App Store Update: Simpson Babies

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well, EA seems to have a knack for knowing when I’m enjoying some downtime at home…

A brand new update his hit the servers!  Simpson Babies is available for download in the app store…

I’m going to start pulling info for this one…but just because the app update is available does not mean the game is live yet.  The update itself doesn’t go live until TOMORROW (Wednesday, August 7th) at 1400 UTC/10 AM Eastern Time. 

Here are the characters you can expect…

This appears, at least on the surface, to me that this will be another multi-event.  4 weeks, 4 stories, loads of content.

Starts tomorrow, August 7th and runs until September 4th.

No information packet from EA on this, but I’ll see what I can pull off the server tonight…

90 responses to “App Store Update: Simpson Babies

  1. can’t get on my game at all since the update

  2. Since update Simpson’s babies I can on oh play for few seconds then it kicks me out of the game. Any advice?

  3. Game won’t update for me.I go to the appstore,i click update,but i keep getting error messages.

  4. Blah to the 10th power! Gil offer a TOTAL RIP-OFF! EA save your energy! BOO!
    You realize I dislike every aspect of this « event ». Not worth the powder to blow it to bytes! My personal opinion.

  5. Hi everyone, I can’t get past the same sentence Marge is trying to say. And even that is incomplete. All she gets to say is “kids were going out, your f” that’s as far as it goes and then the game freezes ! It’s been doing that since this morning. Don’t know what to do !!! Anyone else having this problem?????????😭😭

  6. The Central Youthenizer?????

    (Zappa fans will get this)

  7. I got the Update with no problems last night at 10pm Pacific Standard Time 👍

    I did not log back into TSTO until 2 a.m. (no problems logging in, but during the load up screen it did make an interesting sound like a fireplace) 🤷‍♂️

    Logged into TSTO today at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (no problems logging in, still has that same fireplace sound at load up screen) 🤷‍♂️

    As for the Event – I guess it’s better than nothing, however as much as I enjoyed the Young Marge, Young Barney? I thought it was quite L-EA-Z-Y that Young Homer was not voiced …. so I am hoping these Toddler versions of Springfield Characters are voiced (or I’m going to feel they got L-EA-Z-Y again, thus there will be no motivation for me to Tap) 🤷‍♂️

    I said NOPE to the Gil Deal
    There isn’t anything of interest in the new Mystery Box (so NOPE to that)
    There’s plenty for me to obtain out of our regular Mystery Box 👍

  8. Actually it’s 30 seconds then I crash so I was actually able to get in and start this took me two or three times to start the event hopefully they’ll be coming up with the patch really soon

  9. Nothing on Amazon in the UK no update is this the same for any one else

  10. Android s7: it keeps prompting me to update
    and taking me back to the app store. I did an uninstall/reinstall. That didn’t fix the issue. I have contacted EA, and now I wait.

    • Hi Tiffany

      Is that a Samsung Galaxy S7 you are referencing?
      or are you referring to Android OS 7.1 Nougat ?

      It sounds like EA may ask for you to clear the cache from the TSTO App (under Settings>Apps>TSTO>ClearCache), but only do so if they tell you to. I would strongly encourage you to get a device with Android OS 9.0 Pie, or at least have plenty of Gigs for free space (TSTO does take up a lot of space) using a microSD card.

      I hope this helps so you can go back to Tapping 😀

  11. Nothing but crashes on my fire 10

  12. 2 comments:

    1) Before you ask, No New Land!

    2) For Part 1 of the Younger Games, be sure to scroll up to see Marge has a youthenization task as well.

    Alas, I wish I could help more.

  13. All I can here in my head is the Muppet Babies theme from Saturday morning cartoons. Yes kids back in your parents days you could watch actual cartoons Saturday morning😜

  14. Seems like there is a new character in the More Oddballs category as well 🙂

  15. Is it on yet? 2:08pm GMT and nothing here…?

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