Marge At the Bat is Live In-Game

Update: It appears we have our first bug of the new content.  Part 1 of the questline is supposed to give you Aristotle (full character) if you don’t already have him, however, it’s not.  And you need Aristotle to complete part 1 of the questline (can’t send Burns without him as it’s a joint task). So quite a few players are stuck right away on part 1.
No workaround at the moment, have to wait for it to be patched.  You can try to contact EA and see if Customer Support can add him to your inventory, otherwise, we just have to be patient.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So it’s 10am here on the East Coast of the US and that means Marge at the Bat is now live in our games.

As I mentioned a few times, it appears there is no new content with this one.  It’s an 8 part questline (that will take approx 32hrs to complete) and a bunch of returning content (some for Free, some for donuts).

You’ll have two weeks to complete the questline and purchase items you’re eyeing, as this content is slated to leave our games on April 24th.

Here’s a look at what’s inside…

This update is kind of fun, questline wise because the dialogue combines two fun Baseball/Softball episodes of The Simpsons….Homer at the Bat and Money Bart.

I’ll post a full dialogue version of the questline a little later, I’ll hold off on a Turbo Tappin’ version.  But for those who want to know who to keep free/when here’s the list:

Questline is called Marge at the Bat

Pt. 1- Burns, Aristotle, and Smithers (4hrs each)
Pt. 2- Smithers and Burns (4hrs each)
Pt.3-Lenny, Barney, Disco Stu, and CBG (4hrs each)
Pt.4- Marge and Burns (4hrs each)
Pt. 5- 3 team members, Lenny, Carl, Homer, Stu, Barney, CBG, Moe, Zutroy, or Baseball Jasper (4hrs each)
Pt. 6- Lisa and Marge (4hrs each)
Pt. 7- Marge, Burns, and 3 Team Members (4hrs each)
Pt. 8- Homer, Marge, 3 Team Members (4hrs each)


Free Characters/Skins Awarded with questline…

Aristotle Amadopolis– Free with part 1 of the questline

Softball Burns- Free with part 2 of the questline (note: Softball Burns got a little makeover.  The arm angle of his unlock screen is slightly different.  The first image is from Tapball, the second is included with this update.  Just an interesting aside…)

Tennis Marge- Free with part 4 of the questline

Baseball Jasper- Free with part 7 of the questline

Referee Homer- Free with part 8 of the questline

Returning Premium Content… (if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!)

Stadium Fence– $1,000

Tennis Court– 10 (in my game it costs trophies.  I think they put the wrong one in, may change to premium with a patch @ 30 donuts.  Awards REV )

Jacques and Fiesta Terrace– 150 Donuts

Wendell and Zip, Zap and Za‘- 150 Donuts

Poochie and Ramp– 150 Donuts

Lewis and the Practice Rink– 165 Donuts

Gorgeous Grampa– 75 Donuts

Toreador Grampa– 85 Donuts

Football Nelson- 85 Donuts

Simpson Laser Tag– 145 Donuts

Tailgate– 200 Donuts

Duff Brewery, Duffman, & Lady Duff– 190 Donuts

Single Bleachers- 5 donuts

Stadium Lights– 5 donuts

Double Bleachers- 10 Donuts

Triple Bleachers– 20 Donuts

Homertron- 20 Donuts

Half-Pipe- 100 Donuts

Football Target– 25 Donuts

Football Uprights– 50 Donuts

Training Bundle– 125 Donuts (includes: Obstacle Wall, Obstacle Tires, Obstacle Wire, Obstacle Log, Golf Course, Boxing Ring, T-Ball Stand and Tennis Machine)

Duff Party Bus– 45 Donuts

Duff-Barney Blimp– 70 Donuts

And that’s it guys.  A new questline, sports-related returning content, and two weeks to have some fun with it all!

Thoughts on the content?  Items you’ll be picking up?  Excited to get costumes you may have missed for free? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!










146 responses to “Marge At the Bat is Live In-Game

  1. So glad I come here. I figured I wouldn’t get anything since I have a few courts, but now I just added 72% to my bonus and am making more trophies now. Thank you, Addicts!


  2. Anyone else not offered the football field? I don’t have it and not in my to purchase for quest.


    • It’s not listed as an item in this post…


    • If I remember correctly the football field was free back in the days. Just like the baseball field… Why would EA wanna sell something for free? They wouldn’t earn a thing! 😉


      • It was a special give way for Superbowl along with Cletus a year that FOX was hosting, the following it went back to another network, no more Superbowl goodies.
        I wasn’t playing for the Stonecutter event and happily paid donuts for everything I missed.


  3. Bought 30 tennis courts with trophies sitting doing nothing and increase my % just one problem were to put them all, pity I couldn’t store them but keep the % SH all over with wasted building and no space to put them.


  4. Get the tennis courts while you can. They are including bonus 2.25% xp and money. At 10 trophies, I just gained 60%!

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  5. Man, what a useless update… Literally the only think that appeals to me is getting more bleachers/stadium seating. Ah well…


  6. Yawn. Yawn.

    Very lame “event”. I don’t get the purpose. I suspect this was a quest line that didn’t make it into a previous event (Tap ball?).

    Also- anyone else notice that part of the quest line involves premium characters that not everyone necessarily has? It’s not a problem for me, because I have all of the characters involved, but I imagine there are a lot of players who might not have all of the characters.

    I’m starting to think that EA is starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I’m not sure where all of this is heading. EA not only didn’t clarify things as to the direction the game is going, it may have actually muddied the water even more.


    • Yep… muddy, murky and a bit putrid. But, I DID get the chance to get more golf holes with the Training Bundle. I only need 1045 donuts to get nine. UGH!

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      • I’ll be interested to see what that looks like when you’re done.
        I was tempted to try it, but for now I like the ability to individualize the various holes, although they obviously don’t have cool stuff like actual flags, demarcated greens, etc…..

        Liked by 1 person

        • There are indeed serious drawbacks to using the prefab holes… but, if I can get nine…it will be worth redoing my course. More land will be needed for sure.


          • I’ll be interested to see the result – and I noticed you have a swamp next to your Capitol Building! Now _that’s_ funny! Better drain that sucker!


    • I guess you don’t need the premium characters to complete the quest, but it makes things easier.

      I’m laughing about the tennis courts. I already had a bunch of them in my town from grinding the first time they came out. I’ve got a super high XP % already. So I’m going to pass on getting more tennis courts. They clutter up my town.

      I wish someone could get a back channel relationship going with someone with EA. I feel like they’re screwing with our heads. In the mean time, they’re in danger of losing players. The game is kind of boring without the events.


    • Yeah, yet another “event” of which 99% takes place in the store again. High time for Jeebus to return once more and expel all that merchant and money changer scum from the temple.
      EA is smelling pretty greedy again…


  7. I have all of those skins except Softball Burns. Does that mean I won’t win anything for completing those questlines?


  8. I understand EA has many games to troubleshoot so when you contact them they may not be 100% familiar with said issue. But you would think they would be trained to understand basic key terms for a game such as “Questline” or “Joint Task”. When I contacted EA they called me right back but had to put me on hold to find out why I cannot proceed in-game due to Mr. Burns not having Aristotle to join for the 4 hour task. Okay, I get that–research. What I don’t get was their response. The rep told me Aristotle was provided March 21, 2018. I kindly reminded the EA rep that not all players play 100% of the time and I was one of the few that does not have Aristotle in my game. Her response was too bad we can’t fix your problem by adding the required character (I never asked her to add character/content–instead I was reporting issue hoping they would have a solution to present to me). She then told me to post my problem to their official forums. Then why have a phone number or an email as point of contact if they are going to just brush me off to forums? I guess I will post to forums so they understand this is a game-breaking issue for us without Aristotle. SMH at EA.


    • Some reps have less brains than the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz

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    • At least you can call or request a call back from EA – Here in Australia we have lost that option. Evidently they will only speak to Americans or Canadians! Now when I have a problem with my game it’s a case of work through it or ignore it! There is no online or other help for us!


  9. Nothing new for me in the game, so will share a new addition to our front yard. Showed up overnight …

    The local high school is sponsoring a cancer research fund-raiser and they drop this in your yard if your name is suggested by a member of the community. You donate to have it removed and can choose where it goes next. We’re sending it to a certain county commissioner who’s work has been a little sh*#%y lately..😆

    Liked by 3 people

    • That is a very good cause👍

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    • Miko (short for Kumiko) is fascinated with it😻😻😻.

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    • I tell you what… you cook me one of your fancy dinners and I’ll rake the leaves on your lawn!!

      Nice cat btw!!


      • Thanks, she’s what’s called a flame point siamese…she was a rescue and we had no idea she was an actual breed. The blue eyes are really striking against the orange points, but she still deigns to cuddle with us mere mortals.
        Am trying out a new sous-vide cooker today…making rosemary garlic pork chops for dinner. Takes about 4 hours to bring them up to temp, then you sear them just before serving. They’re supposed to be super juicy and tender cooked this way, we’ll see if all the hoopla is justified. 🥩💦🔥👩‍🍳


  10. Thanks to the 300+ awards I had lying around in inventory, I’m above 800%. Hoping to get it up to 1000% before too long with the Yearbook box and Vault rebates.

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  11. I can’t believe they put the tennis court in for the statues.
    Thank goodness I had like 2300 saved. Thank you for the free 400% ea!

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  12. Nope, nope, nope to all of this. I want regular events back.


  13. 1. About getting more “Golf Courses” so we can have “proper” golf holes: I don’t know about Patric, but I’ve decided to just get one, and use it as a practice green. It’s tempting to have all “real” golf holes, but they’d all look the same (except the 90-degree rotation). I prefer the more individualized holes, and the chance to model them after real-world places. (One of these days, I’ll put in the back 9.)
    2. About the football stuff, there’s another bug. I bought and stored a football field, a bunch of stadium fences, and some single bleachers. Then I got double and triple bleachers, lights, uprights – and found that NONE of those can be stored! ???? So, until that gets cleared up, I’m stuck with a lot of big/noticeable junk in my town. Fooey.
    3. All _I_ want is some more specific decorations that I can use for my Cypress Creek Golf Club: Japanese Lanterns (small), and the Cycling Spotlights. Here’s hoping!


  14. I bought so many tennis courts I ran out of trophies. Gonna attempt to farm courts. In between working through finals….

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  15. Don’t forget the Googolplex where you can generate 5 statues for 200K in 3 hrs. That is 400K for a 2.25% bonus increase (4 donuts to speed up). So for the price of about 37 KEMs you can get your tennis courts through the Googoplex.

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  16. Matthew Szekeresh

    Was hoping to get more bowling lanes with this event. Got the bowling skins for moe and burns from the yearbook but now everyone is fighting over the one lane I have. I’d grumble about the lack of new content but I love mystery boxes so I’m happy with the options I have.

    Thanks for all the work you do running the site.

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  17. is it my imagination or did they add stuff to the year book? I swear i cleared most of the characters and was refreshing this morning and saw a ton more.


  18. I bought about 10 tennis courts.. i feel guilty about it.. lol.. NOT.


  19. Where is Jockey Bart? All athletes are there, but no. Do you think they add it?.

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  20. Gorgeous Grandpa for 75 donuts? Wasn’t he in the Yearbook box for 30? Haven’t looked to see if he is still there…


  21. I mightbe being thick… but what is character the Aristotle skin for- as have I locked the quest but stuck as cant send burns on first one as don’t have option to buy Aristotle… so assume whoever he is I have him on a quest!


  22. Isn’t most of the offered premium items also in the yearbook for 30 donuts each?
    Blimp, bus, half-pipe, Duff brewery, tailgate, and Simpson laser tag?


    • Quite a few are, yes.

      The option is to spend the donuts to buy it directly, or take a chance on the Box and maybe spend more, maybe spend less.

      Also, with the non-unique items, once you buy it from the box it’s gone. So if you want more than one this is your chance to get more than 1

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  23. A lot of these items are already in the Yearbook, & potentially a lot cheaper !!!


  24. For the most part? 🤷🏼‍♂️ …. because this 8 Part Event truly is for the noobs! But that could change if EA offers up Premiums of interest at discount (everything that returned is not at discount, that’s a 1st).

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  25. I don’t have Disco Stu or CBG, is this going to be a problem?


  26. Bought some thirty tennis courts to boost my bonus percentage. Those trophies were lying useless in my inventory.
    And I have Poochie 🐻

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  27. Just bought 7 more golf courses. Here comes a “proper” 9 hole course on all that new land! Whoohoo!

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  28. Mystery Box is still in the game! Im really happy Lewis came back I passed on him at Christmas and have regretted it ever since . Time to buy some donuts and bring him home to my Springfield!

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  29. I wonder if Patric will grind farm to get more Golf holes at 125 donuts? The bonus isn’t great (3% total), but better than the whales.

    I love the Tennis Courts. Great use for SH. The stadium pieces seem to be overpriced.

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  30. Tennis court has 2.25% bonus for 10 trophies. Grab as many as you can before they realise!

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