App Store Update: Krusty’s Last Gasp (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

There’s a new update in the app stores…this removes Simpsons Babies from our games (officially…) and brings the splash screen back to normal!  (however, it didn’t stop the annoying sound effects that play when you start up TSTO…even if your sound settings are OFF.  Fix this EA!)

Anywho…new update brings a new mini-event.  Krusty’s Last Gasp!  (not to pat myself on the back or anything…but I totally called an update earlier today in a conversation with Patric.  This sets us up perfectly for a mini-event going right into THOH…)

Mini-Event ends on September 25th. And it has more prizes with it.  More than the usual 5…7 in total.

Anyway, it’s about 6:30p here…and I’ve got two kiddos that are crazy after a long day at Daycare and need to go to bed.  So I’ll go through all of this and fully update this post once they’re in bed. (check to see that the post says Updated and Complete.  At that point it’ll be fully updated) In the meantime…get through Krusty’s first 6s task and then complete the series of 4hr currency earning tasks for Lisa, Bart, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Homer, and Flanders.  Plus a 4hr task for Krusty.

Oh and hey Krusty’s Clown College FINALLY makes its appearance…

Back in a bit….

Updated info below the fold…

Remember this mini-event ends Wednesday, September 25th, 2019..

First, let’s check out the prizes…

The currency for this event is…Krust Koins…

Characters that earn currency…
Homer (Earns 5 )
Flanders (Earns 5 )
Lisa (Earns 5 )
Bart (Earns 5 )
Milhouse (Earns 5)
Nelson (Earns 5 )
Martin (Earns 5)
Sideshow Raheem (Earns 8)

Last Gasp Stage Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt. 1 and 100

1 Dozen Donuts (12) Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt. 2 and 120

Krusketeer’s Set  Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt.3  and 120

Klub Krusty Pool  Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt. 4 and 120

1 Dozen Donuts (12) Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt.  5 and 120

Krusty’s Retreat Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt.  6 and 120

Sideshow Lisa (Costume for Lisa)-Unlocks with Krusty’s Last Gasp Online Pt. 7 and 120

Premium Stuff

1 new premium combo with this one and a new premium building, plus a bunch of returning items…

  Sideshow Raheem and Klub Krusty Adult Retreat – 150 Donuts. Earns ,  at a higher rate than any other character.

 Krusty Clown College- 100 Donuts.


Temple Beth Springfield and Rabbi K- 150 Donuts

Sophie Krustofsky- 110 Donuts

Jewish Heaven- 65 Donuts

And that’s it my friends, the details on Krusty’s Last Gasp Online mini-event!

As always, more posts will follow…until then have fun!

Thoughts on the mini-event?  Excited about the prizes?  Any returning premium items you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

49 responses to “App Store Update: Krusty’s Last Gasp (Updated and Complete)

  1. Hmm. Should I buy Krusty Clown College?! What do people think?

  2. I’m getting a little frustrated with the lack of land tokens, for someone who missed out on GGR due to a vacation, and have been playing since it was first released in 2012, and have got a vast majority of the content released, I literally have no space to put new buildings, unless I put others into storage. The game is just turning into a juggling act for me, and all I’m doing is acquiring cash and donuts with little chance of using them as I have no space!

  3. Hey maybe we should all contact EA and complain to them about the Bart screen!! Just a thought 💭

  4. Is there a specific level you have to be? I’ve updated my game and the event won’t trigger.

  5. Thanks Alissa (wow! You’re quick as always!)

    I got Act 1 / Prize 1 last night – spent sprinkles on Sideshow Raheem w/ Klub Krusty Adult Retreat (worth it to have an extra Character earning Event Currency at Premium!)

    I’m sure as I Farm 🍩’s today / tomorrow I will spend sprinkles for Krusty Clown College and Jewish Heaven (too busy outside TSTO to gamble for them in the Mystery Box!)

    Back to work, back to this 🤡 business 😂

  6. I didn’t see the update and now am a day behind…. I keep getting the Bart screen constantly, and it seems that the donuts I have collected disappear after I log in again after the Bart Screen. I also didn’t know there was an update.. so am a day behind now..

  7. Once again there are no land tokens in the event but donuts instead. The prizes seem good. The clown college should’ve been in its own event with other items in the episode like Homie the Clown skin for Homer, the clown college billboard (and other billboards), tricycle loop and the Krusty Burglar. I was also surprised that the update came late and thought it would’ve been released later today.

    • I hear you, Santos

      I wonder if some of those things you mentioned will be in Act 2, Act 3 etc … I think Sideshow Raheem w/Adult Krusty Retreat was worth the sprinkles …. If I don’t care for any of the Event Prizes (aka “lose motivation to Tap” because the new content is meh) then I will spend sprinkles on some Premiums and that’s good enough for me – it’s 🤡 business, I tell ya 😉

      • An Act 2 or 3 would’ve been good for these items but the only time they could be added would be Thanksgiving or next year. I’m on the fence for Sideshow Raheem and the adult retreat since Halloween is just a few weeks away and I don’t need to worry about earning the koins since I’m halfway towards the third prize. I’ll see what the pool and Krusty’s Retreat are like together because they are the prizes I’m looking forward to.

    • If you have the Golden Goose Realty building, then 12 donuts = 1 land token.

  8. If I could go 3 minutes without getting kicked out and I might be looking forward to this

    • i am getting the Bart Screen too… a lot lately… and when I go back into my town, it seems that some donuts have disappeared… `\(`o’)/` …

  9. Not liking all the bug I have in the game, slow screen, Bart screen, collecting resources that don’t add up and are lost, synchronisation doesn’t help, rat truck farming doesn’t work, 20 truck’s = 9 donuts after Bart screen, do counter stays at 0. EA sort this out

    • I had the same problem with farming the rat traps, lost many donuts.
      However I went through the EA helpline & eventually ( took two attempts at persuasion ) they refunded me 150 donuts. Have lost more since but I stick to 4 trucks at a time now & 90% of the time do not get kicked out.

  10. Just woke up to this and all my character’s are still on a 24hr cycle, bit of head up would have been nice, nevermind it’s an event lol🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Again I did exactly the same…24hr jobs !!!
      Thinking we had gone past the deadline for an update.
      NIce we have one though but pity no freemium characters

    • Keith Rooney

      Nobody was warned by L-EA-Z-Y 😔
      Not a TSTO Addict
      Nor Wikia Page Owner
      It’s 🤡 business, I tell ya 😉

    • I was used to releases on Tuesday and events starting on wednesday.

      I guess they rushed it due to timing of the THOH (I hope).

  11. “Maybe the Tapped Out Oracle will come out of her cave and tell us. Unless she sees her shadow.”

    Kind of a random shout-out to Alissa in the App Store description, wasn’t it? 🤔 Must have good WiFi in that cave to run a blog . . . .

  12. Not that I want them but there are 3 premium Krustyland returning items. All of which I think are still in the yearbook, at least 2 are for sure. Eyeballs of Death, Unoriginal Log Ride, and Mt. Krustmore.

  13. I’m excited to have a mini-event & knew we should be having one before the big Halloween update.
    The prizes to me is MEH, I already know the rooms will be stored never to be seen again almost as soon as the event is over & krusty’s retreat doesn’t look like anything special to me.

    This update to me is nothing more then something to keep me busy in Springfield while waiting for the big tapped major update season……….. hopefully they don’t let us down in October & December this year.

    • storbinc

      Adult Krusty Retreat goes swell next to Camp Krusty (definitely an homage to “that episode”) and it’s all 🤡 business, I tell ya 😉

  14. I checked it 10 hrs ago..nuthin’, 2 hrs ago…nuthin’. Read the post then checked the Apps…lo and behold…there’s the update saying it was 1d ago. It’s almost as if I have to check TSTO before I can get the update. It’s happened several times. Weird huh?

    I’m glad there’s a new event with some great new content. I’m looking forward to the new dialogue.

  15. Figures, I just sent all my characters on 24 hour tasks.

    I know there’s always one that does that!

    Well, if it’s as quick paced as the Last events I should have no problems finishing, oh no, I shouldn’t have said that, now there will be a glitch and I won’t be able to log on for two weeks.

    Fingers crossed!

    • This one actually seems like the intentionally made it longer. 7 parts, and earning potential for characters is small (max of 43 koins/4hrs). They intentionally made it so, after part 1, you need to run through it 3 times (12hrs) per part.

      • I’ll soend donuts near the end if I need to.

      • Hey, Alissa! Thanks for all you do! I keep loading my game and checking the App Store and launching via the App Store, but my game doesn’t show any available update. Any ideas?

        • Hard close the app store and restart your device.

          Another option is to search Tapped Out in the store. Sometimes it won’t show on update list but will show when searched for

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Me too, but I have lots of donuts and so I freed the needed characters.

      Also picked up Sideshow Raheem as well as Krustys Clown College.

      Wow, totally surprised by this.

      Does the sound fx issue impact iOS too? I play with the sound off mostly, so I haven’t noticed this.

  16. Woohoo! I just started it 🙂

  17. happy for a mini event – i wasn’t expecting anything til next week! and i finally turned my sound on to see what annoying sound you were talking about…is it like a door opening sound? I usually play with sound off so as to not bother my neighboreenos, lol…but I can see how that could get annoying! Anyway, logging in now to play! thanks again! (also, I was able to get my 2 kids down – I put the baby down with relative ease – my wife took the 6 yr old going on 16. that took a bit longer, as she was angry about Sky Finger knows what! hope yours stay asleep so you can play, too!)

    • In my game, it’s birds chirping, or water moving. I just have my sound notifications in my game turned off (music and sound effects), so it’s annoying when I start up my game (at work) and those noises play when they’re not supposed to.

      • The noises are good reminder to turn down the volume on your device when you are playing at work. I’ve had embarrassing moments when I thought volume was off but then when I collected, Homer screamed loudly.

        • I use media on my phone frequently for work, hence why my volume is on. However, the application settings for TSTO are completely off (as are app notifications). And in my 7+ years of playing TSTO i’ve never had an issue with the in-game volume, despite the media volume on my phone being up, until this bug hit with the Simpsons baby update.

      • Totally agree. I have the same problem in Android and the opposite problem on Kindle fire (no sound even though it’s turned on to find Maggie). It’s really annoying.

  18. A new event is great – however
    I actually like the start up sound effects.
    So, EA – leave as is.

  19. I was surprised to see an update in Google Play Store at 3:20pm Pacific Standard Time (and Alissa nailed it! we still have that annoying sound at the TSTO Load Screen! how L-EA-Z-Y can they be?)

    I’m lol’ing at what Krusty the Clown has to endure (he’s the punching bag for punch lines in Springfield!) and the dialogue is funny (kudos again to the writers!).

    Why EA isn’t getting info out to TSTO Addicts Staff regarding new content is beyond me (if they did? I can wait for an update later – get those kids to bed and get thyself some dinner, please)😁

    • It’s a mini-event. We’ve never received content info from EA for mini-events. Only major events. Although with major events lately we’re getting the packet from EA AFTER the major event hits…

  20. Nice to see an update, though I’m still getting the Bart screens.

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