THOH XXXI Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

Just when I suspected that things couldn’t get more “hellish” in the world…BOOM! We get a THOH update that is just full of it!

You have to love an update that starts right out with a pentagram for a prize. If you are a fan of horror movies, you know this never goes well.

But, looking into the calendar, it seems that the update will be anything but hellish…if you don’t mind tapping to get the stuff you want…in in format that has been repeated to the point of being hellish. But, I digress…

HERE ARE THE PRIZES and the MATH and the CALENDAR to Stay On Track!
It looks pretty EAsy by most standards.  Logging on 3-4 times a day, and tapping the next round, should more than be adequate.  Each Act increases by a gentle number…which should be more than EAsily accomplished if you buy any of the Premium offerings.  


33 responses to “THOH XXXI Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

  1. Thanks, Patric!! 🥰 I appreciate you taking time to make this awesome calendar so I can be sure to get all of EA’s goodies!! Tàke care and thanks again my Friend!! ❤️

  2. So only 2 new characters?

  3. Yasss! TY Tracy, my friend!

  4. I’ve been wondering if Witch Marge will ever come back? I haven’t seen her in a few years and it makes me concerned I may never see her again. Apparently, I picked up her cauldron a few years ago but for some reason she didn’t come with it. It was confirmed in a post a long time ago that she wasn’t supposed to come with it so I know it wasn’t a glitch. Has anyone seen her or know if she’ll be back? Just wondering if the system thinks i already have her because of the cauldron?

    • She is available now in the characters section for 25 donuts 🙂

    • Nope…she is in a long line of great THOH content that feels like it may never return again. They seem to be phoning this in…and a lot of the numbers aren’t connecting.

    • It is back, but bundled with the cauldron. The same for the Raven and Bad Dream House.
      The only thing I could suggest is to pester EA directly, and maybe even ask them to delete the item you have – cauldron in your case – so it will allow you to get the bundle. Good luck.

      • I figured my cauldron had something to do with it. I have the raven already, too. I probably can’t get the bad dream house either.

    • I think there is a glitch with the cauldron as she was supposed to come with it a couple of years ago. I contacted EA and they removed my cauldron and put it back in with Marge witch . Might be worth contacting them and asking.

  5. Once in a blue moon my game glitches and toilet paper rolls show up, only to remind me of the first event, and what an event it was!

    • Indeed. I feel lucky to have lived a long enough “tapper life” to remember how things used to be. And unlike those of us who have lived through even worse times in history, the “Good Old Days of TSTO” really were better.

  6. Ilan Rodrigo Leal De Paula

    So, Hellementary School is the only returning item in the prize track, right? Does that mean we will get only one mystery box token for free this time?

  7. Extremely disappointed with the THOH XXXI update. Wish the update didn’t involve a satanic theme. Smh.

    • Uhm. Yes. But, we have pretty much beat that topic to death. Halloween by nature is not exactly going to be “happy, happy, elves, dancing on the alter, with communion wafers in their hands.”

  8. LISAFER!!! Lisafer got me dying and howling of laughter! Awoooooo let the good old Treehouse begin! Thank you for the chart, Patric

  9. Has anyone noticed the difference in the color of the river water and the springfield dam? One is normal and the other is darkened.

    • The dark juices of EA are flowing… unspeakable horrors of the sewers come out.. the trees also have turned to flame orange and sickly yellow! Mwahahah

  10. Patric, the Hell Moe’s in the spoiler post is clearly an upcoming premium. Please tell me the bar is a new stand alone and not another Halloween skin for our existing Moe’s. Appreciate all you Mods do.

  11. Thanks for the calendar, love it

    Wish we still had the spooky music in the background and ability to gain stuff for going into friends towns

    • There are loads to wish for…for sure. The “good old days” are clearly over.

      • You know how we have a ‘Most-Wanted Characters’ post here, from time to time?

        Not that they’re ever going to do any of it, but I’d like for us to at least have a wish list.

        I mean, they did (finally!) give us our item limit increase… right?

        (Right? Lol)

  12. I only have one complaint, that a couple of limited legacy items aren’t up available to grab, like Deep Dark Woods and such. Oh well, only 364 days until the next possibility.

    • It is interesting how they choose. A lot from the amazing THOH update from a couple of years back (maybe three?) have never come back around. It was loaded with great decorations and characters.

      • And speaking of a wish list… one of the first things I’d put on it would be a search function within our Inventory. I don’t want to have to go look/hunt/scroll through *everything* just to see if I have Deep Dark Woods in my inventory. 🙁

        • No kidding. Especially since many of the items we “win” go into storage almost immediately. A desk? Really? Where do you put an outsized desk in your town?

    • Not necessarily, Black Friday and Christmas are right around the corner. I’ll put a little wish for Treestache to make a return for you.

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