New Update: All This Jazz Mini-Event Rundown

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As I wrote about yesterday, it’s update time in TSTO!  With an app store update yesterday, and the official time is 11am ET (1500 UTC) the All This Jazz mini-event has arrived in our pocket-sized Springfields!

So to get started on this mini-event you’ll need to download the update in the app store.  This update will remove the Van Houtens Splash Screen from your game, and bring in the All This Jazz files. As mentioned above, this app store update did hit yesterday so many of you may have already downloaded it.  Note that there seems to be an issue with iOS however,  it seems to be crashing with the update.  Some folks have reported uninstall and reinstall helped,  others said restarting their device has helped. Personally, I’m on Android so I’m not of much help….

Once you’ve downloaded the newest update you should see the dialogue launch right up for this mini-event.  (Lisa kicks off the dialogue)

Note: You will need to be, at least, on Level 15 for this to start.

What’s included with this event?  Let’s take a look….

Note: You’ll need Lisa and Homer free for 30s tasks to get things going. 

All This Jazz Mini-Event Ends October 7th

Things kick-off for this event with some dialogue about tearing down the Springfield Memorial Bridge…

Lisa: Wow, Dad. I’ve never seen you read an actual newspaper before.
Homer: Oh, this? This is just a large-print — wait, it IS a newspaper! Let’s see… *reading* “Explosion at Nuclear Plant”, “Serial Killer on the Loose”… Ooh, here’s something: “Plans Unveiled For New CostMo”!
Lisa: How many more CostMos do we need in Springfield? I can see three from our window right now.
Homer: Yeah, but to make room for this one, they get to finally tear down that dumb memorial bridge.
Lisa: No! Not the Springfield Memorial Bridge!
Homer: Oh, I’m sure they’ll build a new bridge somewhere to memorialize the old one.
Lisa: But they can’t tear it down! It was Bleeding Gums Murphy’s favorite spot to play his saxophone. It’s where we first met.
Homer: Look Lisa, nobody likes that bridge. It’s ugly and it doesn’t do that cool thing where it lifts up to let giant boats pass under it. Because of those two things, it deserves to go.
Lisa: Ugh, why am I wasting my time talking to you when I can be wasting my time talking to the mayor! *storms out*
Homer: *flips page* Man, newspapers got weird. No sports section, and twelve pages of obituaries?.

This is followed by a 30s tasks for Lisa and Homer

After you complete the task, the event will kick off…

Remember, this is a mini-event.  So it’ll run for about 2 weeks (ends October 7th).

Now onto the content…

We’ll start with the prizes:

Groovetone Records- Unlocked via Song and Dance Pt. 1 and 125

Marbles Le Marquez – Unlocked via Song and Dance Pt. 2 and 125

The Spotted Cat- Unlocked via Summer Sportin’, Had Me a Blast Pt. 3 and 125

Tic Tok Simpon-  Unlocked viaSong and Dance Pt. 4 and 125 This is a costume for Bart.

Springfield Memorial Bridge- Unlocked via Song and Dance Pt. 5 and 125

Here’s a list of who earns the Event Currency…

Skinny Palmer (New Premium)

5 /freemium and 8/new premium

Now onto the Premium content…


   Skinny Palmer and KJAZZ- 150 Donuts.

Blues Vomitorium & the Bourbon Street Band- 150 Donuts

Additional Bourbon Street Bands (after initial purchase)- 20 Donuts

Returning…get ready for returning content overload


Skylight- $4,000

Laser Light- $4,000

Smoke Machine- $4,000

White Spotlight- $4,000

Multi-Colored Spotlight- $4,000

Cycling Spotlight- $4,000


*Denotes available in the Yearbook Mystery Box

Floor Speaker- 5 Donuts

Cheering Crowd- 10 Donuts

Rude Crowd- 10 Donuts

Concert Lights- 10 Donuts

Speaker Stack- 10 Donuts

Saxophone Lisa*- 30 Donuts (Costume) Should I Buy

Opera Krusty*- 50 Donuts (Costume) Details

Rappin’ Bart- 60 Donuts (Costume) Details

Captain Bob*- 65 Donuts (Costume) Should I Buy

Woodstock Casino*- 50 Donuts Details

Music Automaton- 55 Donuts Details

Gold Records On the Walls Studio*- 70 Donuts Should I Buy

Nick Delacourt- 75 Donuts Details

Alaska Nebraska- 75 Donuts Details

Yellow Submersible*- 85 Donuts (Remember, this is the one that can earn extra boardwalk/pier tiles) Should I Buy & Bonus! Safi Stats and Strategy Post

Pop Star Plane- 85 Donuts Details

Pop Stage- 100 Donuts Details

Hip-Hop Stage- 100 Donuts Details

All Sales Vinyl- 100 Donuts Details

Underground Piano & Martin of the Opera- 110 Donuts Details

Opera House- 125 Donuts Should I Buy

Classified Records & L.T. Smash*- 125 Donuts Should I Buy

Sungazer Studio & Peter D’Abbruzio– 150 Donuts Details

Sungazer Tour Bus & Freddie Freeman & Shredder Stevens*- 150 Donuts Should I Buy

Springfield Hyper Stadium & Rockstar Maggie*- 150 Donuts Should I Buy

Concert Hall & Mozart*- 150 Donuts Should I Buy

The Jazz Hole and BGM*- 165 Donuts Should I Buy

*Denotes available in the Yearbook Mystery Box

And that’s it my friends, all the details on the All This Jazz Mini-Event!

Thoughts on the update?  Excited for the content?   Plans for content locations?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “New Update: All This Jazz Mini-Event Rundown

  1. Won’t finish… But I finished everything. Even placed last object (That piece of street between 2 mountains with big ass moon) and the damn game still acts like I haven’t completed the event…this is very annoying.

  2. Why have I not received memorial bridge?

    • I have completed all tasks but have have not received bridge. I was going to share a screen shot but it appears that is not possible

  3. This is a great selection of prizes, premium items and returning items. I had all the returning content which I unlocked either as a prize, got in a mystery box (Summer Concert and Yearbook) or bought in a previous update. I got a design idea for the prize buildings but the bridge I can hopefully figure something out in time for the showoff.

  4. Finally, many years later got Sideshow Bob when I bought the outdoor opera stage. The joy, I can stop being annoyed at Kelsey Grammar for never appearing!

  5. just dropping in to say that another event & yet again i get the login error which will last 1-2 weeks. i’ve had this error every single event since christmas 2017 & no trouble shoooting works. everything is up to date & supposedly from ea’s point of view i should be able to login but the error persists. i used to be able to uninstall or change password each play every 4 hours to get in but neither work anymore. it just randomly goes away & lets me in which by that point i’m so behind in events which is why i stopped playing in february

  6. The Outdoor Opera Stage is available, not the Opera House. You also missed the Rock Stage

  7. Thanks for the info! I think you’re missing the Rock Stage from the list of premium items.

    • Rock Stage (Homerpalooza
      Pop Stage (Homerpalooza)
      Hip Hop Stage (Homerpalooza)
      Springfield Opera House (Springfield Heights)
      Outdoor Opera Stage (Twerlinger Family aka Sideshow Bob’s Family)

      These should all be available for Tappers if they don’t have them (Alissa did let us know what’s available in the Mystery Box if you don’t want to spend 🍩’s on them directly from the Store). I have them already (Long Time Tapper).

  8. If you buy Opera Open Scene in the shop, you will get Sideshow Bob. I don’t know is it his first return or not.

    • Do you mean the Open Air Stage or the Outdoor Opera Stage. The Outdoor Opera Stage was part of the Terwilliger Event when Bob was first released.

      • I play german Version of the game. That’s why I made this mistake. I think it’s called correctly Outdoor Opera Stage.

  9. Extra addition burbon street band is 4% for now!

    • Yes – that’s the best bonus XP% per donut payout rate I ever recall seeing in the game! I’ve just bought 56 of them and added 224% bonus XP (now at 2551%).

      Since I hit maximum cash I don’t KEM farm anymore – it’s easier to just spend a few million on rat trap delivery trucks to burn a bit of cash and convert that into donuts.

  10. I also have the Outdoor Opera Stage available to buy in the Event store.

    • Aaaargh

      Yes, this Building was released during the Twerlinger Family Event (every member of Sideshow Bob’s Family has a Visual 6-hour Task there).

  11. Oh no, L-EA-Z-Y is recycling Content from Homerpalooza (well, let’s just say EA has anything music related up for grabs, even if it’s already available in the Mystery Box!) 😅

    Ok, to be fair? Noobs get a chance to obtain whatever’s not in the Mystery Box from Homerpalooza (you can spend the sprinkles on what some of us probably had to Store due to Item Limits!) 😅

    On to the fun stuff – if you ❤️ Jazz? if you ❤️ NOLA? (I’m definitely inspired to create a NOLA section in my Springfield with the new Content!) if you ❤️ New Buildings w/Character Tasks? if you ❤️ New Characters that are voiced? Then the ‘All That Jazz’ Mini Event is a winner! 😀👍🏻

    Ignore the Bart Simpson Character Skin (I know, it’s L-EA-Z-Y!) but DO spend the sprinkles on the Premium Character Combo & Premium Building Combo! 😉

    You may not be amused by the fact it’s the same Characters doing the same 4 hour Grind for the same Event Prizes (actually? these are probably the best Prizes we’ve had in an Event all year!) You’ll be amused by the Characters going to All Sales Vinyl for their Grinding (if you got that Building, or will spend the sprinkles to obtain it!) with “that vinyl record scratch sound” …. if you used 🍩’s to get Skinny Palmer? I had him Tasking at the Brown House, Blue House, Pink House, Springfield Retirement Castle, KJAZZ, Scandal-Gate Hotel (gotta ❤️ “that vinyl record scratch sound” when collecting Event Currency!) 😉

    I’ve got the final Event Prize to obtain (Springfield Memorial Bridge!) by tonight! I only stored 1 Prize (Bourbon Street Band aka gee it’s another Group you can Tap just like the 7 different variants L-EA-Z-Y has offered up over the years!) There are 2 Questlines I will enjoy post Mini Event (they are related to Content you obtain!), so Happy Tapping Everyone – I hope those iOS update snafus are dealt with (if not? well, you should know where to go and scream at EA by now!) 😀👍🏻

  12. I’m very happy to see we finally get the Memorial Bridge. I still wish they would add a real river building tool with curves and short pieces just like the monorail . And while I’m at it wouldn’t it be nice to have streets and roads that had these curves?

  13. The bourbon street band purchases yield 2% bonus
    KJAZ can be placed on the Wooden Pier

    Now, I’m re thinking my design to allow my music buildings close together.

    And BONUS,
    The air is clear here. And Patric gets another day of rain clearing the air. Probably not enough to help in the fires, but not hindering.

    • I’m getting 4% bonus 😁

    • Bonus % is alright (just tired of the “same grouped character design” ).

      Nevada has suffered 156 Days of no measured rainfall this year (ouch!), California won in the temperature department (137° in Death Valley could be a world record as ‘the hottest place on Earth’).

      Those 🔥’s have still made the air quality here awful (they are also constant reminder that this year has been terrible against Nature).

      New Simpsons Episode this Sunday (looking forward to Safi’s post reminding Tappers!) and yeah I do appreciate the New Buildings / New Characters (voiced, too!) 😉

  14. So I bought skinny palmer and kjazz and it seems Ea have been extra lazy as he doesn’t come with any questline of his own.

    • He does (and he will) have a separate Questline, he’s voiced (and he does Task at KJAZZ during this Mini Event). Are you referring to permanent Character Tasks? I’m 95% done with this Mini Event. 🤔

      • I couldn’t get his questline to start either. Does it require having a specific character free?

        • GuitarBob,

          You will be prompted with a Questline for Skinny Palmer once you obtain him (you can ignore it, just complete the Mini Event, then handle his Questline).

          Keep in mind I’m using an Android device (actually 2 – a smartphone and a tablet), so I’m not sure if iOS (iPhone or iPad), or Amazon Kindle, are experiencing a glitch due to their OS.

          Skinny Palmer does come with KJAZZ Radio Station (part of the Event Grind involves him having a Character Task there). Anywhere I mentioned that is not a Brown House, Blue House, or Pink House that Skinny Palmer Tasked for Event Currency is either a Building you have OR a Building you need to obtain via the Mystery Box (ie Scandal-Gate Hotel).

          • I got him and I’m playing on a Galaxy tablet which uses android but no questline started. I can send him on tasks and to earn event currency.

            • Keep playing through until you finished obtaining every Event Prize. Chances are Skinny Palmer’s Questline will not be triggered until you are done with the entire Mini Event (the Bachelor Arms Apartments, Lunchlady Dora, Manacek aka The Simpsons version of George Peppard as Banacek are all involved with the Questline) …. and yep Samsung Galaxy Tabs are Android OS (look under System Menu to find how old your OS is – I currently have Android OS 10 on both my devices, OS 11 is getting released this year).

      • I can tap him and get all his tasks to come up but there is no exclamation mark above his head to start a quest line.

        • I think you might have to get to a certain part of the main questline (Song and Dance) to get Skinny Palmer’s questline. I don’t know if its in the middle or at the end of the main questline though to get his questline.

        • sw180783

          Please keep playing through the whole Mini Event until you are done obtaining every Event Prize (a Questline for Skinny Palmer, an a separate Questline for Marbles La Marquez, an a 3rd Questline for Bart Simpson as Tic Tock will be there in your Character Taskbook).

          • I sped through some of the main questline with donuts and now that I’ve reached the point of unlocking tick tock as my next goal the skinny palmer questline has just unlocked itself. Thanks for the help.

            • sw180793

              I’m guilty of spending sprinkles to rush through 90% of the Mini Event (then relaxed to enjoy the 3 separate quest lines – Lazzy Palmer, Marbles La Marquez, Tic Tock Bart Simpson).

              Springfield Memorial Bridge – best new Lisa Simpson Visual Task (actually, Tapping the Bridge is cool, too). 😀👍🏻

  15. Bourbon Bonus Points Band

    20 donuts for 4% bonus with Bourbon Street Bands? Yes I will buy.

  16. Yay new event!! 😎 Thanks Alissa for all the info!!!! Can’t wait to see what EA does for the Halloween event!! 💀🎃🕯️Also looking forward to the trees and water change 😁

  17. aw i am at work… when i get home i”l see if my daughter is not using my tablet for school… so i can play this update.. thnx for the info..

  18. Groovy 🎷🎷🎷🥁🥁🎸🎸🎹🎺🎼🎵🎶

  19. Thanks for letting us know what’s in the Yearbook! Helps me save sprinkles for Halloween instead!

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