Episode 56- Addicts of Future Past

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Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa, Patric, and Safi as they breakdown the first update of 2020…Holidays of Future Past!  The Addicts crew talks all things future, new prize track, feeling satisfied (or unsatisfied) from EA, and figuring out just what the heck we want in an update these days!  You won’t want to miss the rants in this one!

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7 responses to “Episode 56- Addicts of Future Past

  1. thank you it was really nice to hear from you again

  2. 2020 – the year Alissa quits defending EA’s bad decisions / poor managing of TSTO ? 😉 Thank you for having a place for Tappers to agree, or disagree, or just evolve into our silly selves for a while (you are doing EA’s job by engaging with Tappers). 😀👌🏻 I think continuing to have zero expectations lessens when EA offers up something that’s disappointing; even though this Game App was meant as a virtual Zen Garden for me (but these darn Item Limits are taking that away, so I’m learning to get a life away from TSTO more often, although it’s still apparent we need that “vacant space” next to Springfield Heights to be available). Alissa’s opinions regarding old devices being apart of the problem is accurate (if you’re still using anything older than Android OS Oreo 8.0, if you’re still using an Apple product older then 4 years, if you’re using anything with a lack of RAM / ROM, if you’re still using an Amazon Kindle? nobody can help you for those decisions). 🤔

    FYI – She deserves a l-o-o-o-o-n-g vacation with her Husband and Kids away from the computer, so let’s not panic if an Event appears during those “7 Days of February” (give them a chance to enjoy WDW even though I doubt anyone will get on the new Rise of the Resistance – too complicated getting a boarding pass!) 🤫 Now that Alissa has said it, maybe “the bar” we set for EA is almost not obtainable (maybe I got to accept Events / Mini Events are going to keep this overused format, maybe I got to accept this skeleton crew EA has taking care of TSTO isn’t going to improve the Game App experience, maybe I got to accept not every new Event Prize / Premium is going to be worth your time – I can do all of that, but I’m not going to ♥️ it!) 😂

    I applaud all of Patric’s work around the Home (I even applaud him logically explaining to his Wife that sanding anything causes the equivalent to sawdust that will be a clean up issue later, along with logically explaining why he didn’t feel a need to participate in this Mini Event, or invest in the new Premium). I have been in his shoes with regards to “DIY home upgrades”, an the best Sitcom to symbolize what I went thru is “Schitt’s Creek” (it’s worth watching all 6 Seasons). 😂 I may not be as cranky, but I am 💯 behind him with Team Ebron (when you take away a Tapper’s ability to be creative, when you’re not making more Land available where it’s painfully free to do this, when you can’t increase Item Limits, when EA chooses not to send TSTO Addicts Staff a press kit for an upcoming Event? you got to expect Tappers will take these as an insult – because it is). So, with all of that, I will be grateful that these Events / Mini Events still don’t require much effort (you can choose to do them at a pace that doesn’t interfere with your life outside of TSTO).

    We are so blessed that Safi even offered up anything on TSTO Addicts while he was in Costa Rica on vacation (and so glad you came home without dealing with the latest SARS scare in airports now). ☺️ I look forward to another recipe post next week, but most of all …. I look forward to EA paying attention to the elaborate / well detailed Polls you drafted up that prove there is still loads of Content not in TSTO (we don’t need anymore Character Skins, or Doppelgangers, or Dumb Decor – but per Patric – we truly do need a chart explaining why Buildings should adhere to a certain scale in size). It is true that last year the Mini Events were more rewarding then the Events (and it was painfully obvious why). Watching both Patric and You have a Pop Quiz snuck up on you by Alissa (and seeing we all kinda got a 3 out of 5 score) was epic! 😀👍🏻

    Wookie – I know how busy you are, but I sure hope you can publish just one more post on TSTO Addicts before the Game App ends. I am convinced that Fox – Disney is developing new Animation for Sunday as The Simpson’s / Family Guy will eventually be coming to an end (Bob’s Burgers will continue, American Dad has been under Warner Bros via TNT / TBS and syndicated at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim to not even be considered an issue, but there’s an hour slot to fill). 😉

  3. Liked the little bit of drama 🙂 Bitching is common to all tappers in one form or another lol. Pete Rose should be in hall of fame! Safi what’s playing on your Tv in the background? Masked singer, AGT?

    • Pete can be in the HOF as soon as he apologizes…and stops selling his junk in Vegas.

      • We tolerate Pete Rose …. we don’t tolerate OJ Simpson out here in Vegas (self explanatory) …. but just like Vince Neil, everything Pete Rose tries to invest in out here goes belly up (it’s like Pete Rose and the Hall of Fame – a bad idea) 😉👉🏻

      • No kidding, it’s about time Pete. Simply doing so may get him there. Possibly most stubborn or stupid man alive.

  4. The intro song needs to be updated to have Safi quotes in it! We always appreciate our friendly neighborino to the north!

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