The Simpsons at D23 2019

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Over the weekend, Saturday to be exact, the Simpsons officially became part of the Disney Family, as they had their first panel on D23, Disney’s annual “fan fest expo”.

This one is a little more limited than Comic-Con, as in Disney is more strict about allowing cameras to record panels during D23, but we do have some insight as to what went on.  So for those who missed it I’ve put together a round-up of news and highlights as the Simpsons took on Disney…

First, there is 1 video that I could find.  It’s a highlight video…not a ton of info out of it, but still some nonetheless…

Some of the highlights, as laid out by this D23 article

-Matt Groening’s Dad was a cartoonist, and growing up Matt really wanted his father to work for Disney.  Also, his father told Matt not to get into animation.

-As revealed by Matt Groening, the couch gag scene was inspired by the original Mickey Mouse Club show in the 50s.  Donald would bang a gong at the end of each episode, and the “gong scene” would change each time.  Matt thought that was so cool that he decided if he ever created a show he would do something similar, and the couch gag was born!

-The designs of the Simpsons family are inspired by the simple elegance of Mickey Mouse.

-This year’s THOH is one they’re all VERY excited about, especially since it’s episode 666.  Matt Selman revealed during the panel:

“We have a fantastic treehouse this year,” he said. “It’s episode 666… considering that the real world is so scary sometimes, some of the frights and thrills spill over into Thanksgiving. So this year, we’ll have a Thanksgiving of Horror!”

Hopefully, we’ll get a fun TSTO tie-in with it!

In this article from Variety, even more, details were discussed…

-Potential Spin-off series was discussed…Matt Selman and Al Jean talked about it during the panel.

-They also have discussed a potential second Simpsons movie with Disney.

-Matt Groening, during the panel, committed to keeping Apu as part of The Simpsons world:

 “Yes. We love Apu. We’re proud of Apu.”

And finally, after the panel, Yeardley Smith did a little Simpsons Trivia! That I did find a video of, which you can check out here…

And that’s it my friends!  A little wrap up of The Simpsons at D23 for this Monday morning!  Something to get you excited for the future of the show and our games!

Thoughts on D23?  Were you there? Anything you’re excited about?  Ready for THOH 2019? How do you think it’ll play into TSTO?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. I was also at the D23 Expo. I was excited when they announced The Simpsons panel, but crushed when it was scheduled in direct conflict with the weekend’s biggest and most popular panel from the Disney Studios. D23 did not offer a separate Animation panel (as they had for all previous Expos), and instead, combined animation (including Disney, Pixar, LucasFilm, and Blue Sky) into the Disney Studios presentation. So animation fans had a tough decision to make as you could not attend both. I think it was a terrible idea to pit animation against animation.
    I sadly missed The Simpsons panel and also failed to get into the signing after the panel where everyone was signing a special giveaway poster. D’oh!

  2. Good blog post! In the Variety article you linked to it says….

    “The panel kicked off with a montage of all the Disney-related jokes to appear on the show, including Homer eating one of the fish in an Under the Sea “Little Mermaid” sequence and a “Snow White” parody in which one of the seven dwarves says, “Well at least we don’t work for Disney!”

    I could not find that montage….but did find another one that is pretty funny….

    PSSSTTT…..Just an FYI….the “Some of the highlights, as laid out by this D23 article” is now a bad link.

  3. I don’t like Disney owning all the stuff I like, that was NOT originally Disney… their business practices are unethical… like.. “i’ve got a bad feeling about this” oh well…

  4. Is anyone else having problems logging on tapped out ? I was knocked off Sunday and have not been able to get in since . Changed my password and downloaded on my phone . Nothing

  5. Team Disney Burbank knows an intellectual property that makes money when they see it (aka of course they’ve seen Springfield at Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida bring in the happy Park Guests who spend spend spend!) and Team Disney Burbank ❤️’s to take their intellectual property and Market it to death in your face (aka schill merchandise, from toys to content on demand!)

    They would love for Matt Groening & Co to do a spin off TV series, make another profitable Movie, etc ….. it makes Team Disney Burbank lots of money (something there executives ❤️ to swim in like Cartman on South Park (lol!) and maybe that fresh Simpson’s profit will offset their lackluster summer Theme Park business (slightly off topic but when you increase the price of Theme Park admission to a ridiculous level + open a new themed Land that’s not finished + expect Park just to pay 100% admission to a Theme Park that’s 40% non-operating due to rehab / new rides and attractions being built = your paying customers are going elsewhere – and they sure did in droves!) …..

    So, ❤️ the idea that The Simpson’s isn’t disappearing, hasn’t been neutered (that’s right, Apu isn’t going anywhere), but we’re still left with some unanswered questions (ie is the tv show being renewed for any further Seasons beyond next year? are we going to see new Simpson swag sold at the Disney Store? does Disney realize they own two separate intellectual properties utilized successfully at Universal Studios? (lol at that last one!)

  6. Anyone else remember Yeardley Smith from a 3 season show called Herman’s Head?

    • geoffy2357

      Yep! CoStar William Ragsdale is a super nice guy! That was one of FOX’s original situation comedies (right up there with Married With Children – my all-time favourite, and In Living Colour)! 😂👍

    • Of course! I think that is a very under appreciated show that was cancelled too soon. I thought it was really good.

  7. I’d be interested to know if there was any discussion of what they’re going to do with Martin Prince, Sherri and Terri. After the passing of Russi Taylor last month, there was some speculation on other sites that they’d retire those characters like they retired Ms. Krabappel when Marcia Wallace died.

  8. I was there
    It was awsome
    They talked about next season thanksgiving and Halloween specials and had a child ask about apu

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Will this be another case of a big company buying a successful operation, only to totally screw it up?

    Tune in this Fall to find out!

  10. D23 is bi annual right???

    • springfieldmania

      Yes! D23 Exposition Event is bi-annual with 3 taking place in Japan and and 6 in Anaslime (oops I meant Anaheim CA) since 2009.

    • The rumor is they’re going to stagger Star Wars Celebration and D-23. I don’t see that happening until 2022 though. The next SWC is in Anaheim next August, and I think they’ll want to have another SWC in 2021 when the absurdly expensive Star Wars hotel “experience” opens up at Disney World.

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