All American Auction (Thanksgiving 2019) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The latest mini-event in TSTO is live…All American Auction!

Note: I screwed up on the time guys, sorry.  No excuse, other than my brain just didn’t think correctly.  They did not update the UTC time to account for Daylight Savings ending.  Sorry for the misinformation.

Use this post to discuss the mini-event for right now.  I’m currently at the drs with the Tiny Addict…the originator of the head cold.  So once I get back I’ll add the details on this post…

Ok, back from the doctors.  Post is updated below with A LOT of info. Take your time, read it thoroughly so you don’t miss anything…

Thanks guys!

Things kick off with a 6s task for Quimby.  After which you’ll roll right into the main questline…

Ok, guys.  A few different layers with this one, so I’ll start with the basics first.  Let’s breakdown the prizes to this mini-event first…you know the free aspect.

First thing first…this event, and everything with it leaves games in two weeks…December 4th. 

So you’ll have to finish the prize track questline, purchase any premium items, and do any of the Black Friday options BEFORE December 4th. Don’t let the timer run out on you! (and hopefully, Christmas will follow!)

Onto the mini-event itself…

So this mini-event is titled All American Auction.  And the same basic concept applies.  Follow a questline, do the tasks, and unlock the prizes associated with it.

The premise of the event starts when you log into Springfield, with the All American Auction Intro…

Quimby: Welcome to the Turkey Pardoning.
Lenny: Kill the turkeys! Kill the turkeys!
Moe: Carve them from wattle to tail!
Quimby: Er-uh, I can’t decide which one to pardon. They all look so equally non-cute. So, I’m pardoning every turkey in Springfield! Thanksgiving is hereby cancelled!
Lenny: You can’t do that! The only other holiday in November is Black Friday!
Quimby: Then I hereby declare every day in November: “Black Friday”.
Lenny: Yay! Quimby! Quimby! Quimby!
Moe: Hmm, every day Black Friday… I can buy up all the discount stuff in town and sell it at a huge markup!

This dialogue is followed by a 6s task for Quimby, and they’ll you’ll roll right into the main questline….

The questline to follow for the free prizes is…All American Auction. Shocking title, I know. 

Prizes are as follows…

Springfield Swap Meet

Swap Meet Stage

B Sharps Animated Task

1 Golden Token

Paul Bunyan

It’s nice to see a prize track full of new prizes…and not returning items. 

The turbo tappin’ post, which I’ll have up later, will show how you unlock each of these prizes.  But the basic gist is…follow the questline, unlock the prizes.  You guys should be pros at it by now! 🙂

The store is then full of new/returning items specifically for this event.  Thanksgiving items some of you have been looking for…

New stuff


Springfield Storage Locker and CJ Pro Bidder– 150 Donuts Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs

Returning Stuff


Mattress King Warehouse and Morty- 149 Donuts

Mattress King and Marv- 150 Donuts

CONRAD and Quinn- 150 Donuts (5% bonus on CONRAD)*

Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino and Chief- 150 Donuts less 50 Donut Rebate, NET 100 Donuts *

Caesar’s Pow-Wow Sign- 35 Donuts*

Piggly’s Super Smorg and Jacqueline Bouvier- 140 Donuts less 45 Donut Rebate, NET 95 Donuts*

The Escape Zone- 65 Donuts

Bob’s Big Buddha- 65 Donuts

Coat of Foxes Krusty- 50 Donuts*

Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle- 80 Donuts less 15 Donut Rebate, NET 65 Donuts. Puritan Flanders Costume and Sacagawea Lisa Costume**

Deuce’s Caboose Chili Dogs- 65 Donuts*

Heimlich Machine- 60 Donuts* (does not come with Puritan Flanders, I just love this task.)

Turkey Stuffer- 60 Donuts*

Caged Tom Turkey- 100 Donuts*

King-Size Homer Bundle- 110 Donuts (includes Work from Home Station and King-Size Homer Costume)*

OR if you have King-Size Homer

Work from Home Station- 60 Donuts*

Big Claw- 30 Donuts

Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle- 80 Donuts (includes: Stampy Balloon, Bart Balloon, Snowball II Balloon, and Grumple Balloon) Bonus % with this one**

*Denotes available in the Yearbook Mystery Box
**Denotes available in the Yearbook Box but individually, not as a bundle.  So this one would cost more via Yearbook Box.


Blinky Balloon- $16,500

Santa’s Little Helper Balloon- $30,000

Rusty The Clown Balloon- $5,400

Ok so that’s the basics of the mini-event itself.  Now let’s talk about Black Friday.

Again, these items ALL leave the store on December 4th. 

After you’ve started the All American Auction questline, prize track, you’ll then trigger the Black Friday specials as well.

There’s a separate prize track available for those who PURCHASE donuts.

To unlock these prizes you MUST purchase donuts from the store.  You cannot convert tokens to donuts. Donuts much be purchased from the game store…whether via cash or a gift card.  

If you want these items….EA wants your cash.  Donut farmers need not apply…unless they’re spending $$$

You’ll unlock prizes at…

12 Donuts Purchase – Prize is 2 Tokens

60 Donuts Purchase- Prize is VHS Village

132 Donuts Purchase- Prize is 10 Tokens

300 Donuts Purchase- Prize is Babies B this

600 Donuts Purchase- Prize is 25 Tokens

900 Donuts Purchase- Prize is CostMo Foods (this building Generates Donuts for income…like the Donut Factory)

IF you buy a larger package of donuts, you’ll unlock all of the prizes below that as well.

For example: if you buy a Store Full of donuts (900 donuts), you’ll fill the meter at the top of the prize track and unlock ALL of the prizes below that as well.  (this applies only to this special Black Friday prize track.  To unlock the All American Auction prize track you’ll need to follow that questline)

So that’s just 1 aspect of Black Friday.  The cash aspect.

The second aspect of Black Friday is the return of Mystery Boxes, including the elusive Gold Mystery Box.

The Gold Box is full of special items (all returning) and can only be opened via tokens.  Similar to the tokens you earn as prizes on BOTH prize tracks.

How else can you earn tokens?  I’ll cover that in a minute.  First, let’s talk about the boxes available for just donuts…you know the old fashioned way.

Long-time players will note, that these boxes have been around a few years for Black Friday.  I need to go through them all carefully, but it’s possible a few items have been added to boxes over last year though.

I’m going to do a couple of very detailed posts about each box, what’s inside, what’s a duplicate (between each box), what’s also available in the Yearbook Box, and what’s a new item added this year (if any).  It’s going to take me some time to put that together…so for now here’s just a quick breakdown of each box and the cost…

Creatures Mystery Box- 15 Donuts

Bronze Mystery Box- 20 Donuts

Alter Egos Mystery Box- 20 Donuts

Youngsters Mystery Box- 40 Donuts

Retail Mystery Box- 50 Donuts

Imports Mystery Box- 50 Donuts

Silver Mystery Box- 50 Donuts

Hidden Agenda Mystery Box- 60 Donuts

Women Mystery Box- 60 Donuts

Decoration Mystery Box- 70 Donuts

Cyber Mystery Box- 75 Donuts

Character Mystery Box- 80 Donuts

Great Outdoors Mystery Box- 80 Donuts

Building Mystery Box- 80 Donuts

Men Mystery Box- 80 Donuts

The Gold Mystery Box, which will get its own post separate from the other boxes, is available for purchase via token only…

Gold Mystery Box- 1

Tokens are available via the Prize tracks…either the main (free) prize track or the Black Friday ($$) prize track. OR you can unlock additional tokens when you purchase donuts.  Each donut option available for purchase with cash is bundled with tokens…

1 Dozen Donuts ($1.99 US) comes with 1 token

Stack of 60 Donuts ($4.99 US) comes with 2 tokens

Tray of 132 Donuts ($9.99 US) comes with 5 tokens

Truckload of 300 Donuts ($19,99 US) comes with 10 tokens

Store Full of 900 Donuts ($49.99 US) comes with 25 tokens

Boatload of 2,400 Donuts ($99.99 US) comes with 50 tokens

And remember, when you buy donuts you also unlock the prizes (including additional tokens) on the Black Friday Prize track.

What happens if you don’t want anything in the Gold Mystery Box?  Or you already own all the items?  What are the tokens worth then?  Well you can convert your tokens to donuts…via the store.

1 token = 12 dounts. So if you buy the Boatload of donuts that’s an additional 600 donuts from the 50 tokens PLUS  444 donuts from the Black Friday Prize track (37 tokens converted).

So basically, if you don’t want any items from the Gold Box…buying a Boatload of Donuts will give you 2,400 donuts PLUS an additional 1,044 donuts from converting tokens to donuts.  (3,444 total).  Not to shabby…likely the option I’ll do tonight…

And that’s it guys!  A very short mini-event…with a lot of freakin info to cover!  Look for posts for Turbo Tappin’ and Mystery Boxes up soon.  Also, I’m still going to do a musings post with overall thoughts from THOH XXX, but it may not be up tomorrow.  I may push it to Friday or Monday.  So be prepared for that.  AND i still own you a Sounds of THOH XXX post.

So…lots of content incoming.  I ask that you be patient with me as I’m essentially a 1-woman show right now, as Safi’s traveling, Pat’s working on his remodel, and Wookiee is trying not to let school devour him.

Oh and a heads up…Thanksgiving in the US is next Thursday.  I’m taking a much-needed break that day.  So posts may be a little funky, and it’s possible you may not see the free prize breakdown posts until right before this event ends.  We’ll see how it goes.

Thoughts on the Thanksgiving event?  Black Friday deals?  Donut purchases? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

107 responses to “All American Auction (Thanksgiving 2019) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. “Be Sharps Reunite” animation is just a prize and it doesn’t do anything?

  2. How does the “Be Sharps Reunite” animation work. I am working on the “Gold Box Token” but can’t see the “Be Sharps Reunite” animation

  3. So I purchased the 900 donuts, and got the CostMo. THe only problem, is that when you do, the “Gold Token” event goes away, and there is no way to convert your tokens into donuts! THey need to fix this! I have all the things in the gold chest, so nothing to spend tokens on – and they are gone from my timeline. This happened last year, and I thought I got ripped off. So I have like 48 tokens I suppose, but cannot access them. Anyone else have this issue?

  4. I don’t see where to turn a token into 12 donuts. I’m guessing it’s bc I don’t have any. I am in the black friday section. I wanted to check before I decide about purchase. thanks

  5. Just so I’m clear. If I buy the $50 bundle, I get everything? All the buildings and tokens in the prize line.

    Also how does the CostMo work?

  6. So far it’s lame

    The coin thing is a rip off I wasn’t born yesterday lol
    Plus they showed a pilgrim homer on the page so that made me think ir was a thanksgiving event but no thanksgiving just a Friday sale
    It also says it’s al American but without thanksgiving prizes are it doesn’t look very American
    I hope this doesn’t mean we aren’t getting an American Christmas event
    If they do the dumb pagon holiday again instead of Christmas I’m really quitting this time
    Nobody wants a pagon Simpson’s for Christmas
    Happy turky day addicts lol!

    • Nothing is more American than Paul Bunyan, Swap Meets, and sales of things you don’t need. Except for maybe Apple Pie, and Apple Pie doesn’t make a good virtual prize 😉

    • But… Christmas is more Pagan than anything… is based on a Roman deity and other Pagan belief… “know thy religious history”

  7. Any indication that anything special will happen on actual Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

  8. Only in Springfield does “Black Friday Month” last a whole 2 weeks of Smarch…

  9. $50 dollars? Not a chance.

  10. I have no gold box, so I guess that means I have every item available? As I also had only 4 of the other boxes with maybe 2 items in each, and I once purchased the available items the boxes disappeared.

  11. Is the Golden Goose Realty coming available in any of the boxes?

  12. Right before I knew about this event I cleared my mystery box, so I only had a few boxes with one item in each. Now I have no more boxes and a HUGE task list. Homer will be busy forever!

    Thanks for all the info and hard work. Hope everyone is feeling better real soon in your house!

  13. David Billington

    So disappointed as the only donut items for me to buy are the Heimlech Machine Work From Home Station Balloons and Mount Carlmore apart from the new item. Maybe I’ve been to intense or completist over the years. At least we’re still playing… Now looking for (in the words of George Michael) our Last Christmas

  14. Dang it! Still no npc turkey for me, I’ve been waiting years to get one in my game, I’m so jealous of everyone else who’s had it in their towns. 😭

  15. Pretty lackluster event for me. I think I spend 500 donuts in the mysteryboxes and now I have no more mysteryboxes. I haven’t even seen gold coin mystery box. Black Friday part of the shop only has the 12donuts in it for me.

  16. Not related to the event, but ive been clearing/moving things in my springfield to redesign it and I’ve found an elf that couldnt be moved by me. I tapped it and it disappeared. Have we ever had a xmas event where we needed to tap elves, or had an elf as a reward. Or could it be a glitch for the next event?

    • It is actually a “gnome” that looks like an elf. He is from the “winter” 2016 pagan event we try to forget. Somewhere in your town you have a box that is either empty or holds a gnome. When it has a gnome you can tap it to unleash him on to the streets of your Springfield. When empty you can find him lurking somewhere on your streets.

    • Lloyd, that’s the Gnome In Your Home character from a previous Christmas/Winter event several years ago.

      At this point it’s just loose in your town, so you can either just leave it running around or look for its gnome box (is the box still in your town or did you put it in storage?) If the box is out and you see the Gnome running around, tap it – that will return it to its box.

      The link below explains everything about Gnome In Your Home if you wish to know more.

    • The elf was from a Christmas event a few years ago. You tap him and he goes back in his glass box. Tap the box and he is set free.

    • I remember that! We went to our friends towns and tapped elves and we needed them to clear ours. Must be a glitch that you had one you could tap.

  17. Vegas Wives were in the Character box for 80d and the Women’s box for 60d. Be sure to get them in the the latter.

  18. I must have everything. No boxes were offered to me. I was able to get the box of 12 doughnuts twice.

    • it’s kinda cool to have it all, but then you feel left out when eveyrone is excited about all the cool stff to buy.
      like getting that one big cmas gift and not having anything else to open. LOL.

  19. spending all those donuts on GOD was extremely helpful for farming for all these items!

  20. So I’ve discovered the disadvantages of already possessing everything in the game. I have nothing to spend the golden tokens on. So I get doughnuts for the golden tokens. Doughnuts that I can’t use, because I already possess everything in the game.


  21. Harvested up to 1200 donuts yesterday to be ready. Good to be able to spend them right now. Emptied out quite some boxes.
    Just noticed the whale is in my Vault. Purchased it once and it reappeared.
    300D minus 75 is not for free, but I see options to get rid of some items as it has 7% bonus. Who want 54 tenniscourts nealty lined up. Prefer to swap it for some whales….although… hmmm….

    With God now on 24h tasks no shortage on $…. above 300M now and not getting below it… no matter how many RT Mobiles I keep purchasing.

    Happy tapping and get well soon Alissa.

    • I wish I had done RT farming since the beginning! I’ve always had more than enough cash, but I didn’t realize how much easier/quicker it was than KEM farming. I know there’s a small benefit to KEM over RT in terms of money/donut value, but it’s statistically insignificant to me!

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