The Van Houtens Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 5 Italian Milhouse

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Time for our final Van Houtens prize post!  Bust out the confetti and party hats because these are done…for this event anyway. 🎉🎊

So let’s take a look at the final Van Houtens prize…Italian Milhouse…

Italian Milhouse is a  brand new costume for Springfield and part of the More Van Houtens Character Collection:

How You Unlock it:
The Van Houten Curse Pt. 5
Make Bart Invite Milhouse to His House- 4hrs
Make Milhouse Play at Bart’s House- 4hrs
Collect Pasta- 4hrs, x109.

Once achieved you’ll unlock Italian Millie…

WDTCF: “The Last of the Red Hat Mamas” S17, E7

Italian Milhouse does come with a full questline, here’s a look at that questline:

A Family Man Pt. 1
Italian Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Mom, can I have four hundred and fifty dollars?
Luann: What could you possibly need that much money for? You’re Dad’s not being blackmailed again, is he?
Milhouse: Not that I know of. I wanna buy a Swiss Army Knife. The Ultra XX Hunter Signature Premium model. It’s not the crappy one that Sprawl-Mart makes.
Luann: No son of mine will be seen brandishing a knife! Where do you get such ridiculous ideas? Have you been talking to your uncle Bastardo again?
Milhouse: You never give me anything I want. You’re giving the Only Child Syndrome a bad name!
Make Milhouse Cry in His Room– 4hrs
Make Luann Send Milhouse to His Room- 4hrs
Milhouse: I need you, Snuggie Bear. Where did I fling you? Are you hiding in the closet again? Whoa. What have we here?

A Family Man Pt. 2
Italian Milhouse starts

Italian Milhouse: It’s the outfit that Luigi gave me when I got food poisoning at his restaurant! Wait a minute… I’ll ask Luigi for a job that pays four hundred and fifty dollars! He’ll say okay. He’s always saying it on his pizza boxes. Mom, I’m going out! I’m gonna get a job so I can buy knives!
Luann: Okay, sweetie!
Luigi: *tossing pizza* Hey-a, Milhouse. Come va?
Italian Milhouse: Pretty good, Luigi. I was hoping I could get a job here.
Luigi: A job, eh? Come-a here, let me have a good look at you.
Make Italian Milhouse Talk With His Hands- 4hrs
Make Luigi Examine Milhouse- 4hrs
Luigi: Well, you too small to handle da bags of flour, and you too big to fit in da attic to handle da rats.
Italian Milhouse: *puts hands up* I understand. I guess I just don’t have what it takes to make it in the restaurant business.
Luigi: Hey, let me-a look at those tiny-a little hands. Magnifico! These would be-a perfect for rolling my gnocchi! You’re hired! Now wash-a you hands and put on dis-a hairnet.

A Family Man Pt. 3
Italian Milhouse starts

Luigi: Here you are, Mr. Fat Tony. Our finest dish just-a for you. It’s on da house.
Fat Tony: Luigi, these gnocchi are rolled perfectly. I must give my compliments to the chef, personally.
Luigi: Of-a course. Right-a this way. This is Milhouse, he’s-a handling all of da gnocchi.
Fat Tony: I was here to pay my respects, but now that I see who’s been rolling my gnocchi…get him, boys!
Luigi: Oh, boy, not-a dis again.
Make Milhouse Wet His Pants– 12hrs
Make Fat Tony Threaten Milhouse- 12hrs
Italian Milhouse: But I made the sign of the cross between each gnocchi!
Fat Tony: Shut up, kid. The gnocchi was perfect. Plump, tender, melt-in-your-mouth perfect… But I’d recognize the nephew of Dante Calabresi Jr. anywhere. So now, it’s time to make the sign of the cross for a different reason.
Louie: Wait, didn’t Michael poison Dante Jr.?
Legs: Yeah, but he’s talking about his nephew. Besides, I saw him at Tony and Selma’s wedding.
Fat Tony: Guys, is this really the time to discuss show canon? I’m about to settle a blood feud. *cocks gun* Ah, I just can’t do it. It would be a shame to waste such a magnificent chef. Tell ya what, why don’t you come work for me instead of me killing you.
Italian Milhouse: Well…if you insist.

A Family Man Pt. 4
Italian Milhouse starts

Fat Tony: This is my son, Michael. You two will work out of my D’Amico Summer Home for now.
Michael DAmico: Pleasure to meet you. My father tells me you’re quite the chef. Maybe if you can teach me your secrets, he’ll one day respect me as a man. If not, I can just poison him. You know what I mean?
Italian Milhouse: I guess. Look, I just want to roll gnocchi so I can pay for a Swiss Army Knife.
Michael DAmico: The new Ultra XX Hunter Signature Premium model?
Italian Milhouse: You’ve heard of it?
Michael DAmico: Ah, yes. We Italians generally avoid the Swiss. All that neutrality makes us crazy…But we make an exception for their cheese, chocolate, cuckoo clocks, lax banking laws, and, of course, their army knives.
Italian Milhouse: That’s a lot of exceptions.
Make Milhouse Talk About Swiss Army Knives While He Works- 8hrs
Make Michael D’Amico Talk With Milhouse While He Works- 8hrs
Michael DAmico: And there we are. One thousand gnocchi!
Fat Tony: Most excellent. Well done, boys. Michael, run along now, I need to settle my affairs with our newest member of the family. I understand that you are looking for a particular implement of the stabbing variety. Is this to your liking?
Italian Milhouse: An Ultra XX Hunter Signature Premium model Swiss Army Knife? Oh, this is perfect, thank you so much!
Fat Tony: Don’t mention it. If you’re going to be working for me, naturally, I want you to feel protected.
Italian Milhouse: I know exactly what you mean. The GPS tracker on this thing will immediately alert my mom whenever I get lost at the mall.

A Family Man Pt. 5
Italian Milhouse starts

Italian Milhouse: Tony, can I ask you a question?
Fat Tony: It fell off a truck, okay?
Italian Milhouse: Do you always pay people in Swiss Army Knives?
Fat Tony: Usually, yes. They’re very practical. Lots of useful tools in there.
Legs: I’ve got a hundred and seventy-two of them! I can’t pay my rent, but I gotta hand it to those Swiss. What with the cheese and the chocolate and the cuckoo clocks—
Italian Milhouse: Right… By the way, what did you want all the gnocchi for? Nobody could eat that many.
Fat Tony: What? You think bodies just weigh themselves down?
Make Milhouse Enjoy Ultra XX Hunter Signature Premium- 4hrs

Italian Milhouse’s Permanent Tasks:

Task Length Earns Location
Blow Kisses 1hr $70, 17xp Luigi’s/ Brown House
Talk with his Hands 4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Curse in Italian 8hrs $275, 70xp Luigi’s/ Brown House
Complain About Spaghetti Sauce 12hrs $420, 100xp Luigi’s/ Brown House
Walk Like a Don 24hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual

And that’s it my friends, the details on Italian Milhouse, the FINAL Van Houtens prize…

Up Next? Nothing.  The Milhouse party is over.  As the game says, time to go back to all Homer…all the time.

Thoughts on Italian Milhouse? Questline?  Tasks? Act 4? Sound off below.

8 responses to “The Van Houtens Prize Guide: Act 4, Prize 5 Italian Milhouse

  1. Italian Milhouse isn’t a bad costume for Milhouse even if it is his third one in 2 months. I thought my game was bugged at first when I unlocked him because his questline didn’t immediately appear but completing the “True Friend” quest did make the questline appear for me. His visual tasks are pretty neat since it cool to see Italian Milhouse spending the day walking like a don potentially encountering other dons in Springfield and him talking with his hands is something that he probably learnt from his Nana Sophie. I don’t mind him going to Luigi’s for 1 or 2 of his indoor tasks but it is a bit lazy of EA to make all 3 of his indoor tasks at Luigi’s, he should’ve had some of his tasks locations at the prizes in the event such as Little Italy (the Blow Kisses task could’ve gone here), Nana Sophie’s Mussolini’s Vineyard, Milhouse’s Scooter, or the Gelato Stand. On a positive note, Italian Milhouse’s questline did have more of a variety to the task locations than his permanent indoor tasks locations including his house, D’Amico Summer Home and Luigi’s plus his visual one. At least the questline’s dialogue was good since it went from Milhouse asking his mother for money to working for Fat Tony. 🇮🇹 👌 🍝

    From best to worst Act 4 prizes IMO are: 1, 2 & 3). (in no particular order since they had own share of pros and cons) Italian Milhouse, Nana Sophie Mussolini’s Vineyard & Springfield’s Little Italy 4). Solvang Air 5). mystery box token (more donuts is always nice).

  2. I just started the final quest line that leads to Italian Milhouse. My thought when reading his task list is I’ll never have Milhouse in that costume once the event ends. I’ll be Sidekick Milhouse whenever he’s not needed for a quest, because premium payout….

  3. I have not been able to get into my game for over 24 hrs. I get the splash page & the doughnut spinning around & round in the bottom right corner. That’s it. My name isn’t in bottom left corner. No Bart Screen of Death.
    Annoying. Any ideas?

  4. Italian Milhouse – I enjoyed his Questline with Fat Tony and Luigi (in fact? it made me wonder why Fat Tony and Luigi weren’t a part of the Main Event – because the writing for the Questlines were better than the writing for the main Event!), his Visual Tasks make me laugh (one of the better Event Prizes) …. but it’s time to retire Character Skins for all Characters who have too many (Milhouse, Principal Skinner, Montgomery Burns, Simpsons Family). I’m perfectly fine with another Character (let’s jokingly refer to it as “alternative universe”) with separate Character Tasks vs ‘ugh! this again?’

    TGIF ! 💜

  5. Completed today and glad, worst event ever especially act 4, playing less and less

    • I would say this was one of the better Events for 2020, but it’s still a C Grade (could’ve been a B, but too many things brought that grade down!)

      I’m sure we may all agree that this Event format needs to change, and the type of Prizes needs to improve (ie Decor should be something you purchase with Simpsons cash, not Grind for!)

      I had more fun with the Premium Character Combos (even the writing was better for their Questlines). I believe if EA just gave us 12 awesome Prizes? it would be 2 Acts in 3 weeks (just long enough).

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