Share Your Overall Thoughts About the Latest Episodes of The Simpsons…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re gearing up to record a big Addicts Live this week!  This will be the episode where we’ll be talking all things The Simpsons!  We’re going to discuss all the episodes that have run in the last few weeks since “Diary Queen”…so we’ll be talking:

“Wad Goals”
“Yokel Hero”
“Do Pizza Bots Dream About Electric Guitars”
“Manger Things” (the 700th episode)
“Uncut Femmes” 

And we would LOVE to get your input for the show!  So in the comments below share your thoughts about any of those episodes.  You can talk about one of them or all 5 of them.  Share what you liked about them, hated about them, etc.  Anything that’s on your mind! 🙂

I LOVE having y’all participate in Addicts Live, that’s what makes the show so fun, so please let us know what you think and we’ll share your thoughts on Addicts Live this Saturday!

Also, because of some scheduling conflicts…Saf and I are going to record this one a few days earlier than we usually do.  So we’re going to record TOMORROW (Tuesday) evening.  So, unfortunately, we don’t have as much time as we usually do to grab your thoughts.  But any comments posted to this post BEFORE Tuesday evening will for sure make it in the episode!

Also, we’re planning on finally having you guys join Addicts Live directly!  I was hoping to start it with this episode, BUT because of the tight timeline with this episode, I don’t think it’s fair on anyone to do that.  But we will have lots of opportunities to do so starting as soon as next week. So, if you’re interested in joining an episode of Addicts Live (this would mean you would be on with both video and audio), look for a post with a signup soon! Note: we generally record on Thursday evenings around 8pm ET.  


28 responses to “Share Your Overall Thoughts About the Latest Episodes of The Simpsons…

  1. My highlights are Albert Brooks, any time he’s on it’s almost an event. I liked the Cletus story & the names of his kids were funny, although I would’ve been a little more clever.
    Uncut Femmes was pretty good, like the 1 w/ Chalmers/Skinner & CBG, nice to explore a rarely used characters back story, & giving her a voice too.
    Glad they’re doing these types of eps, Lenny & Carl could have 1 of their own too just to keep things fresh.
    Overall they were good, maybe not great but each 1 had a few lines I thought were clever/hilarious.
    “I’d like to ask them their pronouns” was funny b/c a lot of this country has no idea what that means. I’m real glad they got 2 more seasons although why they didn’t do 3 to make it to 35 I’m not sure but any new Simpsons are better than almost every other show out there now & still great.

  2. Well, here goes (aaaah! this new format is kinda weird on a smartphone!):

    “Wad Goals” – if that small dedicated EA Staff wanted to offer a Land expansion and real ⛳ Content? this Episode would be perfect for a Mini Event (I would rather EA quit stretching it into a Multi-Act!) yeah I 😂 ‘d at the end where Golf Religion gets into trouble is a Sex Cult!

    “Yokel Hero” – while it was nice to see Cletus get an Episode for himself, the real star was Special Guest Albert Brooks voicing that Slick Manager (plot petered out for me 2/3 of the way, so I lost interest in the 3rd Act).

    “Do Pizza Bots Dream About Electric Guitars” – another Episode that’s perfect for Content in a Mini Event (I don’t expect EA to give us J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot’s Head of Security as Characters, just the Razzle Dazzle’s Pizza – Tainment Palace with Gil Gunderson minus the ‘booger sugar’) and it was a funny Episode, too!

    “Manger Things” (the 700th episode) – sorry, not sorry, but I fell 💤 during this Episode (even the couch gag animated by Bill Plympton was ‘meh’ for me) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    “Uncut Femmes” – wow! what a fun Episode (Sarah Wiggum is now voiced by Megan Mullally, replacing Pamela Hayden aka the voice of Millhouse Van Houten!) New Characters Captain Bowditch, Erin, Bette (doubt EA will get
    Bob Seger) and the Building where the Jewel Heist takes place (yeah there’s enough Content for at least 2 Acts!)

    Thank You Hulu! ❤️

    • Did they change your end of things too? The backend of the site was just force updated by WordPress this morning and it’s driving me bonkers!

      • Yes, it’s on WordPress’s end …. Looks awesome on the laptop and desktop, but it’s not very mobile device / tablet friendly (that’s okay there has to be a toggle switch that changes the format for mobile devices and tablets). I wonder if I can toggle it through the Chrome browser on the smartphone …..

        I see plenty of fantastic ideas from Tappers that should be posted on the official TSTO Facebook Page 😃👍🏻

        • I have it in desktop view on my phone, which I think helps. So it doesn’t look all wonky when I view the site directly. But the backend is a total mess. I really hate when they do these mandatory updates that change the entire look/way it functions.

          • It’s almost like WordPress is trying to push everyone to use their App (I’ve got plenty of free space, but do I wanr to download another App from Google Play Store when for years it was working just fine in the Chrome Browser?) 🤪

            I’m going to see if I can toggle the View and see if that makes it easier (I wonder how this looks for those using Apple Devices using a different browser) 🤔

            • Oh the Word Press App is the WORST! I had it very briefly in 2013 and very quickly deleted it. So much easier accessing directly via a browser.

              • The App has improved (I didn’t feel like I was being forced into a Live Journal format), but I’d rather stick to the Chrome Browser (I’ll get used to this ‘changed format’ from WordPress) via mobile device.

                I’m excited to see what Tappers have to say about The Simpsons (TV Series, Game App), maybe we can get EA to remaster and release those old console / pc games (OMG the graphics are so old school on them).

          • Ah – I’d only been flicking between a couple of articles most of today and just seen this.
            Great job, WordPress – it’s a mess on a 15 inch laptop screen running Chrome on Windows 10 too !!
            ( and it seems to have killed the Search – doesn’t even get a single result if you just search “Homer” !?! )

            • Oh great… 🙄
              We have the site a certain way for 8 years and then they go and screw it up! I see a conversation with WordPress in my future…

              • I’d emailed after reading the Feedback, and you mentioning how you’ve gone to all the trouble to make finding things easy !!
                ( subject: wonky website )

              • Search box seems to be OK now 😊

              • So strange…

              • . . . and that gap ‘tween article and comments 😊

              • Hmm I enabled something on my end I wonder if that fixed it? (Search works once again for me as well)
                Now I just have to figure out the margins…

              • I’ve set margins to minus . . . before, but that only works if you can control the stylesheets – not so easy on a template based system 🙁

              • You might get away with adding a color or pattern to the outer edges and leave the content sections white, or vice versa. It probably won’t look quite so lost then as it does with everything white.
                Even just a subtle shading, or a border perhaps.
                ( used to coding being US color vs UK colour )

              • Oooh, weird – just thrown me off my wordpress and doesn’t seem to have a login option right now, but I’ll post anyways and see what happens . . .
                Remember yesterday we were talking time zones – look at the end of the comments on this page – and here I am on the wrong side of 4 am just finishing my second beer and reloading the page to hopefully give helpful feedback.
                I’ll be here a bit longer too, I want another drink !!

              • . . . and the wordpress for commenting thingy sorted itself too – I’m confuddled, but happy 😁

  3. Wad goals was funny from the beginning to the end. It had good transitions and tied up very nicely at the end. I like that it started and ended with Ralph. I like Ralph’s imaginary parade and especially the marching bears. With Yokel hero I didn’t laughed as much. But liked that they added the credits in the middle of the show. I want Elin for our tsto games. For pizza bots I thought it was a nice story plus I really want the animatronic robots. Manger things I didn’t like how Maude was portrayed she was really mean and annoying. She got on my nerves.

  4. Please help me get into my game. When Homer screen comes up, it has me at the beginnings of the game. Iam at the highest level .I can not get an email address to work to get through to get help. Is there a phone number that I could call to get help? Thanks

  5. Does anyone know when I left my time machine so I can pop forward to May ?!? 🤪 😞

    • lol I absolutely hate the delays on the episodes! So ridiculous.

      The good news is we’re going to start up the watch parties (look for a poll on it this week), and if the majority decides they want to watch new episodes we should be able to have a screen on the chat with the episode up. So we can all watch together. The bad news is…not sure how timing will work out for the UK folks.

      • Sounds great but might there be copyright issues ??
        AFIK I can’t get a legit online stream and won’t touch the iffy ones. I just wait for them to show up on Sky over here and record a load to binge watch.
        If they want to enforce region settings and release of content that could get tricky. Nothing’s ever easy, damnit !!

        • I don’t think it’s a copyright issue if we’re not putting it up on YouTube (or on this site). It’s equivalent to holding your phone to your TV while you’re facetiming a friend. If we did watch parties they’d be private, we wouldn’t stream/record for YouTube or here. Which honestly I think most folks in the community would prefer.

          • It’s just after 7 pm here. When would broadcast be there and add 5 for the UK time. We get some US shows at 2 am to your 9 pm and a 9 pm repeat for those who prefer to get a little sleep !!

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