Golden Goose Realty PSA

UPDATE: As of April 2019 the information about saving Land Tiles no longer applies.  Once you’ve earned as many tokens as available land it will convert to earning cash/xp.  No matter how many land squares you leave open. 

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So a quick PSA about the Golden Goose Realty….

I know it’s super exciting to finally have the ability to get ALL of those land tiles!  Feels like we’ve been waiting forever.  And it’s even better that you can speed up the building to unlock land even quicker! However, I would caution you not to unlock ALL the land tiles.

It’s Really Important to Keep 1 Land Square Open/Unpurchased.   Once you’ve unlocked ALL the land the Golden Goose Realty will no longer earn land tiles, it will revert to cash and XP (until new land is released). 

You’re better off leaving at least 1 land square open so you can continue to earn (and build up) land tokens.

And when you’re ready you can convert your land tokens to donuts.  1 land token=12 donuts. This is done via the store (once you’ve purchased all open land)…

Shoutout to Jason for the images of the donuts in the store and the cash payout of Golden Goose and kamikaze1963443 for the image of the message in-game the appears when you’ve unlocked all of the land tiles.

Which sounds great, but remember once you unlock the ability to convert land tokens to donuts you can no longer earn land tokens.

So do yourself a favor, don’t unlock all of the land and continue earning as many land tokens as you can.

Update: Ok, so it appears some of you are still confused by what i wrote above. I went wrong assuming you all could connect the dots on your own.  However, there are still many of you who prefer it just simply spelled out.  So here it is in list form..

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do this.  Or anything in TSTO for that matter.  it’s a town building game.  There’s no “winning” at this game.  

Here’s the deal:
-if you keep 1 square of land in your Springfield unpurchased the Golden Goose Realty (which I’ll call GGR for the rest of this for ease) will continue to earn land tokens.
-You can “hoard” those land tokens for as long as you’d like. Build up 15, build up 50, build up 100, build up 1000…however many you’d like to build up.
-When you’re ready and feel like you’re ready to “cash in”. You can purchase that last square of land you’ve been saving.
-Once you purchased that last square of land your GGR will start paying out cash and XP, it will no longer pay out land tokens. (since you’ve purchased all available land)
-At this point you’ll then see an option in your store, like the one shown in the image above, to “Buy” 12 donuts for 1 land token.
-You can then convert all of those land tokens you’ve been hoarding for donuts.
-Now in theory, once more land is released GGR will go back to producing land tokens (since there’s more land available to purchase). So you can repeat this process all over again in theory when (and if) more land is released.
-The big question is will EA release more land anytime soon? Or ever? As a large swath has just been opened. I assume they will, but I’m not EA and can’t say for sure what their plans are.
Therein lies the gamble. Either you cash in quickly, or you wait it out and see. You never know when (or if) new land will be released (it’s not something we’re given a heads up on well in advance). That call is totally up to you.

If I do find out about land in advance, and I’m allowed to release it, I will let you know prior to the update hitting so you can take advantage.

181 responses to “Golden Goose Realty PSA

  1. When will this return as I almost have got all Lands finally unlocked and only working now on The Last Water Cash 1’s as when and how do we get Land Tokens and when will this be back?

    • It’s anyone’s guess at this point when it’ll return. Right now, until the GGR returns, the only way to get land tokens is from Daily Challenges

      • Yeah well poopy that stinks! Hopefully the re-release it again! As now I have to wait til Daily Changes show the Land Tokens as it’s either a few Donuts, A Crappy Burns Mystery Box which I have all the items from it or maybe if they are feeling nice a Slab of Land!
        as far as Lands go now I am on the Land Tokens part. As far as Premmy Charcters the only 1 left I don’t have that is not in the Yearbook is Baby G. 🙁

  2. The golden goose returns for the black history month with runs until March 12. I don’t have it but since I have plenty of money to buy the land I might need I think I will pass.

    • Some land tiles at the far ends of Springfield can not be purchased for in-game cash and can only be purchased with land tokens.

    • BUY GOLDEN GOOSE REALTY! You will regret it otherwise as once you have bought all the land tiles for cash, the next 100 are only unlocked by using “free land tokens” so yeah buy the GGR, it was released last year for the first time and I missed out as I was having a break! I’ve played for years and unlocked only about 8 of the land tokens through events!

  3. So…is there any way to get donuts for land tokens anymore? I have GGR and JUST hit the “you have enough tokens for all land.” If I buy all of the land now, will I be able to exchange any tokens won during events and such for donuts? Or has that ship sailed? Thx

  4. Where can I get Golden goose realty? I don’t think it’s in the store.

  5. It seems that EA may have had a change of heart? I followed your instructions and left a square of land unconverted, but it displayed a message saying I had earned enough land tokens to purchase all the remaining land, so Golden Goose Realty would earn money and experience at the premium rate. I still have one extra land token, over and above what it would take to purchase that last piece of land, but I haven’t yet found that option to convert it to donuts.

    • Yea it was changed shortly after GGR was released, I think in April or May. They made it so you can only get as many tokens as land square available.

  6. Is there still a way to get Golden Goose Realty if I didn’t purchase it back in January?

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