Recently acquired Frink and his dad through donuts on the mystery boxes and got herb from the free token we got, I like earning the donuts, Makes getting the characters an accomplishment. Trying to make an accurate Springfield atm which is not an easy task since there is very little that has any continuity in the town.

    • Frinks dad?

      • In the game he’s called ‘Frinkenstein’ but… yeah, that’s Prof. Frink’s dad.

      • Maybe Frinkenstein?

        • I don’t think i’ve ever had someone call him Frink’s dad lol

          • Tracy-1ltwoody920

            I have heard of Son of Frinkenstein, but never heard of Father of Frinkenstein.
            So it “seems logical “ that the Son of Frinkenstein would be Frink?
            Therefore, Frinkenstein MUST be Frink’s dad

            • Or… You forget that Frankenstein’s monster was not Frankenstein. The same could apply to Frink. So the father of Frinkenstien’s monster is different than the father of Frainkensteun. Are you all confused yet?

              • Tracy-1ltwoody920

                Oh yeah!?
                Who are buried in Grant’s Tomb?
                (Mrs. Grant and Mr. G)
                Gimme a break, it’s 3:10 am, it is pouring down rain and the cat snuck back inside while I’m worried about his well being and simultaneously fighting off possums that are invading /tear up my back lawn)
                I’m going off to sleep, where, I’m certain, everyone, EVERYONE, agrees I’m better off at – dangling participle and all.

              • The mole people and possum brigade are having a territorial dispute in my back yard…they both claim the area under the sunflower seed feeder and things are heating up.🐾💥🌻🌻💥🐾.

              • Or Prof Frink is Young Frinkenstein. He changed his name to get away from the stigma of being a Frinkenstein. Mel Brooks style backstory!

              • Perfect! And in my opinion, “Young Frankenstein” is Mel’s best work… it is in my top 10 favorite movies of all time!

          • Yea…that’d be a new one…but that’s the only character I can think that looks like him? Maybe? I’m gonna think that now when I see him in my town!

      • Jerry Lewis from the Halloween episode Frinkenstein

        • Jerry Lewis, the original Nutty Professor! That of which Professor Frink is an impersonation of. I’m pretty sure a lot of people know that though

  8. 100 donuts is pretty steep for just a skin. I think I will pass.

  9. With all due respect – wrong. I opted to purchase and I got CCL, the costume, and the house. If you don’t have the CCL, you get it all.

    • And….you paid more.

      The post says… “Ms. Claws a costume for Crazy Cat Lady (who’s a premium character…so, of course, this would require you to spend more donuts to get CCL to use). You can purchase this costume for 100 donuts”

      So with all due respect, it’s not wrong. It says you have to get CCL to use it. Did you get CCL? Yes. Did you pay more than 100 donuts for CCL? Yes.

      Some people are so quick to try and point out errors they don’t really read what’s written…

      • I got CCL, the house, and the costume for 180. No other purchase required.

        • Who said anything about another purchase?

          Again, read what the post says… “this would require you to spend more donuts to get CCL to use”

          Says spend more donuts, not make another purchase. Simply spend. More. Donuts.

          You spent 180 donuts. Ms Claws is 100 donuts. Ergo you spent 80 more donuts to get CCL and Ms Claws.

          You’re trying hard to tell me im wrong but you’re not reading what it says…

          • Okay – the original post suggests that after making the purchase, you can’t use the costume unless you make an additional purchase for CCL. That’s what it suggests. It’s not that I’m not reading, it’s that the phrasing is ambiguous … … hence this back-and-forth. So yes, I concede that 180 donuts for CCL, Ms. Claws, and the house is more than 100 for the costume. I also say that for 180 donuts, you get a fully functional character, with a costume, with a house.

            I only try to clarify my vantage point because if I’m misinterpreting the post, surely others could too.

  10. When does the full Christmas update happen?

  11. Hissmas and Santa Claws!! That’s a hoot😹

  12. Why do you suppose they only have six cats pulling the sleigh, but Cletus mentions eight? Seems like a silly discrepancy.

  13. Had donuts put aside for black friday and ended up only getting 2 things, and one was bought with a token. Sooo…CCL wins by default. She’s a favorite and usually throwing iguanas, so now she’ll have a new task…Ho-Ho-Meow! 🎄☃️😺

  14. 100 donuts for a clause costume for CCL?
    yeaaaah.. pass

  15. Spend all my 🍩 donuts on mystery boxes lol and some more I saved up, so it’s a no for me, can’t wait till the 5th, and the 6th my birthday lol

  16. Happy Hissmas (good one EA)😂

    So, basically this is Gypsy + “Fortune Teller Tent doesn’t help with the next Event”? (I’ll take 6 Days off from Tapping to just Kem Farm and prep for Christmas – oops that’s Hissmas) 😉

    Thanks for the update Alissa 👍

  17. JANICE Wocelka OCHS

    Love everyone’s input. While nursing my heart patient husband, I have managed to stay tuned into TSTO. So want the Claws skin but way too many sprinkles….but I could succumb!

  18. Too much for a skin IMO

  19. Something tells me she will be worth it for the event.

    • I wouldn’t count on it… But she has some pretty hilarious animations. CCL is one of my favorite characters in the game. And yes….I do have the Cat-a-Pult.

      It’s EA’s annual Christsmas inflation routine. Everything gets jacked up to the “new Normal.” So get used to these prices.

      • So wish the cat-a-pult could have another skin/animation…throwing a giant pink donut would be fun or giant snowballs for Christmas. It could be like the Swat Tank and destroy a building when it hits. Splat! 😄

      • I really wish people would listen to you, Patric. As you keep pointing out, EA continues to test the waters to see how high they can raise prices. As long as people keep paying their higher prices, they will keep on raising them. If they find people aren’t buying, they won’t. So everyone, please *think* before you buy.. and remember.. you’re not only overpaying now, but you’re raising the money bar for you and everyone else in the future.

        • The catch 22 of it is that sometimes things only come back bundled with other items and if you have one you don’t get the offer at all. Case in point, Elf Ralph. I started playing this game late in that winter event, but because I was brand new didn’t get very far… but the one time that skin came back when I had donuts to get him it was bundled with a building I had gotten during the event and not offered to me as a stand alone. So while in principle, I agree? There’s no guarantee those of us with her sleigh would get her offered again. And really, after the amount of donuts I spent trying to get Mr. Plow out of the Alter Egos box (200 plus, I plead temporary insanity. I loathe MBs so much).much)… I’m gonna get the thing I want, even though I don’t like buying skins, for once.

  20. I just got CCLady yesterday from the women mystery box…sorry, don’t need that costume.

  21. Crazy cat lady skin, not worth 100 donuts

  22. Not quite it, as Ms. Claws has a quest line too!

  23. It’s likely my own fault for getting over exited, but I didnt think it looked like the cat Lady and thought it was a new charachter and bought her, just because I love Christmas. 100 donouts for a skin (for a charachter I feel pretty meh about) feels a bit much. Oh well not much to do about it now.

  24. Glad I checked b4 buying Claws! Thought it was a full character!! Pretty high cost for costume

  25. I was gonna buy this because i thought she was a character thank god I read this first.

  26. Why not bundle the Cat Lady and the costume for those who don’t have her? That would have made more sense, and probably would have gotten more ppl to spend their sprinkles as well….

    • They did. The Mrs. Claws Bundle is 180 Donuts for those who don’t have her. So basically full price for the Cat Lady and her house, but with a free skin. I only buy premium characters if they are discounted or under 100 donuts. So I am passing on this one.

  27. If you don’t have CCL there is a bundle for 180 donuts, her and the skin.

  28. Its been 7 days since I got a notification for tapped out. Its broken and I don’t know why! I’ve checked all my settings too!

    • seriously, why am i not getting notifications for tapped out

    • Are you talking about the blog or the game?

      • game!

        • Ok…first go into your game, and open the store. Look in the lower left of the whole screen(not the pop-up window) for a Homer statue and tap it. Now, in the pop-up box is a settings icon that looks like a wheel (next to the video/movie camera icon), tap it. Make sure that both the “Notifications” and “Confirm Donut Spend” buttons are on…they should show green and have a checkmark.
          Now get out of your game and go to your device’s “settings” area.
          Find “notifications” and tap it, then scroll down to “Tapped Out” and choose it. Make sure you choose all the options and that they are checked and green.
          Lastly, go back to general settings and find “sounds”. Make sure the volume is turned at least half way and that “alerts” or “notifications” are active.
          That should do it…hope it works.😁


    Seems like Santa’s Little Helper was removed from my store. Can’t buy the cute dog with Donuts anymore.
    Someone else having the same?

  30. Thanks for this post, Alissa <3

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