Black History Month -Gameplay Hints

I was sooooo hoping for some twists and turns…in the next “major update event.”  But, no…it appears that the only real twists are that I am stuck doing update info, while Alissa and her family are doing “Everything Disney” down in Orlando. It’s OK…she deserves a break…and I haven’t had to cover an update for months and months.

BUT…like it or not, you also get my commentary, along with as many “facts” as I can pull out of thin air.  I don’t do the “frackin’ thang,” so most of what I will be posting is just from my own game play experience.

Luckily (or unluckily), EA has made this another “wash, rinse, repeat” kind of update…with the ability to earn “coins” that can be used to buy stuff most of the long time players already have. Meh…

But, just for the sake of filling out some content so “Mom” knows I did my chores while she was gone…read on!

So, yes…we are still stuck in the “4-hour cycle” with 4 acts over 4 weeks bit once again.  And yes…almost ALL of what you can “earn” and purchase with “coins” is old content. And yes…this is a very, very, boring format. But, it looks like this is what we should expect in foreseeable future.  At least there is funny (if uncomfortable) dialogue.

Currency for ACT I… Stethoscopes. 
You can earn Black History Tokens (which for PC reasons, I am going to call coins) Black History Month Mystery Box Token.png  Which can be turned in for stuff most of us already have.

I only had two items…so, for the rest, I’ll cash them in for donuts…which I don’t need.

Players who can Earn Stethascopes are:

And YES….There are two Premium Offerings Currently…
One that is New…and One Retread, that is strangely a duplicate.  We’ll see if they correct the Jay J mess…or not.

Regarding the DUPLICATE JAY G… If you have it already…and try to buy another, you get this message-

And no…I’m not going to store all of the stuff from the bundle I already have, and then try to buy it again. That would be silly.  Like offering something for sale that you can’t really buy. EALP (EA Lazy Ass Programming) strikes again!

I’ll do a SIB on Hibbert’s Dad later.

Enjoy the update…cringe at the dialogue…it’s all part of the fun…right?

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  1. This may be harsh: Quit bitching about the item limit preventing you from buying stuff!!!!

    You have many available land spaces. Unlock them. Then move you bonus items like the tennis courts and hidden vans and billboards and walls. Store them and bring them out only when donut farming using rat trap trucks. That should add 500 to 1000 items . Get rid of your KEM farm. Since you don’t have God that earns 777,777 every 24 hours – that should earn you enough cash to RTT farm for donuts. Create your new designs with the new items in a way you can store them as a group. Then when they do up the item limit you can pull them all out of storage. Just doing the above will provide hours of design fun.

    • Charles…in a word… NO!
      Why would I go to that much trouble? I already deleted a ton of my water bridges…it made my town look worse. All EA has to do is change 1 stinking number in the programming. Why should I have to pay for their laziness???

      And your “solution” is waaaaaaay more trouble than it’s worth. My time is worth more than that (as we have discussed an numerous occasions). I will keep bitching until they change it. I am by no means the only player annoyed by it. Ploppers don’t care. Designers do.

  2. Does anyone know what the 25% bonus means if you buy the donut truck

    • It means you get 25% more donuts for free. So instead of 300 donuts for $27.99 CAD (or equivalent prices around the world), you get 375 donuts for $27.99 CAD.

  3. same o’format… hmm.. am not sold on the event type…

  4. Check your confirm spend on donuts. Mine switched to off with this update. Sent everyone on 8 hour tasks through the unemployment office and must touched it a little to hard cuz it rushed them all. Here’s the weird part, after losing the 1500 donuts I finished up my old ruins bonus donut mini game. When I came back from the friends screen…they all came back. In a matter of minutes I had 6k, 4.5k, and then 6k donuts again??? Just glad I got them back. That’s a lot of lost KEMs otherwise.

    • Wait…Old Ruins “bonus donut”? Do you mean by earning XP? My Old Ruins game just gives out torches and gates and such. Do you get actual donuts?

  5. R.i.p Kirk Douglas, I am Spartacus

  6. Well that explains a few things… Logged on this morning and wondered if Hibbert’s dad was seriously the only thing they put in the store for the update. Saw the tokens and thought something was up, and apparently it’s that I have *everything* that’s inside the box already…

    • Well, you could be in my position. Two items that I didn’t want in the first place. But hey…they’re free…right? Oh. Wait. I’ve hit the item limits and would have remove something I DID want in order to place it. Thanks EA!

  7. I rate act1 prizes as a MEHHH

    I was a little confused also about have the ability to buy JayZ since I won it for free somewhere along the way or a mystery box of some sort & thought I was going crazy.

    At least we have some actors involved / used we don’t normally have involved.

  8. Thank you! I will admit I tried for myself and received the same error about the mansion. Along those lines I tried moving my spooky campfire. It will not come out of storage. I get a black message box which only says OK…

  9. MangoFusion01 (FKA NicoRox13)

    I am curious as to which items in the new mystery box are in the high school reunion box?

  10. I’m being offered Jay G mansion/pool bundle yet I already have this character and mansion/pool…if I purchase it, anyone know if I will get a duplicate, or just waste donuts? I’ve cleared yearbooks, 430 or so characters, and I don’t recall this scenario occurring before…any help is much appreciated.

  11. Oh boy! I just need to save up 🍩40 more donuts and I can get this “Golden Goose Realty” I’ve heard so much about!!!

  12. Golden Goose Realty
    Do not purchase EVERY available land.
    Previously, long, limping time ago,
    GGR continued to produce tokens above and beyond currently available land options,
    BUT ONLY as long as one land square was unpurchased.

    I’m awaiting for my GGR to start producing again – a clue that more land will become available
    AND ,
    Giving me a head start on accumulating Land Tokens

    • I received a message that I have accumulated enough land tokens to buy all remaining land. Realty now earns currency.

    • It doesn’t matter whether you use the land tokens or not. As soon as you have enough to buy all the land tiles, the GGR reverts to Cash/XP and will not award more land tokens. I assume that if ever more land becomes available GGR will go back to giving tokens, but maybe there will be some other way. Regardless, go ahead and buy all the land.

      I burned 4,000 donuts today, and still have a lot of land to buy.

    • Once upon a time……
      This is how it worked . Those of us who left a single spot left in-purchased, continued to accumulate tokens…..
      And THEN, EA added land. And we/I immediately purchased land.

      That was then
      This is now
      Who knows tomorrow

  13. I tried storing Jay G’s bundle and buying it…still didn’t work.

    • I knew someone would have to try it! I also knew it wouldn’t work, but figured I’d bait someone into testing. Congrats!

      • I was fairly certain it wouldn’t work either, but the possibility of having 2 Jay G’s et al in our towns made me do it, so I wasn’t exactly baited per say…
        What did it hurt anyways? It’s easy enough to pull him back out of inventory afterwards since I don’t have any characters stored.

  14. It is indeed the 4 Hour Do It Again and Again and Again and Again and (hey we got some new Characters involved this time – thanks EA?) 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Black History Month Mystery Box takes your Tokens (or 🍩’s), I’m fine with the 2 freebies (you earn those Tokens for free!), but I’m not fine with the L-EA-Z-Y (come on, fix the JG Bundle glitch!) ….. and I agree that this is another Event with a Mystery Box filled with retreads (have at it Noobs!)😂

    I think the dialogue is an improvement, it’s kind of cool to have certain Characters involved that get overlooked (you may find yourself doing research on the Characters, as well as the talented voice actors who help bring them to life). 👍🏻

    Should I Buy the only new Premium Character Building Combo? Yes, if you have the sprinkles (most of us do!), it’s nice to have a new Character aka more from the Dr. Hibbert Family even if he’s not voiced (FYI his Dad is a resident of the Springfield Retirement Home – along with Abe and Jasper – so I don’t know why he was bundled with this Building, guess I better research that!) 👍🏻

    It’s a very busy month for me, so I don’t mind how easy these Weekly Events will be (I’m just in agreement that the format needs to be replaced!) Zero expectations, right?😂

    • I enjoy it. Earning is a better pace. Waking in middle of night to be current with the previously used “earn” format almost required it…

      • Yes the extra Event Currency does help …. it’s that or spend 🍩’s expediting thru this Act 1 (you might as well get a new Character with those sprinkles spent.) 😉

    • I got the doc’s dad with rehab center and now I know why the doc displays some self-esteem issues periodically… I am years behind on actually watching the show! So my Simpsons education mainly comes from the game now.

      Pounced on the Golden Goose Realty as soon as I saw it. I still have some land to buy with cash, but so many that need those tokens.

      And my favorite bonus item (the 2% Shiva statue) is available for net 30 donuts in the Vault! An incentive to start diligently donut farming again. Already started my Shiva fence around my KEM garden.

  15. I guess I missed it first time around?

  16. BTW,
    Thanks, Patric

  17. If she deserves a break, why did she go to Orlando?
    All she really needed to do was go to McDonalds!

    Today, am I showing my age with the last comment 🎶 🎼

  18. I think the big news here is the Golden Goose Realty, that lets you earn a free land token every 12 hours. That’s huge!

  19. Golden Goose Realty…finally 🙌

  20. Hibberts dad looks like Fred Sanford! The bh mystery box isn’t there for me, I must have the items already. Finally got my hands on Golden goose realty, so even if the event is repetitive, I can finally unlock loads of land

    • Now i actually want to get hibberts dad!

    • Patric, I feel sad that you do not see the significance of this event, but choose to moan about the fact you have had to post details about this event.

      • I feel sad that I can’t follow your logic at all. I am excited about the “significance” of this event…but am not excited about the same old format. Got it?

        • It’s a game! If you really didn’t like the chatter in game – you would not be playing! So c’mon people, admit it – we all ENJOY this often times maddening game💘

          • Not as much as we used to.

            • Thanks Patric. I admit I enjoy building KEMs and “dropping a nickel”, that is 5 donuts, and building the KEMs at 5 times XP & gaining so many more donuts! I wonder if starting Tapped out from the beginning new game…

      • Chimmy1973 If you don’t like what’s these addict legends write on this site and the endless time they put into giving us the most important info to help us through the event I suggest you don’t write any comment on this site as it is not welcomed

        • There was nothing wrong with Chimmy’s comment. Please don’t try to decide what the rest of us can read.

          Everything goes through moderation, so the people who run this site were okay with this polite and genuine expression of how a reader reacted to a post. You don’t have to agree with it. You are a different person with different experiences and will react differently to such things. What hits one person hard is nothing to someone else.

          But discouraging someone from participating in the discussion is out of line in my view. This is like telling somebody “Go back where you came from!” if they look different or think different from you.

          • I had to go waaaaaaay back to even see what the original “offensive” comment was. And yes…we all get opinions. The problem for me, was that the comment made no sense whatsoever. He/she didn’t tell me how I “didn’t understand the significance” of the event…or what it was that he/she found “sad.” I don’t mind defending or explaining a post. What I do mind is people who just generalize without clarification or merit. The fact that you have spent more time defending the “right” of a reader, without actually trying to make sense of the original comment…is “sad.” But, if you can actually extrapolate anything written by EITHER party in this post as saying, “Go Back To Where You Came From,” I am more bewildered than “sad.” The main point of my post, was that rich white guys, from Ivy League schools should be the last guys to write “witty dialogue” about Black History Month. I’m curious as to how you react to that…

      • Chimmy…I feel sad that your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

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