Daily Archives: August 3, 2019

Saturday Silly Simpsons

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So, it’s no secret that it’s slow in TSTO right now.  Hell, we’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for months now!  But it’s even slower with The Simpsons on hiatus over the summer.

With no new updates, or slow-moving updates, and no new Simpsons episodes to watch things can get a little boring.  Especially on a Saturday morning.  So, earlier today I went down a little bit of a YouTube rabbit hole when trying to come up with some fun content to post today.

Among other things, I found a total blast from the past in the form of old Simpsons commercials!  Ads for Butterfinger, Burger King, and Simpsons video games piqued my interest.  Guys these are so classically awesome, it was hard to leave the YouTube pull!  But alas, I have and now I’m sharing their awesomeness with you!

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