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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

After a couple of weeks off the Simpsons are back tonight with an all new episode, what do you think will happen tonight?  Did you hear that the show will be around for at least 2 more years?

Love, Springfieldian Style is alive and well in our games!  We’re nearly finished with week 3 of the event, what are your thoughts on the latest additions?

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with all this stuff?  Share some photos in the comments below!  And dont forget to submit your designs for showoff. (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post)

And finally, how about the rest of your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

78 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. i need to vent and i need to do it right now. i know there will be another thread coming up today but i just cant wait. i’ve been awake less than an hour and i’ve lost 13 hours of gameplay! context, my phone gets filthy during the day so when i go to bed i flip my game to my tablet, there has never once been an issue with this, the very few times the game didn’t save properly its given me that warning and i’ve just fixed it, BUT NOT TODAY! keep in mind, i lost somewhere around 13 hours, but i was only on the tablet for 10 hours and 8 of those i was asleep! i do what i normally do to force my game to save from the tablet, i get up, i unlock my phone, i open tsto and what happens? it opens right up to how it was 13 hours prior! i am so furious it’s completely ruined my day and my day hasn’t even started. needed to get that off my chest and into the aether

  2. Not sure this was in a post or not.. or had been mentioned.
    It seems that the Daily Challenges are now including a Land Token … 5 daily challenges for one Land Token.

  3. Nearly the middle of the week already, did I just time travel into Wednesday, weres MAB 🔎🔍🔎🔍, update at 3 pm UK, last act, shelbyville design in progress but struggling to find suitable non Springfield building, happy update day lol

    • Forgot, valentine’s Day on Thursday, don’t forget the flowers for the special lady in your life, I have set all my device’s to remind me lol 🌷🌹🌺🥀🌻💐💐💐💝💝💝

  4. This week, I reached level 939 😀 I am so happy that I can “advance” donut farm now lol

    My real life town was also hit with its first winter storm this year… As usual, everyone I know went a little crazy and prepared for the storm like it would last a few months. I caught the snow anxiety a little, and now my pantry is packed with enough snacks to last a few years 😝

  5. What is the normal price for jesse grass? I have him among my valentine stuff for 100 donughts, i thought this was the regular price. Also thought that the springfield sign was on offer, but is not in my games, any idea of timsecale on it? Thanks

  6. Has anyone tries storing the “original brown house” from the Alice Glick event? It’s ugly but i can’t store it.

  7. I’ve been playing for years and something interesting happened last night that I feel might be worth mentioning. It’s never happened to me before that I can recall.

    I had sent all of my 270ish residents to complete the daily task of checking out Krusty’s latest promotion.

    Four hours later, I cashed in all of those thunbs-up and collected all the money and bonuts that brought me.

    However, all of the people were still stuck in that building so I closed and re-opened the app. When I re-opened, all the thumbs up were back so I repeated the process and collected all the money and bonuts once again.

    I continued this process content to continue doing this ad nauseum while I watched TV. In the short time I was doing it (probably about 7-8 times), I was up a few million and whatever bonuts that earned me.

    What broke the process finally was when I sent Young Homer to some job at the Krusty Burger. The second I did that, the dream was over and the cycle was broken.

    I just wanted to pass this along in case someone else finds themselves in this scenario and wants to drag it out even longer — all you need to do is not start any new jobs at that locale.

    • Yes, that happened to me during the last event. It was awesome! 😀 But then after a while, my game slowed down and eventually, I couldn’t continue so I had to store the place all my characters were in to release them from what I call the “Groundhog Day.”

    • I had this happen as well. When I contacted EA about it they said that I was mistaken and there wasn’t an issue. The only way I broke the cycle was storing the building that everyone was stuck in. I was able to then put the building back where it had been before.

    • When this happens, instead of closing and reopening the app go to your friends page and back home again. It’s much faster and accomplishes the same thing.

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      This glitch has happened for several of the folk that write in this forum. I have had it three or four times. I took advantage of it by running my game in the Bluestacks emulator and running a mouse click replay tool on it. Three donuts a minute until the network connection drops! Reset and try again. Made for an enjoyable Black Friday.

      This method also leaves me free to do other life things, per Patric’s reminder that the game should not be all we spend time on!

  8. Here’s what I did with my makeout overlooks…

  9. Honestly one of my fav things this event was that Praiseland was offered! I had the Maude statue from earlier and have been waiting and waiting for it to be offered. Ive created yet another b-musement park (god knows we have enough if them)and am still tweaking it. I didnt think i wanted to buy up more land but gotta admit it….im having fun decorating again. Praiseland, Shelbyville….. It’s nice to excited about my town again.😊👍❤🏡🏢⛪

  10. Hello fellow tappers. I have been playing tapped out for over 4 years. I had to start over with a new town a few months back as my old town encountered technical issues. I continued to play the game even though i had to say good bye to my old one; I am truly an addict. I have followed this blog for several years now and I am finally decided to be part of this vibrant and positive community.

  11. First I’d like to know when they might offer Milo the owner of Coolsville Comics, he is the only character that I really want. All the rest that I don’t have are either mutants or PVC characters that walk about without jobs.

    And I wanted to say “Good news everybody” the Simpsons will continue for the next two years, as FOX changes hands over to the House of Mouse. Check it out Hollywood Reporter y’all, no fake news here Mr. President.

  12. TSTO related: I hit the maximum cash limit this week!

    Non-TSTO related: I am having my first surgery in almost 30 years this Tuesday for a torn bicep tendon. A little anxious about it, but more so for the recovery. Has anyone had this type of surgery before and has any advice/info?

  13. Quick question for someone, now that the towns are getting bigger is it making the Maggie mini game harder for you?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Since I have just a couple residential areas with a decent amount of houses, I really only have two areas to check. So no, not much difficulty at all. And if she isn’t found easily, I just quit the game, wait a few minutes and try again.

    • I have all my “Maggie” buildings grouped together, to make finding her easier. If I had the buildings spread out all through my town, I would be in trouble!

    • The buildings she can hide are arranged in two strips and a residential area in my town. I actually make a big circle following the lines of those strips, I find her every time in less than 40 seconds. I value Maggie’s game, and have her factory on a special artificial (3D illusion) height and a personal omega portal (o-maggie portal – get it? hahahaha) is next to it.
      My town is organized with special convenience to save time and effort.

    • I put all the Maggie Game buildings together so that she’s never too far away 🙂 (and the sound on!). On the rare occassion I can’t find her I hard-close the game and restart it. Then try again 2 mins later 🙂

    • Carmen (gameid5000)

      Stopped playing Where’s Maggie over a year ago when KEM farming made it easier to get bonuts. When you are generating 18-20 donuts every four hours, the three that Maggie’s game generate are no long worth the effort of the search.

  14. So I’ve reached the maximum item limit. Annoyingly with so much empty land on my map.
    As an open plea to the creators, EA please create blocks of small items so they don’t count as individual. I have fences round houses, walls around factories, groups of trees to try and create the illusion of forest.
    If these items could come in a block of even two it would halve the amount of items I’ve used and free up so much design room.
    Options of four and eight would again be an excellent addition.
    Same with the monorail tracks. Being able to choose which tracks we craft would be great but also long straight pieces would lower the item number cost.
    Clusters of trees as an option would also save.

    As a more general wish, bring back all wall varieties as permanent fixtures or have an item that crafts them like the Praiseland gates. It’s incredibly annoying to get a layout set and run out of wall.

    I have no idea if EA reads these forums. But the item limit is a common moan of the masses. And this would help towards that.

  15. Hey everyone. Happy Sunday and happy Tappin. Just wondering I have been playing for a little while now is there anyway for me to get Kodos and Kang?? I have a lot of characters but their the two I would like the most. Is there a chance they will show up in my vault??

  16. I got the last prize this morning. While I’m glad that the grinding is no more, the current event format does feel like 4 consecutive mini-events. What’s wrong with bringing back the formula from some of the older events like Stonecutters or the 1st Superheroes event?

    Right now, I’m just spending time donut-farming and trying to increase my XP bonus. Currently at around 607%. Want to get to at least 650%.

    Is it true that if the player gets to 650% or higher, he or she can buy items (like KEMs, Rat Trucks, etc) and get back 75% of the cash back after re-selling the item as opposed to just 25%?

  17. Rusty Shackleford

    I have noticed that a lot of my neighbors have huge house farms.
    Is it worth it to build so many houses? Seems like it takes awhile to earn your money back. How many houses are enough?

    I generally try to buy house+character items as they add variety to my town. I casually KEM farm and spend cash to earn doughnuts.

    • RUSTY- Hi. If you search the addicts archives you’ll find plenty of info about house farming, KEM farming. It’s been covered ad nauseam.

    • It may be different for players within the past few years, but initially I put in hundreds upon hundreds of homes down and replaced them with longer duration homes, climbing from 4h-8h-12h-16h. Before the update was applied to increase purchase price per building totals, there was no reason not to farm aside from personal preference.
      One day I looked in my inventory and had over 1000 of each shorter-times homes, they usually sold for a few hundred and suddenly they were worth tens of thousands each. I made 20M selling off 4-6-8h homes.
      That was then, now it is a real investment but with bonus % they do *eventually* pay themselves off. I have to buy x40 16H homes now (nearly 200k each) to fill an area but currently earn around 2.5M/12H and 3.2M/16H.
      “Worth it” may depend on how many donuts you want to farm and how much space you’re willing to dedicate/sacrifice.
      Happy tapping

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Thanks Docta! I am actually one of your neighbors and saw all of your houses. So it makes sense if you are a long time player and got to purchase houses before the price increase modification was built into the game. I was just wondering why people did this since it’s obvious with the current pricing structure, it would take lots and lots of time to pay them off.

        PS: your town looks great!

        • Clearing a large block of houses is the best indicator bonus % is becoming a game-crasher on older devices. I initially thought houses were the only way to earn “large” amounts of cash but just recently discovered using the Office of Unemployment is actually worth it. Can also try buying a house per day and see how that goes.
          PS: Thanks! 🙂

    • I’ve done house farming long before I knew what house farming was. However unlike some I try not to cluster them together, but make gardens around them in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Arguably this is a less efficient use of the available space but it depends on whether you”re more into the numbers game OR building a nice town. From a purely numbers viewpoint, I think the purple house give back the best return of your investment if you collect every 3 hours ( not realistic for many ) I think probably that the pink and blue houses are probably the best bet for most people who visit every 4 hours or so.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I lean more towards having a nice town. That said I do have some areas arranged for ease of use, usually event related stuff that later gets moved around to make it look nice.

        With this event, a lot of stuff will get moved since none of it fits together.

    • I bought my houses when they were all one price. Then EA saw that people were house farming, so they created the tiered system where they become more and more expensive. I have most of my houses in storage now because I keep hitting the item limit.

    • I have one of each type of house. That’s it.

  18. Happy tapping all, working on the shelbyville town design with steam train and track running through it, working progress 🚂🚂🚂😄

  19. I hope EA brings back regular major events, this new format is boring. On another topic, for the last 5 weeks I have increased my bonus percentage to 1722% with mystery boxes. I now KEM farm around 350 donuts a day, I wish I had done this sooner. Aloha to all of you TSTO Addicts out there!

    • 🙄😳😶
      So here’s me going to buy ten more mystery boxes 🙋🏻‍♂️.
      You must have spent thousands of donuts, but seeing as how your bonus rate is going seems to be balancing out swimmingly.
      Do you farm houses for cash as well/how many approx?
      Happy tapping

      • I have invested about 10,000 donuts. I don’t house farm, I farm over 100 KEMs 5 times a day. With the higher % I make over 6 million a day clearing 300 jobs and income from buildings. I save 5000 donuts and use everything above that to increase my bonus % daily.

    • How many KEM’s do you have? I have only just started KEM farming and have 100 extra KEM’s and my bonus percentage is 211%. I recently used the xp multiplier for 10 days and earned an extra 40 donuts in that time but that was with buying loads of blood mobiles,

  20. Happy Sunday y’all!

    I got into it so long list this week

    Anyway random songs for a Sunday…Love to see yours. Set your player to random. No skipping

    1. Liza Minnelli “Men’s Medley” (live)
    2. King Crimson “Frame By Frame” (live)
    3. Donovan “Mellow Yellow”
    4. Iggy Pop “How Do You Fix a Broken Part”
    5. Black Sabbath “Snowblind”
    6. Alice In Chains “God Smack”
    7. Crossfires “Stay Around”
    8. Beck “Need You Tonight”
    9. Dolly Parton “Old Black Kettle”
    10. Jameson “What I Do”
    11. Master P “99 Reasons To Die” (album)
    12. Bootsy Collins “Hi-On-Heels”
    13. Bach “Concerto For Harpsichord, Strings and Continuo No 1 In D Minor, BVW 1052 – Allegro”
    14. Gravediggaz “Mommy, What’s a Gravedigga?”
    15. Cream “Sitting On Top Of the World”
    16. Elvis Presley “Run On”
    17. Jefferson Starship “Skateboard”
    18. Dead Or Alive “Gone 2 Long”
    19. Hot Tuna “Extrication Love Song”
    20. George Clinton “Do Fries Go With that Shake?” (Know What I’m Sayin Remix)
    21. Janet Jackson “Fasten Your Seatbelts”
    22. Karlheinz Stockhaussen “24′-44′”
    23. The Beatles “Glass Onion” (demo)
    24. AC/DC “Stick Around”
    25. Dean Martin “Vieni Su (Say You Love Me, Too)
    26. The Animals “Dimples”
    27. The Commodores “Just To Be Close To You”
    28. Gregg Smith Singers “I Saw Three Ships”
    29. Duran Duran “Taste the Summer”
    30. Frank Zappa “I’m Not Satisfied” (live)
    31. Emerson, Lake & Palmer “1st Impression, Part 1”
    32. California Guitar Trio “Blockhead”
    33. Bangles “Hero Takes a Fall”
    34. Bad Religion “It’s Only Over When…”
    35. Capadonna “Love Is the Message”
    36. Lady Gaga “Electric Chapel”
    37. Jefferson Airplane “Embryonic Journey”
    38. Leonard Cohen “The Land Of Plenty”
    39. Alice Cooper “Levity Ball”
    40. Mana “Envenename”
    41. Bad Religion “Pessimistic Lines”
    42. Grateful Dead “Bertha” (live)
    43. The Highwaymen “Living Legend”
    44. Cyndi Lapeer “Sisters Of Avalon”
    45. Cinderella “Push Push”
    46. The Marketts “The Bat Signal”
    47. Grateful Dead “Standing On the Moon”
    48. Erasure “Dead Of Night”
    49. Captain Beefheart “Glider”
    50. Bee Gees “Day Time Girl”

    • 1. The Goo Goo Dolls “Dizzy”
      2. London Symphony Orchestra & Josef Kripps “Beethoven Symphony #8 in F Major, Op. 93: III. Tempo Di Menuetto”
      3. Paul McCartney & Wings “Country Dreamer”
      4. Red Hot Chili Peppers “C’mon Girl”
      5. Stone Temple Pilots “Plush” (acoustic)
      6. The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”
      7. Yes “Don’t Kill The Whale”
      8. Humble Pie “I Believe To My Soul”
      9. Limp Bizkit “Sour”
      10. London Symphony Orchestra & Robert Craft “The Rite Of Spring, Part II (The Sacrifice): IX. Glorification of the Chosen One”
      11. Derek & The Dominos “Anyday”
      12. Lifehouse “Rolling Off The Stone”
      13. Badfinger “No Matter What”
      14. Barenaked Ladies “Never Do Anything”
      15. The Offspring “Denial, Revisited”
      16. The Doors “Wild Child”
      17. The Wallflowers “Three Marlenas”
      18. The Beatles “Cry Baby Cry”
      19. The Smashing Pumpkins “Rhinoceros”
      20. Aerosmith “Drop Dead Gorgeous”

    • 1. Safety In Numbers — Jakob
      2. Vicarious Redemption — Cult Of Luna
      3. Rubber Ring — The Smiths
      4. Our Lips Are Sealed — Fun Boy Three
      5. Requiem — Killing Joke
      6. Cock Rock Clips — The Meanies
      7. Fleurs De Mal — Thou
      8. Twist And Crawl — The Beat
      9. William, It Was Really Nothing — The Smiths
      10. Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed — Chris Matthews & Robot Monkey Orchestra
      11. Caecus — Ulcerate
      12. Black Girlfriend — Porno For Pyros
      13. All Apologies — Nirvana
      14. Kill Surf City — The Jesus & Mary Chain
      15. Dinah Moe Humm — Frank Zappa
      16. Her Strongholds Unvanquishable — Thou/The Body
      17. Scum — The Meanies
      18. Lunging Stink — Sphyzein
      19. Don’t Vote — Thou
      20. Full Metal Jackoff — D.O.A. w/Jello Biafra

  21. I was watching S9E07-The Two Nahasapeemapetilons and playing TSTO when HQ trivia asked a Simpsons related question that I would’ve felt pretty silly missing.

  22. Does anyone know how long the bonus donut offer is going to last? Until the end of the event?

    I might go for the $100 offer, depending on how my tax return shakes out, though I’m hearing more people are having to pay with the new changes. We’ll see!

  23. Happy Sunday all, Hi MAB.

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