Game of Games Week 4 Is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s officially 10am here on the East Coast, and that means Game of Games Week 4 is Live!  It’s time to start the final week of this multi-event!

Things kick off for week 4 with some dialogue between Homer and Marge…

Homer: Marge! I did it, I got E4 passes for the kids.
Marge: Oh, Homie. The kids found passes without you and are already at the convention.
Homer: Bart doesn’t need my help? I only hope that’s true when he’s old enough to need to be bailed out of jail.

This is followed by a 6s tasks for Homer and Marge.  Once completed you’ll trigger the week 4 questline, which will take you through unlocking all of the week 4 prizes, Fourscore and a Halfmonth.

Let’s take a look at what else is in store during week 4…

REMEBER: This runs simultaneously with weeks 1, 2, and 3 if you haven’t finished them yet.  So you don’t need to finish Weeks 1, 2 or 3 to see Week 4 trigger, you just need to complete Game of Games Pt. 5 (the 6s tasks I mentioned above) to trigger the Week 4 questline.  Just remember ALL Acts must be completed before next Wednesday to unlock the prizes…

Here’s EA’s synopsis for Act 4/Week 4:

Homer finally has the E4 passes, but Marge tells him that the kids already found passes and are at the
convention and don’t need his help. Homer decides to go to E4 to “help” the kids, by making them
spend time with their dad!

Homer shows up at E4 and Bart wants nothing to do with Homer until Bart finds out that the Detonator
is missing. Without an adult chaperone, the kids won’t be allowed back into the convention. Suddenly,
Bart really wants Homer to join him and they go inside. Report Card is upset that the Evergreen Terrors found another chaperone and decides that the only way to take them out is do take them out in the esports final.

It’s the final round of McTrigger: The Game 2 with the Evergreen Terrors vs the Superfriends Club!
During the game, Report Card flirts with Lisa and Bart must choose between saving his best friend
Milhouse or his best fighter Sophie. Sophie promises Bart an invitation to her birthday party, a Krusty
Burger VIP party, if he saves her….

There’s much more to the story but I don’t want to spoil it for those reading along.  I’ll have the full synopsis up with the Full Dialogue for Act 4.

As I stated above, the initial quest is a 6s tasks for both Homer and Marge.  Once completed you’ll start the Fourscore and a Halfmonth questline, which is the week 4 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Week 4  (Act 4) prizes…

The currency we’re working on collecting for Week 4/Act 4….

Red Crystals


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Here are the prizes for Part 4:

Conflict of Enemies Indoor Stage (Decoration)

Crowd of Gamers (Decoration)

Grief Counselor (Character)

General Splattin’ (Outfit)

Conflict of Enemies Championship Arena (Building)

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 4:
Sophie Krustofsky (earns regular premium)
Stick Up Walrus (Earns Special Premium)

Characters earn:

8/4hrs for Freemium
12/4hrs for New Premium

10/4hrs for Old Premium (in this case Sophie)

Acts/Weeks 1-3 Prizes

These are STILL unlockable if you haven’t completed that prize track.  You have until the event ends to unlock ALL the prizes.  So keep going with Weeks 1, 2 and/or Week 3 if you haven’t finished them.

If you need a reminder as to who can earn what with week 1 check out that rundown post here. And week 2 is here. And week 3 is here.


Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

Stick Up Walrus- 75 Donuts.  This is a full character.

Also, once you unlock the Crowd of Games you’ll be able to buy more…

Crowd of Gamers- 10 Donuts


4th of July Mystery Box- 75 Donuts/Try.  Contents:
-Americantown & Kumiko & Sailor Kumiko
-Eisenhower’s 4×4 & Dwight D. Eisenhower
-Lincoln’s Cabin & Abraham Lincoln
-Presidential Estate & Freedom
-Republican Party HQ
-Scandal-Gate Hotel
-Springfield National Park & Theodore Roosevelt
-Ye Olde Cherry Tree & George Washington
-Ronald Reagan Reeducation Center & Ronald Reagan

Castle of Equalia- 175 Dounts

Magic Academy Mess Hall- 75 Donuts

Other 4th of July Items…

American Flag- $5,600

Patriotic Box of Fireworks- $5,600

Liberty Bell- $50,000

Lincoln Memorial- $100,000

Pinwheel Firework- 40 Donuts

Box of Fireworks- 60 Donuts

Lisa Statue of Liberty- 75 Donuts

Fireworks Barge- 80 Donuts

Items leave stores on July 10th…

Programming Notes…

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, Independence Day here in America. So we’re going to be taking a break for the day, very lite posting. (which means no musings post from me this week, sorry guys)
This is basically just an FYI that there will be a bunch of stuff posted today to make up for tomorrow.  So you’ll see Turbo Tappin’ and a couple of SIBs (Stick up Walrus and the 4th of July stuff) today.  And we’ll get back to normal posting Friday.
Also, just an early heads up, tomorrow I’ll be announcing the next Showoff (Game of Games).  So prep those designs 🙂

And that’s it my friends.  The details of week 4 of the Game of Games.

Your thoughts on the week 4 content?  Did you finish week 3 or are you still working on it?  Premium content you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

32 responses to “Game of Games Week 4 Is Live!

  1. Keith1Roon991

    Got the fireworks barge boat from the mystery box but had to buy all of the 5 items to get it 😔, 150 donuts down, but that’s the luck of the draw, just very disappointed by the lack of fireworks animation, totally lame ☹️ grumpy boy tonight lol😁 only a game hehe🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆

  2. I just noticed that at least 4 of the 7 characters are NPCs. I think the blue shirt boy and light blue shirt man are from Halloween last year when they were turned into vampires, werewolves or mummies, the orange shirt man is from the zoo event and the teal shirt boy is from the Itchy & Scratchy Land event.
    The prizes look interesting and I hope the gamers can fit in my E4 area and the arena and stage could go together in a separate area. I’m a bit disappointed about 4th July since there wasn’t anything new but a pride update could still be added next week or the Flanders Family update could be next.

  3. generalsammy9

    Very cool new content, and isn’t Stick Up Walrus from the Simpsons movie in that one scene where Homer plays a parody game of Grand Theft Auto?

  4. Week 4 / Act 4 – going to be honest up front, two crappy Decors back-to-back as Event Prizes is not going to motivate one to Tap (especially when we have choices from two separate Mystery Boxes that we can Farm for) 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Two New Characters (I’m counting the fact one is an Event Prize, another is an affordable Premium Character – which looks cool!) deserves a thanks EA! 👍

    I’m conflicted about another Character Skin (especially when it’s a Character required to earn Event Currency), unless applying this Character Skin allows said Character to earn Event Currency at a Premium rate. 🤔

    Grateful for another Building, because the last thing I want is another Baseless Prize (cough cough Decor that will end up in Storage!) 👉

    Happy 4th of July, stay safe and sane! 😁🇺🇲

  5. I have no idea why they aren’t releasing at least one new president every year in this game. It’s seems like it’d be the laziest way to add a full character to the game and you’d have a bunch of people trying to collect them all. I honestly would prefer them to characters from the new episodes I have no familiarity with.

  6. Wow. No new 4th of July content. No new president? I am disappoint.

    • Tim

      I agree, and quite surprised there is no new Gill Deal, but there are two items in the 4th of July Mystery Box I don’t have (my choice is to find them in the other Mystery Box for 30 sprinkles a gamble, or just pick up both for 75 sprinkles each) and that’s better than back-to-back crappy Decor as Event Prizes.

  7. I thought I had lunch today and left my tablet at home… why does this always happen??? now I will be behind for a few hrs… Donuts to the rescue!!

  8. Matilda Uebel

    Ooops didnt mean to write this twice. You can just delete this comment or do whatever you want with it sorry.

  9. Just a reminder that most (all?) in the 4 of July mystery box can also be found in the yearbook. For more than half of the price. And for gods sake do NOT buy the caste of Equalia. It´s also in the yearbook. Don´t buy something for 175 donouts that you can pick up for 30.

  10. I love crowds too! Fellow Americans, wishing you a great and very special day tomorrow. From Australia with love to all.

  11. The presidential mystery box is 75 donuts, not 85 🙂

  12. Very disappointed to see no new presidential content tied to July 4th, just rehashing previously-released material – I’m happy for newer players who may have missed out on these items when they were originally dropped but, to me, this is just another sign that the amount of new stuff is going to continue to be scaled back and (jumping to conclusion) this game is going to be phased out sooner rather than later.

    • I think they’re out of presidents they can put in the game for now. Based on who was in the show and who’s no longer with us. I still think it’s soon for Bush 41.

      • I respectfully disagree. I think we could have gotten Thomas Jefferson statue/memorial from “Lisa Goes to Washington”. That would have been funny!

        Also, Ben Franklin (while not a president) would have been cool as a founding father. Or Harry Truman, Gerry Ford, or JFK.

      • They could still do Thomas Jefferson. He appeared – in talking-statue form – in Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington.
        I think Kennedy has appeared on the show too.

    • I felt a bit disappointed too. The only thing in that box for me was the one with the Kumiko outfit. I would have expected atleast one new item or character.

    • I totally agree that it was disappointing for no new presidents. We have several who could have been included even though they haven’t been in the show and we could have included a few first ladies as well.
      Oh well, maybe something will appear tomorrow though I doubt it.

    • Jim

      I am surprised we didn’t have a new Gil Deal, but I don’t know what’s left from The Simpson’s show to offer up (President Bush 1?, President Clinton?, something else involving fireworks? Springfield Community Center swimming pool? a Homer Simpson trying to BBQ food and burning it? Homer and Marge Simpson driving the car with the kids in the back screaming “are we there yet?” “no!”) 🤔

  13. Maybe I’m the only one, but I love crowds! I’m glad we’ll be able to buy more crowds after we unlock it. That was my first question upon seeing that prize, and you answered it for me right away! Thanks for always being awesome!!

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