Festivus for the Rest of Us: Air Your TSTO Grievances

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Festivus!  Yes, today, December 23rd, is officially Festivus…for the rest of us!

What is Festivus?  Well, although not created by the show Seinfield…it was really brought to light (and greatly exaggerated) by the show.  In particular, in an episode titled “The Strike”.

Here’s a little more about Festivus…via Seinfield:

So while we don’t have an Aluminum Pole…although I work for an Aluminum company, so I’ve got plenty in my office…and there will be no feats of strength on this site today, I still want to celebrate Festivus…in the best way possible.  By airing our TSTO Grievances!

I feel like 2019 has been an up and down year in TSTO, one in which the players have a lot of pent up frustration and anger towards EA.  So let’s use this Festivus to air those Grievances about TSTO!

Mad about multi-events?  Angry about a lack of new content during events?  Ticked about long wait times between events? Annoyed with land tokens? Wish EA would just give TSTO a little bit of effort?  Tell everyone in the comments below!  (just keep it clean, watch your language, and keep everything directed at TSTO….not each other)

So go ahead and air those grievances, it’s a great way to end 2019!

25 responses to “Festivus for the Rest of Us: Air Your TSTO Grievances

  1. I wish they would bring back visiting neighbors for event prizes/currency again. I miss that.

  2. My Festivus gripe is I wrote out a long post last night with 9 TSTO gripes, and it never got posted. 😡

  3. I agree with the thoughts here about the boring 4 hour event cycles – it drives off a lot of people. There just isn’t a lot of event creativity. Even the theme of this event is lacking. It’s a far cry from the days of elf cannons.

    But my biggest wish is that you could send resources to friends in the game. My nephews both play, but despite being around level 100, they don’t have a lot of characters or stuff. They have virtually no cash or donuts, so they stop playing for great lengths of time. (Especially without better events to draw them in.) I’m sitting on over 20,000 donuts and $2.5 billion (over 3,500% bonus is crazy). I buy everything that comes out or that I missed, and it doesn’t put a dent in my resources. I would love to be able to gift them $1 billion and 8,000 or so donuts to go wild with! They’d be regular players again like a few years ago because they could get all those things from their favorite episodes. Of course, they’d never let us do that. ☹️

  4. So, basically this is like confession (only more fun) 😂


    I’ve said it before that you can’t defend all of the things that EA is doing wrong in this Game App!

    The constructive criticism from everyone is mutually agreed with and felt by me (ie Alissa nailed it by stating the fact we’ve not only had a load screen that sounds like a toilet flushing + bird chirping for how long now? we’ve also got a load screen that’s shifted so that 1/8th of it’s missing in the corner – for real! that’s an example for how L-EA-Z-Y this Game App has become under mismanagement!)

    I don’t think you will find a Game App like TSTO (they all have Ads, or only go up to Level 50 and end, some are not free to download) and that’s what makes it brilliant …. but what’s ruining it perhaps we need address as a petition sent to EA regarding these grievances. why? because I think a strong message sent by everyone ought to be received loud and clear!

    With that? Don’t let the stupid in TSTO get you down, please have a Jolly Holiday everyone! 🤗❄️🎄☃️🦌

  5. My primary complaint is, quite simply, size.

    As our virtual Springfields grow in size and complexity, the amount of on-device storage keeps growing. TSTO gas grown to a point that it is more than twice the size of any other app I use. It’s so big that, I may soon have to remove it completely (Gasp!), or remove EVERYTHING else.

    That is too big.

    There has to be a way to use resources more efficiently. And I hope, for the sake of my virtual Springfielders, it is found soon. Their virtual survival is at stake.

  6. 61 Speed Run

    After clearing out the yearbook, I was kind of drifting so I decided to take a sideways look at the game and try something different. Since I had a little “me” time between Dec 18 and Dec 24, I decided to see how long it would take to speed run from a cold start up to level 61 (end of content).

    Rules were:
    -No spending
    -Get sleep on a regular basis, no bleary eyed min-maxing

    I’ll admit, I didn’t remember a lot of the game progression at this point and had to do a lot of web research (especially here) to try to make sense of the best path forward. Lots of KEM farming and collider bonuses were used and a heaping helping of Springfield Heights bonuses.

    It’s now almost exactly 4.5 days later and I’m at level 60 with 21 KEMs and a 152.25% bonus. Therefore, according to final calculations I will hit level 61 at 4 days 16 hours with a final bonus of 160.25% (4 business centers will finish by then).

    Honestly, I thought I had worn out the game. However, a little step back, a bunch of OCD, and a whole lot of free time for a few days gave me a new jump in interest.

    Admittedly, I was only able to unlock characters through Marge and Moe…

    Anybody tried this? What was your record. I guarantee mine can be beat. 🙂

  7. Debbie Bissonnette

    I would love it if they went back to doing events the old way. I loved gifts falling from the sky at Christmas. Vampire, skeletons, snakes to whack. It made it fun. Now all you do is set the main characters to 4 hour jobs and go away. No friends benefits when you visit

    Why would i put effort into buying donuts when they dont bother at all. We as players are putting in minimum money gor minimal effort from EA. Time to take it up a few notches EA

  8. Seems appropriate for some folks here.


    Plus its hilarious..

  9. 1. I miss visiting my neighbors. EA please fix the glitch so I have something to tap on!

    2. I’m tired of being able to expand everywhere else but Springfield Heights. When are we going to get some new land there?

    3. Why can’t I interact with my neighbors like I could on Mystery Manor? Why can’t EA put in a wall where we could leave written notes in our neighbor’s towns? If I’m going on vacation, I can tell them I’ll be back in a week and haven’t just abandoned them. Likewise now that I have the neighbor glitch, I want to be able to tell them that I’m unable to tap anything in their towns. The wall in MM made the game more of a social game, and I got to become friends with people all over the world.

    4. So frustrated over the item limits.

    5. Bored with the events. Bring back the Stonecutters. Change up the format! Give us more neighbor interaction. I loved leaving snake eggs in my neighbors towns to whack.. and hiding Easter eggs for them to find.

    6. Not happy that we can’t put boats in rivers and cars and trucks on roads.

    7. Hate it when some of the cars and buildings aren’t designed to scale.

    8. I can’t find anything in my inventory. Surely there’s a better way of organizing it?

    9. And here’s one for WordPress. Why do I have to log in every time I post something here even though I have the box checked to stay logged on?

    But with all my Festivus grievances, I have been playing since nearly the beginning, and I still ❤️ this game!

  10. Playing daily 7 years. This game has gone downhill so much!!!!!

  11. As I get my Friday Filler to whine… I will leave the space here for others to fill…

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

  12. I’m tired of the multi act mini event rolled into one larger event format.
    I wish there was more neighbour interaction in events.
    The Christmas and Halloween events are the ‘flagship’ occassions each year so should be special.
    As for this Christmas event. Why aren’t there more Christmas skins for buildings? Where’s the Christmas music?
    The writing is still brilliant, well done the writers.
    BUT, and it’s a big but, I’m just logging in, setting the event tasks and logging off again for 4 hours. We need something to make us want to log in more often. The ‘naughty or nice’ event was my absolute favourite Christmas event. Something like that again please EA. Or wandering tappables in neighbour’s towns. I can kinda live with the events other than Halloween and Christmas being the same format, if I must.
    Come on EA, make it great again please.

  13. Never watched Seinfield or heard of festivus and can’t say I liked that clip either wasn’t funny and was cruel, I prefer a white Christmas and a turkey dinner, with my family and maybe a few presents for all, traditional, just how I like tsto with traditional holiday themes, Halloween, Christmas, Easter ect, definitely no santa nazis and stupid half baked stitched up events

    • Uhm. Well. I think that was exactly the point Larry David had when he created Festivus. It really makes fun of the Bah Humbugs.

      Only George’s parents could make George look “normal” in comparison.

  14. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

    Very disappointed in this year’s Christmas event. Same as all the other major “events”. I miss searching though my town and tap characters and turn them into currency, as well as better neighbor interaction. Older Xmas-theme events were far more creative, such as shooting elves out of a cannon.

    Since this is a Grampa-centric event, is Beatrice (Grampa’s girlfriend who died in “Old Money”) returning in this event? She was available in one of the earlier mini-events but I did not get her.

    Here’s my Tapped Out grievances:

    – bird chirping noise that occurs when the game loads (lEAzy still has fixed this!)

    – Constant Bart Screen of Death nearly made me quit the game for good earlier this year.

    – With so many characters (I have over 400) and buildings, it takes over 30 minutes (even longer at times) to collect everything. Also, all that XP and in-game cash gets in the way when I try to tap a specific character or building and I have to keep rapidly tapping until I clear all that xp and cash. I can click the “Friends” icon on the bottom right and collect my money quickly but I lose my chance for additional bonuts. My tablet has at least 4 GB of free space and still works fine despite being over 3 years old.

    – The Town Census still hasn’t been modified with more characters being added to the game. Scrolling down from A to Z is tedious. Would like to option to search for characters based on alphabet letter or number.

    – same tired format (send 6-7 characters plus 1 premium character on a task every 4 hours). Doesn’t help that the multi-events feel too identical to the mini-events. Even though I hated grind-fests, at least they felt like major events and were different form the mini-events. Halloween 2018 (the last REAL major event) had the option of characters earning event currency with 8hr, 12hr, and 24hr tasks alongside the usual 4hr task. Why couldn’t lEAzy include this in future events?

    – Lack of communication between EA and the players in regard to when a update is coming.

    – Don’t like joint tasks (One character’s task requiring another character), such as Canadian Flanders’ 24hr task requiring Flanders, C.H.U.M.’s 12hr AND 24hr tasks requiring Martin, and so on. Poor Gummy Joe STILL doesn’t have a 24hr task!

    – No Human skin for Maude Flanders.

    – Send All Springfielders/Youngsters/Criminals/Adults/etc to…… tasks. That is all.

    I can go on and on about this once-good addictive game has wasted into mediocrity.

  15. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I wish that I had a six pack abs
    Instead of a keg

    Everything is good

  16. I have been playing for close to 7 years now. At times I did not have money for donuts or I did not start playing before an item came out. I missed out on some things I really want and have not been offered; in three cases since the item was offered. I just want to be able to attain these items before this game ends.

    Respectable Moe Skin Costume (Did not play Tapped Out when this item was offered; I have never seen this item offered again) ((Could have had this item for free! I had started playing Simpsons Tapped Out on May 22nd 2013. Just under 20 days too late.

    Christmas Volcano Lair (I have asked for this item for 5 Christmas updates now!)

    Felon Pack 2: Tungsten Dude & Testost-Irene (Did not have donuts when this item was offered; I have never seen this item offered again))
    Felon Pack 3: Gluteus & STEM-antha (Did not have donuts when this item was offered; I have never seen this item offered again))

    EA please offer these items again!!!

  17. Personally I would like event currency to carry over to the next step of the event. For example, I have 8 characters that give me 5 currency each. So that give me 40 total. YAY! Now I have 40 of 50 for that first “prize”. So I set all 8 characters on tasks again and come back in another 4 hours for another 40 currency. Well I now have the full 50 of 50 but now the remaining 30 currency is GONE! I would really love for that to apply to the next step where I now need 100. That 30 from step 1 would have been a great jumpstart into the next step. With there being 5 stages in each act I’m potentially losing about 120 units of currency by the end of the act. That’s enough for a full stage plus some. So EA, hear my plea/grief and help me out with this.

    Ya, I know I can stagger my logins and start tasks to only get what I need then start them again. But I’m set in my TSTO addict ways and only log in every 4 hours. This is a totally minor thing, but it would be nice.

  18. I wish to take this opportunity to wish all tappers festive greetings!!!

  19. Hi,
    I don’t start with how boooring the game has become lately. Anyone can judge by themselves. My biggest grievance is the fact I can’t visit most of my neighborinos any more. There’s never anything to tap in their cities, even though I know they are active players, and at least some of them can still visit mine. No matter how many times a day I’ll go and look, nope, nothing to tap while some other friends’ Springfields have always something to “leave your mark” on… I hope that could be fixed soon!
    Merry Christmas to all fans of TSTO!!

  20. I like pie.

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