TSTO Addicts Downtime Simpsons Trivia: Season 1 and General Simpsons Knowledge

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, we’re sitting here in a bit of a TSTO holding pattern.  Nothing new has hit so we’re all just kind of waiting to see what happens next.  Not much to do but plan some redesigns and work on older questlines you may have avoided.

For those of us who are, relatively, content with our designs and have finished any and all questlines available in the game, this downtime can be a bit boring.  So I thought I’d bring a little excitement to our community with a bunch of Simpsons Trivia!

Over the next few days (excluding tomorrow, Open Thread Day), I’ll be posting a series of Simpsons Trivia questions where you can test your knowledge of our favorite yellow family! So brush up on your Simpsons skills because the trivia starts now!

We’re kicking things off with trivia about Season 1 and some general Simpsons knowledge.  Test your skills and see if you make the grade!  Tomorrow, and throughout the next few days, we’ll post a leaderboard so you can see how you stacked up with your fellow Addicts!  So be sure to enter the same nickname for each day of trivia so we can combine your scores.

Have fun and you never know, as we progress through this I may start giving away some random prizes to those who participate!

If you’re having trouble viewing the quiz you can view it directly via this link.

How did you fair on day 1 of trivia?  Know your stuff or completely lost?  Excited to see what tomorrow brings?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

51 responses to “TSTO Addicts Downtime Simpsons Trivia: Season 1 and General Simpsons Knowledge

  1. I got 10 out of 15 but some of the questions I read too much into (Jebediah Springfield’s full name) and others I didn’t read enough into (Princess K’s actual name). The questions I did know where 2,3,4,5,6,8,11,14&15 and I guessed the other one.

  2. Flowers! Dang.

    Fun though, 14 🙋🏻‍♂️.

  3. What a cool post! Thank you!
    I got 9/15 and I am happy!

  4. 9/15 could do better B-

  5. I got 13/15. I can’t believe I got two wrong!

  6. I had 12/15. Made a mistake with Princess Kashmir.Showers instead of Flowers

    • Should have googled for that, or is this considered cheating 😛

    • I got caught by that one, too. And Santa’s Little Helper. Few others. Ah, well.

    • I answered false on the Springfield founder’s name because the spelling of it was incorrect and got it wrong. Figured it was a trick question with the spelling, lol.

      • Me too. Got it wrong due to the spelling.

        • To everyone who reads this, don’t let minor misspellings fool you as they are usually an error on the part of the quizmaster (as indicated below). That’s why I got the answer to that question correct. I had caught the misspelling, too, but I figured that it was probably just a mistake, so I ignored it. Intentional misspellings are usually much more obvious, like, for example, Aaron instead Erin, or Zane instead Zhane, or any other similar sounding but differently spelled names. If the misspelling is a very, VERY, close match to the correct spelling, the chances are very likely that the misspelling an error instead of a trick. An example of an exception to this is “Zane” and “Zhane” because it’s a 50/50 chance at being either a true mistake, or an intentional misspelling, with the odds being dependent on the context of the quiz that those names are being used in.

          And for the benefit of those who are not familiar with this particular spelling of the name (because it is not a very common spelling, to say the least), the “H” is usually silent in “Zhane”.

          • No I put a b instead of a d that’s my mistake. Quick writing and because it’s still a correct word my eyes didn’t catch it. I’ve corrected it since.
            On these questions I wouldn’t try to trick you with a misspelling. Totally different name yes. Misspelling no. I’m not that mean lol

            • I didn’t mean to imply that you would give out trick questions in any of your quizzes. I just meant that, in general, people should not let misspelled words fool them into choosing the wrong answer when taking any kind of quiz unless it is blatantly obvious that the misspelling was intentional, regardless of who is giving the quiz, and regardless of what that quiz is about.

  7. I just figured out how to zoom in on the “panorama mode” picture of my town and get a screenshot of it without losing too much detail.
    For iPad…Go into your photos and pull up the panorama photo. Now hit the Edit icon in the upper right. When the picture loads (it takes a second) use two fingers to expand the view and find what you want to take a picture of. Be careful not to save anything at this point, since you don’t want to alter the original picture. Take a screen shot when you’re ready, then hit cancel (bottom right of screen) to get out of the editing process. You should now have a new “blown-up” picture of the area you wanted to see (in pretty good detail) in your pictures file. Ta-da!

    Here’s one I just did…

  8. 10/15 for guessing almost all !

  9. super awesome idea. love any simpsons trivia

  10. 13, but what I love the most is when I’m watching with my youngest and say lines right before the characters and watch her look over and smile at me😊

  11. I got two wrong, but I would like to challenge those questions. Jebediah Springfield’s name is Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah JEDEDIAH (not Jebediah) Springfield. Since the Princess Kashmir question hinged on a single word, both questions should.

    And what is on the cash register now is not what it was at the start of the show (in the early seasons). The question is ambiguously worded, as the “start” of the show could mean opening credits or early seasons.

    That said, thank you for holding the contest.

    • So the first was a typo, my mistake. For the Maggie issue, I rephrased it. Although plenty of people got 15/15 with those as originally written, and believe it or not, those aren’t even the frequently missed questions. Not even close.

      And, relax. It’s just for fun. No one is winning anything based on how you answer the questions, nor is anyone definitely winning prizes. Just trying to have fun while there’s downtime.

  12. Hey. Correct me if I’m wrong. Maggie’s original scanned price was 847.63. The number changed to 486.52 in later seasons.

    • Yes and no. Her scanned cost did change. However, it increased not decreased. Until 2009 when Maggie is scanned no value shows on the cash register. $847.63 showed on the cash register to indicate the approximate cost of raising of a baby for one month back in 1989. It was season twenty the groceries cost start at $243.26, but Maggie doubles the total to $486.52. We can assume Marge shops weekly, since most families do and that Maggie’s new monthly expenses is $973.04.

      • Lol! So either way provided answer to quiz incorrect. If Maggie doubles total to $486.52 then Maggie’s cost is $243.26. Nonetheless thanks Alissa, great quiz!

  13. Fun idea, thankful.

  14. How fun.

  15. What fun! Test taking tip: if you’re guessing, go with your first instinct 😁

  16. Incredibly I got 15/15, but must confess some of those answers were total guesses!

  17. 10/15 —- I got one wrong due to misreading the word… aaargh… lol

  18. I got all of the answers to the trivia questions correct, but I wasn’t sure that I had the correct answers for Homer’s “Odor Award” and the “Age of Consent for Tattoos”.

  19. Ah, I only got 12

  20. 11/15 which is a lot better than I was expecting

  21. Got 11, should have been 12 if I went with my gut on age of consent (I was hoping it was higher…..).
    Didn’t know it was 48 shorts.

  22. I got 11/15

  23. 10/15?! WOO-HOO! I thought I would get a maximum of 3 correct answers 😂
    Thanks a lot Alissa, this is a great idea!

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