Friday Filler – Thanksgiving Lite?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

What a wonderful treat! Without prompting, without cajoling, EA saw fit to “keep the tradition alive,” and bring us a Thanksgiving and Black Friday update! Wooooo!! (I’d add a “hoooo” but, I’m still trying to get a handle on how thankful I really am!).

I’m not going to state the obvious…but the fact is, the huge burst of new Covid cases, and the resulting shutdowns, pleas, and out-and-out begging to be safe, has created a Thanksgiving that is unlike any in my entire almost-67-year-lifetime.  This is a holiday that is made for tradition. Families getting together in mass, to celebrate with far too much food, a smattering of drama (especially if the family is a “house divided over politics in an election year), and loads and loads of reminiscing about the “good old days!” 

Wait. Maybe, with all of the insanity going on right now, a “small family gathering” is exactly what we need.  Maybe Covid is God’s way of saying…CHILLAX!!!!! 

Or…maybe it is just part of the REST of the crappiest year in history…including this so-called Thanksgiving Event in TSTO. 

Let’s break this down… and decide if EA is worthy of our Thanks…or if it is Thanksgiving Lite, at best!
Let’s start by what we “Win” for caring enough to tap…

The Jelly Monster…
which i was surprised to find out, is actually canon!  (E8S31).  It was stupid in the show…and is going to be even worse in our towns.  I already have enough turkeys roaming around…without a giant sludge of cranberry sauce to go with them. Stupid.  Will go into storage. 

Blarg Alien (from the same episode).  For the same reasons…(I DON’T WANT IT IN MY TOWN), I’m not thrilled, even with three legs.  

Then…we get a bunch of random buildings and decorations…

Swapper Jack’s –
Nope. Belongs in a Strip Mall

Humanity’s Hope –
Come on. Our “Hope” is leaving earth for the wasteland of space?

Blarg Huts
– No thanks. They don’t make sense in any location in my town. 

And there are the “FREE BONUS” Black Friday Bonus Prizes
The Boob Tubery – Funny name…but, it should be owned by Booberella, and shouldn’t actually sell TVs. 

Circuit Circus –
Funny play on words for the decimation of retail culture as we know it. 
Catfish Lake – The only real “Catfishing” being done here, is EA pretending to be someone who cares! 

And don’t even get me started on Black Friday. Since it’s inception, it hasn’t really been any real discounts, for anything you really want. It’s all old stuff…and this time, it costs actual money.  Who…would…do…this?????

I know there are some of you reading this who are either blushing, or angry, or both right now.  But, dammitallanyway…at best, you are donating to EA.  And they don’t need to dough.  There is little to be thankful for here…

And finally…COME ON!!!!  So, the storyline here is that Homer has created a giant sentient glob of CRANBERRY…that requires it to be fed, human bones? He robs a grave and tries to feed Patty and Selma to it?????   WOW…there are some Happy Vroom Shrooms in the stuffing…  The writers have completely lost it…Soooooo Stupid!!!!!

Luckily…I am thankful for my family’s ability to adapt.  This year, we are going to be “scofflaws” and drive down to Sacramento, to have Thanksgiving, the day AFTER Thanksgiving with my daughter and her husband.  We have all been in safe mode…almost completely quarantined…and are limiting it to the four of us (and their new puppy). My wife has reasoned that it is just like driving across town…to share a meal with one other couple. We’ll navigate the rest stops in full Covid regalia! 

We will do a ZOOM get-together with the rest of our family…and make them jealous that they don’t get any of my wife’s famously amazing Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  Simple…succulent…and traditional. Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes a better bird. 

Homer’s panic about not having Cranberry Sauce is justified.

The simple fact, is that I like my Thanksgiving meals to be mostly the basics.  No weird clam stuffing, or molded tomato aspic salad. Just give me copious amounts of Turkey, roasted to perfection, surrounded by vegetables…mashed potatoes and gravy, and stuffing…all covered in a thick layer of cranberries (FRESH NOT CANNED!!!).

We will do this on Friday. And we will be as thankful as we would have been on Thursday. 

Then…we get to drive back, two days later, just in time for me to do my “Mom shift” as we move my mother into “hospice mode.”  And yes…ironically, I am thankful for both the chance for a “long goodbye” as well as the knowledge that her suffering will end before too long.

2020…what a year. I am damn thankful that it is almost over. 

I know there are many of you who will find a way to love this Thanksgiving Mini-event, and even some who will willingly blow hard-earned real money on silly digital baubles.  That’s fine.  We don’t all have to have the same opinions on things. 

I continue to have hope…that we will get our collective acts together, and do the right things to make this world better for everyone.  There are going to be challenges ahead. But, I have faith that we are going to look back on 2020 as a year that will not be missed…and may very well be the low-point from which we mark progress toward a better future.  

That is what I hope.  And without hope…we are left with deciding who gets to ride on the false hope of a spaceship, headed for a barren wasteland, that the “Blargs” already screwed up to the point where they think that earth is a rare piece of paradise. 

Oh. Those silly, silly, Blargs.


OK…in full disclosure…I did get the Blorg Bundle.  I had the donuts…and I have to admit…watching the 3-legged break dancing is hilarious.  But, the estate of Dr Seuss will likely Sue over the huts. They look like they are right out of one of his books!


21 responses to “Friday Filler – Thanksgiving Lite?

  1. I am enjoying the update and appreciate the effort by the team providing new content during this downtime. And I like the cranberry humor. 😋

    • Well……different berries for different crannies…or something like that.
      Sorry. I prefer to eat my cranberry, not be eaten by them.

      • My thoughts with you & your family. Hope Mum finds peace soon.
        As for this event, I agree it’s pretty dam silly but then again, so are most. I kinda like the blarg & the huts.
        Question for all you guys, we have turkey at Christmas in GB, what do you have ?
        Not turkey again surely ?

  2. The Mrs & I will miss seeing friends & family on 🦃 Day (work was generous to supply gift certificates for Cracker Barrel for all the volunteering feeding the less fortunate safely – she’s not cooking and the 🐈’s will enjoy their 🦃!) There is always next year, where hopefully things will be better for everybody. 👍🏻

    [opinion] this pandemic has become overwhelming, because too many are not taking it seriously (ie they don’t believe there is a virus, they don’t practice social distancing, they don’t wear a mask and when they do? they chin diaper). We know close to a dozen friends and family members who have the 2nd wave of the virus, two are still in ICU (one will probably die). We live in a tourist town, tourism is essential, hopefully a majority who visit during the 🦃 Day Weekend will follow the rules (or wonder why security is kicking them out!) We have all 3 Bill and Ted Movies to watch (excellent! except we really miss going to the Cinemas – bogus!)

    As for TSTO? I was thankful for the various Mystery Boxes (I spent 300 🍩’s to obtain various Characters, Character Skins, Buildings not found in the Regular Mystery Box), so EA got a ‘thank you’ for that. 👍🏻

    I spent sprinkles on the Blarg Bundle (had the space for it, got a good laugh out of the Voiced Character). Played along with this Mini Event update, doubt I will spend real 💵 on further content and here’s why –

    We need more Land (we truly do, I am forced to plop 1st and remove Content next, about 40% of new Content went right into Storage!)

    That Bart Simpson Screen is occurring too many times (it’s not me with the device that has 6Gigs RAM 128Gigs ROM and 300 mbps WiFi – it’s EA with their failing Network still using Origin Account on this Game App!)

    I ❤️ TSTO but it is so bug ridden compared to what it was 7 years ago that one only has to read the reviews on Google Play to find so many Long Time Tappers are not having it! I do have a Google Play gift card to use up, so maybe I will purchase $5 worth of Tokens to grab some Content from the Gold Mystery Box (and jokingly refer to EA as a ‘gold digger’! 🤣 )

    Once again, I truly hope everyone stays safe, enjoy your time with immediate family, don’t give into that Black Friday nonsense (if I had a wish on 🦃 Day it’s that more retail workers actually got 🦃 Day and Friday off!) and let’s hope for a better 2021! 📿

  3. Sorry about your mom. Funny how it’s always too soon even when it isn’t. Hoping she free from pain soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about you Mom Pat.God bless

  5. Sorry to hear about your mom, because of her and you when one of our devices screws up we exclaim, “Our Google is broken!” Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Is anyone else having issues updating there kindle fire? Mine will not, and I have contacted EA,, no help there…suggests please!

  7. Patric,

    *Families getting together EN MASSE…

    😉 It’s an easy mistake. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. Sorry to hear about hospice mode. I can understand both sides….but still a hard stressful time. Hope it all goes as well as it can go💙
    This event is really stupid…but its still a game that we’re able to play and forget about all the stupid put there…if only for a bit.
    I hope u enjoy your thanksgiving! We’re doing our usual with the usual suspects. My folks arent getting much younger and we all cant imagine skipping family get togethers at this point. Stay safe…stay healthy!🍗💙🍁

    • It goes pretty fast…especially at the end. We have spent a lot of time going over photo albums, and realizing that there isn’t a chance in hell that our kids will actually ever look at the thousands of images they post online. Photo Albums…they force you to be selective in your memories.

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