Gil’s Latest Gimmick: Details and Should You Buy Hugh Jass

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ol’ Gil is back in Springfield!  It’s just not an event until Gil gets involved!

Anyway, Gil is back and, as always, he’s got another “deal” for us.   What’s the latest gimmick he’s peddling? Well, this time around he’s got a real Jass…a Hugh Jass!

So let’s break down the details of this latest offer and determine if this deal is worth the donuts or if you should take a hard pass…

So when you first get into Springfield (well after you’ve launched the event stuff…of course) you’ll see Gil waving his arms around…just begging you to tap on him…

If you tap on him you’ll see…

Gil: Ah, there’s nothing like a day by the pool here at Palm Springfield Resort.  Sipping a drink, taking in the sun, checking out the ladies who are checking out Ol’ Gil.
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sir, you have to rent a room in order to use the pool.  How did you even get past security?
G: *sigh* If only someone I knew owned this place.  I could get in free and catch some rays whenever I wanted *walks away*
SVT: I’m gonna need you to leave the pool noodle.
Gil: Say, friend…if you could purchase this Palm Springfield Resort, you’d let me swim here, wouldn’t ya?

At which point you’ll see his latest gimmick…

If you refuse…

Gil: *sigh* I guess I could go to the public pool.  Maybe they cleaned it since…the incident.

If you accept…

Gil: Wow, I knew you wouldn’t let Ol’ Gil down!  Now if you could just stand back a bit…Cannonball!

Now real quick…if you refuse the offer will go back in the store.  It will be there…

This Deal Ends July 16th (When the event ends)

And now for the part, you’ve all been waiting for…the Should I Buy…

Character:  Hugh Jass
Building: Palm Springfield Resort
Donut Cost: 200 Donuts
Size: 10×16
Earns: $135, 15xp/4hrs
Gluttony +20
Can Be Placed: grass|pavement|boardwalk|pier|dirt
WDTCF: Palm Springfield Resort– “Husbands and Knives” S19, E7
Hugh Jass– “Flaming Moe’s” S3, E10

This Deal Ends July 16th

The Rundown:
-Comes with a questline
-Fun animated tasks.  Including swimming in his suit at Palm Springfield and bringing back the Flaming Moe
-Will NOT help with the event. (ie does not earn event currency)

What Did I D0?:
I picked it up.  Sure he doesn’t help with event currency, but it’s Act 4.  The currency requirements aren’t that high for this Act, and after this Act event currency is useless.  This Hugh Jass made me laugh.

Here’s a look at the tasks…

Hugh Jass’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Take a Contemplative Dip 1hr $105, 26xp Outside/Visual at Palm Springfield Resort
Have One Too Many Flaming Moe’s 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/visual at Moe’s
Go to Work 8hrs $420, 105 Chimp Refuge/Bandit Fort/Battle Dome/Dracula Castle/Bowlarama/Brown House
Buy Another Identical Suit 12hrs $600, 150xp The Vast Waistband/Victor’s Secret/Abercrombie and Rich/Gold Navy/Brown House
Fend Off Prank Calls 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Moe’s Tavern/Brown House

And here’s the Turbo Tappin’ Version of the questline…

Pain in the Jass Pt. 1
Hugh Jass starts

Make Hugh Jass Check Into His Room- 30m

Pain in the Jass Pt. 2
Hugh Jass starts

Make Hugh Jass Take a Contemplative Dip- 1hr

Pain in the Jass Pt. 3
Hugh Jass starts

Make Hugh Jass Go to Moe’s for a Flaming Moe- 2hrs

Pain in the Jass Pt. 4
Hugh Jass starts

Make Hugh Jass Have One Too Many Flaming Moes- 4hrs

Pain in the Jass Pt. 5
Hugh Jass starts

Make Hugh Jass Reconcile With His Wife- 1hr

What are your thoughts on Hugh Jass and Palm Springfield Resort?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield? Did you already?  Why or why not?   Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

And finally, because I know a lot of you like to know these things…

24 responses to “Gil’s Latest Gimmick: Details and Should You Buy Hugh Jass

  1. I picked him up immediately before finding out he did not earn headphones.
    No matter. He’s a fun character.

  2. It’s Hugh Jass and you can’t say NO to a funny Character like this (ok, you can, but you can’t gripe about crap Event Prizes if you didn’t bother to obtain something better that is available!) and his Visual Tasks are hilarious!

    Palm Springfield Resort is a nice Building (don’t like the fact there are only 2 Buildings as Event Prizes? then spend the sprinkles for Premium Content!)

    Proof the Premiums are more rewarding than the Event Prizes! 👆🏻

  3. I bought ‘em. Off topic, i finally maxed about on cash, opened all the land, have tons of donuts. Time to stop dumping buildings and finish designing my town.

  4. I came here right as the offer was available…saw that you (understandably) hadn’t updated yet with a SIB, and decided to buy anyway. I’ve been farming for events and had leftovers (as I anticipated 150 for act 4). His name was funny enough for me to spend the extra 50!

    Thanks, as always, for providing us with great content! stay safe!

  5. Is he voiced?

    • As the rundown says, he’s voiced

      • Sorry I did not see it. I am used to the pro-con model for SIB but Gil’s deals are a little different.

        • I changed the SIB format months ago, including for this event. Since pros and cons seem irrelevant in the days of donut farming (and they’re subjective to the beholder), so now I just do a rundown. Basically a combined list of both.

  6. Undecided, have the donuts but don’t know with this one, just don’t know what to do with the building, recently building ends up dumped somewhere?

  7. MangoFusion01

    I turned my donuts into a Hugh Jass. Can’t wait for the hoover dam!

  8. Btw, I got a Hugh Jass (in my Springfield). Anyone else got a Hugh Jass? I feel it’s a bit apropos considering the lack of exercise and plethora of eating during lockdown. 🤭

  9. I think Angry Dad needs to be a playable character! I mean, why not? We already have several versions of Homer already.

  10. I’ll buy it as I have 10,000 + donuts to spare but if I was a new player then would definitely give it a miss, not worth 200

  11. OFF TOPIC, but has anyone seen Sandytoes 74 around here lately?

    • MangoFusion01

      Yes, and recently(within the last week). She is well but having connection issues.

    • MangoFusion01

      To be more specific, she responded to one of my posts 2 days ago. She mentioned her dog needing therapy due to all of the fireworks.

      Also my game indicates she was active about an hour ago.

    • Hey there!!!! Im here! Just not so vocal….as i told mango….facebook has its claws in me again!!! I cant visit neighbors cuz i get kicked off every single time!!!😡😢but. I still play loyally!!! How have u been? Safe and well i hope!!!! No worries…im alive and well!

  12. Now that I am reminded of who Hugh Jass was, I’m even happier with making this purchase that for me at the time was made mainly because I wanted the building!made

    For anyone else like me who had forgotten him, see here:

  13. 6 years playing never got a gill deal time to start saving up doughnuts

  14. Thanks a lot Alissa! I didn’t know he doesn’t earn currency. The building is huge, and my city is already too cramped, so this is a No Deal 😆

  15. I bought it. What else am I to do with all this money (and donuts as I slowly make the conversion) now that I am a Springfield billionaire!?

    My town is finally nice and tidy again since I got enough land to actually design it after picking up golden goose realty. Now I need more stuff to fill some of the empty space!

  16. I wish they wouldn’t give characters 1hr visual tasks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Would’ve been a straight buy if the pool had have been 4 or 8hrs. I’ll have to think about it.

  17. I don’t get it. Just the last round’s premium character that doesn’t help with the event essentially.

    I feel like they’ve been doing this lately, just having the last week’s premium option be a Gil offer.

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