Black History Month Update is almost live!

A new update hit the store… Or loaded automatically on your padular device.

Alissa is visiting the mouse… So we will have to do our best to keep up with information. But look for it to start as usual, around 10 AM Eastern time, Wednesday!

21 responses to “Black History Month Update is almost live!

  1. P.S.

    If these are 4 Weekly Acts, then this Multi Week Event should end before St. Patrick’s Day (don’t ask me if EA will do anything for that!)

  2. CON

    same Event format, same Token award to cash in (it’s a Con if you have everything and end up with 12 🍩’s), same style of Prizes (maybe 2 out of 5 worth it), no Item Limits increased, Bart Simpson Screen of Death (at least I managed to get Characters tasked for Event & spend sprinkles on the new Premium Character Building Combo before EA’s Network went plop!), ignore the JG Bundle if you got the Character Building Combo already (it’s an EA glitch!), no new Land (plenty of Dumb Decor) new Premium Character isn’t voiced (well you’re lucky if any new Character is)!🤦🏼‍♂️


    hey Dr. Hibbert is going to take us down what looks to be a fun memory lane (it’s also a decently written Event celebrating Black History using Characters from the Simpsons – some we have, some new to TSTO we can obtain!), Golden Goose Reality is back (so spend sprinkles to get it!), new Characters and Buildings (I’m running out of space, EA!), Tokens get you content from new Mystery Box (it’s a Pro if there’s content you don’t have!), takes obtaining more Event Currency then you’re used to (more challenging, less dull, encourages obtaining new Premium Character Building Combo!) 🙋🏼‍♂️

    As Tappers, we can manage without interrupting Alissa’s well deserved Family Vacay (an it will be great to read more of Patric & Safi’s TSTO wisdom). 👌🏻

    • I have wisdom?

      • Well, your wisdom did admire the Super Bowl Half Time Entertainment 😉

        • It wasn’t my wisdom that admired Shakira. 😉

        • What an incredibly boring event. I cant be bothered with this! 🙁

          So disappointing.

          • It’s a shame EA will not create a new Event Format, even though for Noobs this is another Event that will reward them with access to prior content they missed out on …. but long time Tappers truly have to accept it’s not much (a small improvement – if that).

            Glad you are not defending the dumb, too. I encourage all to voice your opinions and constructive criticism at EA’s Twitter and Facebook for TSTO.

    • I dunno, I think Patric should text Alissa about the return of the Golden Goose Realty…. 🙂 We’ve also never had a Black History Month event in the game before, although it’s a big deal in the USA.

  3. The Jay G bundle is showing in the store, but I already have it. Definitely glad they brought back the Golden Goose Realty this time

  4. EA still hasn’t fixed the sound issue. I guess it is never getting fixed.

  5. Probably a younger Hibbert. I am not sure how many Homers I have now running around town

  6. Good morning everyone. I’ve just boarded a five hour flight and will have more info about the update this afternoon.

  7. Still can’t visit my neighboreenos… C’mon EA! Part of the game is tapping those peeps! Of, course… there has been no reason to for so ling. But some of these folks are friends and we just wanna say “howdy”!

  8. I’ve seen somewhere that the Golden Goose Realty is back in this update

  9. Is it just me or does Hibbert’s face look somewhat odd?

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