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Another Friday my friends, and that means it’s time for another round of Simpsons News!  The yellow world doesn’t stop turning because TSTO is in a funky state right now, a bunch of new stuff going on in the world of The Simpsons.  So, here’s the latest roundup of Simpsons News and a few fun things to check out!

Over the last 30 Seasons, the Simpsons have had A LOT of guest stars appear on the show.  Loudwire has composed a video of the Top 10 Rock Star guest spots on The Simpsons, check it out  here:

This may shock some of you, but The Simpsons is not my all-time favorite show.  No, my all-time favorite show is Friends. I have probably seen every episode of that show more than a dozen times, and quote lines from it on a regular basis.  And no, not just PIVOT.  Things like “Grandma’s Chicken Salad” or “And the word you’re looking for is…anyway”.  So needless to say when I saw that What Culture put together a who said it quiz featuring Homer Simpson vs. Joey Tribbiani I was all over it!  And I score 100% on it.  How will you do?  Check out the quiz here. 

And finally, Sunday’s all-new episode of The Simpsons will be Canadian themed (and you know Super Safi will be all over it).  And has an article of featuring writer Tim Long, who grew up on Ontario Canada.  Tim reveals the details behind the story along with some interesting tidbits about the episode, and the making of it.  Check out the article here

So there you have it my friends, the latest round-up of fun Simpson’s News!

What are your thoughts on the links and news?   Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

25 responses to “The Simpsons News Links

  1. 70 % which I’m happy with since I haven’t watched an episode since they went off air. I also missed ,quite a few episodes of the last 2 seasons. I liked the Seinfeld show a lot more. Some of those episodes were truly LOL.
    One of my favorites was when George was looking for work and used Jerrey’s home phone number as a fictitious past employer. The company was Vandaley Industries. They call, Jerry picks up and has no clue of what’s going on. George comes running out of the bathroom screaming ” Vandaley Industries, Vandaley Industries” with his pants down to his ankles and falls flat on his face. LMAO . One of many hysterical episodes. Really miss that show. Does anyone else remember that scene ?? Anyway, have a great weekend. 😎 🐧

  2. I’m not a fan of Friends, but took the test anyway for fun.
    I got 100%. If Homer didn’t say it I figured Joey did. I’m surprised.
    If I’m not watching old Simpsons or Futurama, I’m probably watching Burn Notice 😉

  3. Alright! Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Ramones (forgot both of those bands were on The Simpsons!) 👍

    My score is so measily low that it’s proof I never watched Friends (truthfully my favorite television programmes are Night Gallery and Kolchak the Night stalker! – don’t get scared! (lol) 😂

    OMG! We actually get a new episode of The Simpsons this Sunday? (yay!) 😊

  4. 95% got the first question wrong about a ‘moo point’ Coincidentally, Friends was on my tv while I took the quiz, Ross & Rachel Take A Break no less, a pivotal episode! But my score was based more on guessing what Homer didn’t say, than my knowledge of what Joey did say.

  5. I got 75% or 15/20 to be exact which I think is quite good considering I’ve only seen all of friends once via my friend lending me the box sets.

  6. I would say at one time the Simpson’s was definitely my favourite show but with later seasons continuing to disappoint it lost the top spot. For awhile I was really into Fururama, but when they done those feature length episodes I feel like it started to go downhill. I still love the original four seasons though.

  7. I scored 90% – is it wrong that I’m a little proud of myself 😂

  8. Just binge-watched all the episodes last month on Netflix…from the beginning. Never cared much for it while it was on the air, guess I’ve mellowed a bit with age.👵

    • Friends episodes, that is…not Rock Band Episodes…although now that I think about it, might be fun to go to FXX and look them all up 😁.

  9. Thanks for the infos, Alissa!

  10. I only got an 80%. It’s actually astounding how different staples of my adolescence have aged… I feel like Seinfeld is on a slow long burn where it’s becoming more re-watchable with time but Friends is something the airlines can throw into their domestic or international flights without pause en masse because it’s inoffensive, culturally still-relevant, and funny. Seinfeld is brilliant and maybe aged poorly for a decade but now is like old episodes of MASH were – funny within its context. Has anyone seen Seinfeld on the plane?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I’m surprised airlines play it as I remember reading about how millennials thought the show was offensive.

      Then again, millennials appear to be offended by everything. Marge said it best this season after being scolded by Lisa for saying something offensive: “Lisa I don’t know what to be liberal about anymore”

      • The other day I read an article about Alzheimer’s disease. So I guess that old folks appear to be forgetting everything, for example such basic rules of decency like “don’t judge entire generations based on an online news article” 😉

        • Or…you could even go darker, and start to wonder of those sowing seeds of division, are even really people at all… or just bots.

          “What has pretty much continued unabated is the use of social media, fake news, propaganda, false personas, etc. to spin us up, pit us against each other, to sow divisiveness and discord, to undermine America’s faith in democracy,” Mr. Wray said on Friday. “That is not just an election-cycle threat. It is pretty much a 365-day-a-year threat.”

          Christopher Wray FBI director

          • Wow, grim theory Pat…
            I’m not gonna say that back here in the old world everything’s rainbows and butterflies, but these days I’m kinda glad not to live in Trumpistan.
            But I think that luckily in real everyday life most of us are far away from the level of division we are used to from this weird little thing called internet…

            • I’m not really that dark… I’ve just been peppered with political garbage on FB…that is clearly not from reputable sources. Social media is a playground for bad guys.

              • My advice then: don’t use the stuff. A FB channel is giving you crap? Unsubscribe it… “social” media in general is giving you crap? Quit it…
                Haven’t really used Facebook in ages and can’t say I’d miss it. Believe you me, missing some holiday, cat or food pictures is not the end of the world, no Sir 😉

        • Rusty Shackleford

          Yeah, I kind of laughed at the article. We have had summer interns at my work and both were millennials and had a good work ethic. That is why I said “appear to be offended”.

          So yeah, i would agree with you…it is just click bait designed to divide people. I’ve never watched Friends, so I cannot comment on the accuracy, but I would tell those who are offended to simply change the channel.

          • Yep, I’m a millennial, as are most of my friends. Most of us have seen at least some episodes of Friends and I’ve never ever met anyone offended by that. I can tell you 99% of us aren’t half as easily offended as the selective internet perception wants to tell you. I mean come on, we grew up in the golden age of South Park, battle rap and Fred Durst, what’s a little Friends compared to that? 😀
            Is there somewhere on the internet a handful of offended ones? Sure, how couldn’t there, in a world where even the depiction of Apu in The Simpsons seems offensive to some… guess that every generation has their crackpots 😉

            • Rusty Shackleford

              Ha, good point about South Park. My nephew just turned 13 and now he is allowed to watch The Simpsons. It’s held up well as he is laughing at the same things I laughed at.

  11. 70% but I can live with that. Not a Friends fan.

  12. I got a 75% as well. I’m ok with that. I haven’t seen and episode of Friends in years, and I haven’t watched the simpsons in forever either. Fun seeing those quotes and how similar the two characters are!

    Thanks for everything!

  13. I just wanted to say thank you for the should I buy posts. I have been using them for years to help me make an informed choice. With all this down time it has given me time to stop and reflect. We are all great full for all the hard work that you do to make some fantastic posts. Thank you.

  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Friends?!? Oh dear. Agh, well, my favorite show was Supertrain so who am I to talk. This show almost bankrupted NBC.

    I got 75% on the quiz, which is pretty good considering I have never seen a single Friends episode.

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