The Van Houtons Event Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

Ah! Surprise! The Old Game still has a bit of life in it!

This time, Milhouse and his extended family are getting their due. We get a rash of random stuff, some great “old country” decorations, and yes…Grandma is back (the nice one…not the one who beats Milhouse with a switch).

Click below for the Calendar, along with the math you need to GET IT ALL!

As a grandparent, I always disliked the character of “Grandma Mussolini.”  She is mean. And in my experience, grandparents are here to spoil the grandkids, and generally have a good time doing so!

So…I am particularly happy to see Mihouse’s “nice grandma” come to our game.  Milhouse needs a break.  Maybe not THIS much of a break (a splash pool slide made in his image??) but a break!

So yes…they are basically spreading out a four week event, over six weeks…but that’s what makes it EAsy. Right? (and yes…pretty lazy on EA’s side).

The math looks pretty simple…nothing too hard. If you  stay on track, you’ll get it all!

Here is the calendar…with all of the math you need to GET ALL OF THE STUFF!

PLEASE NOTE: the numbers in the bottom of each day are the running CUME total for each chapter.  The prizes land within the total numbers for each act. 



37 responses to “The Van Houtons Event Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

  1. Ok so my friend is just getting going on tsto and doesn’t have the heights theater yet. Can’t go anywhere in second act!?!?!? I’ve never seen this kind of requirement to continue with an event. Thoughts?

    • It likely has to do with making sure the previous tasks are complete, and the correct characters are free.

      • Bobothy Gerfy Jr.

        Usually there is a back up place for them to do the task if it is on storage/locked. Like the Simpson family house or the brown house

  2. Ok so I’m not new to TSTO (level 939) but I am new to this site. What does CUME mean. I live the info that shows whats in the events. I complete events with no trouble but what an I missing by not knowing what CUME means?


  3. I got no reason to complain as I’ve been farming Donuts for a while now and got way more then enough to get everything and last me for years. I’m maxing out on cash every other day which leads to me farming more donuts.

    But I mean yeah we get two characters here at least, still doesn’t change my hate when the final FINAL track prize is a skin.

  4. Irene García Muelas

    Placed the Go Go Ray close to a concert stage, so Skinner can dance with music 🙂

  5. Is there ever going to be anything in “Road To Riches?”


  6. Oooooh! That’s good squishee! Really fun prizes this time. Looks like the Van Houtens are going to need a big upgrade to their backyard in my Springfield. Guess the Volcano Lair is about to join the big pile of hodge podge that is my one day Cypress Creek.
    Thanks for the calendar, Patric! Loved the college dorm story. The only thing my friend Cami got for her mistaken gender, full name Cameron, was a letter from the Government threatening legal action for her not signing up for the draft. D’oh!

  7. Thank you Patric for getting the Event Calendar up so quickly (yes it’s padded with crab Decor Prizes, but it is all new Content) I look forward to new Characters & Buildings! 😀

    Another dysfunctional family in Springfield (the Van Houten’s), but hey that’s what makes this animated TV series relatable to real life! Having an equal balance of paternal and maternal relatives sounds like it’s going to be fun …

    If Little Italy is another Building that I can put a road down the centre? I am going to be one happy Tapper (that is one of my favourite features EA offered!)

    I will end this with “toddler shoes” (I remember when my niece and nephews were so young that trying to find them toddler shoes was quite the task, but it was cute!) 😉

  8. How do we know these values are not part of your creative story telling? 🍻

  9. TallSpiderCandy

    Thanks, Patric!! 🥰

  10. I can’t login to the game this morning. I changed my password for ea twice this am, thinking that I had just misremembered my password. Even though ea returned stating my password was successfully changed I can’t log in. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

    • TallSpiderCandy

      Took a few tries for game to start up for me this morning but it eventually worked. That’s frustrating, especially with a new event happening 😐

    • Same. Can’t login since last night. Have changed my password twice and still get an error.

    • Just checked EA website, and they are aware of the problem (see below):
      EA is aware and working on it
      If the game shows you as signed in by someone that is not you – do NOT click “continue”, choose “logout”
      Some will solve this by hard close and re-starting the game
      Most will solve it by delete/reinstall the game – Do NOT delete/reinstall if you play Anonymously

    • You have a minor Origin Account glitch, which could be solved quickly by sending a tweet to @EAHelp

      Do everything tech support asks you to do once they respond to your tweet

      Keep your names and passwords on file (I write mine down on wordpad, print it out, tack it to the wall because I’m running low on CRS pills!)

      • I don’t tweet. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling… no joy, just a lot of WiFi strain having to reload the years of updates … ugh!

        • Well if you’re not willing to contact EA Help regarding getting your Origin Account back up, then by all means … remove TSTO from your device, because it’s not going to get any better (not even if you are like me with access to 5G speeds). 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • Are you sure putting such temperamental Frenchmen and Italians so close together is a good idea? Could get ugly…

  11. Exciting, another Patrician Calendar. Thank you Patric.


    • LOL! Don’t knock the spelling of my name. It got me registered for two weeks into a girl’s dorm in college. Most fun I’d had in years…

      • Not knocking the name, so don’t take it that way. Look the word up, its quite noble.

        If they can gave a gregorian calendar, why cant we have a Patrician calendar?

  12. I’m going to put the vineyard next to those two french bastards one. I 💓 the squishee machine. Now Milhouse can do it Broadway style 😂

    • That’s a great idea for Nana Mussolini’s Vineyard …. I will need to clear up some space in my Springfield, and you deserve 👋🏼 for coming up with that design plan! 😀

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