Episode 46- Business As Usual

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For this episode of Addicts Live, with no new updates in TSTO we’re talking about the GIANT elephant in the room…why do Hot Dogs come in packages of 6 and buns in packages of 8? Or we’ll make silly jokes and talk about what may or may not happen with our favorite yellow family with respect to TSTO. Is the game ending? Are we reading to much into things? Are we not reading enough into things?  And we’re playing a little “Homer at Bat” trivia.
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Thought Provoking question…

What do you think is going on with EA these days?  Game ending? Planning something big? Trying to fix other issues? They’ve all gone fishing?


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34 responses to “Episode 46- Business As Usual

  1. Still don’t mind the downtime. I still play every 4 hours, gathering donuts and going through the yearbook for good stuff, trying to avoid some dumb stuff.
    I don’t think the game will end. They sre either fixing the zoomproblem for some devices, or are working on a new game mechanic for events, or an expansion like springfield heights.
    I hope they fix the unemployment office holding characters hostage and they extend the limit for the number of items. With the huge amount of land added, we need more items to fill it.

  2. My favorite episode of all time! We recorded this the first time it was shown on TV and I bet I’ve watched it at least 2-3 times a year since then

  3. hi everyone. i really do need help. can anyone tell me if the building that gives free land tokens is available anywhere. i missed it in January and it would help alot if i could find it. thanks to any help i can get.

    • It is not available in the game at this moment. You’ll have to wait to see if it comes back at some point. For now, it’s not available.

  4. 8/8 & i’d be disappointed in myself if i didn’t score 100%. i LOVE baseball, so this is in my top 5 favourite episodes all time.

    I know it’s a valentine’s day themed episode, but any chance of a quiz based on I love Lisa?

  5. It’s not over until the Fat 👩🏻 sings (I never called anyone fat – especially if they’re a 👩🏻 – and I don’t hear any singing going on) … EA already has a working relationship with the Walt Disney Company with Star Wars, but this Game App is under contract with Fox / Gracey Films (could we be waiting on a new contract with Team Disney Burbank? it’s possible!)

    Meanwhile, Kem Farm, spend your sprinkles wisely (or hoard them), and take advantage of the Mystery Box / Vault ! 👍

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Your explanation of how the game could reach its demise is the most plausible explanation. Since we don’t know when EAs current licensing agreement ends, we have no idea if they are currently negotiating or if there are several years left with the original agreement. Will Disney try to jack up the royalty payments ? Only time will tell.

      In the meantime, I am doing what you are doing: enjoying the game.

    • I tend to agree. Licsencing agreements don’t just end when a company is bought out. Those agreements, wether for games & toy rights or theme park attractions have to be honored until the original expiration dates. It could be that the game is going to end on some devices though. If I’m not mistaken it’s been a few years since older devices where unsupported. Right now iTunes is showing iOS 7 still runs Tapped Out and that’s 5 systems back. I think it’s more likely that E.A. will drop some older devices to free itself from their restraints (hopefully item limits) and be able to breath some new life into the game. The downtime is definitely getting E.A. some free press and building speculation & anticipation. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    • Well, seeing EA mess around with that Star Wars license for years, mostly creating stale and cheap imitations of popular games (like Battlefront), while canceling more promising and original projects (and shutting down the respective studios) makes my Star Wars fan’s and gamer’s heart bleed.
      They could and should do way better than that. Same goes for The Simpsons…

  6. 4/8. I fell for the trick questions.
    I love the Simpsons trivia you’ve been posting lately! I’m having fun with it.

  7. I don’t understand why not having an update/event for a week is making everyone speculate that the game is ending?

  8. 5/8 that may be my worst score ever! For some reason I thought Mr. Burns bet his beloved plant. D’oh!

  9. I have a couple thoughts to add…
    As for the game ending I do not believe that is the case at all. I believe people who are thinking it is are most likely the people who have almost everything and now have nothing to do, but a lot of players have nowhere near everything. For example TSTO was my fav game, I started playing not long after it came out. I played for years. Then my tablet broke, I couldn’t afford a new one and I just had my first child. Long story short I quit playing for over 2 years. Now my daughter has 2 tablets and I started playing on one at night, the one she doesn’t use as much and it just so happens to be an Amazon tablet(more on that in a minute). The only thing I was really interested in playing was TSTO so I redownloaded and was very very happy my town was still just as I left it! (Not the case with Family Guy and they were NO help but thats another story all together)
    Anyways not to ramble on, I had missed A LOT! I jumped right back in and was thrilled about the YBMB and I have become addicted to it making charts on best possible combinations and spending all my gift cards that had been laying around(so far like $150). I have so many tasks and new buildings to design around that I am enjoying the break. A lot of people still have plenty to do. AND if they just up and quit after people have still been buying donuts (perhaps more than usual like me even though I am have started farming too I still can’t get enough sprinklies!) EA would have a TON of angry customers who just spent money with them for no reason. Besides that they are the longest running cartoon might as well try to be the longest running mobile game too? Okay maybe that is a little wishful thinking.

    Now onto the Amazon issue…my device is not old I have had it about a year. And yes it is very similar to Android. People are using Amazon devices more and more…look how much Amazon has grown and is still growing. All the most recent reviews on the Amazon appstore are warning of the new zoomed in problem and telling ppl not to play. A lot of the players state they have played for years and are about to give up. I was upset, but I loved TSTO too much to give up. They did tell me when contacting EA that this was just how it was now and they COULD NOT change it. Which I told them I knew was untrue and that Amazon players although we may be a smaller portion, spend their money just like everyone else and if it was an Android/Apple issue I bet they COULD change it. Apparently I was right, who would have thought some code could be corrected to make it go back to how it always was before, but maybe they couldn’t because while developing events and running events they do not have enough TSTO developers to do all that at once…hence THE GREAT TSTO BREAK OF 2019. I have grown used to being zoomed in now and it does make you appreciate the designs even more, but does get aggravating when collecting as it takes much longer. I just felt like after they recieved enough complaints from angry Amazon users they would fix it, but I am glad now it looks like they will have to.
    So I do agree that they downtime could have to do with this as well EA makes a lot of games. To fix big issues takes time and running an event and fixing those issues or developing an event while trying to fix issues I am sure gets costly and I am sure they only have so many people dedicated to this.

    NO I do not think it is ending, I think there is a break for numerous reasons pretty much all covered by the addicts, but there is my opinion on it anyways…sorry it is so long!

    • Mr. Snrub Jr.

      I respectfully disagree with your comment that the people who believe the game is ending are “people who have almost everything and now have nothing to do…”

      In my experience here on Addicts, perusing EA Forum, etc., talking with multiple friends who play tsto, there is no ‘easy to determine’ profile for individuals with fears that the game is ending. On the contrary, the players I know personally who have all in-game content and/or those who post that they’ve been playing for 5-6+ years time, appear to be expressing boredom with this downtime, are focussing on designing/re-designing their towns, farming donuts and going through inventory until the game picks up again – rather than thinking and worrying about the game ending.

      As a longtime player I have all the game content and aside from being bored with more downtime than I like right now, I never worry that the game will end suddenly, without warning. I think the theories we heard today from Alissa, Wookie, Pat and Safi are really good possible explanations for the game’s event activity lull. And as Pat pointed out, the legal ramifications for EA if they shut down tsto with no advance notification speaks for itself.

  10. Never realized that Homer would come to remind me to play after 2 days of down time. He even asks why I haven’t been playing…why seems pretty obvious, even for Homer😴.

  11. I watched the recorded version of Addicts Live episode 46. Sorry I missed the live broadcast. Soooooooo much speculation. I hope the game continues on, it I think EA needs to do something big and dramatic to keep this boat afloat. The game can’t continue as is. EA needs to attract new players. I think the format of this kind of game lends it to an aging player base. There’s no real incentive to start playing the game as a new player at this point. I have an idea that’s probably not technically feasible. Make every past event available to be be played now. I don’t know how they could offer such a thing. Perhaps it would require each player to download each individual event one at a time. In other words- not all events would be downloaded all at once. Rather- you could download one event at a time. When you were done with the event, you would remove it, and download another event. Perhaps we could even play and replay any event as many times as we want. If you’ve already won certain unique prizes, then those prizes wouldn’t be available to win again. But craftables and non-unique prizes would be available. I’m probably dreaming. There’s probably no simple way to make something like this happen.

    Short of my idea above, it would be nice to see some new content of some kind. I’m in the camp that believes (hopes) that this downtime has more to do with retooling the game more than anything else. Call it Phase 3. Phase 1 was the initial start of the game and all of the levels. Phase 2 was the maturing of the event formats. Phase 3? Anyone’s guess.

    • Sorry about the typos and grammatical errors. I was trying to say that making all of the past events available to play again is probably not technically feasible .

  12. 8/8. So far, I’ve only missed 2 trivia questions total… and I still challenge those ones. (Just kidding…lol)

    But right now that song’s going through my head: “We’re talkin’ Homer… Ozzie and the Straw.”

    • 🎵Ken Griffey’s grotesquely swollen jaaw🎵
      🎵Mattingly and his run-in with the laaw🎵
      🎵We’re talking baaasebaall🎵
      🎵Ozzie and The Straw🎵
      Ack! Earworm!

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    I am a remainer, as in the game will remain active for several more years!

  14. Ydouneedtoknow

    Go sox

    • If Tapped Out ends then does TSTO end? And if TSTO ends then does Patric have more time to golf? And if Patric has more time to golf does his game improve? And if his game improves does he get overconfident? And if he gets overconfident does he start making wagers on his own game? And if he starts making bad wagers does he eventually lose his shirt? My head hurts with all the implications.

    • Boooooooooo

  15. First they give us more land, second they give us old buildings/characters/quests. Now they give us (and newbies) time to catch up/design. I lean more to great expansion (SH, …) then ending the game.

  16. Ydouneedtoknow

    They have gone mouse hunting fort there survival. J/k. I think it’s the end times folks.

  17. I only got 3/8 on the trivia I’m not happy because I really really want new content in the game and I thought for sure we were going to get something new last or week or this week. I just really really hope we get something new this week. I hope the game isn’t ending and I don’t think it is but I still have that concern about the game ending.

  18. Well, that was terrible. I am ashamed to call myself a Simpson’s fan…

  19. Yes! 8/8!
    LOVE that episode!
    Go Cubs! They need all the help they can get apparently!

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