Flanders Family Reunion Mini-Event is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

If you saw the post from a little earlier you’d know that it’s update date in our Pocket-Sized Springfields!

If you’re having trouble getting the event to start, remember you must FIRST download the update from the App Store.  Although this is a mini-event, you have to download the Game of Games “takedown” update first to see the event.  (basically, your splashscreen should be back to Homer Running from Skyfinger).  If you’ve downloaded the update and you’re still having trouble seeing it, make sure you’re at least at Level 20 (as that’s the requirement), then try hard closing and restarting TSTO.  

The Flanders have invaded Springfield…hopefully to liven this up a bit! As the Flanders Family Reunion officially kicks off today!

Things kick off in Springfield with some dialogue between the Flanders’ family (Ned/Nedward/Capri) followed by a 6s task for Ned. Once you complete this you’ll unlock the very first prize of the mini-event! (Reunion Banner) This will be followed by the event launch.  For the first part, you’ll need to complete a 4hr task for Flanders and a task to collect the event currency…you know typical mini-event stuff…

This mini-event ends on July 31st (10am ET, 1400 UTC…at least that’s what the files say)

Updated and complete information below…

First, let’s check out the prizes…

The currency for this event is…Herbal Spinach…

Characters that earn currency…
Homer (Earns 12 )
Quimby (Earns 12 )
Cletus (Earns 12 )
Moe (Earns 12 )
Ned (Earns 12 )/Devil Flanders (Earns 15 )
Otto (Earns 15 )
Capri Flanders (Earns 15 )
Nedward Flanders (Earns 15 )
Ghost of Maude (Earns 15 )
Moleman (Earns 15 )
Ted Flanders (Earns 18 )
Coach Pommelhorst (Earns 18 )

Once unlocked: Canadian Flanders (Earns 12 )

Reunion banner Unlocks with Flanders-O-Rama Pt. 1 and a 6s task for Ned

Canadian Flanders Unlocks with Flanders-O-Rama Pt. 2 and 400 

Left-Mazon  Unlocks with Flanders-O-Rama Pt.3  & 300

Crowd of Flanders  Unlocks with Flanders-O-Rama Pt. 4 and 200

Humbleton Unlocks with Flanders-O-Rama Pt.  5 and 300

Lord Thistlewick Flanders Unlocks with Flanders-O-Rama Pt.  6 and 400

Premium Stuff

1 new premium combo with this one and a bunch of returning stuff…

 Herbal Spinach Cart and Ted Flanders- 150 Donuts. Earns ,  at a higher rate than any other character.

Mystery Box…

EA seems to be doing something a little different here.  They’ve added a Mystery Box, mostly full of returning stuff you can get in the Yearbook Box…BUT it also contains ONE NEW character, Brunella Pommelhorst.

The only way to get her is through this new Mystery Box…despite most of the returning items being available in the Yearbook box for much less.  So you’ll have to determine the best strategy that works for you.

 Yard Sale Mystery Box- 50 Donuts.  Contains:
Coach Pommelhorst (NEW!), Barney & Bowlarama, Duffman & Brewery, Scratchy & Cartoon Set, Greta & Springfield Prep, Jessica & Lovejoy House, Kamp Bart & Kamp Krusty, Ice Cream Man Homer & Truck, Jub-Jub & Pet Shop, Mozart & Concert Hall, Miss Springfield & Sleep Eazy, Mansion of Solid Gold, Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant, Truckasaurus, Tailgate, Street Cleaner, Bookaccinos, & Springfield Observatory. 

Every item in that box EXCEPT for Coach Pommelhorst is available in the Yearbook Mystery Box. 


Gypsy Shop and Maude- 150 Donuts.  (available in Yearbook Box)

CBGB and Nedward/Capri Flanders- 175 Donuts. (Not available in Yearbook Box)

Praiseland Bundle w/ Rachel Jordan- 185 Donuts. (Not available in Yearbook Box)

Donut Promo

Bonus donuts available with purchase!

Remember these prices are from my game, which is in the US.  We’re not subject to various international taxes/fees from Apple/Google/Amazon in our app stores. (just regular old sales tax, that doesn’t appear until you check out) So your prices may vary depending on your location.  The variance in pricing isn’t from EA, it’s from Apple/Google/Amazon. EA only gets what you see listed in my game.  Anything over that goes to the App Stores for their various taxes and fees…

So basically…

Tray of donuts, instead of the regular 132 donuts you’ll get 164 Donuts

Truckload of donuts, instead of the regular 300 donuts, you’ll get 400 donuts.

Store Full of Donuts, instead of the regular 900 donuts, you’ll get 1,200 donuts.

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Flanders Family Reunion mini-event!

As always, more posts will follow…until then have fun!

Thoughts on the mini-event?  Excited about the prizes?  Any returning premium items you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

75 responses to “Flanders Family Reunion Mini-Event is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I find it rather odd that, in an event based on ‘herbal spinach,’ they didn’t think to add it as a crop at Cletus’ farm. Yeah, Cletus has a task to grow it, but the farm, as a building, is perfectly suited for it.

  2. Have to say I’m getting kind of tired seeing a “Crowd doing X” as a prize in these lately… Started with the cheering/jeering crowd for Homerpaloosa v2.0 a while back, followed up by texting crowd, angry crowd, and now this… And I can guarantee I’m likely missing at least one crowd in that list.

  3. Wow, just had a look and it could cost me up to 350 donuts to get Brunella Pommelhorst as I have 6 items in the new Mystery Box I do not currently have.

    Would need to spent time refreshing the yearbook mystery box to try and get most of those items in the same 5 items, otherwise trying to get everything else via the yearbook mystery box could cost me up to 900 donuts if I can only get each item on a single refresh and i have to purchase all 5 item for refresh.

    Might give that a skip and wait for this character to come back later

  4. “Herbal Spinach”? That explains Otto earning currency 😂👌

  5. not to sound rude but miss wolfcastle is in the yearbook,sorry a small mistake i happened to notice.sorry to sound rude

  6. “Helloooo? Mrs Pommelhorst? I’d like to get down now…”
    Classic Simpsons. So glad they’ve added her.

  7. Thanks as always for the info. Got Pommelhorst on the first try (had 5 other items in there)!

  8. My friends have all disappeared! Has anyone else had this problem?
    They were there yesterday and gone today! ☹️
    Help or info would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Exit. Close your device down. Come back in.

    • Betty-Joy Moreau

      Hi how are things going in your game I see you have the same problem I have some times. I believe it’s two many decorations so I had to get ride of some decorations. Trees and to many bushes and shrubs in my game
      I also tried just going to the friends icon and then going to the other side of spring field and then back an that worked for me You May try to log out then back in your game again. Good luck enjoying

    • This has been happening to me for a couple months now. As Patric says, restart your device and go back and they should be there.

  9. Italian Beauty

    What other tasks go with earning Herbal Spinach? Ned has to complete a 4 hour task to complete part 2 in addition to the spinach, but what abou the other parts? Or is this a separate post to arrive tomorrow?

  10. If it weren’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have known the event was live. I’ve been checking the App store every few hours, but since it usually starts around 11:pm my time I stopped checking. What time did it start? No biggie, plenty of time.

  11. I knew it was coming. I posted Canadian Flanders video somewhere on here a few weeks ago. Can’t find it here it is again

  12. I wish we could get Jose Flanders. “Buenos-ding-dong-dilly-dias, senor!” never stops being hilarious 😀

    • I know! That’s a joke my cousin and I used to always say to each other and laugh about, I wish he was here!

  13. For iOS users, I hope this isn’t your issue. I had a problem earlier today and couldn’t get into the game. I had to wipe it out and reload from the App Store. Finally after that was done, got into my A and B games. Checked TSTO during the day, when Alyssa said there was an update, found a small update in the App Store. Went into the game and it automatically loaded the Flanders game.

    Also I have devil Flanders skin, he earns 15 rather than Ned’s 12. Not a big deal just thought it was worth mentioning.

    • Thanks for the Devil Flanders tip. I has been mentioned and Alissa has added it to the post. But always good to get a reminder.

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