Marge at the Bat Returning Content Is Leaving Tomorrow

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday, April 24th) marks the end of the Marge at the Bat content!  So,  if you haven’t already, purchase your last few premium items, and be prepared to see the content leave our games tomorrow morning! (and hopefully, something new arrives in its place)

What are your overall thoughts on the Marge at the Bat content?  Have you enjoyed it?  Or did you feel like it was a bit lame?  Any premium items you purchased? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

P.S. Don’t forget your showoff submissions are due tonight at 8pm ET. Show us your Stadiums!

75 responses to “Marge at the Bat Returning Content Is Leaving Tomorrow

  1. I picked up a couple of items for the 30 doughnut thing but like always all I got was a couple of crappy items not even worth paying 30 doughnuts for, in total I feel I wasted 90 doughnuts that I really wish I had used on something better, the Hollywood awards for the tennis courts was really good and by far the only good thing about this theme.

  2. Wednesday morning, 8:00 am, pst. Anything in the files? Anything?

    • Nothing that i can see… 🤷‍♀️

      • This is very frustrating. I’m sure you’re a little worried too. It would be nice if EA could communicate with us in some way. I’m sure a lot of players are thinking about quitting the game, and I doubt there are very many new players.

        • I’m not sure “worried” is a word I would use for my current emotions about the game. “Curious” would be closer. With all of the server issues, and the obvious lack of new content, it is clear “something is going on.” As to the “what,” that is another matter. EA is horrible with communication. So…you’ll know when we know.

          As far as quitting the game? That is kind of a moot point for a lot of people who “have it all,” and can farm to their hearts content…with nothing to buy with their farmed proceeds.

          • I’m one of those KEM farmers who has it all. I’m still checking into the game 2-3 times a day, but I don’t have anything to do now. I haven’t even been farming KEM’s for the last month. I have a 5300 doughnut stockpile (not bragging. Just the honest truth). I grinder for tennis courts during “Marge at the bat”, but I didn’t need them either.

            I don’t know what to say. I still love the concept of this game. There’s not a lot of games out there like TSTO that one can play for “free”.

            I’m sure EA will give us new content and event(s) eventually, but I have a feeling that we may be near the end.

            • You have as many donuts as I do right now, and I paid for mine lol

              • KEM farming can be very lucrative to devoted players like me. I grind for doughnuts during events, because-generally speaking-the events are set up for a four hour grind. During events I check into the game about four times a day. So it’s pretty easy to accumulate a lot of doughnuts. I stopped farming because we haven’t had a real event in a while, and I see no point to check into the game 4 times a day when there’s nothing else to do,

              • I would hate for the game to end and people like you would be stuck with a bunch of doughnuts for which you paid real money. How does that work? I doubt EA would give any refunds.

              • They will have to keep the servers alive, in a “wind-down period”…but they would cut off donut sales first. This has been discussed ad nauseum….but, the way it would work is this.

                1. Notice that the game will no longer be updated.
                2. Notice that no more currency will be sold for real cash.
                3. An extended period where you can still play the game…but can’t buy donuts for cash.

                The only question in this scenario would be if they still allowed you to win/earn donuts…or farm them during the “Hospice” mode.

              • 🤷‍♀️ my guess is, if no notice is given, people will file a class action lawsuit.

                Personally, it is what it is. I knew the risks when I purchased them, same risks that have been there for the last 6 years. You buy donuts, you take a chance that the game could end at any time.

        • As Patric said, not worried, more perplexed on what’s going on. Puzzling for sure.

  3. I learned about the tennis courts just half an hour before the event ended, but since I had more than 6600 Hollywood Awards in my inventory already (from playing the Googleplex once a day for probably two years or more), I was furiosly buying and placing courts all over the place for quite some time ;). As I had selected the courts already, I was still able to buy courts until about 10 minutes after the event offically ended, but then my game lost connection which ended the buying spree.
    I still have more than 3000 Hollywood Awards in my inventory now, but since it took me from about 530% to 1350% now, so i’m still happy with it.

  4. fiendish thingy

    While this event was boring, it was nevertheless rewarding, as fully 50% of my SH land is now tennis courts, for an over 500% bonus. Not bad for a couple of weeks of grinding…

  5. Marge at Bat was a bore, I didn’t buy any of the items. I hope the Mystery Box stays, I still have stuff I want to get. I really hope they fix the glitch where I’m constantly getting kicked off the game! That has been so frustrating!!

  6. If I were EA then this “event” would be the perfect lead up to a big SH expansion/update.

    The bonus% from Tennis courts gets us used to grinding for resources again and there is a strong incentive for newer players to unlock all the resources and related characters (to be able to generate trophies) so they are ready for the new content.

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