The Simpsons Live from E3 (Updated with Live Stream)

Yes, a new update hit the app store (it’s not live in game yet).  Looking for info on that?  Check out this post.

Looking for the Live Steam for The Simpsons E3 Panel tonight? (starts at 9pm ET) I’m pretty sure this is the live stream feed for the E3 Coliseum…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

You may have seen this tweet from Matt Selman recently…

You also may have seen some speculation that this means there’s a new Simpsons game coming.  Of course, we don’t know if this is true…especially since E3 bills this appearance as:

Join the producers and writers of The Simpsons for a look back at 30 years of The Simpsons and video games. From Konami’s classic arcade game to Hit and Run to Tapped Out, and yes, even The Simpsons Wrestling, no Simpsons game is off limits! Plus, hear the stories behind famous video game references in the show, like The Simpsons visit to the E4 video game convention and the esports inspired episode, “E My Sports.”

But hey, you may want to watch to find out!  Or you just love Simpsons games and want to watch to see what the producers and writers have to say.

The Simpsons crew goes live at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time. (so about 3hrs from this post going live) If you want to check it out you can watch the feed directly here.

Pretty sure this is the Coliseum E3 Live Feed…

Will you be watching E3?  Thoughts on what might be said?  How about on what is being said if you’re watching live?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

22 responses to “The Simpsons Live from E3 (Updated with Live Stream)

  1. I 💜 the new TSTO Addicts Banner, Alissa
    I also 💜 the new in game music 😊👍

    We may never get another Simpsons Game for a Game Console, or PC, but we can appreciate the fact that TSTO it still going (honestly? even Family Guy Online tanked! Futurama and Bob’s Burger aren’t even treated like intellectual property that deserves a proper Game, which is a shock to me! American Dad, maybe it’s just too adult, maybe only a few of us can handle Rodger the Alien (lol!)

  2. I’ve got to say that The Simpsons: Hit and Run was a fantastic game!

  3. So did they announce a new game?

  4. Nothing for iOS

  5. I had a update but no game yet so I’m assuming it goes live tomorrow am . PRAISE JEBUS!

  6. Just seeing an update available.

  7. It’s in the store now. Doesn’t activate until tomorrow.

  8. Tapped Out Royale!

  9. New update HYYYYYPE!!! FINALLY a major update! Thank the heavens!!!

  10. App store update

  11. Update is in the app store for android. can’t play it yet

  12. I just got an update ROYAL, but nothing changed in my Springfield yet

  13. Game of Games update is on the server, month long event requiring a store update that’s not yet in the store.

  14. I’ll be back at 9pm Eastern time👍😁.

  15. The only thing that I care about right now regarding “Simpsons” games is whether an update is going hit the TSTO game servers or our respective App Stores either today or tomorrow, or not. Because it’s been at least a week since the latest update (or updates) had been teased. I don’t want to have to wait another week before the next goes live.

    • amsosmart_SMRT

      Sounds like there might be something on the servers now – going by the latest post on EA forums.

    • Barry ,Ireland

      new event available in App store :Simpson’s Royale !! Cool splash screen 😀

  16. Is anybody else having server problems this evening? I have not been able to play for about 2 hours now. I am in the UK.

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