Summer Games Mini-Event is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday, August 5th) marks the end of the Summer Games mini-event!  So,  if you haven’t already, finish up that prize track, purchase your last few premium items, and be prepared to see the mini-event leave our games tomorrow morning!

What are your overall thoughts on the mini-event?  Have you enjoyed it?  Or did you feel like it was a bit lame?  Where have you placed the prizes? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

P.S. I’m going to give one more reminder about the Summer Games Showoff!  Please send in your submissions by 8pm ET tonight to be included with tomorrow’s Showoff Post.  

14 responses to “Summer Games Mini-Event is Nearing the End…

  1. This mini event was a couple of days shorter than the average mini event since it was released on Friday 24th. I finished it in about 5 to 6 days and spent a day or 2 finishing the character and costume questlines. It was a decent mini event with some okay prizes and I’m glad there was a character prize included. The 200th update items and donuts were a nice addition to the event even though I haven’t found anywhere to put the 2 decorations. I wish the prizes had some inclusion in the main questline like the Summer Games HQ could’ve had some more tasks there in the main questline and the Sports Winners Stand could’ve had a visual task(s) with it to make it a better prize. Overall, I’d give the event a grade B.

  2. Hello! I apologize if this was already addressed, but will this event be like the last few where we can still finish the current quest line we are on, after the event has ended? Work/life has been crazy the last couple of weeks and I got a little behind. 🙂

    • EA may allow you to complete … or they may not (it’s guaranteed what’s Event related in the Store will be gone). If any Prize is so important? You can rush thru with 🍩’s …. if not? then you’ll always have the next Event with other content (you never know what will end up in a Mystery Box later). 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • Thanks for the reply! I ended up using donuts as I was pretty close.

        • Most Tappers will use 🍩’s to expedite (especially if they can replenish their 🍩’s spent). We are at that point within this mobile Game App where I try to appreciate what I can (some Prizes, some Premium Content). 😊

    • As long as you have unlocked the 4th prize (Sports Winners Stand) and are currently working on the 5th and final prize (Stephanie Brockman) then you should have no problem getting the last prize after the event ends (in about 2 hours and 19 minutes from this comment). The events over the last year or so have allowed people to finish the current quest part they are on after the event has ended so if you can unlock 4 out of 5 of the prizes before the event ends then you have a chance to get the final prize after the event ends.

  3. I found the event pretty boring with some great writing. Hopefully, the next one will be better.

    • I think we have to face a fact, the events are now about the writing and not the content.

      The writing has been very good lately.

  4. Is anyone else having issues logging in? I’m in the UK and haven’t been able to access the game for nearly 18 hours!

    • I had the same problem. Only solution is to delete the App & reinstall. Will take a while to load up your game again but you will be able to play at least.

    • OK for me in the UK. Try force killing the app, turning you phone off/on and/or as suggested elsewhere delete and reinstall the app

    • I had the same problem and was locked out for 3-4 days. Way behind on the event now. Thanks to Millar for his advice, but I`m too lazy to completely reinstall the game (which is now around 2GB in size). I tried deleting the buffer memory and killing the app from the manager. Certainly didn`t work immediately, but I got in after a while. (This might just be due to my patience:-)

  5. Over it! 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Had fun with 2 Prizes, but that’s all (and that wasn’ enough to sustain 2 weeks!) 🙄

    🤫 In 2 Days The Simpsons Vans colab drops (I think some El Barto’s will soon be on my feet!) 😁

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