Snow (and Christmas) Is Coming!

UPDATE: The event is currently LIVE in Springfield.  If you don’t see the Splash Screen or snow you likely don’t have the update downloaded, so check the app store.  I’m working on the rundown post and will have it up soon…just a lot of details to cover!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

🎶 Outside the snow is falling and TSTO is calling yoo hoo! 🎶

Yes, it’s time for the annual TSTO Christmas Event!  And this year no one is safe in this Clash of Creeds!

If you’re looking for SPOILERS on the Christmas Event you can find them HERE.

Although we weren’t allowed to talk about it at the time, we were fortunate enough to receive our “spoiler” pre-event packet from EA last week and now that the event has officially hit the files we’re finally free of the NDA and we’re allowed to talk about it!

So, this event will hit TOMORROW (Wednesday, December 9th) however the App Store update is/will be available today for download.  So be sure to download the update.

A couple of key points…

-The event is called Clash of Creeds: Christmas Royale.
-You will need to be at or above Level 12 in order to start this event.  That means Level 12 in both XP and Game Play.
-This is another MULTI-EVENT.  4 acts, 9 days/act
-Event ends January 13th 2021.  (Personally funny to me…starts on my little sister’s bday and ends on my mama’s bday…)
-Gil will make an appearance at the end of this event (175 donuts for the Gil deal)
-1 new premium combo, aside from Gil, per Act.  You’ll need..if I’m reading this correctly, 700 total donuts for those 4 items (not including Gil…875 if you include Gil).
-There will be a Christmas Mystery Box
-There will also be a Santa’s Wonderland Box
-For Santa’s Wonderland there will be special daily challenges that will earn you tickets to unlock that box.  Here’s hoping it’s similar to Stonecutters
-Both boxes are full of returning items.  So if you already have a lot of Christmas stuff, like I do, you may not see either box. (daily challenge tickets will be able to be exchanged for donuts at the end)
-The turkey will be making an appearance in one of the boxes as a stand-alone item.  I know some of you have been looking for that.
-Characters to keep free for currency earning tasks: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lovejoy, Flanders, Mr. Burns, Krusty, Wiggum, Moe, and Rabbi K.
-Per EA: “Keep an eye out on Christmas Day for a special donut promotion, for bonus donuts and the return of a very unique character for one day only.”
-I’m going to have another post with spoiler images and event overview, up shortly.

And that’s it.  I’ll leave you with the Splash Screen and the note that the spoiler post with more images and event overview can be found here. (if it’s not live yet, it’ll be live shortly)

Thoughts?  Excited for snow? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Snow (and Christmas) Is Coming!

  1. What character is the Gil deal? How’s it not among all the other spoilers? Or did I miss it? Thanks!

  2. Burning bush can be bought with cash and not donuts?? Bonus with cash?? Is an error from EA??

  3. “For Santa’s Wonderland there will be special daily challenges that will earn you tickets to unlock that box.”

    Where is this hiding, when do we get it?

    Fun Fun Fun.

  4. Turkey!!!!

  5. Put all my characters on 24hr tasks this morning at 7:30 lol, the daily challenges sound good and love my Springfield with snow 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎅

  6. Luann, King Winter, and Grandma Van Houten no longer have 12 hour tasks. I hope that whatever new Christmas content we get will allow them to have 12 hour tasks again.

  7. No Lisa needed? Seems weird. I think I’ll keep her free just in case. And really surprised a premium character is needed as well (Rabbi K). Good thing I got him in the Yearbook.

  8. It also would be nice to have a Mosque in my Springfield

  9. Anyone else not have snow on Springfield Elementary? I even removed it and place it back and it still didn’t have snow. Just wondering

  10. I think this is the latest download push I’ve gotten from Google Play Store for TSTO (I know we’ve had December events that have stretched into January, I don’t recall any Event ever going almost halfway into the month of January – but I’ll take it!)

    Gil Deal 💵
    🍩’s Deal
    Extra Mystery Boxes
    Bring on the 🌨️

  11. Nice update, hoever I still wonder, admins..
    can my socialism stat downgrade if I delete or stop visit my friends ? or once I hit 5 stars Ill keep them to the end of days ?

    • I’ve cleared down my entire friends list so it’s just me and ‘other Springfield’, and before I packed up my entire town into boxes (or ‘groups’ if you want to get specific) I had 5 stars still.

  12. Fantastic news!! 👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌

  13. I got the update and it needed around 500 mb of extra space. I suspect this is a major event/ update given most updates are small largely around perhaps 30-50 mb.

    • Christmas is always large because of the snow. Every single item in the game has to be downloaded again with the snow look.

      • That might be the case but the game went from using 2.5 gb to just under 3.0 gb. After updating the game tapped out said “I need about 500 mb of extra space”.

  14. Woohoo!!! Snow!!! Well, except for the Springfield Elementary, the Krusty’s Retreat and the Toys Were Us buildings that remain snowless. At least for now. Hope they fix them!

    • Is the burning bush being cash an accident or has it always been non-donut for 0.5% boost?

      • Is anyone having problems with disappearing content from your game ? All of my stuff from the Halloween event is gone ! Don’t know what to do. Called EA and as usual they were oh so helpful. Any ideas ?
        Sorry for posting this here, but I’m at my wits end . Arrrrrgh !!😤😥

  15. I’m so excited about this event that I almost dropped my eggnog .

    See ya bye . 👽

  16. Didn’t read any of the spoilers since at my age nice surprise are few and far between. That being said I hope there are some nice surprises (hey Santa, I would really like the singing stones from “that” Christmas event).

  17. Yay! Snow!

  18. I’m excited for a new event. Sounds weird!

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