Black History Month Event Is LIVE!

That’s right tappers…EA has blessed us with another update (and we are all happy for that…right?), when they could have “gone dark” like they did last year (as in an almost 12 week lull).

But instead, they went dark in another way, with Black History Month! I love it. It’s about time!

Keep reading for some of the details!

It seems that EA may have been listening when we said we were tired of repeats and Dopplegangers for characters.  Because they are giving us a TON of new ones.

Yes…there is another young version of Abe (who looks like Bart) …and another character that looks a lot like Marge (but she’s Canadian).

But there are NINE of them…

And you want some Unique Buildings?  You GET THEM!

And a bunch of Decorations!

The Event Starts with Mayor Quimby and Carl…so keep them free!

Then…if you are wise, you will keep all of your citizens of color free as well… Like Doctor Hibbert?

As far as format…it looks like we are  returning to a version that will closely resemble Halloween 2019…where you earn Tokens Black History Month Mystery Box Token.png to be able to get things from the Black History Month Mystery Box. And yes…I am guessing that it will mostly be OLD content in that box. But, we’ll have to see.

As I can’t really pull files…I am guessing along with most of you. But it is clear that this is going to run past Valentines…and will likely have some sort of reference to President’s Day.

It appears to be a FOUR ACTS OVER 5 WEEKS   – the “Acts Being”: (ENDS MARCH 12th)
1 No Laughing Matter
2 Fair-Weather Father
3 In the Lukewarm of the Twilight
4 From the Mouth of Abes

This does appear to have a lot of “history” in it…so the writing should be good.  Again…we’ll see!

AND YES>>>>There is a TON of Returning content….
TSTO Golden Goose Realty.png

So…again…while the format isn’t exactly challenging…and they likely haven’t increased Item Limits (I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live)…THEY DIDN’T INCREASE THE LIMIT…BASTIDS!!!

At least this feels like a lot more effort went into it than the last couple of updates! And yes…the dialogue is going to be uncomfortable.

Check Back for More Info as we get it!


83 responses to “Black History Month Event Is LIVE!

  1. as always, the update comes 3 days late to the app store but after only 1 day of play…guess what!…c’mon guess…

    did you get it? no?


    i hate tapped out so much. i can never play an event, unlock new content or enjoy it because of the never ending login error

  2. matthew nuttelman

    What character it’s the animated job that we got in the first act?

  3. I’m going to go ahead and claim credit for the reappearance of Golden Goose Realty. I’ve been hoarding about 6,000 donuts waiting for it to come back so I could buy all the land. After the one year anniversary passed, I gave up and burned most of them to completely empty the Yearbook. Now I’m slowly churning through hundreds upon hundreds of Rat Trap trucks generating more.

    You’re welcome.

  4. Does anyone know if the donut bundle with the 25% is a permanent addition to the game %?

  5. Is this the first time that there’s a splash screen without Homer in it?

  6. I definitely do not have a black history month event going on in my town. What’s up with that? Anyone else having this problem?

  7. I was hoping the neighbor glitch would be fixed in the update. Nope. I still have nothing in my neighbors’ towns to click on.

    On a side note.. I never knew Dr. Hibbert was a proctologist. Oh wait.. that’s a finger… never mind.

  8. Its a bit of a step back up that 4 out of the 5 prizes are new while the other one is donuts or a chance at a returning item. The prizes look interesting, if I had that skatepark that came with Nikki last year then I would’ve put the skateboards with that. Abraham Simpson I is actually Grampa’s great grandfather while Mabel Simpson is his great great grandmother.

  9. Aren’t all of our characters persons of color? Yellow and brown, yes, let’s try to not put some of in a box with a check mark or two, thanks.

  10. does 400 stethoscopes seem right for the first prize in the track? Usually it’s 50 or 100.

    • You have to account for the cost of going to medical school. So it’s higher than usual. 😉

    • They are simply trying to make it harder…by making it more repetitive. They balance that out, by having a lot more characters involved. The second prize is “only 350” so yes…you really have to stay on it. I will break it down calendar-wise as soon as I can get the numbers pulled.

  11. I noticed something weird. In the post it is written that the event will last 4 weeks. However the game says that the missions will be available until March 12, that is in 5 weeks and it’s a Thursday!

  12. I got only one Character Building Combo an the University Needs in the Black History Month Mystery Box (so I will thank EA for these freebies via the free Tokens, an accept that it’s 12 🍩’s for the rest of the Event).

    Congrats to everybody who obtained the Golden Goose Reality make use of it!) 👍🏻

    Yeah JG Bundle is a glitch if you got ’em already (not the 1st time EA has done this, but definitely a sign that there is no designated staff handling the fact this bundle shouldn’t be showing up if you got ’em already). 🤦🏼‍♂️

    I’m working around Item Limits / lack of available new Land by storing certain Buildings and Decor from Springfield Heights (it’s painfully obvious that EA gave up on an expansion of that via the large vacant space we still have). 🤦🏼‍♂️

    I appreciate the new Characters (especially if you are a Simpson’s Family Members completist / admire a Dr. Hibbert Family expansion), I appreciate the new Buildings (I will reserve judgement on new Decor provided it’s not a waste that goes quickly into Storage) 👍🏻

    If you don’t get the Bart Simpson Screen of Death, then lucky you! I’ll make the most of these 4 Weeks …. but I won’t defend the dumb.

  13. After two weeks of not playing and actually uninstalling the game, I returned and reinstalled as soon as the update hit as old habits die hard. I played with the sound down but it appears that the bird noise sound that begins as the game loads is STILL there! UGH! Also, the Bart Screen of Death is still in my game although it isn’t as bad it was last year. Still annoying when I try to donut farm.

    Another multi-event (yawn) but there are lots of new characters and buildings plus the Black History Month theme is interesting. Also the Golden Goose Building is set to return for players who missed out (I already have the building, BTW). I also like that there are other characters that are participating this time around like police officer Lou, Carl, Dr. Hibbert, and his wife instead of just Moe, Milhouse, Apu, and Flanders all the time.

    It’s already been mentioned but other users, but there seems to be glitch where Jay G is being offered but I already have him in my Springfield. Weird.

  14. So, I’ve never had the Golden Goose Realty building before, can you still convert the Land Tokens it generates into donuts? Or is that not a thing anymore?

    • In theory, yes (unless EA changed their money).

    • I believe it only converts land tokens to donuts if you have all the land available and have some land tokens left over. But GGR doesn’t allow you to earn extra land tokens when all the land is bought but you can probably still get the land tokens from daily challenges rewards and then convert them into donuts.

    • We are definitely in agreement (lunch at Frankie’s Tiki Room right now) 🍹👍🏻

    • I could not. I saved land squares as it said. But when I got to 5 left it automatically told me that the golden Goose would now be making money.

  15. Nice, I wasn’t expecting anything today so only checked now ( almost 5pm my time )
    Nice surprise!

  16. Does anyone keep having to do a massive update??

    • No, but this was a 39 Megabytes update? ….. it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of free RAM and ROM

    • Yes, I have that from time to time. Appears to happen when I’m low on storage on my device, as downloaded data inside apps tend to get deleted when other apps need the space. Usually it stops when I clean up and remove some stuff

  17. THE GOLDEN GOOSE!!!! Thank you!

  18. Item Limits EA or release Springfield hights sheedh

  19. Not seeing it yet. Al characters are available.

  20. As best as anyone can tell… is there anything (event-specific) that I can do with all of this extra cash?

    • Hold onto it (or fund 🍩 farming), I have almost everything …. so I didn’t see anything new for Simpsons $ this Week.

  21. Anyone on iOS not get the update? I’ve checked the app store & nothing. When I open my game the update does not launch.

    • Try deleting the app off your phone and then reinstalling the app.

    • Since I got the iPhone XR, I don’t see App Store updates. If you search for the game, it then gave me the button to update.

      • I was searching for the game in the App Store but it still did not show the update & had the normal splash screen. Once I uninstalled it showed up with the update in the App Store, very strange! Problem now is that I can’t download the game, I keep getting the Bart screen. 🙁 Been trying now for almost an hour, just gonna put my phone away & try again tonight.

  22. Hi everybody! I have have Jay G too and I just tried to buy him again it didn’t work. I’m really happy with this update! Thanks for steppin in Patric and giving us some details! Greatly appreciated!

  23. My event started with Lou and Quimby. Maybe best to keep him free.

  24. I was playing anonymously and lost my Springfield (was at level 69!), so I had to start over from scratch last week. Of course, I have an EA account now! If I don’t have Lou or Carl, am I just SOL on this event til I can save up the money to get them? How sad. 🙁

    • Sorry to read this …. yes its vital to create an account as it saves progress in the Game App (and you can transfer the Game App to a different device).

    Tight work as usual, EA.
    Smell ya later.

    • I just got thru sending every Character on Tasks to obtain Event Currency (an purchased the new Premium Character Building Combo), then got the Bart Simpson Screen of Death also …. let’s face it, EA doesn’t have a plan, but you can still tell them via Twitter and Facebook.

  26. Something strange… The game is offering me the Jay G bundle, which I already own. I’m tempted to buy it just to see if it’s possible to have two of the exact same character in my Springfield.

  27. Um ok….new event. Yay.
    Wonder why the Jay G. bundle is in my store…i already have him/it.
    Congrats to all who can get the Golden Goose!!!

  28. I’m offered the Jay G bundle in the store… but I already have it. Can I have two? lol

  29. I already have Jay G, his manion, pool and goose but it is showing up in the store in my acct for 225 donuts. Is anyone else seeing this too? Don’t know if it’s another building/skin combo. Does anyone who doesn’t have Jay G see it for a higher price?

  30. Golden goose!!!! Yay!!!

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