Friday Filler – Making More with Less During Downtime

Thank Grog it’s Firday!!

I am now one week away from our Rotary club’s big event. I took this on, because after doing two weddings last year, I figured, “how hard can it be to do a huge event for 200 people and raise $70K?”  Reading that line in print…makes me realize that maybe I should have read that line in print a few months ago, before I agreed to “chair” this thing.  The Southtowne SpeakEasy is going to be epic. If I live long enough to get through it.

Anyway, to say that I am not happy that we have some down time in the game this week, would be a bold-faced lie (And let’s face it…we don’t need any more bold faced lying going on in the world. Our liar cup runneth over). But, even in downtime, when everyone else has a chance to design, catch up, be creative and expand…I find myself having to do more, with less, even though I have more to work with.

That’s right…I’m talking about the idiotic Item Limits that continue to vex me. I hit it again last week. The hard item limit. The real deal, “You need to store…blah…blah….blah…” item limit warning.

And just when I had a ton of donuts to spend! But, I found a solution!

Well…kind of a solution. Actually more of a compromise.

I have been doing casual donut farming for the better part of a year now. No regrets.  I’m not obsessive about it. But, I earn between 50-80 donuts a day, by farming 38 KEMs. No more…no less…just enough.  So, in anticipation of what I thought was going to be a new event/update this week, I had a little more than 800 donuts stored and ready for action.

The “Next Update” didn’t materialize, as you all know by now. So…I thought, “why let these donuts go to waste?  I’ll see what I can buy that is still available in my store, that I’ve been putting off for a while.

PraiseLand..  I’m not really sure why the delay. Probably something about TV evangelists giving me the creeps. But, I figured, “Why not?  I can put it over near my Washington DC Swamp area.”  And besides…it has a huge ark, which took me back to Deb and I visiting the “Ark Experience” on our huge cross-country trip “PW” (Pre-Weddings) back in 2016. I wrote about it here.

So… I bought it. But, when I tried to place it, BOOOOOOM!!!  As if being smote by the very hand of Gawdalmighty, I got the Item Limit Warning…and was dead in the water.

The great thing about the Praiseland Bundle, is that it comes with a ton of stuff, including walls, trees, shrubs, decorations, and a couple of main items. The downside, is that all of them take up space, and count toward your item limits.

Which immediately set me into “Hunt, Store, Free-Up-Space” mode to find enough items to store, to enable me to place the thing I wanted to buy.

This entails “disappearing” my buildings to look for items that got hidden during the design process, or “leaning out” my landscaping.

I hate doing this. It is tedious.  But, it is my choice, as I refuse to compromise, and just delete some of the super-rich landscaping of the rest of my town.

So…when I placed PraiseLand, I immediately “leaned out the landscaping to just the basics. Walls, Ark, Serpent Tree…and nothing else. No worries. Rachel will just have to have a little “Fundraiser” to bring back the flowers.

It’s enough for now.  I’ll come back and add some more, when EA increases the Item Limits. Which they always do…with every major update.  After all, it beats having to crop and cull in the areas that I did before Item Limits were a factor. A time when I could design freely, with literally hundreds of small shrubs, flowers and trees, to create my own form of beauty.

I still like visiting my Buddhist prayer garden, and sacred tree forest.

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of flowers in this. It took me hours and hours to design. It’s not going anywhere…

And no…I never have to buy another “Valentines Day” themed item again. I have that covered with my “Sweethearts Park” that has been around for years…and also has hundreds of flowers involved.  Store this?  Nuke it?   Pfffftttt… Bite Me EA!

So…the compromise is in finding items that cover a lot of space, but only count as a single item.  So, after a lot of putting it off, because they are kinda weird looking, I bought both Mt. Carlmore, and  the Springfield Gorge.  I put them both behind my “not finished, until they raise the item limits” version of Shelbyville. And created a bit of nose drizzle off of Carl’s nose…just to show that I think it is goofy looking, so “why not?”
Loads of ground covered…with just two items ticked off of the limit.

The irony, is that both of those items carried large XP Bonus Multipliers, which only makes it EAsier for me to get more free donuts faster…wbich allows me to buy more stuff, that I can’t place, because of the Item Limits.

Add to that, the fact that I still have LOADS of land that has not been purchased yet…and so my Golden Goose Real Estate is still pumping out Land Tokens that I won’t use…because buying land, without being able to put anything on it, is a futile waste of space and time. So, you get why I am pissed at the Item Limits.

EA.  Once again….you have proven you CAN increase the item limits. You do it every major event by 150-200.  Why do you keep torturing us with this?  The so called “”Game Stability” is kind of joke. The game is mostly “stable” dependent on device and memory.  And I’ll gladly put up with the occasional animation ghost, if you just give me more items.

Let’s work this out. Let’s compromise.  YOU give me an item limit of 2,000 items, and I won’t complain about Item Limits again for a year. A WHOLE YEAR! That seems fair. Just do it!

I still love this game.  I still love designing.  Just let me keep doing so. Is that so much to ask?

OK… back to grind of FUNdraising. A week from today, I get my life back. Whooohoooo!  And I’ll never complain about weddings again. (4 down…one to go).

What do YOU do to compromise?  Have you hit the hard limit recently?  And no…I’m not going to nuke.  Sorry Safi!

62 responses to “Friday Filler – Making More with Less During Downtime

  1. I lost most of my original town back in August. I lost the mountains and I lost my Springfield Dump. I have everything I need including the Monorail but no way to make the rails. I also lost the New Springfield area. Complaints to EA only got me a “wait until Dec 2019 for the next major update”. I still play but I am limited in what I can do.

  2. Wont nuke my town and is as i designed it, i dont store unless i dont like it, i use trees flowers ect to enhance my town, am sitting on 12000 items but am reluctant to change anything thats already designed unless there’s a good photo opportunity but i wont NUKE or Delete, increase the limits EA, nice post patric, i like your attitude lol

  3. One of my neighbours also has 2 Ms Glick houses. But even crazier another neighbour has somewhere between 50 to 100 modern mansions. Of all the buildings in TSTO why hack to get more of these weird Springfield Heights buildings.

  4. As for mystery box mining, I’m a whisker under 1,000% bonus now, that’s needed a fair bit of MB mining, though I generally prefer to collect bonus via items as they become available. Anyway, I’ve incorporated the I&S billboards fencing for I&S Land and hidden the detector vans behind these. Looks ok, I think, and 1 billboard takes the place of 2 fence panels…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah I used the billboards to partially fence in Krustyland.

      I don’t like farming, but with pricing the way it is, you just have to. I drop a few bucks a month into the game or grab some of the bonus deals when they pop up.

      I like getting new buildings and characters and then designing around them and so I tend to spend more on that as opposed to buying bonus items. My bonus has slowly crept up to around 500%, but I don’t fret about it, I just take it slow and enjoy the ride.

      I like the down time, but I do look forward to the next event, especially if the event’s mystery box has some nice items in it.

  5. If there was one thing I would like EA to introduce that would help with designing, it would be a range of hills / mountains. I’ve got a nice mountainous section built up, but I can’t blend it in as well as I would like to the flatlands. That would make me a very happy bunny.

    • Thats a great idea…would be nice to make some hills and valleys. Some seawalls and docks would be nice for the rivers too.😁

  6. Haha, I needed to free up space at the yoga studio, for a daily task. So I bought about 30 palm trees. Then I come to find out I can’t sell or store them. I got really screwed on that one.

  7. I’m also touching the cap. 😬
    I think thEAy should increase it by 1000 each time not 100!

    I love designing 2d pictures in my town. My latest creation is Darth Vader. However to allow me to do that I removed a ton of other stuff that I had always had in town. My Springfield park went and I replaced it with a lake. I also removed a ton of bonus items hidden around town then placed and group stored the lot. That way I only have to bring them out when I farm bloodmobiles for donuts.

    It’s awful being on the limit as it really puts a downer on design. 🙄

    • I’ve done the same…pulled out all my hidden bonus items and group stored them. I have a huge inland sea where I create a giant island when I need to RatTrap Truck farm. I place all my bonus stuff there temporarily and re-store when I’m done. Kind of a pain, but with item limits, it’s the only way to keep the item count down. 😕

  8. The last time I had the notice was at 9500 item limit. I just stopped designing for awhile, now I guess it’s up to over 12,000! Progress…..slowly.

    • Veeeery slowly.

      • As I’ve mentioned on other posts. If EA could create longer fence pieces, monorail tracks, walls, hedges, and clusters of trees. Then the used items could reduce dramatically, at least for tappers like me who use lots of these things for borders.
        So c’mon EA, give us this and we can stop demanding.

        Give four and eight length for each wall type.

  9. Maybe someday they will allow us to increase the limit with a cost of donuts. Then we won’t have to wait until a slight increase from EA.

  10. I’ve found that some of the benefits of these periods of downtime are (a) I can do some redesigning (I’m still just under the hard limit!), (b) I can see what friends are doing in their towns and (c) I can actually spend a moment looking at what my own Springfielders are doing. For example, today I took this picture, the timing of which has reallly made me laugh:

    Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy (item limits permitting!) our creations.

  11. Hey Patric, what’s your bonus% running at to get that sort of value out of 38 KEMs?
    I’ve been farming since Xmas and run 68 mostly, but I’m only at 400%.

    Just curious 🙂

    Love your magic tree forest too!

    • I’m currently at 578%. I don’t really work at it… my problem is that to reach a lot higher, I’s Have to “mine” mystery boxes… and at an average of 2% bumps for The billboards… Or the tv vans… I’d have to place a ton of them. And like I said… I’m at the item limit.

  12. Did I read this correctly. You farm 50 to 80 donuts a day with 38 kems? Holy crap, Best I did was about 8.

    • You using the Xp collider? I get 30 a day @ 400% with 28 KEMs.

    • What is your multiplier?

    • @980% I place 50 KEMs and get 18-21 bonuts every 4 hours. I tend to send characters on 12 hour jobs and pick up 18 bonuts from that. So I’ll get around a hundred a day without any major effort, and cash building up nicely for some rat trap boosts if needed. I’ve about got to the point where I no longer have to grind and compete most events in half the allotted time which is great – more down time!

      And I make sure to spend a couple of quid every month, as a contribution to running costs…

  13. ☯️🤪😎Hysterically perfect mayhem, quite appropriately summarizes everything screwy in our world, which I indeed completely identify with🤪😎👌

    …DoctaZaius noted an interesting special workaround below

  14. I just happen to finish a redesign of Praiseland in my Game D. (see town below). It hard to see, but I enter with the garden of Eden, cross over to Noah gathering the animals, added the Tower of Babel (with lots of restaurants, cross over into Egypt, then you hit Solomon’s Temple, and the life of Jesus).

  15. EA wants us to be creative and not creative at the same time lmaoo

  16. The only way I survive is to keep storing all event-seasonal stuff in groups (halloween, christmas) until the season rolls around again. That leaves me with around 600 pieces usually still free at any given time. The last event had only a couple things I wanted to build into to my town (Shelbyville and the dog pound went away pretty quick), so not a lot of pieces there. So far, so good. Of course, if a major event adds the necessity for a whole new area, I’m screwed. Six hundred pieces sounds like a lot, but it goes pretty quick when you’re designing. We’ll just have to wait and see what shows up.
    (Soon, I hope) 😁

    • And you truly are a designer… Lush…and detailed. I love watching the battle of “what goes, what stays?” In your town.

    • Enron or any of the addicts, could you explain how to do group storage of items as my inventory is a nightmare to search through currently?

      • Damn auto correct, I meant Ebron NOT Enron!

      • Hit the “X” in the bottom right of your screen. Then highlight the area you want to store (drag the outline) and a dialog box will pop up with the usual choices (checkmark, box, dollar sign, X). Tap the box (to chose store) and a choice will be offered to store as a group or individual…tap “group”. Voila…you just group stored the highlighted section. Don’t worry if there are a few pauses while you do this, it sometimes takes a few seconds for the game to catch up if you’re storing a bunch of items. If you want to re-place your new group, open the inventory and look in the section that looks like an island floating in the sky…it should be there.
        A suggestion…maybe make a small test area with some houses or trees to play with before you do an area you don’t want to screw up? It’s pretty easy, but I messed up the first time and individually stored an area by accident and had to rebuild it…a learning experience😁.

        • Hi Ebron, hey I got your name right this time! Thanks for the info, it’s quite tricky isn’t it. What I had hoped for was the ability to group items already in my inventory, but I guess it doesn’t work like that. I’d need to place them first, then group store the stuff I wanted to keep together, a bit annoying but hey if that’s the only way it can be done, C’est Last Vie.
          Thanks again for your help and also can you add me to the waiting list for becoming your neighboreeno?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Hi Ebron,

      Can you post a full image of your town? Your work is really incredible. Are you a professional artist?

      DoctaZaius: in case you are reading, I’m one of your neighbors and have been using this down time to snoop around your town. Very nicely done. I see new things every time I look!

      • Thanks for the nice comment.☺️
        Nope, I’m not an artist…can’t draw a straight line to save my life.😜
        I was a chef for the second half of my working life, tho (graduated culinary school at 38). A lot of presentaton design involved in that field, so lots of “artsy” experience that has helped. I also make silver jewelry, pandora bracelets, and do silk floral arrangements (mostly wreaths) just for fun…so just lots of craftsy stuff.
        I’ve posted my town panorama, but the pixel definition is pretty bad when you try to look at anything closer. If you go to flickr, all my town shots are there in the album named ebron’s town (including the panorama shot) and you can look at things closer up. 😁

  17. “Our liar cup runneth over” Ha! No joke!

  18. Thanks a lot Patric! I love your city. I feel your disappoint, I’d be glad to put hundreds of trees and flowers, but… 😔

  19. I wish they had an item counter you could just see in your settings or something. On a totally different topic. One of my neighbors has 2 Ms. Glick Houses???

    • Yeah, that happens, either the textures are glitched or he used a hack to get it

      • Probably a hack. It’s there everyday sitting right next to the other one. But who am I to judge. I’ve done far worse in my life.

    • Well… The house is possessed. So who knows? Maybe you’re the only one that can see it… Or you’re next to be sacrificed! Or he’s a hacker.

      • Well know there are two original brown house in his/her town. I think I might be next to sacrificed. Damn you Patric you cursed me!

    • One of my neighbours also has 2 Ms Glick houses. But even crazier another neighbour has somewhere between 50 to 100 modern mansions. Of all the buildings in TSTO why hack to get more of these weird Springfield Heights buildings.

  20. Love this post. The whole enjoyment of the game for me is designing and redesigning. It is so frustrating now that we get all this sweet sweet land and can’t build on it due to the limits. Dang it, I paid for that decoration…I want to place it now.

  21. There is a slight hack to the building limit but you’ll have to find your densest area, highlight all and store as a group. When you’re up against the limit, leave a few to spare and deploy your group.
    This is what I did to get x200 over the limit, but need to store the area each time an event comes.
    I’ve now decided to just let my KEM farm rub up against the limit, it may mean the difference of losing a couple dozen KEM per cycle but it is what it is. Happy tapping

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