App Store Update: New Year 2019

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So an app store update hit our stores a little while ago (if you don’t see it try searching for Tapped Out in your App Store).  At the moment this update just removes the snow from Springfield and returns our games back to pre-Christmas update.  (holy smokes, it’s so green!)

There is a Mini Event Tied to this update.  However that mini event will NOT START UNTIL TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY JAN 9th, AT 10AM ET (1500 GMT).  So PLEASE don’t ask me where it is.  It will not start until tomorrow at 10am ET (1500GMT). 

So I can tell you this update will bring two requested characters to Springfield (one old and one young…), a bunch of buildings (including one, that will cost a lot of donuts, that will solve some land token problems), and a few decorations.  Also, with this update, you’ll see a TON of returning Stonecutters stuff.  So if you’ve been in the market for it, it’s back just for you!

And for those of you curious about the new characters…turn to your character collections to find them.  Still can’t find them, here they are:

An that’s it my friends, nothing to do but sit back and wait until tomorrow morning, 10am ET (1500 GMT) for the new content to hit!  Until then…enjoy your night!

Thoughts on the new content?  Excited for something to hit Springfield?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


67 responses to “App Store Update: New Year 2019

  1. If I purchase the Disco Stu stonecutter outfit will it unlock the character if you don’t already have it?

  2. Anyone else missing a 3×3 section of land in the corner?

  3. I also noticed something with this update. I had an issue with Minnie Szyslaks’ tasks being locked because I did not complete the Thanksgiving event. When the update hit last night, her questline finally unlocked.

  4. I picked up the last of my stonecutters outfits, tunnel, and table. Instant buy for Golden Goose Realty for land tokens (why wouldn’t you?). And I’ll be able to get the box factory and Lewis before event is over. Might splurge on a few Capitol buildings to make a government sector (maybe dead centre of my dystopia badlands). Gotta love spring cleaning.

  5. 150 donuts for a building that gives land token each 12 hours. No need to wait for a SIB on that one (-;

  6. 150 donuts for a building that generates a land token every 12 hours? Cheap.

  7. …and Lewis is now safely in my Springfield!

  8. Lordy Lord- There is a land token Generator – Woot!

  9. Anyone else missing the Christmas tree lot (from Marge’s story) from your inventory after the update? Was that only a story element that wasn’t supposed to stick around?

    • Cats are so cute guys

      Mine is gone too. It’ll come back like the moe tent just wait a million years. I didn’t realize it was gone at first and turned the vacant land into water then noticed it was like a third of my outdoor Christmas Mall so now I’m nervous it will never come back lol. Oh wellllll.

    • mine is MIA as well!

  10. HOT DANG!!! The new Golden Goose Realty building generates 1 land tile every 12 hours!

  11. There was no offer of an update in the App Store. I had to delete the game and reinstall it in order to get out of Christmas mode. But I’m ready now; bring it on!

  12. Anyone else having serious performance issues since the update? My game has suddenly gone very laggy!!!

  13. Can’t wait for this update

  14. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I had to click on the App itself, to open the discussion of the App, before I gained access to the update button.
    BUT, the update occurred extremely fast – and I have terminally s-l-o-w internet speed

  15. LAND! 😎🙀

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