Town Portrait Bug Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So last night Town Portrait was introduced to our games…provided you downloaded the app store update…and as is common with new features in this game, this one has a few bugs to work out.  MANY players are having great success once they get the hang of it, still, others are having some issues.  In particular, loads of problems I’m seeing for players who use Amazon devices.

So here’s one single post to list all of your bugs/issues/questions about Town Portrait.  This way they’re in one place, EA can view your problems and if it’s fixable others in the community can assist.  So if you’re having issues with your Town Portrait feature post your comment here about it, and we’ll see how we all can help! 🙂

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  1. Anyone else having a problem with saving the image of the town. I’m on Samsung S9+ with Android 10. All works out until I hit the save button and then I get unknown error. I’ve reinstalled tsto and it has permission to my camera roll. I’m not sure but it may have started after upgrading to the latest Android.

    • When using Portrait it takes the photos and compiles them as it should. It shows a preview, then once I click save it says “An unknown error has occurred. Please try again.”

      • willielikesthat

        Today was the first time ever that I tried to use the Town Portrait.
        I have the same problems as the above two comments.
        Game “takes” the photo, and I see that it eventually “compiles” all the way through 100pct. But then, I get error bar at the top of screen that says “Town Portrait encountered an unknown issue. Please try again.”
        Using Moto G Stylus, on Android 10.

  2. I can’t export the town portrait without the phone timing out.

    • You need more open memory… or a new phone?

      • Doh! I wasn’t paying attention and posted a new reply instead of a comment on my first one. I’ll C/P it down here just in case it’s rightfully deleted.

        “Update, I kept tapping my screen to keep the phone from timing out while the portrait mode loaded. It did after several minutes, but then it crashed just before it finished taking the portrait picture.”

        Anyways, the phone is two years old, but it still has three gigs of memory. I’ll try one last time and if that doesn’t work, who knows. Maybe I can try an android emulator on my PC?

        • Hard to say. I do know that on my iPhone it is a memory hog. It is around a 20MB download. So hard to say. But, tapping on your phone isn’t likely going to change anything. Does it get through the “scanning” mode? There are two steps…scanning and storage. The storage part takes almost as long.

          • First it shows the loading screen and a message about the portrait in process. This takes longer than five minutes: I have to keep tapping on my phone to keep it from timing out.

            When that process finishes it shows the town, along with a donut and a process bar. The game crashes after it passes 96%.

        • Wait, did you mean RAM or ROM. It’d be three gigs of RAM but over 30 gigs of ROM.

          • You should be fine. Not sure why it hangs up…but, it is haunted, and a processing hog. I swear, my phone heats up when I do one.

  3. Everytime the portrait is done loading, it comes out SOOO buggy looking. Like the pixels have been scattered all around. I hope I’m not the only one who is having this problem.

  4. Any updates on this? I still can’t zoom out – Fire 5th gen – but I still play religiously 🙂

  5. Im not able to take a Photo of my town 😒
    Most of the Time the App Crashes
    But sometimes i got a Message “Not enough Space” because i need 6,67GB to take this Portait.
    I think something goes wrong with this.

    Using iPhone iOS 9

  6. Well, update came and my Amazon fire tablet zoom still hasn’t changed. It is ridiculously difficult to place anything other than just plopping it down randomly as there isn’t any possible way to design when you can’t see more than 2 times at a time. My eyesight is going trying to play this game. I was hoping with a month of time between update that messed it up, you think it could be fixed back to what we had. I’m guessing EA just really could care less for us fire user.

  7. For those getting the unknown error message when the app tries to save a town portrait image to the device, I noticed something that seems to help on my ipad. Or maybe it’s coincidence, but might be worth a try. If I use the town portrait tool right after launching the app, without doing much tapping or other activity first, the image will save successfully. Not only that, the file size is much smaller, sometimes half the size of other attempts. But if I’ve been active in the app for a while, tapping, rail yard, moving things, placing trees, etc., and then try to do a town portrait, I get the error more often. Sometimes after getting the error the image does show up after a delay, as others have mentioned, but sometimes not. But I thought I’d mention the “clean slate” approach in case it helps anyone else.

  8. Still waiting for a fix or update so I can play on kindle. I’ve been playing for years, until now. No word from EA either. Hope my neighbors understand

  9. I have both a Kindle Fire HD 8 and a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 but the issue with the zoom only appears on the newer HD 8. My much older HDX 8.9 appears perfectly normal.

  10. Haven’t played in weeks. Too large to use

    • Mine is still ZOOMED too. I plan on quitting if its not fixed in the update. 5 days to go.

      • I have been playing all along on my Fire 2015, even though not being able to zoom out makes things challenging. I have just been planting buildings all in a row out of the way. I really hope it is fixed after this event, too.

    • Going on about Day 5 for me. Really upset about missing out on all the event items but playing with the game zoomed way in has sapped the fun out. EA needs to fix it after the event ends.

  11. I cant zoom out either on the Kindle Fire HD. Also I get an error when I try to take a picture of the town. I have 1.3 GB on internal space left and 29 GBs on the card.

    • They’ve (EA) just got us all in limbo. Maybe they’ll do something to fix it, maybe they won’t. It’s been ZOOMED since the update, almost 2 weeks ago! We can’t build like this. I’ve called and spoke to someone, it was NO HELP. They said to post on their EA/Simpsons Tapped Out Forum, that is the best way to get Customer Service’s attention. I’ve posted on their forum 3 times so far.. there are others too. We’re not the only ones. I’m hoping we’ll get a fix/patch/update soon. Fingers crossed. I can’t take this much more.

  12. Please, please EA zoom us back OUT!!!

  13. I keep checking this post to see if there is any new news on the Fire Tablet Zoom debacle. I guess we are still at a wait and see point 🙁

    • They may require a full app store update, we’ll have to wait and see. Since the event is so short, and app store updates can be a pain, EA may be waiting until the event is over to release the patch. Not ideal for those on Amazon, but probably a huge saving for them.

    • stephaniemae815

      Me too! I was hoping there would be an update with Act 2.. guess not. My patience is running out. I am getting so irritated about this whole situation and the lack of help we’re getting.

  14. Glad to know just not me but sad that they are not taking it seriously…been playing for years and barely doing the event as the game is all but unplayable with the zoom feature stuck!

  15. I contacted EA as well, their response to me was they are aware of the zoomed in issue, but it’s a “manual” issue of zooming in and out, not something that can be ” fixed” ! And was offered 10 donuts if I agree, that it’s me who suddenly can’t remember how to zoom out! Guess is fire tablet users are not being heard at all.I m going to keep writing them about this and suggest every one that has this issue do as well.

  16. jessica faircloth

    i also have this same issue where i cannot zoom out and so does my husband.

  17. Richard A Roberts

    Said that I cannot take a picture because not enough storage available.
    I have 2.4 Gig available.
    Please help.

  18. Since I tried the camera I haven’t been able to zoom out.

    • Willowluvluv 😼

      Actually, even NOT trying the camera still gets you the zoom error. We only clicked it on one family account. The others ignored it to see if it would keep them from having the problem. No difference. One thing however that I’m not sure if anyone mentioned, but all of us noticed, is after it slips to zoom glitch, camera feature disappeared totally.

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