App Store Update- Thanksgiving 2019

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Rolling out this evening is an App Store update for Thanksgiving 2019.  The update is going live in App Stores (confirmation for Google and Amazon, Pat said it’s not showing up in iOS just yet iOS as well), but it is NOT live in-game yet.

I’m in the process of pulling files and images on this, but my hunch is it’ll go live tomorrow morning around 10am.

It’s important to note that downloading this update will NOT remove THOH content from your game.  Those items are still set via timer.  So you’ll have until tomorrow to make purchases, even if you’ve downloaded the update.

Here are a few images of what’s to come with the update…

I’ll have more info once I go through the files…but don’t let the splash screen fool you.  It’s very likely this is a 2 week mini-event, ending December 4th…and that’ll roll into Christmas.  At least that’s my working theory…

Back soon…

-Yes, this is a mini-event.  Starts tomorrow at 10am ET, yes we’re back to 10am.  They’ve updated the files to accommodate for Standard Time.  They now show 1400 UTC, which is 10am ET.

-Ends December 4th, at 10am ET, 1400 UTC

-Yes, it appears there are Black Friday “deals”…ie Mystery Boxes.  HOWEVER…it looks like the start date on all the boxes (including Cyber Monday) is tomorrow.  So Black Friday is coming early to TSTO.

-Similar to last year, it appears as though there will be a special token on Mystery Box. (ie Cash)

-Also, it appears as though there will be special bonus items available if you spend money (or gift cards, or what have you) for donuts.

-I do NOT see the Golden Goose Realty as an item making a comeback with this event.

-1 new item available for purchase with donuts (with the exception of Mystery Boxes), that combo will be 150 donuts…surprising.  The character is featured in the Character Collection Box I boxed above.

-If you want the special cash purchase items…be prepared to buy: a stack of donuts, a truckload of donuts, and a store of donuts.

-It appears as though some of the special cash items will generate donuts (like the donut factory does)

-Prize track items, all NEW items…no retreads: a building, a decoration, a special animated job (you’ll like this one, I promise), a token for special Mystery Box, and a new character.  Yes, a character not a costume.

-No land tokens available with this mini-event.

It looks like that’s everything I can provide you with right now. I’ll have the rundown post up tomorrow morning after it goes live.  And yes, THOH XXX Showoff will still be going live early tomorrow morning.  I wouldn’t want all that hard work to go to waste!  You guys sent in some really awesome designs!

Another update re Splash Screen…for those saying it’s the same or “recycled” from Thanksgiving 2 years ago, it’s not.  Similar but not the same. Here’s the current one:

And here’s the one from 2017…

2017 Thanksgiving Mini-Event (the FIRST mini-event to get a Splash Screen)

Homer’s now wearing a costume…the background buildings are at a slightly different position.  The only thing the same is the Turkeys…and really what else are they going to put on a Thanksgiving Splashscreen?

Come on guys, lighten up.  They used to not do anything different for Thanksgiving…in fact, they changed it in 2017 and went back to regular Homer in 2018.  (every splash screen ever can be found here (except for the current one, I need to add it):


43 responses to “App Store Update- Thanksgiving 2019

  1. unrelated, but when do you guys “put up” your Springfield X-mas lights? After Halloween, After Turkey Day, Dec 1, other. If I could create a poll post that would be easier, but curious as to when you start decorating your fake town!


  2. 🌈😈🤪Great, buuut, drum role please….
    Do we finally, LOGICALLY, get the highly necessary friggin ITEM LIMIT INCREASES?!?🤪😈🌈


  3. I did am doing the CostMo challenge and there is one challenge where you have to buy 600 donuts. I already collected 504 donuts so I decided to purchase 130 donuts and nothing happened. I also don’t see the 600 donuts to purchase when I tap on the “Get More” option, so I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue.


  4. is it just me or is the kindle update late again….? i’ve check the appstore….no update.


    • As I recall they often don’t update the menu but it should be there.
      Search for “The Simpsons Tapped Out” – it never finds TSTO
      Click the entry no matter the splash / icon showing
      It should then give the option to update


    • nannyfodder

      I don’t know if one can trust Amazon Kindle for playing this Game App (you can check with @EAHelp to see if they have Kindle Event update solution via Twitter)


    • Yea! it’s here!


  5. Lots of new mystery boxes !!!!!


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  6. 9:50QAM ESt, Live!


  7. Seemed to start at least 15 minutes early. Any reason to save the tokens for later or is everything in the box that will be? Any indication something special will happen on actual Black Friday?


  8. Event went live for me at 9:20 Eastern.


  9. Thanksgiving in November?
    Silly Americans… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I don’t remember, is it normal for the trees to go back to green after Halloween? Missing the fall colors.🍁🍁🍁

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  11. Update time yippee! Hey anyone notice the comment on the bottom of the update where EA says “your not the boss of us” It made me laugh!!

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  12. It’s live on iOS now.

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  13. Seems splash screens are being recycled or “phoned in” as of late. Not knocking it just saying.


  14. The splash screen looks like the same one they used for the Thanksgiving mini event two years ago.

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  15. Gobble freaking gobble.🍗🍗🍗

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  16. Yeah, wow. Wasn’t expecting an update but I’ll take it. Thanks for the heads up.

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  17. Ah well, just uploaded the splash to post.
    It’s out for iOS now as well as Google, dunno about Kindle
    > someone say turkey ?? >

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  18. Am I surprised that there is a 🦃 Day 2019 Event coming to TSTO (after 🦃 Day was basically ignored previously)? Yes, but when you look at EA’s m.o. this year … I think this will be

    1] another Event for L-EA-Z-Y to offer up prior Event Prizes (this means more 🍩’s for Long Time Tappers)

    2] minimal new Event Prizes (Character Skin, New Character, Decor, Building)

    3] one Premium Character (maybe a Combo, maybe not)

    4] Gobble Gobble Mystery Box (what better way to allow 🍩 Farmers to grab whatever they didn’t have from prior 🦃 Day Events)

    So, I will make the most of it by Farming for 🍩’s regardless 😂

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  19. it’s in iOS now…

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  20. I really hope there is a black Friday update this year

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    • Homergrimes

      I’m all for Black Friday deals / Cyber Monday deals …. provided these are not “buy in the next 4 hours and then not available” (just have a Mystery Box available so we can spend sprinkles) 😀👌🏼


  21. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I didn’t see it in the App Store, but I did find it in my Updated


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    • Just cleared out all the mystery boxes (cost about 1700 donuts)

      As much as I want those special prizes, it’s not worth the £50 or so it’d take to get them all

      I had wanted the other Barflies and university nerds as I’d missed out on them previously

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    Thanks for the notification.
    I’ll be checking the App Store

    IOS signing off – for now


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