Game of Games Week 2 Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast, and that means Game of Games Week 2 is Live!

Things kick off for week 2 with some dialogue between Homer and CBG…

Homer: Comic Book Guy, I need tickets to E4. I know you must have some, because you’re so uncool.
CBG: Incredibly rude way to ask for a favor. Still, one of the nicest things anyone has said to me today.
Homer: So can you get me the tickets or not?
CBG: Perhaps. But first, you have to listen to my fresh take on every Marvel movie ever.

This is followed by a 6s task for Homer.  Once completed you’ll trigger the week 2 questline, which will take you through unlocking all of the week 2 prizes, Wild Wild Quest.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during week 2…

Here’s EA’s synopsis for Act 2/Week 2:

Homer goes to Comic Book Guy to try to find more E4 passes. Comic Book Guy says he might have some
passes, but Homer must listen to his fresh take on every Marvel movie ever before he can get them.
Homer falls asleep while Comic Book Guy goes on with some very obvious takes.

Bart’s esport team The Evergreen Terrors play their first match, but Martin almost costs them the game
because he can’t focus. It turns out that Martin has gotten an intern spot with Mapple and must quit the
team. On the start of the second round of the tournament, the Evergreen Terrors meet Buck McCoy, the host of the tournament and star of the video game McTrigger: The Game 2. The team needs to find a replacement for Martin, or they won’t be able to play. Homer volunteers, but of course he’s too old to play video games. Lisa offers to join because she’s studied the game and has become an expert in the team’s strategy. Desperate not to be disqualified, Bart lets Lisa join. As they play, Bart, Milhouse, and
Nelson are killed but Lisa and Sophie are able to make a comeback and win!

The Mapple team shows up with Martin to compete against the Evergreen Terrors and lose. As a result
of failure, Mapple fires Martin who tries to get back on Bart’s team. Bart tells Martin that he can’t join
because they already have a full roster of “dweebs, nerds and losers”, which of course means Lisa. At
this end of the match, the Detonator comes to after being knocked out by a stack of folding chairs and
offers to teach the kids some of his tricks from his time as an esports pro.

As I stated above, the initial quest is a 6s task for Homer.  Once completed you’ll start the Wild Wild Quest questline, which is the week 2 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Week 2 (Act 2) prizes…

The currency we’re working on collecting for Week 2/Act 2….

Game Cartridges…straight outta Super Nintendo and the 1990s…


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 2:

Mapple HQ (Building)

Krustcraft Krusty (Outfit)

Happy Little Elves Farm (Building)

Time Snowboarder Display (Decoration)

Stormy Island (Building)

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 2:
Rev. Lovejoy
Sophie Krustofsky (earns regular premium)
Blocko Angelica (Earns special premium)
SmellYaL8r (Earns Special Premium)

Note: So apparently we were given false information directly from EA.  The information we received said..and I’m directly copying from the packet…

Blocko Dungeon Set & Blocko Angelica Button (Building & Character)
Date Available: 6/12 – 06/19
Cost: 250 Donuts
Notes: Earns event currency for all 4 Acts

However, at least for the first part of Act 2, she does NOT earn event currency for Act 2.  I’ll keep plugging along to see if this changes, BUT if it doesn’t this is ridiculous.  Don’t tell those you’re given information to that she’ll earn it for all 4 acts if she won’t.  It just makes everyone involved look bad.  This needs to be corrected for sure…

And, in case you’re wondering…this is not a case of misunderstanding.  There’s a clear distinction in the notes for the other premium characters, that indicate they earn event currency for the specific act they’re released in.  For example, here’s what the info for SmellYaL8R Says:

Conflict of Enemies Battle Arena & SmellYaL8r (Decoration & Outfit)
o Date Available: 06/19 – 06/26
o Cost: 150 Donuts
o Notes: Earns event currency for Act 2

Characters earn:

8/4hrs for Freemium
12/4hrs for New Premium

10/4hrs for Old Premium (in this case Sophie)

Act 1/Week 1 Prizes

These are STILL unlockable if you haven’t completed that prize track.  You have until the event ends to unlock ALL the prizes.  So keep going with Week 1 if you haven’t yet finished it.

If you need a reminder as to who can earn what with week 1 check out that rundown post here.


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

Conflict of Enemies Battle Arena & SmellYaL8r- 150 Donuts.  Per my notes from EA, this will earn event currency for Act 2/Week 2.  Leaves games when Act 3/Week 3 starts, June 26th.


Note: I won’t be doing a SIB Returning Items post on these two because they’re both available in the Yearbook Box.  They’re 30 donuts in the box, if you want them your best bet is to try to get them in the box. Even if it takes you 5 tries you’ll spend less, or about the same amount, as these cost individually and you’ll get 4 more items in the process.

Simpson Laser Tag– 145 Donuts, Should I Buy

Yard Work Simulator and C.H.U.M- 175 Donuts, Should I Buy

Items leave stores on June 26th…

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week two of the Game of Games.

Your thoughts on the week 2 content?  Did you finish week 1 or are you still working on it?  Premium content you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

45 responses to “Game of Games Week 2 Is Live!

  1. There’s a part of me that’s getting this vibe that EA just kind of threw this even together in desperation to give us content. Overpriced character with small decoration/building in Act 1, overpriced costume that technically only earns 33% more cartridges than normal instead of 50% for premium, fairly bland building rewards (the convention center isn’t bad, but Mapple HQ2 is literally just a cube in a bubble)… The last act’s arena and stage aren’t bad looking, but a lot of it just seems so bland compared to some of the older stuff.

    When they were teasing all this I was hoping we were going to get a Game of Thrones-like event with some actual castles and such so we could build a renaissance faire area in our towns if we wanted. Hopefully this either still comes or gets made down the line…

    • Well… I loved Game of Thrones. But I have as much “castle stuff” as I need or want. There are no castles to speak of in the “real Springfield.” So, I’m fine with the dozen or more I have now.


    Patric has said before that if you are unhappy with EA? Then show it to them by not buying any Premiums (as it is? you can get Sophie Krustofsky in the Mystery Box, she earns 2 extra then the other Characters per 4 hours – that is more than enough to finish Act 2 / Week 2!). 🙄

    So, I’m going to follow Patric’s logic – if EA can’t be honest enough to explain things properly ? / makes statements on game content that are not true? Then don’t waste your sprinkles! It also doesn’t hurt to let EA know what’s going on via Twitter / Facebook (do not waste your time at the official Forum). You never know if they will offer an update download to fix this. 😉

    Eat a 🌮
    Drinks 🍹
    Not 😟

  3. Did I read here that Blocko AB us supposed to collect game cartridges? Mine is not

  4. I can’t even play because stupid jerks EA refuses to fix a bug crashing the game on Samsung s10

  5. fEAling ripped off, it didn’t say in the game that SmellYal8R was just a skin for Nelson
    150 doughnuts for a skin is a bit steep in my book especially as it only gives 1.5%

  6. Cation before carefull (and costumes)of sending Nelson for the task. Showing 2. One normal rate, the other the super premium rate.

  7. The Blocko debacle isn’t the only thing that isn’t going according to what EA told us…

    Act II is also using the same characters as Act I, which they specifically told us wouldn’t happen.

    This is especially frustrating for people like me who play a little more casually, especially given that EA had told me that would essentially be okay.

    From EA:
    “In the case of Game of Games, the event consists of four acts. One act unlocks per week throughout the event and is then available for players to complete until the entire event concludes. This is
    accomplishable because the characters players will need to send on jobs to earn event currencies are different week-to-week.”

    • royalflush1 I agree, that was misleading. Ralph and Marge are not needed in Part 2 while Rev. Lovejoy and CBG replaced them. EA should have clarified that only a few (or 2 in the case of Wild Wild Quest) characters will be rotated in and out of weekly game play.

    • May I ask why in the wild wild quest pt. 1 (which should earn Mapple HQ after completed) that I can’t earn it even the game marked I’ve completed all the tasks?

  8. Love the event ea but please give us a way to get land. I have none therefore everything gets stored n it makes me sad… ggr please or let us buy land

    • I’ve started the wild Wild West pt 1 quest and finished all the tasks to get the Mapple store and each task says done but I cannot go onto the next one and it hasn’t given me the Mapple store? Can anyone help me please?

  9. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I did the character purchase on this and the previous Act.
    I now have 7 left to obtain
    One will be earned on this Act, leaving 6 for the next 2Acts, suggesting
    Act 3 and Act 4 will each have ONE. purchase and TWO earn.
    But the nice thing is that in this Act, the Character/Skin is earned early.

  10. Yeah, I’m disappointed that Blocko AB can’t be used here. I wouldn’t have bought such an unimportant one-off character if I didn’t think she could be used for all four parts. EA dropped the ball on this one.

  11. Instant buy Nelson’s outfit in the shop

  12. Cory Castleberry

    Yea total bummer blocko character Angelica doesn’t earn event currency for week 2 at least at the beginning….AND was still overpriced! But I tapp on …

  13. I managed to save up enough donuts to get Sophie finally 🙂 glad she also earns extra cartridges for part 2.

  14. Way to go Alissa – while I bought her and did not read that they should be as good as their word. You tell those nEArds!

  15. Thanks for the rundown, Happy Birthday Alissa!

  16. Pretty sure the game cartridges are Bonecrusher II lol


  17. So I was upset to find out that Smellyal8tr was just a costume. I was hoping it was a new character. I thought it would be cool to have him in my Springfield with the other Troll versions of Barney, Lenny, and Carl. I dont think I would have purchased him if I knew that. Well, that’s a lesson to wait for the Should I Spend Donuts. Also sad that Blocko Angelica isn’t earning cartridges…but I dont regret that purchase as I love Lego and Blocko is clearly the Simpsons Lego!!!

  18. I already have Mapple HQ – will I get a 2nd one?

  19. And no land tokens? I’m running out of space for the event items. They really need to put the Golden Goose Realty back on sale.

  20. It doesn’t appear that Blocko Angelica is needed in the first part of Wild Wild Quest.

  21. Little sad about Angelica because she was 100 donuts more than this weeks character. Hopefully, it was just an oversight on EA’s part, and they will get it corrected soon. Everything else looks fun!

    • Just FYI, this week’s ‘character’… is actually just a skin for Nelson. 🙁

      Found that out the hard way, after dropping 150 donuts on it.

  22. Mats Björkman

    A bug encountered! – I cannot use Nelson and SmellYaL8R to collect game cartridges at the same time! When Nelson is occupied, SmellYaL8R isn’t seen in the list of available ‘collectors’ – and when he isn’t occupied, both are seen in the list, but SmellYaL8R has Nelsons picture on him, and when I select SmellYaL8R to collect cartridges, then Nelson is gone as an option!

    • SmellYaL8R is a costume for Nelson. Can’t use both…because it’s the same person.

    • Does the Battle Arena do anything? Animated character tasks? Same question for Happy Tree Elves Building.
      I would love it if the Island (decoration or building?) could be placed on water inside Springfield. Sky Finger made lakes.

  23. For me, the prizes look AWESOME. I love fantasy/nature themes. Looks beautiful as well. I’m going to love adding these to my Springfield world.

    I just don’t understand why they keep returning stuff that’s available through the Yearbook Mystery Box. Isn’t that thing still on? (I’ve completed it, so I have no idea if it’s there regularly) Unless the mystery box is gone, why would anyone buy the Laser Tag or the child robot?

    • For a simple reason that you may pay much more than 30 donuts for a yearbook prize, because with a bit of bad luck you may get something you did not want, and you’d need several draws to get what you wanted.

      • Actually, even if you were unlucky and got the prize for last, you’d still pay 150 donuts for 5 prizes, instead of 145 donuts for one single prize… So basically the same price.

  24. Blocko Angelica isn’t being used for week 2. I bought her last week, but she doesn’t have any tasks in the event this morning.

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