Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 3 Pirate Nelson

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time my friends.  Time for another riveting prize post.  I can feel your excitement now.  Calm yourselves.  😉

I know it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but as I always say it’s still important to break these down.  Helps with various questions and, if nothing else, I can point to this post 6 months from now when they reappear in a mystery box.

Act 3 is broken up a bit differently than Act 2 was.  So because of that, I’ve already broken down the non-character/costume prizes in this post from yesterday.  Now we’re jumping back to prize 3, and breaking down Pirate Nelson…

Pirate Nelson is a  brand new COSTUME for Springfield and part of the Game of Games the Sequel Character Collection:

Yes, this is a COSTUME for Nelson, another costume with this event. Get used to it, because that’s all we’ve got from here on out…costumes.

How You Unlock it:
A Fat Lot of Good Pt. 3
Make Nelson Roleplay as a Pirate-4hrs
The Evergreen Terrors Look Up Pirate Lingo to Help- x3. 4hrs
Collect Memory Cards- x150.

Once achieved you’ll unlock the costume…

Pirate Nelson does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

Mutiny on the High Suburbs Pt. 1
Nelson starts

Pirate Nelson: Alright, hand over the booty! And by “booty,” I mean lunch money.
Ralph: But I don’t have any lunch money! And my mom says I shouldn’t show my booty to anyone except my doctor.
Pirate Nelson: Yaarrrr! A pirate doesn’t care for a scallywag’s excuses.
Bart: Hold on. Nelson, are you dressed up as your character from Chunky Island?
Pirate Nelson: Aye. The life of a pirate suits me. Pillagin’ and plunderin’ and the like.
Bart: Seems a lot like your normal life.
Pirate Nelson: Aye. Just with an eyepatch. And less depth perception. *walks into post*
Make Pirate Nelson Loot the Kids’ Lunch Money- 2hrs
Make Kids Hide Booty From Pirate Nelson- x5, 2hrs
Skinner: Nelson! Did you steal the flamingoes from Mother’s yard?
Pirate Nelson: Steal? Nay. I PLUNDERED ‘em!
Skinner: *gasp* A maritime technicality! The bane of all principals. *sighs* You’re free to go.
Pirate Nelson: Yo-haw-haw!

Mutiny on the High Suburbs Pt. 2
Nelson starts

Pirate Nelson: Where should my next hornswagglin’ be, ya scurvy seadogs?
Sea Captain: Shiver me timbers! I’ve never heard such good piratin’ from a landlubber.
Pirate Nelson: Who says I’m a landlubber? I’ve sailed the seven seas as long as any… At least virtually…
Sea Captain: My, my. I can see ye’re no average swilldrinker. Ye know, I’ve got an opening on my crew. Five doubloons a fortnight. What say ye?
Pirate Nelson: Sink me! That’s no small bounty.
Sea Captain: Yar. I’ll just need ye to show me that ye know how to handle yerself as a buccaneer.
Make Pirate Nelson Prove His Pirating Skills- 2hrs
Make Sea Captain Sing an Approving Shanty- 2hrs

Mutiny on the High Suburbs Pt. 3
Nelson starts

Sea Captain:Ahoy! Here we are, ye powder monkey.
Pirate Nelson: This is a houseboat.
Sea Captain: Aye. Fastest in the briny deep. You’ll start by swabbin’ the deck.
Pirate Nelson:  Swabbing the deck?! I thought I was your first mate?
Sea Captain: Yar, ye’ve got to start at the bottom and work yer way up.
Pirate Nelson: Blimey, how long is that gonna take?
Sea Captain: A few hours, if’n ye know what ye’re doing. Start at the bottom deck and work yer way up to the top. Proper swabbin’ order, that is.
Make Pirate Nelson Swab the Decks- 8hrs
Make Sea Captain Wax the Plank- 8hrs
Sea Captain: Heave ho, lad. Ye about finished up?
Pirate Nelson: I’d rather be cleaved to the brisket.
Sea Captain: Well ye’ve got yer terminology down, that’s for sure. When ye’re done, go ahead and batten down the hatches.
Pirate Nelson: Be there a storm a-comin’?
Sea Captain: My ex-wife. Same difference.

Mutiny on the High Suburbs Pt. 4
Nelson starts

Sea Captain: I’ve seen better swabbin’ jobs. But it’s only yer first day. I’m sure ye’ll stop bilge-sucking in no time.
Pirate Nelson: That’s it. I’m sick of your “yars” and “ahoys” and “hang ‘em from the yardarms”. This ship is mine now! *pushes Sea Captain overboard*
Sea Captain: *falling* Mutiny!
Make Pirate Nelson Commandeer the Houseboat- 1hr
Pirate Nelson: And this here be the galley… And over there, that’s where I hang the jib.
Jimbo: Wow. So this place is all yours?
Pirate Nelson: Aye, until next Wednesday.
Jimbo: What happens then?
Pirate Nelson: The dockmaster comes around collecting mooring fees. I’ll not be surrendering my copper to the likes of him!

Mutiny on the High Suburbs Pt. 5
Nelson starts

Jimbo: So you’re not worried about the Sea Captain coming to take his houseboat back?
Pirate Nelson: There is NO WAY the Sea Captain is coming to take his houseboat back.
Make Sea Captain Come Take His Houseboat Back- 1hr
Sea Captain: Avast ye scurvy carouser!
Pirate Nelson: You’re really stretching for pirate terms you haven’t used yet.
Sea Captain: Unhand this ship, or else dead men will tell no tales.
Pirate Nelson: That’s not even what that means!
Sea Captain: Okay, fine. Gimme my ship back and I won’t tell your mom.
Pirate Nelson: *grumbles* Fine.

Pirate Nelson’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Try to Sheath His Sword 1hr $70, 17xp Outside/Visual
Batten Down the Hatches 4hrs $175, 45xp Squidport/Muntz House/Brown House
Swab the Decks 8hrs $275, 70xp Houseboat/ Muntz House/ Brown House
Count His Dubloons 12hrs $420, 100xp Muntz House/Squidport/Brown House
Search for Davy Hones Locker 24hrs $600, 150xp Squidport/Brown House

And that’s it my friends, the details on the Pirate Nelson Costume…

Up Next?  Well, I’ve covered the rest of the Act 3 prizes here.  Beyond that, nothing left to do but wait for Act 4 on Tuesday.

Thoughts on Pirate Nelson? Questline?  Tasks? Act 3? Sound off below.

16 responses to “Game of Games the Sequel Prize Guide: Act 3, Prize 3 Pirate Nelson

  1. Pirate Nelson is a decent costume for Nelson and it is one of the better prizes in this event. I like that Pirate Nelson has his own lines instead of either being silent or reusing Nelson’s lines instead. I love his visual tasks since the 8 hour one is at the Houseboat which is an unused item that only gets used if the Sea Captain gets a daily challenge there, plus I can see the disappointment from Nelson swabbing the decks. His other task is neat since he has plenty of wooden swords even though they break easily. The only disappointing which is very minor to me is that the Sea Captain’s and Pirate Nelson’s quest tasks don’t go to the Houseboat but the Squidport Entrance instead (I’m still happy for the permanent visual task at the Houseboat though). Other than that, great costume, great dialogue, and great tasks.
    Pirate Nelson and Toys Were Us are the best prizes in Act 3.

  2. Having something new (Pirate Nelson’s “swab the deck” job) interact with something old (the houseboat) is one of my favorite things that doesn’t happen to often in the game. Another favorite is Booberella’s job at the peanut cart.

  3. I just discovered I want Pirate Nelson. When does Act 4 start?

  4. I loved the dialogue. As long as they make me laugh I don’t care what I get.

  5. I like that he has a visual task on the houseboat, but I noticed it doesn’t work with the Christmas light version.

  6. MangoFusion01

    This is my favorite prize of the entire event so far.

    And anyone who says different is scurvy dog in my eyes. Ahoy!

    • So y equals r cubed over three, and if you determine the rate of change in this curve correctly, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

      Don’t you get it, MangoFusion? Derivative dy equals three r squared dr over three, or r
      squared dr, or r dr r.


  7. Biggest drawback for this event is how easy each act is to complete and the length of time between acts, waiting 6 days for the the next act

  8. Pirate Nelson – it’s another Character Skin (remember when obtaining one gave a Character those Premium Stats?), which would annoy me …. but Pirate Nelson Questing with the Sea Captain is my favourite in this Event (so far!) 🤔

    Sure, you just get 1 Visual Task (how L-EA-Z-Y indeed), but it’s funny enough (I still enjoy sending Nelson to play his guitar in front of his family home!) 😀

    Thank goodness Act 4 isn’t ’til way after July 4th! 🇺🇸

    • Will there be a mini on the 4th

      • I honestly don’t know, EA kinda likes to

        A) surprise Tappers with some new things (including returning Content) without warning

        B) do nothing new (there’s plenty of prior July 4th Content in the Mystery Box)

        EA didn’t bother to send Alissa a packet for this Event (shame, isn’t it?) 🤷🏼‍♂️

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