Incoming Update: All This Jazz

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just letting you know there IS an update on the server (so look for an App Store download later today) for the next mini-event in TSTO.  This one is called All This Jazz and will run for two weeks.

Update: The update is available for download. There seems to be an issue with iOS however,  it seems to be crashing with the update.  Some folks have reported uninstall and reinstall helped,  others said restarting their device has helped. Personally, I’m on Android so I’m not of much help….

Starts tomorrow, September 23rd, and runs until Wednesday, October 7th.  Standard 2 week mini-event.

What does this mean for Halloween?  Well either Halloween is going to start as soon as this mini-event ends, on the 7th, or it’ll start a week later. (although a week later, the 14th, feels really late)  As I’ve been saying for a while now…it’s EA.  It’s anyone’s guess as to what they’re going to do these days.

All we can control is the present moment in the game, and the present moment says we’ll be getting an update tomorrow.  So look for All This Jazz to start off tomorrow morning at 11am ET.


P.S. If we get an app store update prior to tomorrow, I’ll update this post with that info and some screenshots from in-game.

Here’s a look at the incoming characters

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  1. It was nice to see Quimby and the Van Houten House redesigned. It was also nice to see an update released less than a day before the event started since the Summer Games was released on a Friday and Game of Games 2 was released somewhat late on a Wednesday. I remember the episode the characters and Bart’s costume appeared in.

  2. I am missing the Autumn leaves blowing around my Springfield 🍁

  3. I dont have the crashing issue with the update but every time I open the game it asks my age and I have to log in. How can I keep it from logging out every time?

  4. They’ve been late with Halloween the last two years, to my recollection. Would be nice for it to be on time. That being said, another jazz event? It would almost being refreshing to have the tapables running throughout our Springfields again, like the good old days with fun events like whacking day and the sort.

  5. Reinstalling TSTO did not fix it for me. But rebooting the phone did (iphone). Should have tried that first. 🙂 All is ok now for me after that.

  6. I just did an uninstall re-install too I play on iOS and seems to be fine now. Hey an update is an update let’s see what it’s all about! I am a little concerned about what these means for Halloween but I’ll try not to speculate too much!! Happy Tappin Friends.

  7. I had the same crashing problem, too. An uninstall followed by a re-install seems to fix it.

  8. Thank you for posting this Alissa

    I just finished downloading the TSTO update on Google Play 😀👍🏻

    Jazz Hands 👐🏻 (lol) 😅

  9. A full restart of my iPhone seems to have cured the crashing

  10. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Updated by not letting me log in. 😟

  12. Anyone else’s game keep crashing?

  13. Just updated TSTO on iphone with ios14, and this crashing issue started for me too. In my case, Hank Scorpio is ok. But anytime I scroll to a particular section of my Springfield, the game crashes. No idea what is causing it, but it is consistent. Everything works fine in any other section of my town. I tried going through the EA bug report process, but it never allows me to actually report a bug. 🙁

  14. Just reported this crashing problem to EA.

  15. I got the update and it crashes constantly. One tap on a complete task and it immediately closes out of the app. At the moment it’s useless.

  16. Thanks for the heads up! Does it say what time tomorrow?

  17. Same crash issue. Can’t do anything without it crashing.

  18. Same here…my games crashes when I collect using the left hand character icon.

  19. Mine is crashing, too; glad I’m not the only one. It also seems to be happening with the character button on the top left.

  20. Constantly crashing for me since the update

  21. Looks like they may have broke something with the update (IOS). After I did the update I get constant crashing. The game will not stay open for more then a few seconds. Hopefully they push a fix.

    Anyone else? I had no issues before this update.

    • update. Its character based. Click the top left icon and it crashes. I can scroll around the town fine but if I scroll to the area where I know this char is on the screen it crashes as I get close to him. In my case its Hank Scorpio the flamethrower guy.

    • I have the same issue. The game is unplayable.

    • My game is crashing too, after the update (using an iPad Air 2). The crash always comes when I try to go to the upper area of the map, on the “left” side (i.e., opposite side of the map from where the ocean is, near the mountains). Except for that area I was able to clear all $/XP from characters and buildings without any problem. I did delete the app and reinstall it, but the game still crashed when I went near the upper left section.

      FWIW the game on my android phone, which I have not updated yet, allowed me to go to that area of the map and clear the characters and buildings. When I went back to the iPad those items were now cleared along with the increase in $/XP and donuts.

  22. I updated but for some reason the game crashes after I click on a couple of characters to collect cash/Exp points. I just wondered if this was happening for anyone else. I’m using my iPhone if that makes a difference?

    • In my case its Hank Scorpio the flamethrower guy. Icon click to take me to him crashes, Is yours the same? I also crash if I try and scroll to where he is in the town.

      • My iPad and iPhone versions of the game also crashes. Both crash when I try to get the cash/XP and/or Krustyland tickets. Frustrating, but glad I am not the only one. I hope EA catches this soon!

    • Mines Dolph. I can’t click on his corner icon. Even getting close to where I know his job is causes an instant crash. Yeah after a great run of not seeing Bart for a bit they really broke it this time.

    • Mine crashes for Santa, glad it’s not just me.

  23. OMG! Really looking forward to this update. Big jazz fan here. I already have some Jazz items, but not sure if there has been any jazz related items on past events that might be worth grabbing.

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