Friday Filler – What Does $2K in TSTO Donuts Look Like?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!

And, thank Grog that one of our readers gave me something to write about. Because I sure as heck had nothing good to write about as far as the “update” that didn’t happen…again.

Wednesday, when the update was SUPPOSED to happen, one of our disgruntled readers posted their displeasure about the lack of an update, including information about what they had invested in the game over the years he had been playing.

It rEAlly made me think…

Joel (or is it Billy? the email and posts don’t match) Mckechnie wrote:
I went through all my receipts for this game and I have invested well over 2000.00 into this game. I have been playing since March 2007, it’s been so amazing. I hope if they were to ever close this down to leave the app operating off the server so I could keep my little slice of heaven. 

Well…I’m not going to comment on if EA would leave the server intact, but inoperable for a period of time (they’d have to give us warning, and stop selling donuts first, or get sued).

But, I do have something to say about spending $2K on this game since 2007… (or did he really mean 2017???).  Holyfreakinshirt! 

What I really meant, when I said in my reply to his comment, was “Better take a screen shot so you can preserve it.”  However…I only said, “better take a screen shot.”  So he did. And, sent it to me.

And, this is where my curiosity was piqued.

Let me qualify this next part by stating that for the first few months of laying the game, I played almost entirely “Freemium” (almost no real money spent on donuts).  The “Almost” part actually got me to coin the phrase, “Cheapium,” as I bought the occasional Premium Item that was a MUST have, but just ignored most of them.

After a while, I started working the Rail Yard, and the “Where’s Maggie?” bit for a few extra Free Donuts. But, unless you count the gift cards that I cashed in during the holidays (probably close to $500 over the years), I simply didn’t spend my own money, hardly at all.

Then…Safi convinced me to do “Casual Donut Farming.”  And, from that point on (going on almost two and a half years now), I haven’t spent a dime. Not a penny.

So does a town that has $2,000 in Donuts invested look better/bigger/more amazing than my mostly Free town?  I’m not going to answer that…because all of those matrix measurements are subjective…and completely based on personal taste.

What I WILL say, is that if it weren’t for people like Billy/Joel (wait…is it? Could it be? Nah…not the piano man), the game would not have lasted as long.  The point being, Why would EA keep spending REAL money/assets/programmers on a game that makes them no money?

They wouldn’t. And most likely…are not going to keep doing so.

Joel/Billy’s Springfield is cool.  It is a bit “Duff” heavy (Duff is everywhere), but it is a lot of fun.  There are tons of funny/clever/interesting aspects to his Springfield.

I laughed at more than a few features… 

So…Joel/Billy likes beer. Or at least it would appear that his Springfield is very much sponsored by Duff. It’s EVERYWHERE.


Like here…where you can go from “Duff Lagoon” right to heaven. Maybe heaven is the obvious place you’ll end up if you swim in a lake of Duff.

His town is of the “wide open” variety. Lots, and lots of open space…but Duff seems to be in every corner.

Another Duff Municipal Installation makes his parks and water features burble with Duffness

I laughed a lot at his 3-D creation of the giant Duff bottle…where fans are delivered to the 10-story platform, by way of the escalator to nowhere.

I kind of liked the way he dealt with the land in “Springfield Heights.”  Not sure if he reached the Billionaire mark or not…but $2K doesn’t buy everything.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR A FULL SIZE VIEW OF HIS TOWN...There are loads and loads of non-Duff features as well…but, as you can see from the first topographic view…it is pretty wide open, with lots of spaces yet to be filled.

Again…I’m not going to comment as to whether he got his $2K’s worth or not.  I know that as time goes on, and we seem to get less and less content/attention from EA, I am glad that I didn’t spend loads of money on the game.  But, no matter what happens going forward, SEVEN YEARS of FUN has been worth whatever I put into it, and I’m sure that Joel/Billy feels the same way.

Holyfreakinshirt…did we ever find Alissa’s “Cranky Button.”  I have never seen her this worked up. But, it seems to be that most of you really don’t get her unbridled loyalty to the “men in pinstripes,” her beloved NY Yankees. Poke the bear…she’s gonna bite. 

I used to be a Yankees fan when I was very young (in the early 1960s).  Yogi Berra was my favorite player, and I watched games almost every Saturday during the “game of the week.”  On rainy days, when my Little League games were rained out, I would often don my catcher’s equipment, and “catch” the games…emulating every move Yogi made.  Yes. I was a weird kid.

But as I have aged, and baseball was pretty much ruined by “Free Agency,” to the point where rooting for a single player, meant changing team allegiances, perhaps several times in a decade, I stopped watching.  I still watch the World Series. But, that’s about it.

I pretty much feel the same way about Pro Football. And, I almost never watch the NBA.  I may watch a bit of March Madness in NCAA basketball…but that’s it. I never really ascribed to the “religion” of watching sports.  Oh. Except for our hometown Oregon Ducks…where it is more of a culture than an actual fan base. If you live in Eugene more than 10 years (we’ve been here since 1983), a committee comes to visit you, with a requirement to wear the appropriate Duck Clothing on game day, or when traveling. Beaver fans are allowed…but, come one…Orange and Black all year?  Nahhh… And the benefit of “Uncle Phil” making Eugene “Track Town USA” and donating heavily to U of O Football (and the University) is that we have loads and loads of the latest Nike gear, clothes and swag to choose from.

However, in short…I love PLAYING sports…I’m not a huge fan of watching sports. I played football and baseball from my youth through college. I played Rugby until I was in my mid-30s.  But, I just don’t enjoy the “fans.”

There. There I’ve said it. I don’t like sitting with people who most likely have not played the sport, for which they have become arm chair experts. And especially when their opinions are shouted, with beer-spittle infused venom, for everyone within 50 feet to hear.  It drives me nuts.

Perhaps that is exactly the Good and Bad of being a “fanatic” about anything. If you have allowed your love/obsession for anything to actually dictate your emotions, you really need to rethink your intentions, and the true value of NOT belonging to a clan/club/religion/fanbase/political party or any other group that would divide us from one another with an “our team” attitude.

So. Yes. This week in politics has given me pause as to “how in the hell did we get here???”   This has been amplified by some of the emotional craziness I have seen in social media, as well as this very online community. So many “teams/tribes/clubs” and not enough “Us/We”  to include everyone inclusively.

In a couple of months…the baseball season will be over, and none of this insanity will matter….because it will be time to gnash our teeth over football…and then basketball…and during all of it…the elections…and politics and…AAAARGH!

It’s all just a social construct.  None of it is real. None of it really matters.  Our ability to hate or love one another, based on completely made-up culture/rules/religions/political affiliations, is the one thing that actually allowed us to organize and become the current dominate species in the history of the world.  It is also the key reason that we are doomed to become a “blip” in the overall history of the earth.  Again, read the amazing book, “Sapiens” if you need more proof of this.

Take a chill pill.  We will get an update…or not.  The Yankees/Nats/Astros will win, or lose…and then we will start the same cycle next year.  We will endure this election cycle, and then will start earlier and earlier next time, because politics have become a sport/religion/fantasy league.

No matter how any of it turns out…We. Will. Survive (until we don’t).

So…to recap…

$2K on a Mobile Game?  Sure. Why not? If it gives you pleasure. But, it can’t/won’t last.  But then again, neither do $5 lattes at Starbucks. One of those a day for 5 Years….comes to more than $9,000…and you have nothing to show for it.

When it comes to the Yankees…just go along with it. Alissa does so much for everyone here, it’s the least we can do. Stop Poking The Bear.

Step away from the screen. Nothing of real lasting value can be found on your cell phone…unless it is used to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while…and connect.

In the end…it’s not your team, your tribe, your cohort…but, the love you give one another, and get back, that matters.

Will they give us a new update soon?  Not sure. But, I am thankful for what we have already been given. Let’s just leave it with that. 

OH…………………. And the only thing the REALLY matters, is my BET WITH SAFI over whose shirt is the most popular!

BUY MINE HERE.  These days…there’s only one thing you can say…
HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!! (and a portion of every sale goes to our work in Uganda…so get a shirt…do something good!)






61 responses to “Friday Filler – What Does $2K in TSTO Donuts Look Like?

  1. Well, it took me a week to crunch the numbers regarding how much I spent* since February 2013 on TSTO (* buying 🍩’s in the Game App from Google Play Store) …. and:

    2013, 2014, 2015 = average $20 a year
    2016, 2017 = average $25 a year
    2018 = average $20 a year
    2019 = $0!

    So that’s about $ 135 total (it’s not a lot when you think about how much you spend yearly on concerts and movies and home media and theme parks and donations to charities – definitely not $2,000 but I’m not judging!) 😉

    Why $0 in 2019? EA doesn’t deserve it when they’ve done nothing to solve various issues in the Game App (roleback glitch, 🚽 sound at start up screen, Bart Simpson Screen of Death aka poorly maintained Network, poor execution of Events, not increasing Item amounts) and I truly feel TSTO is coming to an end! 🙄

    But there are other reasons! I take more time away from Tapping to volunteer at the Animal Shelter, Food bank, Homeless Veterans Centre! I ♥️ doing a virtual Zen garden, I will make the most of TSTO as a Game App …. but I’ve learned that there are more important things in real life one must enjoy (not just at a dispensary, of course that is an option here in Las Vegas!) 😀👌

  2. Just release the hounds and let’s get on with it EA, switch it up or switch it off EA, give us a wave or say goodbye EA we need to know EA are you breaking up with us lol

  3. I haven’t spent $2,000 on the game, but I have spent in the hundreds of dollars. Then I stopped and started to farm. The prices went beyond my budget. Now I don’t like to spend in any freemium game because there are some (not TSTO) where I really regret the spending.

    Watching sports is a big hobby of mine. I was never good at playing them, Glad the Yankees won for Alissa tonight.

  4. Matt Selman says the release is coming on October 21!

  5. The easy to get Tennis courts (a.k.a easy bonus). Plus the yearbook to spend the free donuts on indicated the end for myself. Load up and enjoy while it lasts basically. Hopefully I’m wrong

  6. Hi Patric 🎃
    Haven’t played much lately, but I never miss your Friday Filler. Just wanted to say “Hi” and thanks for the weekly chuckles 😁.

  7. i have been playing since 2014
    i have spent over $200
    I used to buy donuts once every few months when they had a deal going. I considered this paying for the game out of loyalty to keep the game going. I have not purchased any donuts in the last year because i dont feel like they are doing anything to earn it. I feel like the yearbook mystery box and the 1 before it, is a huge cash grab. They are just milking us for every last dollar before they pull the plug. If EA could keep it going and have some more communication, I would happily spend a few bucks every once in a while and im sure im not alone in this. All in all I have spent money and time on the game and im happy with that. I enjoy the game but have also been enjoying the break. I hope they keep it going but im not holding my breath. Im sure they will have a event soon but who knows if it will be any good.

    • Exactly. I play console games and will buy DLC if I really like the game (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is my current obsession that has earned my DLC $$$).

      It took a little bit before I sank my first handful of cash into TSTO, and I only did it because I enjoyed playing. My kids played as well, so I’d also spend a little here and there for them. I don’t know my total…and kinda scared to know Hahahaha…but I’d wager I put in a bit more than I’ve put into a single console game. Maybe a bit more than a bit 🙂

      And I did it because I really did enjoy playing. I was a true addict, complete with a wife who’d ask if I really needed to check the game every 4 hours or spend time designing my town, and finding moments to sneak out of meetings to check my game during events.

      But then it started becoming repetitive, and we were hit with glitches that EA didn’t seem to care about. I think the final straw was when I called support for a simple issue (prior to the rollback, I believe) and was on the phone for an hour with an offshore support tech who insisted he needed to restore my game from a long-past save to obtain one of the event’s characters that had gone missing. I actually solved the issue myself; forget the exact solution, but I just had to send the missing character out on an event task and it appeared. And cursed myself for staying on the phone for a freemium game with lackluster support.

      I managed to avoid the rollback glitch, but so many others suffered. And EA’s only real response was to rollback games, meaning so many players lost a lot of progress. I was losing neighbors left and right as they quit because of this.

      And we’re now suffering from the BSOD…Bart Screen of Death. Some blame it on donut farmers, but the thing hits me at total random. Yes, I’m a farmer now, but the issue doesn’t hit while I’m farming…especially since I haven’t been farming lately (why bother, not a lot of good things to buy and I banked a bunch of donuts for stuff here and there). Immediately after logging in, playing for a few seconds, playing for a few minutes, redeeming daily tasks, visiting neighbors…sometimes not at all. Not even bothering to call support. I’ll probably be told it’s my fault, despite almost every player I’ve seen online complaining about it. Kinda like how they first blamed the rollback glitch on us 😥

      If EA can’t seem to care about the players enough to give engaging events, fix glitches, or support staff that don’t just read from a script, why should players pay for extras? And unfortunately, when players stop putting money into the game, it’s difficult to justify the game’s existence.

      Here’s hoping EA surprises us and releases an awesome Halloween event complete with actual neighbor interaction and other interesting gameplay. But if they don’t…it’s going to be really difficult to find a reason to continue playing.

      • “If EA can’t seem to care about the players enough to give engaging events, fix glitches, or support staff that don’t just read from a script, why should players pay for extras? And unfortunately, when players stop putting money into the game, it’s difficult to justify the game’s existence.”


  8. I again quit reading when the baseball crap came up….yawn….

    • Yeah. But it wasn’t about baseball. It was about tribalism. But sure. Maybe to you everything is just “baseball…yawn.”

      • I’ll read it again. Any sports talk and I just shut down.

      • Yup. I was quick to judge. In 2016 I was writing an article for a Bernie page. It was how the obsession with sports in this country has spilled into politics. The us vs them mentality. We won…we did what now? You ate wings and drank beer.

        I judged without reading. My apologies. As soon as I saw baseball talk, I stepped out. My best friend lives in Portland and he’s obsessed with basketball, especially the local team. He’s always going off about them to me. It shows how much attention I pay, I don’t even know the team’s name.

        • It is absolutely true, that politics have morphed into some horrible “fantasy football league” with “Winning” overshadowing doing anything of value once elected.

  9. I’ve been playing since the Old West event (I was new to any kind of build-a-town game and I made hash of that!) but I loved T.O. immediately. My town is my Zen garden that I carry with me wherever I go and it’s FUNNY. Very necessary asset, esp over the past few years.

    Anyway, I agree with Anthony, if EA was really hurting from the donut farming they’d have plugged that hole long before now. And most of us are obviously loyal and willing to kick in a few bucks. So if it ain’t the money, or the players, what is it? Is EA ailing on the vine?

  10. I’ve been playing since 2012 and was a daily tapper until January 2019 when I took a break (New Year’s Resolution!). I’d played every major and minor event, won every prize, stockpiled event items, farmed, and maxed it all out. When I realized I was living my life in 4-hour blocks, forced myself to take a break. I decided to not play again until the next THOH event. (Apologies to my neglected friend list). Honestly, I may now be a “seasonal player.”

    Halloween and Christmas have always been my favorite events. I came back a couple of weeks ago, and even without an event I have enjoyed playing again. It’s taken me back to the old days when there was a lull between levels and events that gave you time to cleanup quests and rebuild/expand your town.

    I hope they drop the event soon (instead of the axe head), but I’ve enjoyed getting back to the basics of city building. Because, man my town has some gnarly event trash on the fringes….

    • Same – my playing has fallen off dramatically vs. years back. In particular, the back-to-back-to-back cycle of updates/events that arose in the last few years, ultimately turned me off. As you say, living life in 4 hour blocks, a slave to the mobile device and the clock… no fun.
      There wasn’t sufficient down time (like the old days) left to focus, leisurely, on attractive town design. When the rapid-fire events started happening, my town fringes got junky, while my older city layouts from before are still to my liking…
      As my play slowed down, the fringe junk remains, and I find I’ve sorta lost most of my original interest now, in making those areas blend in better / work up new attractive layouts. I still tap out (skyfinger) but basically only once every 3 days now, when I also submit all accumulated Daily Tasks, solely for any free donuts that spill out of that.

  11. Your comments about rooting for professional sports teams in the age of free agency remind me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry laments that we’re just rooting for shirts. If a player is wearing your team’s shirt, you cheer him on; if not, you boo. We’re just cheering for shirts. However, I have to say that even though Richard Sherman now wears my team’s, the 49ers’ shirt, I still can’t bring myself to root for him! And I have no idea what to do with Joe Panik playing for the Mets! I guess I’ll keep cheering on my son’s high school’s teams.

  12. The memories.. I hope they keep the game going. I haven’t tapped out yet!

  13. Great piece Patric. Sapiens was great, his next two are much of the same but in different tenses with different examples…still good! I find the even before reading that but even more so after, life is best viewed from zero to one steps back. If you look from too many steps back it just seems too insignificant. I’ve been playing the game almost since the start (cheepnium) and I’d still be enjoying it if I hadn’t missed the stupid Golden Goose Realty.

    • Yeah. It is relatively insignificant…unless you build significant relationships. But, that leads to tribes, which leads to the kind of trouble we’re in now. It’s pretty complicated stuff… But it was a great book.

      I tend to live more and more in the moment. Let the “teams” do their own thing.

  14. My main issue with the current status of Tapped Out is NOT the lack of Treehouse of Horror update or the current staleness of major events this year (send Homer, Lisa, Bart, etc on a task every 4 hr for 2 weeks. Yawn). It is the Bart Screen of Death and the crashing servers. I could be using this downtime redesigning my town (which is a plop-fest) or farming more donuts to prepare for THOH, (and later on Black Friday and Christmas) but the BSOD constantly popping up every 5 min or so is not fun! I will no longer play this game until the next update arrives (if it even comes at all) or if there is a patch that fixes the BSOD.

    Looking though my Google Play purchase history, I spent a total of $49.44 (which includes tax since I live in Illinois) on donuts from this game during the 5+ years of playing, but only on offers that were $10 or less. I would never spend $2000, much less $100, on donuts from this game. First of all, I don’t have that kind of money and even if I did, I would not spend it on an app game.

    Although I started playing Tapped Out in Dec 2013 (during the Xmas event), the first time I spent money on donuts was in Jan 2016. The last time I spent money was in Nov 2018, during Black Friday (remember the gold tokens?) Since becoming a donut farmer (after years primarily as a freemium player) during the past year or so (with a really high XP Bonus of over 1500%), I don’t feel the need to spend any more real money on this app. And with the current issues of the game recently (lack of communication from EA regarding an update, the BSOD, etc), why should i?

    • The irony is that 1600 isn’t actually a ‘really high’ percentage. Lots of players have masses more…mine is almost 6000% and I’ll still be way under many others. So I definitely see myself as part of the problem, but the fact EA have done nothing to prevent this, or fix it, show that the real problem goes back to the source. They’ve made their billions from this app and now no longer care. Can’t complain…it is capitalism at work.

  15. Nice early Friday filler, normally don’t read this till Saturday lol, played freemium at the start and haven’t spent any money on the game, sorry EA, on a constant budget, £2000 is a lot to pay on a game even if a long period of time, if I could save that up would pay for a nice holiday anyway football and rugby for me playing in my youth and watching.

  16. Seeing other players’ towns reminds me that mine, as Moe would say, “looks like a pile of puke”. A few parts look good, but other things are just stuck where I was able to fit them at the time.
    I’m seriously thinking of using the nuclear option, and doing a full redesign of my town. Of course, if I pull the trigger, that should guarantee that EA will release a major event while I’m in rebuild mode. Should I go ahead and take one for the team?

      Just the thought of that gives me anxiety!

    • I occasionally get an overwhelming urge to press the nuclear button, but then the rational mind kicks in. I’m glad for the need for multiple checks in order to execute the nuclear option.

  17. Why can’t they just make their money off advertisers like a lot of popular free/cheap games do that have been around for years? I’ll watch ads gladly if it means improved and prolonged gameplay!

  18. Is this written in one go? So long, do you get winded? Lol, but very good. I’m curious if dude has bought all the land tiles? It looks huge and like you said very spacious.

    • Well…yes and no. I usually write “stream of consciousness” and then go back and edit. But, yes…wordy. As far as his design, it is very different than my own, which still has loads of available, unused land tiles to be redeemed and used, but is far more dense in flowers, trees, and tight segments. To each his own…for sure.

  19. I am a Cheapium player too. I normally buy $20 worth of donuts a few times a year, especially around Halloween and Christmas. It only makes sense that EA has to make money on the game, and playing this silly little game has been cheaper and more fun to me than going to the movies.

    I think the players of yore who bought whales supported cheapium players like me. Maybe it’s down to the point that the cheapium players are supporting the donut farmers. At some point, either the light bill gets paid or the power goes out. Maybe EA should be more like Wikipedia and ask everybody to cough up 3 bucks.

    P.S. Joel, your town looks great! Plant trees. 😀

  20. *this site

  21. I’ve tapped since the second THOH event and absolutely became an addict. From the start, site enhanced my enjoyment & understanding of the game, helping me make informed decisions. I didn’t spend real money at first but slowly started opening my wallet for a few special items. Visiting neighbors towns (remember when events incentivized that?) inspired me. Eventually, I started spending $20 (300 donuts) on major events, mostly because I wanted some of the premium loot but also to kick in for the enjoyment and entertainment value I was getting out of the game. I didn’t really understand or bother with Kwik-E-Mart farming and never turned on the XP Collider. I’d refrain from spending real money due to buggy issues and downright frustrating event rollout debacles. The EA support team really turned me off every time I needed them. But, I’d eventually she’ll out during events.
    Anyway, about a year ago when I started farming using Rat Trap Delivery Truck buys, I was beyond happy to finally find a use for the mountain of game currency I had piled up. As it became unnecessary to buy donuts, EA really started slipping and I just couldn’t justify wasting cash on the halfhearted product they’re peddling.
    I get that EA needs to revenue to pay for development and support. It seems if they were serious about keeping the TSTO dough rolling in, they’d develop a way to make farming harder, or maybe introduce a new “super donut currency” that couldn’t be farmed. Subscription based gaming has been mentioned. What about in game advertising? It seems to boil down to EA not having any substantial interest in it anymore. I’d guess they’ve done market research and it just doesn’t shake out fro them? I have no idea how many active players there are anymore (premium, freemium or somewhere in between). I know many of my long time neighbors with fantastic Springfields have stopped playing. It’s gotten to the point that unless EA does a 180° turn around with connection issues and decent content/events, I can’t see anyone serious investing in the game anymore. Then, there’s the idea that TSTO is a victim of its own success. The game rolled along so long that it’s a HUGE data hog. I’m sure that has a lot to do with server connection issues. Maybe it’s just become unmanageable, like feeding Stampy and keeping him in your backyard.
    For now I’m enjoying old Halloween skins & tasks. Have a great weekend everyone and don’t let EA keep you worried about what will or won’t happen!

  22. If nobody spends any more money on the game, wouldn’t that be the end of TSTO?

  23. We all say some crazy stuff on here. Personally for me…its all in fun. Yea i get mad like we all get mad. But i gotta take my own advice when i tell my daughter to “step away from the Geometry, baby❤” when she’s about to snap. This is a game. Games bring pleasure (like sports etc). If you’re about to have an episode…you know its break time! Lol
    I would hate to see it go just for the community on THIS site! But it is what it is! I havent spent too much real money….premiums here and there in the beginning. Then i got the donut factory and started RTT collections with my collider thing on sll the time and holy crap…im at about 5300 donuts right now. Not much that i want in the yearbook. I got enough clutter the way it is. Not to mention my inventory. Hope we get sn update. For now….the REAL trees OUTSIDE are changing color…and i gotta mow my lawn! Lol. Enjoy ur day kids!❤🎃🌞🌻😄

  24. I’ve been playing since it came out. I’ve spent maybe $100 and have a nearly unlimited supply of donuts. I also found game glitch that I admittedly exploited a few times when I could that would let me get donuts nonstopped. At one point I had like 1k donuts. I can’t imagine spending $2k though, but to each their own

    • Again…people spend all sorts of money on “entertainment.” So, no judgement here. I just hope he feels it was money well spent.

      • It’s Friday afternoon here, and you are talking sense again Patric…

        I wouldn’t want to spend $2k on a computer game, but then a lot of folks wouldn’t want to spend what I did on my Jaguar retirement toy.

        So long as it doesn’t leave you too financially challenged, and you enjoy it, it realy doesn’t matter what other folks think!

        Just imagine how boring the place would be if we all liked the same stuff, whatever that stuff is. 🙂

        Have a good weekend everyone.

        • Agreed! Putting a price tag on enjoyment is simply silly. I know that what I have spent on golf over the last decade would probably pay a programmer’s salary for a few months. It’s pretty easy to disregard the price tag, if we are smiling.

    • 2400 donuts and freemium! Just my NEW grind.

  25. Can’t contemplate adding up my App Store purchases for donuts over the years… (nor can I remember exactly when I started playing!) Though I suspect I’m probably only in the 3-digit dollar range.
    Wish I could get a snapshot of my whole town. I’ve tried in the app, and without fail, I get ‘not enough memory’ errors every time.

    • You need to clear memory on your device. It works great with my iPhone. Not so much with my iPad…which doesn’t have as much memory.

      • Unfortunately not possible… I play on an older 16 gig iPad mini; when I go into storage, I find that the system files take nearly 8 gigs by themselves. When I try the snapshot of my town, it says I need 9.6 GB free… There’s simply no way to achieve that on this device 🙁

  26. Been playing since March 2012

    I have pics of all my receipts

    Thanks for the recognition

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