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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part, you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So, here is your Open Thread…..

Simpsons are back tonight with a new episode! What do you think will happen?

We’re in the home stretch of THOH XXX, as Act 4 ends this Wednesday.  Thoughts on the event?  Prizes?  Excited to see what’s next?

What do you think will be next in TSTO?

How’s your designing coming?  What are you doing with your town? Share some photos in the comments below! (If you need a refresher on how to add photos to the comments check out this post) Don’t forget Springfield Showoff this week, so don’t forget to send in those designs!

And finally, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of! (Just no politics, it never ends well)  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

64 responses to “Addicts Open Thread

  1. *Sigh*
    The only things I don’t have weren’t offered again with Black Friday: Lumpy and Mayan Homer. Please bring them back in 2020, EA! And NOT in bundles. I can never get them because when they do come back, they are bundled with things I do have and therefore don’t show up for me.
    I’m amazed you got the post for the mystery boxes up so fast. Thanks for keeping the site running through the good times and bad. I hope Christmas is everything you want. I think my favorite was the elf invasion. Four weeks before Christmas with elves coming in and then two after shooting them out.
    For the record, I never minded six week events. You are (almost) always working toward some prize, so not sure why it bothers people if it is within a longer, large event or a mini right after. Same result.
    I don’t need donuts, but I like to occasionally spend money on the game to keep it going. Anyone have an opinion on if it would be better to spend $50 now on these blah buildings or wait and spend $50 on the Shelbyville item when Black Friday is over? (I have vowed that I will spend $100 as soon as EA actually fixes the roll back glitch instead of offering a new town with none of the stuff I’ve collected over six years. Come on, EA. Let me reward you for making a lot of people happy with a fix!)
    Final thought, it seems like episode tie ins have gone away completely. We could have had a tree cutting contest between Paul Bunyan and Lumber-Jill Marge.

  2. So I’ve been saving up my donuts, and finally got enough to start getting some items from the Yearbook Mystery Box. Then it hit me: Black Friday and Christmas are fast approaching, and I seem to recall them offering some deals on items during those periods. So now I can’t decide if I should I buy now, or wait it out and see what (if any) sales they may run during the holiday season. Thoughts? Suggestions?

  3. My sister and I enjoyed this event. Neither of us do any farming and although I’ve played since near the beginning, my sister is much newer to the game so liked getting free characters.

    It was good to get some items and characters that i drooled over but didn’t have the donuts for back before farming became the norm. We especially liked the 50 donut character box and got some older monsters.

    Yes it wasn’t challenging, and yes the quest line was all over the map, but it was a lot better than the last few events that were building and decoration intensive.

    Now to save up for Christmas!

  4. Mmmmmm, donuts

  5. I’ve spent the week dealing with EA Help… half a dozen different reps and more than a dozen messages. I bought Kamala the day she was available and she was gone the next time I logged in. They keep putting her back without her pod and she keeps disappearing. I have told them I need the pod too and they don’t seem to understand the two come together. Earlier in the “event,” I gave up on the Spooky Donuts they never could get to me and had Apple refund my money. Not much I can do about this problem other than buy Kamala again and write off 150 donuts (not a farmer). I’m kind of hoping there is no Christmas event for me to be frustrated with.

    • Will

      It’s ok to Farm 🍩’s
      (as you discovered, dealing with EA support is a nightmare)

      It almost sounds like you have a roleback glitch (a real problem last year), but there are existing Origin Account problems (make sure you stay logged in to the Game App or risk losing all progress in the Game App)

      Anyone else want to offer support for a Tapper?

      • I have an EA has idiots working for it problem. I told them the issue was that I needed to have the pod that Kamala came with. I got a message from yet another rep who said I need to log out of my game so he could put the pod back. May game had been logged out all day as I told them in my 15th message this morning. He also closed the case so I couldn’t respond and now I have to start over and make a new case, explain the problem for the sixth time, provide the solution, and tell them the game is logged out. Or I could just delete the game and move on with my life, which is looking like a better choice at this point.

        • Will
          I don’t blame you for taking a step back from TSTO (I tend to get help via Twitter to @EAHelp , but find the customer service is poorly trained personnel regardless) and FYI EA is taking major heat with their new Star Wars game (play gets choppy at 60 frames per second in certain cut scenes)

  6. I have been tapping for a while now I have a lot of characters in my game does anyone k ow to date how many are in the game and no I do not like skins you all have a great Sunday be safe
    Thank you

    • I believe there are 441 playable characters by my count because the character guide on here states there were 429 playable characters by the Krusty’s Last Gasp Online update in late September then there was 2 more characters added in the Cthulhu’s Revenge event (431) and then there were 10 new characters added in the Halloween event (441). I’m not sure on the non playable characters since there are so many of them.

    • NOTE: I list the prize before the premium
      Simpson’s Babies in August took us to 429 full characters then –

      430 Sideshow Raheem 11-Sep-19 Krusty’s Last Gasp Online
      431 Cthulu 25-Sep-19 Cthulu’s Revenge
      432 M’nthster 25-Sep-19 Cthulu’s Revenge
      433 Malicious Krubb 23-Oct-19 THOH 2019
      434 Zia Simpson 23-Oct-19 THOH 2019
      435 Monkey’s Paw Salesman 23-Oct-19 THOH 2019
      436 God 23-Oct-19 THOH 2019
      437 Gelatinous Homer 30-Oct-19 THOH 2019
      438 Dr Griffin ( Invisible Man ) 30-Oct-19 THOH 2019
      439 Martin of the Opera 06-Nov-19 THOH 2019
      440 Bridge Troll Moe 06-Nov-19 THOH 2019
      441 Lucy Fer Sa’tan 13-Nov-19 THOH 2019
      442 Kamala 13-Nov-19 THOH 2019

  7. Honestly the event has been pretty heavy “meh…” for me. *WAY* too much recycled content for my tastes in the prize tracks.

    • Mr. Lemming

      Yep! THOH 2019 felt like 60% retreads (Prizes already in the Mystery Box if you didn’t have them) and I don’t see the Xmas 2019 Event being any different … 🙄

  8. Anybody noticed when they are donut farming you get disconnected lately?

    Last 3 times I’ve been farming Bloodmobiles. I’ve been disconnected about half half way through the collection process.

    When I log back in I get two more attempts to get 3 donuts. Then no more chances. Should be at least another 30 attempts after logging back in by my calculations…

    • That happens to me a lot when farming on my android tablet. I drop more than 15-20 rat trap trucks or KeM’s and my game crashes. I do a lot better farming on my Iphone 5s where I have been able to drop 40-50 rat traps and usually get through them without an issue. I wonder if the issue could be with older tablets and phones.

      • I used to have the same problem before the Halloween event.

        I stopped farming KEMs because the game would crash when I was finishing the creation of the building after the 4hrs.

        Had the same issue when I went to buying only bloodmobiles. It got to the point that I would only buy 3 bloodmobiles at a time, I could farm 3 bloodmobiles and collect the XP before the game would crash. If the game did crash buying 3 bloodmobiles, when I went back into the game, I would in most instances still have the chance to get the donuts. FYI this only happened for me if I went straight back into the app. If I did a hard reset, then the ability to try for donuts was gone.

  9. This will be my first Christmas in Springfield. When does the Christmas event usually start?

    • These days all bets are off. However come December we will all be asking for snow in Springfield ASAP guaranteed 🙂

    • Weeeeeeelll… this year’s gonna be hard to judge that due to how late Halloween showed up… Normally it’d be somewhere in early to early mid December.

    • nastysurprise

      Typically after 🦃 Day

      But EA hasn’t been typical all year 😂

  10. I have another question if you don’t mind? My alien 51 guy has a task (Try to prove his Existence) that’s always locked, it says requires qwest after it but I finished all his tasks along time ago… well I thought I did. Do you know how to unlock this task? Thx.

    • You will need the Exploration Inc. Building. I had the same problem. I still don’t have the building. I guess alien guy will just have to settle for fungal excrements (or is it experiments?) 😊

      • Thanks for your reply. I just noticed the same on Jake Boysman, Lisa skin. Anyone know how to unlock her tasks marked Qwest/locked?

  11. Thanks Ella! That’s what it was I got bored and wanted to fix a few areas. For some reason I feel guilty when I rush with donuts!! Tappers guilt!! LOL Sandytoes- I’m a Canadian girl. We already had our Thanksgiving, but for my America friends I think I’ll take the day off work and celebrate with you!! 😁

  12. Happy Sunday all
    Given Black Friday is less than 2 weeks away… I just want to see if anyone has predictions of what EA will bring us for Black Friday (no, Alissa, I’m not asking if EA has told you anything, I know better than that)
    I’m thinking they will do one of 2 things:
    A) They will bring back the same mystery boxes as last year, perhaps updated with some new content, perhaps a couple of new ones (Jockey Bart and Furious D are at the top of my list of wants atm, of the things that weren’t in the boxes last year, along with Citizen Solar and Wind Lad) and at a cheaper price, to compete with the yearbook.
    B) They will update the current yearbook or give us a new version of yearbook
    Thought on my predictions? Other predictions?

    • I would guess multiple mystery boxes like last year. The main items I’m looking for would be Nikki McKenna and the skate park and Mrs. Scratchy. President Lisa is now the only future character I don’t have, so I should add her. I didn’t buy any of the geriatric Superpowers skins, I’d maybe spring a few donuts for the Rambler, Hot Flash and Iron Lung. I’d also try for Pinkbeardy yogurt and hope to see Toys “B” This at a discount. I might even chip in for Pita and Peta if the price is right.

      • Hot Flash is a full character, not a skin. She was actually in the game before her alter ego. Strange, but true!

  13. Finished up week 4 prize track yesterday and wrapping up the last questline. I’m going to give the event a C. Yes, same tired format. The only returning prize content I didn’t already have was the portal so lots of uninspiring boxes of donuts. While the dialogue had it’s moments the questline was weird trying to tie-in various unrelated characters and prizes. As previously noted, bizarre and disappointing that God has no tasks in heaven and the Count and Countess no tasks at their castle, instead more tasks for the same few characters that already have huge task lists. On to what I did like about the event- I bought all the premiums, all great additions. EA just lost a mostly premium player now that I know how quick and easy it is to farm RTT/bloodmobiles and can easily replenish cash reserves. I’m fine with the event timing, the most THOH themed prizes arrived on Halloween week, then transitioning to fairy tales. I am confused why it’s called the ‘3 Bears House’ when the animation is grandmothers house from Little Red Riding Hood. I’m charmed by it because it reminds me of the houses from vintage Fisher Price little people collections I had as a kid. Given my Rigellian area is already enmeshed with my Christmas area, week 4’s theme was perfect to transition to a more Christmas holiday feel. I love how the portal and Rigel VII look in my town. I love the new Rigellian characters. The event ended strong. Nice to have all the returning decorations for in game cash.
    Now to start farming for Black Friday. Happy Sunday fellow tappers!

  14. I broke the $ 100 Million Mark for the first time this last week seems like it’s just gonna keep growing as apart from donut farming there’s not much else to spend that amount of cash on.

  15. I started the game just before the regillian Christmas event and have bought most characters from the yearbook and have about 300 in total. I have about 8000 donuts saved for Black Friday boxes to collect more characters and regularly farm about 100 donuts every 4 hours.

    After Black Friday, Should I be at the point where I just buy the new characters for 150-200 instead of waiting for them to hopefully return at a discount, I’m just wondering because if I’m not spending my donuts on anything else, I might as well get more characters, even if they’re maybe gunna come back cheeper later on.

    • Bobq : I started about the same time as you, though it seems like you’ve been busier than me ( 8000 🍩 is a lot of farming! ) Anyway in answer to your question I’ve already bought some of the characters at full price as there was only limited new content during the Halloween event Of I had 8000 🍩 in the bank I’d quite happily spend 150+ 🍩 on characters

  16. The one thing I hate is having Baby Bart yell


    But I like other voices so I won’t turn sound off… I just try to send him on a 24hr task because he enrages me, lol.

  17. Watched Live PD. Police Officer was dealing with a sovereign citizen person. As they arrested him and he was telling them they couldn’t the cop said “ okayly doakayly neighboreeno! Too funny!

  18. So if this has been asked I apologize. Are you able to look into your notes that E.A gives you to see if we are having a Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday this year? I’m looking to buy some items from the yearbook but I’m wondering if I should wait to see if were having a sale this year. Thanks.

  19. A few years ago we had an event that gave us the Injury 500, Log Ride, and Zoominator

    Doing a redesign and I was trying to make these items bigger, but I do not have enough of the extra pieces.

    Is there a way, like the monorail were the game will allow you to get extra inventory for these items?

  20. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    May your week be uneventful

  21. Happy tapping all😁 not long now 🎄🎄☃️⛄☃️⛄🎅🤶

  22. I have to say it kinda nice getting so many characters free from all four acts. I can understand why it would be annoying if you already had them, but regardless it’s cool to see newer people have a chance to catch up. Lastly I like how they offered god, even if it was very Expensive. I can now bloodmobile farm like crazy every 24 hours.

    • Over here Christmas day is Turkey day! Though not for my family as none of us like it, as it’s too dry!

      BTW your giant Santa has totally screwed up the webpage ( might just be on my crappy Kindle fire though ! )

  23. Ok..ok.. I’m going to confess. I rushed through this last week with donuts. There I confessed I feel better! After my husband part up the Christmas decorations and started wrapping presents( he’s the efficient one in this marriage!) my happy Halloween vibe left my house! I have had to mentally move on to Christmas 🎄 I know it’s early but this is his Favourite time of year and after he patiently and quietly let me cover the outside of our house in Halloween decorations I needed to return the favour. So I’m just waiting till Wednesday now to see if anything happens in our personalized Springfields or if we are getting a week off. I hope not, but whatever happens I will play on! I’m really hoping for a format change when Christmas arrives. No Disney Plus at our house. I have hundreds of Simpson’s episodes on my PVR and my husband is a crave tv guy I’m Netflix, so I’m going to hold off and see if Netflix ups their game. If not maybe I’ll give it a try. Hope everyone had a peaceful week! Happy Day Friends and Happy Tappin!! ☃️🎃🎄👻💀❄️☃️👻🎃☠️🎄💀

  24. Can someone please tell me the maximum game cash?

    • It’s 4 294 967 295, I reached it earlier this week. The game mocked me to buy a few thousands blood mobiles. Instead I went on to buy hundreds of halloween decorations, but whatever I spend, I earn back almost immediately. During the buying sprees, I also get warnings about number of items in town… So I’m hitting quite a lot of these “goals”…

      I think I’ll make a nice donut stash and then store items with bonus that I have around town (mostly the tennis courts I haven’t yet incorporated into design and the wailing walls…).

    • I just hit 1032000000, so lots

  25. Does anyone still do house farms? I have a small house farm but with the THOH special I’ve been replacing it and building a catacombs farm.

    $1K apiece and my modest 500% bonus means that they pay for themselves after one measly “harvest”. And this year there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many catacombs you can buy for $1K.

    • Tracy-1ltwoody920


      I have a Kwik-E-Mart ‘farm’ that I leave in place.
      It generates modest income and provides a place for neighbors to visit and tap.

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