NEW In-Game Update: Cthulhu’s Revenge (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How’s this for keeping your attention in TSTO….

There’s an in-game update live in our games right now!  It appears to be a Halloween preview.  At least I hope this is a preview and not what we can expect for Halloween…

Anyway, it’s another mini-event.  Last 2 weeks, ends October 9th.  Which basically spirals my whole theory about Halloween starting October 2nd.

I just got back from the drs, so just seeing everything now.  I’ll go through and update this post with more info as I have it.  For now, know that you need Homer and Moe free for the initial 6s tasks.  Once that’s complete you’ll launch the mini-event and you’ll need Marge and you’ll need to collect 150 Tentacles (characters include: Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart, Lenny, Carl, Grampa, and Moe.  Plus new character with this event).

Back with more as I go through it…

More details below…remember Cthulhu Only gets Revenge Until October 9th…

First, let’s check out the prizes…

The currency for this event is…Tentacles…

Characters that earn currency…
Homer (Earns 5 )
Lisa (Earns 5 )
Bart (Earns 5 )
Marge (Earns 5 )
Lenny (Earns 5)
Carl (Earns 5 )
Moe (Earns 5)
Grampa (Earns 5 )
M’nthster (Earns 8)

(Max earning of 48 every 4hrs)

Oyster Eating Table Unlocks with Cthulhu’s Revenge Pt. 1 and 150

Fogbury Cemetary Unlocks with Cthulhu’s Revenge Pt. 2 and 150

Fogbury Port Lighthouse and Pier  Unlocks with Cthulhu’s Revenge Pt.3  and 150

Cthulhu Monument  Unlocks with Cthulhu’s Revenge Pt. 4 and 200

Cthulhu Unlocks with Cthulhu’s Revenge Pt.  5 and 400

Premium Stuff

1 new premium combo with this one and a new premium building, plus a bunch of returning items…

  R’lyeh (Bermuda Triangle Lair) and M’nthster- 200 Donuts. Earns ,  at a higher rate than any other character. Lair earns $135, 15xp/4hrs. Comes with Sunken Temple (pictured) if you don’t already have it…same price. 


Ancient Ruins- 55 Donuts. 2.25% Bonus on cash and XP

Formless Terror- 40 Donuts. NPC

Star Spawn- 40 Donuts. NPC

Gate to Nowhere- 35 Donuts. Earns $500, 45xp/24hrs

Elder Blimp- 35 Donuts.

Spooky Cabin- 20 Donuts, earns $200, 20xp/12hrs AND 0.50% bonus on cash/xp. (I’ve been informed by 18Zeke that only the NEW Spooky Cabins earn bonus…if you already have them they won’t earn a bonus%)

Light-Up Elder God- 20 Donuts. 1% Bonus

Wavy-Arm Elder God- 20 Donuts. 0.50% bonus

And that’s it my friends, the details on Cthulhu’s Revenge mini-event!

As always, more posts will follow…until then have fun!

Thoughts on the mini-event?  Excited about the prizes?  Any returning premium items you’ll be buying?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

79 responses to “NEW In-Game Update: Cthulhu’s Revenge (Updated and Complete)

  1. Wooooooot!! I missed the first Lovecraft event so I’m happy! Gimme Elder God everything.

  2. Genuine question – how do I get more land these days? I stupidly didn’t get Golden Goose Realty earlier this year as I was overseas, and now I am seriously running out of space to put all these items from the last few quests!! I can’t purchase any more land with money, that just leaves tokens and there hasn’t been any lately. It has been driving me crazy.

  3. Premium character’s a wee bit pricey at first glance until you realize he comes with 2 buildings, but he was instantly worth it for me due to the fact you can plop them down in the ocean.

  4. The game is called tapped out. When do we go back to actually tapping as part of an event. The new setup is so lame.

  5. Ok ok I’ll take a Halloween lead in mini event and keep my hopes up high that the Halloween event is coming and is going to be awesome!! ☠️👻💀🎃 I’m going with positive thoughts fellow tappers!! This looks pretty cool. The only thing I’m a little bummed about is, I thought it was going to be time for the trees to change colour!! Happy evening friends and happy Tappin!! 🎃🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  6. Hmmmm, a lazy retread of my least favorite THOH event. Maybe at least EA fixed connection issues. BART SCREEN. BART SCREEN. BART SCREEN. Wow.
    I’ll check back here to see if there’s a real Halloween update after this. Until then, smell ya later.

  7. Ok, so I spent sprinkles on R’lyeh (Bermuda Triangle Lair) and M’nthster …. no regrets (Character is not voiced, I had zero expectations for that, more on the Tasks later).

    I remember when the Spooky Cabins were Craftables (I already have 3, I don’t have room for any more, I won’t waste sprinkles on new ones).

    I don’t do NPC’s (they stay in Storage).

    I already have the Gate To Nowhere and Elder Blimp (I don’t have a reason to spend sprinkles on extras, but I do enjoy having ’em already – so get ’em if you don’t have ’em, especially the Gate).

    Light Up Elder God / Wavy Arm Elder God (nope then! nope now! like NPC’s, they’re are a nope!)

    Ancient Ruins I will spend sprinkles on that the end of the Week (when I’ve Farmed back 🍩’s spent carefully so that I don’t get the BSSOD!) because who doesn’t like extra Bonus %.

    Fogbury Port is the name of the Lovecraftian Town where Homer vs Cthulhu takes place (and getting Cthulhu as a Character in this Game App is a plus – assuming this won’t be an NPC)😀👍

  8. I’m sure the SIB will come soon…not sure about a calendar. Without getting into how bad I am at math, can this even be completed in time (with maybe 3 check ins/day) without dishing out 200 donuts for R’Lyeh? I’m not too familiar with him, and 200 is more than I would like to spend – that said, I am farming, so I’m not against spending them if I won’t be able to finish on time with 3 check ins/day.


  9. Well, I started this Halloween warm up Mini-Event and will reserve judgement on Event Prizes for when I obtain them – I am patient with 500 🍩’s saved up. 🙂

    I am disappointed that L-EA-Z-Y won’t solve that flushing 🚽sound at Game App loading AND Tappers still get Bart Simpson Screen of Death randomly! But, if more of you tell EA on social networks about these problems? Then, they can’t keep ignoring it without facing further embarrassment (playfully heckle them, be nice to those Tech Support staff members who don’t know more than we do, please) ⚰️💀

    Am I interested in returning Premium(s)? No, and that comes from an H.P. Lovecraft Fan (nope to NPC’s) – but I will carefully decide upon new Premium(s) – Cthulhu first appeared in the “Treehouse of Horror XXIV”, but this Mini-Event reminds me of when Cthulhu made his second TV appearance in the “Treehouse of Horror XXIX” intro (except he was eaten and not his offspring (lol). 😂

    “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” (“In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”) 🐡

    Thanks for the Update, Alissa, hope all went well at Dr’s appointment. 🙂

  10. I have everything in the store except the Spooky Cabin. It is just not there – can’t scroll left or right past the other items – wavy arm elder god, light up elder god, elder blimp and gate to nowhere.

    I tried the usual troubleshooting, including uninstall and reinstall. Spooky Cabin is just not there. Any suggestions what to do next?

    Of all the items to purchase in this mini the Spooky Cabin is the only one I WANT to buy. 🙄

  11. 👻 🏠

    Trick or treat

    give me something good to eat

    or you can smell my cat’s feet.

    See ya bye . 👽

  12. I saw an update. I thought no more screen of death!!! Nope

  13. this will be the first Simpsons event of any kind that I do not participate in. I’ve never been terribly fond of the extra terrestrial and bizarre characters in the show, yes including Kang etc. I wouldnt decorate my current Springfield with a single one of these prizes. I do have the ugly and useless Elder Blimp in storage. Wish I could sell it. Also I do have a Gate to Nowhere in the S. cemetery but thats because it takes up wall space and serves as a gate into the cemetery. no need for another.

    what a colossal waste of an event.

  14. finally figured it out. sorry asked to soon. didn’t realized had to be put on water only. lol

  15. ok having trouble placing the bermuda triangle trio. won’t let me. Is this a bug or something i’m doing wrong maybe. idk.

    • Since I had the two original pieces from before, I dont know what exactly you are experiencing, but one of the originals (the impossible tower) is to be placed on land, the other (the sunken temple) in water. And the new one (bermuda triangle lair) in water. I would probably try storing all of this and try to place individual pieces from storage.

    • My Water tower isn’t working properly, all I see is a whirlpool of water. I’m thinking it might be a bug as I still have issues with my Samsung witht he invisible content, but this now isn’t working on my phone 🙁

    • If you place some boardwalk tiles on the ocean, you can place the impossible tower on it and then place the water pieces around it.

  16. Good to see they fixed the bart screen with the update, no wait, I got that twice before I could get into my Springton.

  17. hopefully this is just the opening act for the real THOH event… can’t wait for the water to turn green and SP to look gloomy..

  18. I was expecting an episode tie in or a week’s downtime today but it was a welcome surprise to see a mini event update. Hopefully it fixes the Bart screen or at least tries to.

  19. Hadn’t touched this game in a week. After finding out about the new update, I logged in and was able to get the new premium character (whoever this alien is). I should be able to get through this mini-event in about 3 days.

    Unfortunately, the bird chirping sound is still there when the game loads. Also, I was able to stay in-game for about 10 minutes (needed to clear all the in-game money and XP). And then the dreaded Bart Screen shows up, not once but twice! Looks like the new update failed to do anything about the BSOD! Aurrgh!

  20. I’ve died and gone to R’lyeh, I do hope the Halloween event is a tribute to the Great Old Ones. This is my favourite of all horrors ever.

    • poklfil

      “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” , friend – and bring on Dagon, next! 🐡

  21. Two things I’ve noticed – the old temple with Cthulhu (where you tapped he pops up) no longer has that behavior. After buying the new character, I saw him appear and now gone. Also, the bloodmobile purchase and sale to get donuts seems to have a smaller rate of return.

  22. And once again: NO LAND TOKENS. This game is getting totally beyond a joke. I have already had to store many of my crafted features that bring nothing useful to the game, such as the Tapball stadium, Halloween camp and a stage that only earns money if characters perform. Now I am sticking buildings anywhere I can. If EA don’t offer tokens, land for cash, or the realty company by the end of the Christmas special, I am uninstalling for good. The pleasure comes from modelling Springfield and I can no longer do that as I wish.

    • Just a question…not meant to be antagonistic…if land has been an issue for you, why didn’t you buy the Golden Goose Realty earlier this year?

      • I missed this: no idea why. When I heard about it, I don’t even recall seeing it for sale, and if I had, then I would have bought it. I am a F2P player, but I have discovered Rat-trap Truck farming. The land tokens offered during special events were enough to keep me ticking over, but to not offer ANY alternative to obtain land tokens for several months now is not funny- daily/weekly tasks excepted as I have had, maybe, two or three this year. Wow!

    • Long time ago I thought after you bought all the land you would still get land tokens and turn in to doughnut I have all the land bought not bragging just trying to figure it out. I have bought doughnuts in the past but not any more and no I do not farm for doughnut. Maybe there was a post about land tokens change I did not see it.did I do something wrong.

      I just started the event I like it so far I will take any event play it. And not complain it’s a game

  23. Will have to wait, Just put all my character’s on a 24hr task, spent 24 don’ts to get it started and looks like a Halloween mini to me.😒

  24. This…… is…… Amazing.

  25. BTW, only new Spooky Cabins have the 0.5% bonus, as I checked my old ones and no bonus.

    • Good to know, thanks!

      • No problem. I’m also noticing some bugs with the Gate to Nowhere, Spooky Cabin and the Elder Blimp for players who had the items already, with a couple of variants:
        1. You can buy unlimited cabins, but only one “extra” Gate and Blimp.
        2. You can buy unlimited Gates and Blimps but only one “extra” Cabin.
        3. You can buy unlimited Gates and Blimps but the Cabin doesn’t even show up in the store…

      • Edit: there seems to be more than 3 variants reported with being able to buy either unlimited Blimps and Gates, or just one extra Blimp and Gate, and/or being able to buy unlimited Cabins, or just one extra cabin, or not having any Cabins at all

        • Thanks for posting about this 18Zeke. I’ll add my own experience with this (posted elsewhere here) since no one else on this thread has posted about any glitches like these yet.

          I have everything in the store except the Spooky Cabin. It is just not there – can’t scroll left or right past the other items – wavy arm elder god, light up elder god, elder blimp and gate to nowhere.

          I tried the usual troubleshooting, including uninstall and reinstall. Spooky Cabin is just not there. Any suggestions what to do next?

          Of all the items to purchase in this mini the Spooky Cabin is the only one I WANT to buy. 🙄

  26. This is awesome. I just started to play this year and I was wishing for the return of the Sunken Temple. Thanks Grog.

  27. Seems like mostly a rehash of items from a few years ago…

    • Some new, mostly old, new dialogue and tasks…something to get you “in the mood” for Halloween it seems. Not intended to be mind-blowing for older players

  28. It better be a preview 😬
    THOH is my favourite event of the year!

  29. If this is it for Halloween…..i said it before I’ll say it again…..I’m gonna snap.

  30. Makes sense. Ends on the 9th, when Halloween will start, with a 4 part/week mini event.

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