Share Your Initial Reactions On the Love and War Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record another Addicts Live, and I’d love to get your input for the show!  So in the comments below share your initial thoughts and opinions about the Love and War Event.  Let us know what you’re liking so far, not liking so far, and what you can’t wait to get!  Also, let us know if you think some aspect of the event could be changed (ie gameplay, how would you change it?)

I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please pet us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!


26 responses to “Share Your Initial Reactions On the Love and War Event

  1. Did I miss the new year new you 2021 show off
    post ?

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  2. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with characters now. I suppose that’s inevitable with a game that’s been going on for so long.

  3. I’ll try to make this shorter than ‘The Harpooned Heart’. [I just watched the episode this morning.] Some years we didn’t even get a Valentine’s Day store so I was pleased to see a whole Valentine themed update right on the heels of New Year, New You.
    I like the plot idea of bringing Marge’s novel character to life as something new to the game. I’m resigned to this same format for updates not changing for the foreseeable future so I’ll tailor comments to that.
    This update has lots of content for various areas in our pocket sized towns. I see items for my Shelbyville, Outlands, Itchy & Scratchy Land and the water. Temperance’s house and the natural feature will look good in my rural/past area. A yoga studio for spa related items. I’m good with the decorations too.
    Like Safi spoke of in the spoilers video is the issue of more mansions. I’m not out of space yet, but I can see it from my window and lots of Tappers are already there. It would be so EAsy to bring back GGR and open up Springfield Heights, I don’t know why it’s not done.
    My main disappointment was Mrs. Scratchy was not being in returning items. I heard other Tappers wishing for the rose bushes and I would have been happy if they brought back the flower wall from the Terwilliger event. I was unable to craft any during that most intense event ever and would gladly pay a couple donuts a section like we did for the recent Christmas fence. I wish EA would have put a little more effort into returning content. Interesting side note: now that I bought a birdbath or three, the loading screen ambient noise that has been largely gurgling water is now overshadowed by the loud bird chirping that has so annoyed Alissa. Maybe storing the Valentine birdbaths will eliminate that.
    I don’t mind tokens as prizes so much if I have something worthwhile in the mystery box, this time I only have one character and one overly large building I’ve passed on many times. I’d rather have more prizes and have the mystery box be separate.
    Waiting on the SIB for Libido. Looks like a fun companion for the oversize Milhouse fantasy character.
    Overall I’m pleased with the new content update even if it’s going to crowd some areas as I try and find space for the new items.

  4. I know we should be grateful we have a game like this to turn to but the format really is starting to get to me now. I used too look forward to events, there was always something different & challenging.
    Even if they repeated the format of some of the old updates, that would be better than this drivel.

  5. Like it and am surprised it came up so quickly – lot of content of late!

  6. When you don’t have a certain building to complete a character quest line; it would be appreciated if it were to default to sending said character to the Brown House instead. Oh, I’m sorry… that would be a logical solution.🤫

  7. Is the tongue – kiss point a new decoration ?

    See ya bye . 👽🖖

  8. I like it and I think it’s great!!! 😀

  9. so exciting by this new update! Hope it will be great until the end but at first sight the content is great

  10. I think valentine’s event should be a 2 week mini event not running nearly a full month after the actual event, I liked the Christmas event with the tickets for the daily challenges, maybe even revisit some of the past events, stone cutters, heights ect.

    • Keith Rooney

      Yeah a Mini Event, or a 2 Act Event for 3 weeks … I ❤️ Temperance Character and Temperance’s House (she is Voiced, the House is not that huge and has nice animation when in use). I’m glad Valentine’s was brought back, I’m glad there is Content for cash or 🍩’s.

    • I agree & have been saying this for ages but listening to a few posts some guys actually get excited about these repetitive formats.
      It’s beyond me but saying that I can understand newbies maybe being quite happy as they haven’t experienced how well the game was run in the past.
      So I’m not knocking anyone just a bit sad the programmers can’t or won’t spice things up a bit.

  11. I’m happy to get consistent events in the game. I remember the months of no updates and new content, when I felt that the game was over and somebody forgot to turn off the lights. Also very pleased that these events aren’t rushed, I feel like I’m playing the game rather than the game playing me.

  12. ❤️ Temperance’s House (Building) and Temperance (Character)

    I agree 💯 with Safi regarding Esme Delacroix w/Books! Books! And Additional Books Building (👀 the YouTube video for Safi’s opinion). Yes I spent sprinkles on the Premium Character Combo.

  13. Although we are fed up the Multi-Act Event format, I wonder if we could streamline this into a 2 Act Event lasting 3 Weeks (this would probably eliminate those Event Prizes that are considered “meh” and increase the amount of Premium Content available to spend 🍩’s on). 🤔

    Tokens and Mystery Box …. Tokens should be purchased (bought with 🍩’s, or bought from EA). Tokens = 12 🍩’s is insulting.

  14. Getting bored with this format. Too long

  15. I think I’d rather have slightly longer mini-events (maybe 1 per month) and no major events. This would also give newbies a chance to breathe and play through the questlines (“normal” levels). There’s always some new content in every new event that I like, some that go straight to storage. I would enjoy the game much more if we could zoom out further for designing and have a better inventory system.

    • TDill76

      Yes ! a 2 Act Event that lasts 3 weeks …. and give Tappers a good 7 Days to recover between Events. 👍🏻

  16. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… my snow is gone! 😢

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