Update Alert: Holidays of Future Past is Live!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fifteen days into 2020 and we have our first update of the roaring 20s!  To, what should be, no one’s surprise…it’s a mini-event!  What are we covering this time?  The future!  (insert loud groan from Patric)

Holidays of Future Past is officially live in our towns…and with it FINALLY arrives future Homer and Marge.  Two characters I was incredibly annoyed weren’t included with the previous future updates.

Remember, if you haven’t downloaded the update from the app store (it hit last night), you’ll need to do so in order to see the new content.  This update will remove the snow from your Springfield, so be prepared for that. And if you don’t see the update available try these steps:  Hard close your App store, clear your cache, restart your device.  When it reboots, open your app store and search Tapped Out.

What’s included with this event?  Let’s take a look….
Note: You’ll need the Simpson family free for a 6s task to kick things off. 

Holidays of Future Past Mini-Event Ends January 29th

Things kick off for Holidays of Future Past with a trigger from Marge, and some dialogue between the “present-day” Simpsons family…

Marge: 3…2…1…Happy New Year!
Homer: Okay, now let’s open the next year’s champagne!
Bart: Quiet! I’m Facetiming my friends on vacation in Hawaii and I don’t want to spoil New Year’s for them!
Lisa: Ugh, this family never changes. Mom went overboard decorating, Dad’s drunk, and Bart’s a jerk.
Marge: Lisa’s right. A little bit of a try-hard, but right. This year we’re all making New Year’s resolutions!

This is followed by 6s tasks for the family to “Make New Year’s Resolutions”.

After you complete the tasks, the event will kick off…

I should warn you.  The dialogue for this event is…weird. Even for Simpsons standards.  It gets a little confusing and strange…but stick with it.  It makes sense in the end, in a weird way.

Remember, this is a mini-event.  So it’ll run for 2 weeks (ends Jan. 29th), and there’s only 1 prize track/questline.  Once you’ve completed that you’ve finished this mini-event.  Nothing to do after that but wait for the next update…

Now onto the content…

We’ll start with the prizes:

South Pole- Unlocked via Holidays of Future Past Pt. 1 and 50

The Lofts at Springfield Elementary– Unlocked via Holidays of Future Past Pt. 2 and 100 (This is a facade for Springfield Elementary…not a new building)

Heathrow Teleportation Depatures- Unlocked via Holidays of Future Past Pt. 3 and 100

Ultranet- Unlocked via Holidays of Future Past Pt. 4 and 250

Jiff and Skippy- Unlocked via Holidays of Future Past Pt. 5 and 400 (similar to Sherri and Terri.  Treated as 1 character in TSTO)

Here’s a list of who earns the Holiday Decoration Event Currency…

Retired Homer (New Premium)
Empty-Nest Marge (New Premium)

5 /freemium and 8/new premium

Now onto the Premium content…


Martian Vacation w/ Retired Homer & Empty-Nest Marge- 175 Donuts.  Retired Homer and Empty-Nest Marge are two separate FULL characters, and they each come with their own questline.  The Martian Vacation does NOT earn a bonus %.


Mooch Bart- 75 Donuts (Not in Yearbook Box)

President Lisa- 75 Donuts (Not in Yearbook Box)

Hyperstadium w/ Rockstar Maggie- 160 Donuts (available in Yearbook Box)

Jenda- 75 Donuts (Not in Yearbook Box)

Zia SImpson- 75 Donuts (Not in Yearbook Box)

Homer’s Dream House- 80 Donuts (Not in Yearbook Box)

Rocket to Your Doom- 80 Donuts (available in Yearbook)

Guys, I’m pretty excited about this update.  Aside from the fact that it’s something to do in TSTO, it fills in a LOT of missing content from previous updates with future content.  Time to finish my Springfield of the Future area!

Now if we could just get Hugh, we’ll be all set….

Thoughts on the update?  Excited for the content?  Do you like the future episodes as much as I do?  Or are you, like Patric, not a fan of multiple versions of the same character in Springfield?  Plans for content locations?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

57 responses to “Update Alert: Holidays of Future Past is Live!

  1. Does any know if it is possible to finish up in a week playing freemium. 😵

  2. I finally just now got my update!

    • Bring back past updates for people who missed out on cool stuff. Itchy and scratchy land. Burns casino definitely!!. Superhero updates. I want items for those updates and I hate I missed those ones 🙁 bring the stuff back.

  3. Buy the escalator to no we’re if you have space if not the huge zirconia sun sphere as it only takes up one tile I hope this helps

  4. thanks for the update! ok so I’m not sure I missed some characters.. I know to scroll down, and I had 4 extra tasks, 8 hours each, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa.. but I have 2 villages and (one with Mooch Bart and President Lisa) and one without.. I think those 2 characters are doing the 8 hour but I’m also showing Bart and Lisa doing the 4 hour currency too? I checked my town hall… so if you have future Bart and Lisa, they will do the 8 hours and regular Bart and Lisa will still do your currency. So you don’t have to lose Bart/Lisa currency. I was confused as I thought I screwed up and missed Bart and Lisa 8 hours

    • Kim S

      You did fine and actually took note of what may confuse Tappers (because we’ve got so many variants of the same Simpsons Family Members). 👍🏻

      It’s juggling 4 Hour Tasks with at least 8 Characters and another 4 Characters doing 8 Hour Tasks. Now, it’s going to depend on each Tapper to decide if an Event Prize was worth the effort (I’d say yes to 2 out of 3).

  5. Land is the issue for me, not enough, and no way to get it, so used donuts, (nearly 600, but with nothing else to spend them on, it seemed irrelevant, and still have over 1,000) to rush through the whole event, just to get the characters at the end. The other things just went into storage as nowhere to put them, especially the ridiculously large Ultranet.

    How can they expect people to carry on with the game if you can’t expand the town to fit in the new things they release?

    • I have this problem in the smaller of my two Springfields due to not having the GGR building. As a suggestion, what I have done is to use the Springfields heights area as a sort of dumping ground for buildings that I need such as houses to generate cash and Springfield heights buildings needed for cash and XP bonuses. I have all this stuff bunched up at the back, not the most elegant solution but it allows me to put the buildings I want to see in the main part of the town.

      • My Springfield heights is full of the buildings that don’t earn anything, but give a % bonus, plus about 500 wailing walls from when they were misplaced at $1,000 each, I can’t fit anything else in there!

    • John

      You made a valid point for why the Golden Goose Reality needs to be offered up as a Premium again.

      Land is equally an issue along with Item Limits (I wasn’t expecting Ultranet Buildings to be the size they are, but Patric did say “nothing is to scale in this Game App”, and I did find space for ’em by eliminating Decor).

    • Sort of linking to the springfield heights, store the heights as a few groups. That way when (if) ea gives more land, you can place the new stuff and replace the heights stuff.

  6. Is it just me or is this new year event a bit late, feel am missing something 🤔

    • Keith

      Yes, compared to prior years in TSTO, but I would’ve waited until the end of January if EA would’ve debut a new Event Format (Mini Event, or Event, it’s time to introduce something new with how we Task for Event Prizes).

      I will say the new Premiums are worth it, although it’s time to put the different age ranges of our Simpsons Family away (I’d ♥️ to see more Relatives in TSTO).

  7. It’s really odd seeing Zia again already… she literally was a prize in last ‘Halloween’ and 2 events later she returns for donuts? Normally it’s almost a year before prize characters make their return isn’t it?

    • Not necessarily. Make 4 or 5 years ago, but in this “new era” of TSTO things appear back pretty quick.

      • Everything apart from GGR, which was last released a year ago, and is now the only thing I want from the game to be able to enjoy it again………….

    • I remember in 2018 when Brendan Beiderbecke and the STEM Conference Hotel were released in early January for 150 donuts then in mid February they returned in a mystery box for 60 donuts. Its not the same since they were premium anyway while Zia was a prize and now costs donuts but its been a while since an old prize returned and cost donuts (the last one I think was Poochie and the ramp). I’m just glad that Homer’s Dream House has returned.

  8. This may actually be better than the entire Christmas event combined prize wise.

  9. 3/4 characters, 1 building, 3 decorations and a building skin. Not bad for a mini event since they had donut or returning items as prizes but 5 new prizes is great plus most of the returning items are not in the yearbook mystery box, I’m also so happy that Homer’s Dream House is back because it was difficult to craft when it was last released.

    I was somewhat surprised that Bart and Jenda’s sons were called Jiff and Skippy when I remember them being called Kirk and Picard in the show.

    • Jiff and Skippy threw me too, according to Simpson’s wiki- they are named Kirk and Picard. I’m glad we’re getting them and rather happy they’ll stay together as a duo. It would have been cool to get their step-father Jerry to round out the family.
      It’s always bothered me that Jenda is just in the kid’s group and not considered a Simpson. Vegas wife is a Simpson but the mother of Bart’s children is not. Unfortunately this would probably be an EAsy programming fix that will never happen.

      • I too like the fact that the two boys are a duo character. I’d like to see Jerry appear soon along with Hugh Parkfield since I think its just them left of the future characters. I think Jenda is still a teenager that we have in the game so she isn’t married to Bart yet and had Jiff and Skippy or Kirk and Picard yet. Maybe if she had a skin to be older then that might work to make her a Simpson. Zia has bothered me since she isn’t considered as a Simpson either.

  10. still waiting for update on apple

    • It’s out for Apple. Try following the steps i outlined in the top of this post. It’s available, for some reason your App store isn’t showing it.

  11. I’m really happy to get access to so many characters that I don’t have and aren’t available in the Yearbook. The only downside is that everything costs Donuts so it’s back to farming for me! Also, when I saw the event dealt with Interdimensional Travelers, I was hope hope hoping that I could get my hands on Stephen Hawking in this update, even though he’s an Interplanetary Traveler. Looks like no luck on that front!

  12. Glad to have an update. But not glad that the neighbor glitch has still not been fixed. I miss visiting my neighbors. (Sigh!)

  13. Ultranet is way too big! I can’t find anywhere to put it in my Springfield

    • We got an entire planet (Rigel 7) in Halloween. The Ultranet is like the VR internet in the future, I’m not surprised its supposed to be huge. I’ll probably put it with my zenith city or make a future Springfield with it when I get it, by the sounds of it I’m going to need a lot of land to make it work.

  14. Great information, thanks guys. As an aside, in your opinion, what is the best premium item to buy for game cash. The huge zirconia, sunsphere or escalator to nowhere among other choices. Haven’t bought any of them and just wanted input.

  15. My Springfield is sooo green!! An update is an update, it’s much better then no update! I’m happy that there are no donuts in the prize track it’s all new content! I’m going to reserve judgment till the end. For now I’m ok with it! Happy Day Friends and Happy Tappin!

  16. Thanks a lot for this post Alissa ❤️ I bought the martian bundle, and have nothing else to purchase, so I guess I’ll stick with the questline 😄 it’s nice to have un update!

  17. Did you have Homer saying something over and over again when you opened up the app?

  18. Patric has every right to groan (and there is no defending how dumb this Mini Event is!) 😂

    Update initiated by EA late Tuesday (for a beginning on Wednesday morning) two weeks into 2020! At least we get the traditional Load Screen minus the “darn noise” (is that finally fixed?) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Breaking down Event Prizes

    Dumb Decor
    Dumb Building Skin
    Dumb Decor
    Cool Building
    Alright 2 Grandkids Characters
    *2 Grandparents Characters w/Decor Premium

    Loads of returning Content (already available in Regular Mystery Box for less 🍩’s!)

    Have fun, but let’s call it what it is – Dumb! 😂

    • I guess you find this event dumb.i’m with Alissa on this one.3 new characters and some new buldings.plus returning characters and buildings for players who don’t have them.for a mini event this one is pretty cool.
      Have a great day everyone.

      • And…the prize track is all new content. No donuts, no returning characters…just 5 new prizes. Win to me.

      • As a real mini event, it’s not bad content-wise. The real problem is that the main events are basically also mini events. Yes, apart from the mars thing i have also nothing else to buy, but i suppose that’s the way it will be in the future

      • I’m fine with the two new Premium Characters (worth the 🍩’s and more rewarding then the Event Prizes), I’m fine with the Future Grandkids (at least they’re both new), I’m fine with the new Building (it’s actually cool). I will say that the new Premium Characters Tasks outside of the Event are funny (all of that is worth your time). 👍🏻

        I’m not fine with the “same tired format”, the same Characters now in “different age groups” (lol we got toddler, child, teen, adult, senior citizen versions of almost the whole Simpson’s Family, when we could have more of the Relatives introduced into TSTO) and thankfully it’s they’re not Character Skins. Yes – we’re not stuck with 12 🍩’s for a Prize (thank you EA) – but again it’s more “Dumb Decor” (well what’s equally Dumb is no Item Limits so I get to Store them). EA is “phoning it in” by not trying to introduce a new playable format for an Event (it’s dumb, I won’t defend these aspect of TSTO, but I can have fun with what Content I will enjoy – which is basically 4 Characters + 1 Building thanks to a decent Premium).

  19. I’ve only recently downloaded the game again about a month ago, starting a new town. I last played my old town in around 2015. May sound stupid but have i missed much? Is there things in this update I should get that I’ve previously missed

    • Other than 400+ characters, tons of buildings, Golden Goose Realty, God, Mystery box? No, not at all.

    • James

      If you enjoyed those Future Episodes of the Simpsons? Chances are you will enjoy this Mini Event (and obtain a few returned Content). I found the Premium Characters worth the 🍩’s and that’s about it.

  20. Cat got me up At 6:30 to feed him. Checked the App Store, performed the update, sent every one on a 12 hour quest. A little before 7:00 🕖 PST.


    Rushed one task, stored and retrieved two items.
    I’m kinda, sorta back on task.

    Literally, FIVE MINUTES would have saved me.

    • Uhm…OK. So…the warning that we had an update in the Ap store…and the fact that almost every update in the past year has started at 7A PST wasn’t enough to keep you from sending everyone on a 12-hour task? Sheesh!! This one is on you, Tracy.

      But, the good news is…there was an update!

    • Hey now I know that I’m not alone with this ” 🐈’s wake me up before the alarm does” 😂 👍🏻 ….I can say the new Characters are alright (you just have to let go of the fact EA is giving Tappers further ‘Multiple Characters’ – it’s dumb, can’t defend that, but you can have fun with them vs the Decor – which you will probably Store as we got no increased Item Limits!) 😂

      • I agree it’s dumb alright. But hey ! at least the game is still alive…. barely.

        • Barely is right …. I’m fine playing with the new Premiums , most of the Event Prizes will get Stored later, but I don’t understand why this EA skeleton crew can’t engage Tappers by inquiring what we like – don’t like – would want in the Game App via social networks (lol) seriously, Alissa with TSTO Addicts is doing all the work for EA via WordPress and she should be compensated!)

    • Tracy- Blame the cat for not waking you up at 6:35am instead of at 6:30am.

      Ages ago, the cat who came to grad school with me started waking me up to feed her at 5am every morning. Didn’t matter if I just got to bed at 4am. She got tired of my unpredictable schedule, since I often worked the night shift at the lab to get my turn on the equipment.

      I kept a tightly lidded canister of kitty krunchies and a bowl on the floor by my bed, so I could feed her without getting up. She liked company when she ate, so I couldn’t just leave food for her in the kitchen on my way to bed.

      She kept me on that 5am feeding schedule long after grad school.

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