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Share Your Initial Reactions On the Love and War Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record another Addicts Live, and I’d love to get your input for the show!  So in the comments below share your initial thoughts and opinions about the Love and War Event.  Let us know what you’re liking so far, not liking so far, and what you can’t wait to get!  Also, let us know if you think some aspect of the event could be changed (ie gameplay, how would you change it?)

I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please pet us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!


Love and War Event Calendar and Math You Need to Get It All!

Hey…it’s that time of year again! Time to be guilted into getting your “sweetheart” something special to let them know that you really love them…even more than yesterday.

And EA is really letting us know that they “Still Care!” Because just when we worried that the fire in our relationship may have died down, they bring us a wonderful tale of Romance…straight from Marge’s pen!

Here is the Calendar of Math and Prizes, so you have something to look forward to, waaaaaaay past Valentines Day!

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Love and War Act 1 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know (Updated and Complete)

IMPORTANT NOTE GLITCHES ABOUND: There’s currently a glitch with Libido, the cash item!  DO NOT BUY HER AT THE MOMENT!  If you purchase her you’ll get the donuts but not the character, this will have to be fixed by EA.  If you’ve ALREADY purchased her, contact EA to have them correct the issue. (they can add her directly to your game)  If you’re still having an issue going that route, contact your App Store (iOS, Google, Amazon etc) and ask them for a refund because they didn’t deliver on the promised items.
If you purchased a character and they’re missing in your Springfield….CHECK YOUR INVENTORY for them first!  This includes Libido.  If you’re still missing the character then contact EA.
Also, it appears (at least at the moment) that there’s no donut exchange for Mystery box tokens.  That may be corrected when the event ends, or may be corrected with a patch.  Just sit tight on that one if it’s impacting you.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Love is in the air!  Although maybe not so much in the Simpsons’ household…
Love and War is the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns, and it’s an all-out romance novel affair!  Also always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Once again we see another multi-event in Springfield.  So love them, or hate them, they’re still here.  So let’s all try to make the best of this…

Anywho….things kick off with a series of 6s tasks for Homer and Moe.  

After you’ve completed the initial task you’ll kick off the Love and War Event!

Note: I’m still adding to this post, but I wanted to make sure I got the intro stuff out there for y’all.  Keep checking back as this post will be updated throughout the next hour or so (takes a while to add everything).  It’ll say updated and complete when all the info is added.  Thanks!

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