Bug Alert: Donut Purchases

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Making a separate post for this so it’s not missed…

If you’re looking for info about Week 1 of the THOH event, go here. 

Real quick, Seeing a bunch of reports from you guys that the option to buy $19.99 worth of donuts is either missing or broken.  By broken, I mean…you can buy it and spend the money but you’re not given the donuts. If this happens to you contact EA.

Update: Apparently this is happening on multiple donut package sizes.  Do just don’t buy donuts right now
If you did buy donuts and are having trouble getting through with EA, you can contact the store (iOS or Google) and let them know what happened.  They’ll refund you pretty quickly.

What I can tell you is, it looks like there’s going to be a donut bonus offered with the $19.99 Truckload of donuts during this event.  That may explain why it’s missing or you’re having problems with it.

As a warning to others…until this is resolved DO NOT BUY THE 19.99 DONUTS!

33 responses to “Bug Alert: Donut Purchases

  1. Rich Feitelberg

    I got my donuts by pestering EA. So my only question is this bug fixed? If not, I’ll not be buy donuts again.

  2. Isiah Trepanier

    Guess I just won’t get Gil’s offer then 😒 still not working, I tried to buy a dozen donuts (because I knew prior to that the donuts might not go through) and never received them

  3. Rich Feitelberg

    You can’t buy any donuts unless this is fixed.

  4. I wish I saw this post before I tried to buy, 😥

  5. I purchased before I knew there was a problem. Now the app won’t even load.

  6. Yeah! I boosted my bonus with the wailing wall, but today I wanted more and now it’s 50 donuts each! Booooh! Should have bought more when I had the chance, but I was tired last night. Never mind, at nearly 2400% can’t complain too much!

  7. Wailing wall is now 50 donuts! 😩

  8. EA have changed the walling wall from $1000 to to 50 donuts Dooh

  9. With my percentage I haven’t had the need to buy donuts.. but.. over the past 3 months and several times with EA .. If I collect donuts from farming, character tasks, and buildings I will lose what I have collected after I leave the game or get the bart screen. BUT, if I collect donuts from Daily Task, Find Maggie, Mono Rail, the donuts don’t disappear.
    This all started with a glitch from a Daily task… of sending springfielders to do something at Kursty Burgers. The original Kustys you get is the issue. All the people once they are finished the task.. and you release them.. they all go back into Krusys and you can re release them again when you leave the game and come back or go to your neighbours and come back.
    In order to rid yourself of the glitch you need to leave the game and remove the cache of the game. That is the only way to remove the glitch..
    But then you start losing donuts after.
    EA has not been able to fix this and I fear that once my donuts have depleted where I can’t buy anything.. the game will have to end for me.
    Sort of sad after years of playing and over half a billion in ..ingame cash that you really can’t spend because there really isn’t anything to buy.

    • Sorry.. should have stated that clearing cache didn’t do much.. you had to put the original Krustys Burger building in storage and then put it back in the town.

  10. Spent 27$ on donuts and never got them.

  11. L-EA-Z-Y

    When you can’t support the Game App with buying 🍩’s because you won’t get 🍩’s and have to fight for a refund

    You can’t stay logged in for more than 10 minutes (Bart Simpson Screen of Death)

    You get murky Waters, but no music, or leaves blowing in the wind

    You get new Decor (well returning) giving you more Bonus XP % , but you still have Item Limits that need to be increased

    You still got “that sound” at the load screen (yep! this is a skeleton crew of noob programers)

    Doesn’t get more L-EA-Z-Y then that!

  12. Well, First I contacted Apple and I haven’t gotten my money back yet, and I followed the advice of another poster, and contacted the eighth and have them call me back and I’m waiting to hear from them.

    • I mean I contacted EA and my phone immediately rang and it was a spam call trying to sell me insurance

  13. Thanks for the link Alissa. As I said in my comment the Contact Us in game is broken. Just dumps to a 403 Forbidden page.

  14. Not the only bug, getting booted out every 2 minutes bsod, lots to do and purchase, no good, EA sort this please

  15. Thanks for posting this! I saw it before the $19.99 option came back in my Wife’s game so you saved me from a potential headache. I can surprise SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) with donuts after it’s fixed. Also good to know about the impending bonus sprinkles!

  16. Gail Litherland

    Here’s how to contact ea (this. Is long)
    Ea.com. – sign in
    Go to help
    Then manage account
    Top let of manage account – contact. Us
    Create new case-
    Pick your game (tapped out)
    Pick Which platform
    Then select tech support
    Then select issue
    Then. Game performance
    select contact option –
    Scroll down and pick your support option – I had them ring me and they rang back within a couple of hours

    Long winded but it works – did all this when I got hacked

    • Funny enough when I did this, I got a response that I had to start with the ‘get help’ in the TSTO store and raise another ticket to get ‘mobile verification’ – so now I have two tickets and in each I’ve had to go through multiple steps and providing proof of purchase multiple times. So I’m in day three of this and no refund or donuts. This is not what I’d call good customer service… 🙁

  17. So.

    Go to the store and open up Halloween Decorations.

    Find the Wailing Wall. It costs 1000 in game dollars. It’s giving
    a 2.25% bonus on each wall purchased. I know.

    I bought, well, a lot. Raised my bonus multiplier 1200%.

    Happy Halloween

    • This would be GREAT if I could PLACE them…they didn’t raise the item limit. So…increasing my bonus is futile. It’s a never ending cycle…get more stuff…nowhere to put it. THANKS EA!

      • I purchased 1200 of them and hit the item limit at the very end. Now raised my bonus multiplier to over 4000%. I put them all out in one long block so I can remove them and store some of them when not collecting on jobs or farming and then put them back out when I need them. I have lots of land available since I keep a lot of stuff I don’t like in storage. If I have to I will just move more stuff like trees and walls into storage.

      • Agree, don’t know why EA are holding back, no golden goose for those who missed out, item limits, bsod, donut spend, Springfield hights, so many faults bugs, got the 403 forbidden page when I tried to contact EA? No fun at all

    • ADOLL- I got some. It’s been fixed now. 50 donuts each.

    • Dang, it’s patched. Got an update and the wailing wall is now 50 donuts instead of game cash.

  18. I have got to add that this doesn’t just apply to the $19.99 bundle. I stupidly bought two $9.99 bundles and a $1.99 bundle and got nothing. Absolutely furious with them right now. And EA Support is no help to me because they won’t accept the proof I’ve provided them, like the invoices

  19. I tried to buy 900 got charged twice so be careful just now folks ea website in meltdown can’t get access to it

  20. I tried to buy 900 it processed twice charge me and did not work ;-( ea website in meltdown just now can’t get a page to complain

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