Note: The updates should be available in your App Store at this point.  So be sure to check your store and update accordingly.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The THOH Event has hit the files, which means it will be available for download on the app store soon.  Just a reminder, IT WILL NOT GO LIVE IN TSTO UNTIL TOMORROW (11AM ET).  So don’t freak out if it’s not live yet.  It’ll go live on Wednesday October 14th at 11am ET. 

Anyway, now that it’s live in the files we can share some SPOILERS!  So for those who were looking for those spoilers, here’s your chance!

I will say prior to the spoiler warning, this is a typical Multi-Event.  Runs from tomorrow (Oct 14th) until November 18th.  Here’s the schedule:

Act 1 starts 10/14
Act 2 starts 10/23
Act 3 starts 11/01
Act 4 starts 11/10
Event ends 11/18

And now what you’re waiting for…the SPOILERS…


And there you go guys, there are the spoilers provided to us by EA.  I’m going through the files now, so I may have more to add later.  Otherwise, look for the event to start tomorrow morning (Oct 14th) at 11am ET…and look for it to hit your app stores later today.

Thoughts on the spoilers? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

82 thoughts on “THOH 2020 SPOILERS

  1. What a disappointment.. No spooky music, no change in atmosphere, it doesn’t even feel like halloween anymore.. just an update they couldn’t be bothered to finish.
    Makes me wonder how much longer I’ll be playing the game

  2. I’m so disappointed.. Why did they stop with the spooky music and atmosphere? Before it really felt like a halloween update, this seems like something that they didn’t want to do do..

  3. I thought I’d read that the item limit was going up to 14000? Still stuck on 13000 for me 🙁 weirdly I was looking forward to that the more than Halloween because I’ll be able to build for fun again.

      1. Completely stuck, when I try and add the 13001st item I get the congratulations you’ve reached the maximum item limit message 🙁 if it’s just me I’ll try contacting EA

  4. 15:45 (3:45pm) here in Scotland and the event hasn’t triggered yet. The update appears to have downloaded as the splash screen has been updated and there were files being downloaded when I logged into the game.
    I am playing on a Kindle tablet and things don’t always go smoothly with the Fire OS.

      1. So it would seem, as it kicked in around then.
        Normally starts at 3pm in the summer months (GMT+1) and 2pm in the winter months (GMT)

        1. 1500 UTC is the general start time. I indicated 11am ET. The US has not reverted to standard time yet, and we won’t until November 1st. Once we do that it’ll go back to 10am ET, but still 1500 UTC.

  5. since I rebuilt my Springfield to mirror the suggested map floating around the Internet I was hoping for the Sales From The Crypt Mortuary in a Halloween Update.

  6. I have 2 Halloween areas and would like to combine it all to make a big Halloween town, just need some space and time to do it.

  7. Has the event kicked off for any one in the uk as of yet?? Just my home app screen has changed 🙈just seems a comment no tapping yet again 😤just a mini event in stages, I’m gutted yet again

  8. Absolutely LOVE this game!!! Fully completed All That Jazz, whereas I only got Annika from Millhouse’s event because that was the time I finally returned to playing. Can’t wait for this one!

  9. My trees have gone to the autumn colours, but no change to the atmosphere or water yet. I seem to temember they didn’t change it last year. Have they stopped doing that now?

  10. Tip: just prior to the event start I send everyone I can through the zombie sandwich. The majority of characters that you will need for the events can be assigned a task there.

    This is a one hour task. When they are all on the task, I send the rest of the characters to the tasks I normally would.

    This allows me to separate those characters easily. Should there be a character who does not go to the zombie sandwich (premium character purchased with donuts from an earlier round) I either separate them on their own, or just wait until their regular task is complete.

  11. Thought the spoiler would include a comment on tapping ghouls like in the olden days. Any comment on this (yes, I realize I could wait!)?

  12. Finished my town’s redesign just in time for the holidays. I finally created a small Hell area since I purchased the ‘escalator to the unknown’, but it looks like I’ll have to expand my Hellscape. Lots of ideas popping in my head from the decos…🤔 Skyfinger’s work is never done!

  13. Okay, so we’re finally getting the OG Devil and donut-headed Homer, that’s good!

    And yet another ‘crowd’ item and some somewhat mediocre skins(?) for Lisa and Bart. That’s bad.

    We also get the fat demon that was in charge of Homer’s donut-eating torture. That’s good!

    We also get more bland/random decorations that will likely never see the light of the hellfires ever again. That’s bad.

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