THOH XXXI Premium Questline: Demon Moe

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It’s everyone’s (well almost everyone’s) favorite time in TSTO, the annual Treehouse of Horror Event!  Yes, Halloween in Springfield has always been big deal in TSTO and this year is no exception!

Act 3 of this Event ushered in one new premium character to help navigate this event.  Demon Moe is an all-new premium character for Springfield, who not only helps earn event currency but also comes with a short questline.

So let’s take a look at Demon Moe’s questline.  Here’s the full dialogue for Where Everybody Knows Your Shame…

Where Everybody Knows Your Shame Pt. 1
Demon Moe

Demon Moe: Say, Homer, since you’re about to leave Hell, I was wonderin’… could you do me a favor when you head back upstairs.
Homer: Oh, no! I have to climb stairs?! This is hell!
Demon Moe: Uh, no. I mean when you leave Hell and go back to Springfield. I was thinkin’ youse could invite the mortal Moe down here to get a preview of what he’s got in store when he gets down here.
Homer: Are you sure this is where Moe’s coming? I think he’s a pretty good guy.
Demon Moe: Hoo boy. You don’t know the dark side of Moe.
Make Demon Moe Ask Homer for a Favor- 1hr
Make Homer Agree to Do a Favor for Demon Moe- 1hr
Homer: So there are two Moes?
Demon Moe: No, I’m just the guy in charge of what he’s gonna face when his butt lands here in Hades.
Homer: So you’re like his guardian angel?
Demon Moe: Let’s just go with that. I’m the guardian angel with the horns, a tail, and death breath.

Where Everybody Knows Your Shame Pt. 2
Demon Moe

Homer: Hey, Demon Moe! I brought regular Moe down like you asked.
Demon Moe: Why’d you bring Lenny and Carl too?
Lenny: Homer said he was going to Cool Moe’s.
Carl: We never met a Cool Moe so we had to come.
Moe: I don’t get it. What is this place?
Demon Moe: This is where you’re gonna spend eternity, pal.
Moe: Aw, geez. In the afterlife, I was hopin’ to get out of the servin’-drinks-to-jerks business.
Make Demon Moe Ask Homer for a Favor- 1hr
Make Homer Agree to Do a Favor for Demon Moe- 1hr
Moe: Wait, so I’ll have a miserable life, die, and spend a miserable eternity in this dump?
Demon Moe: Pretty much, yeah. Hope yer into smokey, hot, and sweaty.
Moe: What’d I do to deserve this?
Demon Moe: The watering down of drinks, the rhino horn business…
Moe: Big deal! Everybody does that.
Lenny: The shotgunning, the cheating at cards…
Carl: Selling rotten eggs, clubbing innocent rats…
Moe: Okay, everybody, stop already. I get it.

Where Everybody Knows Your Shame Pt. 3
Demon Moe

Moe: So your job is to torment me for eternity after I die?
Demon Moe: Like I always say: “Find a job you enjoy doing and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. Right, Twainy?
Mark Twain: I wish I’d never said a lot of things.
Moe: And so you’ll have to stay with me forever, in all my gripin’, complaining and general miserableness. That’s gonna be fun for you?
Demon Moe: Yep…wait, no. I may not have thought this through.
Moe: I can see that. *chuckles*
Make Demon Moe Become Horrifically Depressed- 4hrs
Make Moe Enjoy Sharing the Pain- 4hrs

Where Everybody Knows Your Shame Pt. 4
Demon Moe

Demon Moe: I concocted this eternal torment for you. It was s’posed to be really great!
Moe: It is great. You did a good job.
Demon Moe: But all I’ve done is set myself up to be miserable alongside you forever.
Moe: You ain’t no Prince Charming yerself, pal.
Demon Moe: I don’t like to look on the bright side, but it ain’t all bad. I do own a bar, and that’s pretty sweet.
Moe: That’s the spirit. And I’ll cover for ya on ladies’ nights down here.
Demon Moe: Good luck with Lizzy Borden and Ma Barker. They are a couple of mean drunks!
Make Demon Moe Relax and Enjoy Life- 4hrs

Where Everybody Knows Your Shame Pt. 5
Demon Moe

Moe: Well, I guess I’ll head back home. Probably be seeing you soon, though. *sigh*
Demon Moe: There’s still hope. Go to church, fold yer hands, and pray to the guy upstairs. If that works, you could go to heaven and I get to keep the bar.
Moe: Hey, you really think I got a shot at heaven?
Demon Moe: I don’t wanna lie to you, but I’m gonna…sure you got a shot!
Make Moe Wander Home- 2hrs
Make Demon Moe Propose a Toast for Regular Moe- 2hrs
Hell Scientists Crowd: So he just went back home?
Demon Moe: Yep. I can’t help feelin’ bad for the guy.
Hell Scientists Crowd: We should drink a toast to Moe.
Demon Moe: That’s a real sweet thought. On the other hand, it seems like a waste of good alcohol. Moe wouldn’t want that.
Hell Scientists Crowd: A FREE drink…to Moe!
Demon Moe: Get outta my bar, you bum! *pulls out baseball bat* Sweet thought is over!

And this concludes Demon Moe’s questline.

Thoughts on the event?  Did you buy Demon Moe? Thoughts on the dialogue? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Questlines outside of the ‘grind for Event Currency’ have been fun with enough puns thrown into the Character Dialogue …. I just do not recall seeing Demon Moe in an Episode (if I did? then I would recognize with Dialogue, but this Character in game is not voiced).

    Still enjoy his Visual Tasks. 👍🏻

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